Venus In India Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

It was three days after my sexual escapade at the Mall changing room with the two exquisite eastern beauties who satisfied my every fantasy that I had a chance to satiate my desires once more. My wife had gone to a different city after her shopping to visit a historical monument. Being an American she had the hots for anything ethnic and historical, I had made a pretext of being ill and stayed back. I was staying at my own flat that I had bought some years back. The building was fairly new and I was one of the few occupants of the third floor. In the past few days I had noticed a young couple up on the third floor that had just moved in. He was South Indian software professional, yes the clichés are usually true, and was employed by the nearby tech firm. His wife was who interested me more. She was probably close to 25, dusky Bengali beauty. Really it seemed like she had been sold off to this dark ugly guy of a husband. Like I have mentioned before I am no Tom Cruise but I am tall and fair and this lady was a bombshell covered in the demureness of her conservative upbringing. In our limited interactions she had become close to my 5 year old son. She had volunteered to baby sit him to my wife. I had personally never spoken to her but had ogled at her numerous times. She was always dressed in a traditional Saree which is a 12 foot long piece of cloth that usually reveals more than it hides. Her dusky smooth skin, the dark bare back and the slight peek of her enticing deep belly button that tantalized me were cock stirring to say the least. She had large breasts I could although most of them remained hidden behind folds of the saree. Yet at times I had seen the cloth fall and reveal the marvelous tops of the large tits that she carried on her. Furthermore she had full sensual lips and the large pool like eyes of a Bengali girl. Her soft cultured voice was more arousing than the numerous multicolored bangles that adorned her hands. She would also wear a large vermillion bindi or spot on her forehead that made her look sumptuous. I was planning on cooking and eating that goose any day.

However this was pretty close to home. I usually never spat close to my comfort zone. Chances of the shit falling back on you were high. I had tried to dissuade myself from this conquest but my dick stood in full attention whenever she came to our house to play with Aarnav my son or to ask for a little yogurt or sugar. I had never seen her glance at me. I had bumped into her not actually but in a matter of speaking a few days ago in the elevator. I had made sure I mentioned to her that my wife was leaving for a few days to a different city. She had immediately asked if my wife was taking my son with her. I had said me and Aarnav will be staying back since I was not feeling the travel was worth it. She had gleefully asked permission to come see Aarnav while my wife was away. My cock had shivered in pure erotic pleasure when I also heard her say that since her husband would be again on tour abroad, the third in the three months they had been married she added ruefully for a bit, she would have plenty of time. Hard as it was for me I said I would see if that would work with my schedule that I had planned for him. I would let her know for sure though.

Today was a good day. Wife was 500 miles away. Her husband was 7000 miles away. I hate to use my son bait ever but this was a special circumstance. My Johnson needed some pussy soon.

“Mrs Krishnan, This is Sid here” I tried to sound desperate on the phone, it wasn’t hard “I was wondering if you could look after Aarnav for me today for a couple of hours since I have to leave for a meeting urgently with some bank officials.”

“No problem Mr. Mehta,” she sounded as if her boredom had been shattered to smithereens,” I will be there to take care of Oornob right away” she pronounced my son’s name in the Bengali way and it was even more arousing. Heck what was I saying I was so horny I would be aroused by a Animal Planet video of praying mantises humping.

“Okay Mrs. Krishnan…..”

“Call me Shormila”

“Uh okay Shormila thanks a lot and you can call me Sid please I insist”

“Alright Sid I will be there soon”


There she stood in the doorway in a different avatar. The saree was still there but it was much lighter and softer. Her curves stood out even more in this dress. The part covering her breasts was smaller and mentally I salivated undressing her in seconds. Her bare stomach showed off that coveted belly button and sloped gently into luscious hips and a generous behind. She had just had a bath and her top was wet at places sticking to her naked skin. Her hair was wet and long and that made her look freash enough to be plucked. She smiled.

“Hey Shormila thanks. I am about to leave. Aarnav is in the room playing. I will be back in a bit.”

Now why would I leave?

Here is why. I wanted to get comfortable in my place. Lounge back. Take it easy. Maybe feel sleepy. Look around. She would bedava bahis find my stash of Penthouse letters in my room drawer I hoped. I had placed a stack of condoms on my bathroom sink. I was hoping she would make herself comfortable. That usually lets women guards down. Then they can be a little more pliable.

Yet this was close to home. I had to be careful with this or it could blow in my face.

2 hours passed agonizingly which I spent in the local Café Coffee Day ogling at the many young office going girls in tight and short dresses carrying themselves in and out like bags of sex. My sexual senses were at a height when I reached back from all that bird watching. It took a lot of reserve not to rape this female right there and then and call it a day. But then that was not my thing. A seduction was always more arousing to me than sex. The hunt was more fun than the kill.

I did not ring the bell. I opened the lock slowly and slithered in the house. I tip toes to Aarnav’s room and saw that he was sleeping. I closed his door shut and then looked for Shormila. I checked the kitchen and it was empty. I walked towards the living room and she was not there too. I wondered was she in my room?

I peeked into my room and the lights were off. She was on the bed on her side. She was reading something intently. The Penthouse!!! She found them. Well I had not concealed them really well. I was able to see all her curves now. Her naked back in that low cut blouse was so sexy its criminal. Her curvy lower back culminating in that juicy ass. Her saree had ridden up her legs and I could see her milky white calves and ankles with two golden anklets that only enhanced the beauteous view. Her pallu or the part of the saree that covers the bosom had fallen away. I could see her reflection in the cupboard mirror across the room. She was wearing a low cut blouse over the saree and I caught a glimpse of her cleavage that was so robust that I wanted to grab them and squeeze them like summer ripe mangoes and chew their tip and suck the juice out. My dry lips licked at this mental picture. She looked so sexy there in that saree half naked and reading a penthouse on my bed where sex had not happened in a while now.

I pushed the door open suddenly. She almost jumped out of her clothes she turned to face me so quick. Her left had tried to hide the magazine behind her unsuccessfully. The centerfold page was open showing a man and a woman naked in doggy style position apparently engaged in torrid love making. The white blonde’s breasts hung resplendently being mauled by the black dude behind her who was the photo would imply fucking her in her arsehole. In her haste she forgot to lift her pallu and cover her chest.

So this was the scene. This hot young Bengali neighbor lady of mine was on my bed in a blouse and her cleavage exposed for me to salivate on with the centerfold of a Penthouse magazine open next to her showing an inter-racial couple fucking doggy style. My cock was ready and now it was able. We had an erection. She looked surprised then angry and then ashamed.

“Oh Hi Shormila sorry to barge in on you like this. I did not think you would be in my bedroom. Sorry I thought you had left or were in the bathroom. I heard the water running there.”

“I though I would give Aarnav a bath if you were late. He played in the mid downstairs” She looked down and replied in a sheepish voice. Her hand was still trying to hide the magazine and her sins.

“Well its not that I have a beautiful woman on my bed everyday besides my wife” I laughed “So it was a pleasant surprise don’t worry.” I had to make her feel comfortable.

“Hey you found Sweetie’s magazine.” I said aloud. “Don’t worry Shormila she reads this stuff all the time and so do her friends.” I lied to make it sound normal in ladies of big cities. She had to know it was okay to read and maybe do all this.

“Uh I was looking for ……uh some cotton.” She stammered an explanation.

I walked towards her slowly. She had still not covered her chest with the pallu and I took my time to stare down at her cleavage before she noticed my gaze. I slowly bent down my face close to hers. The tension was palpable. I picked up the magazine and made sure I took my time to look at the image in front of her turning the photo towards her. She was also looking at the picture too.

I quickly closed the magazine. I also looked at her saree on the bed. She got my drift and covered herself up. The silence was getting awkward.

“I always tell Sweetie, her name is Candice but I call her Sweetie, not to keep these lying around Aarnav might see them.” I explained trying to calm her down. She seemed like ready to sink into the floor. I needed that shame factor but I needed her to be comfortable while I seduced her. The shame factor would remove inhibitions but her comfort level would increase her participation which I wanted.

“Its okay I enjoyed reading it. I must go now though. He was bedava bonus a good boy.” She rose to leave.

“No no please stay. I hear you make very good tea” I said making up stuff. If there is anything an Indian woman will not refuse is the fact that she cooks well.

“Lies, they are usually lying” She smiled at me. It was not seductive but to me at this point everything looked sexy in her.

“Well let me be the judge of it. You took care of my baby, lay in my bed and now will make me tea” I laughed “you could pass off as my wife”

She looked at me quizzically and then smiled realizing my joke.

“Furthermore we did not even have sex that is just like my wife too” I added for effect. I wanted to see her reaction. It was a bold move and she could have bolted or worse still told my wife.

There was a five second pause and she continued to look at me.

“The condoms on the bathroom tell a different story Mr Sid” She smiled, this time it was that playful naughty smile.

“God did you snoop the whole house?” I smiled at her back, “I may need to check you out for stolen goods” I playfully raised my hands as if to check her body manually.

“What makes you think I will allow you to do that. What will I get out of it” She smiled even more cryptically. I liked though where this was going, “Besides I think you already saw much of my body already Mr Peeper”

Oh god! She was a tease. This would be fun.

“Well I like to see everything before I commit Shormila. I am a businessman after all.” I upped the gambit a little.

“Hmmmm well what would you like to see?” She asked almost placing me at a disadvantage.

“Your …..” I stopped and looked down at her chest. She held her breath almost expecting me to say what she felt I would say.

“Your ability to dance” I blurted. Dance? Hmmm well my erotic mind works in mysterious ways. It had some titillation factor.

“Dance?” She was surprised. Did I sense some disappointment?

“Well Bengali women are supposed to dance well. I want to see you dance. You perform for me and I will let you off scot free with anything you want” I smiled. She looked at me and smiled. She was not expecting this. She seemed to like where this was going also.

I closed the door. I kept the magazine in my hand and sat on the bed. I went to my music system and searched for a radio station that plays some dance music.

“You really want to see me dance?” She was almost incredulous.

“Well if you say no then we can call it a day.” I looked at her questioningly.

“No…..I mean well …… okay we have nothing better to do I guess until Aarnav wakes us” She said.

I put on the music. I went and lay down on the bed. I looked at her. She stood there like a lamb to the slaughter and looked back at me. I so wanted to fuck her then but it would have to wait.

She started moving her luscious female form for me. In tandem with the music her upper body swayed like ripe watermelons in front of my eye. She had closed her eyes now. She was enjoying my attention. I was raping her body mentally. She knew that. She came close to the edge of the bed near me. She was now gyrating to the music. I picked up the magazine and started flipping through the photos of the sexy amrican naked women. All the time I did that I was looking at her. She saw me looking at the pornography while looking at her dance for me. She saw the lust in my eyes. She knew I was undressing her to the level of the women in the magazine. She did not stop. I stopped at a photo of a woman sitting naked with her legs spread apart and fingering her pussy. I put it down on the bed. She was now staring at it.

“Do you do that Shormila?” I asked.

She did not answer. She looked at me and smiled dancing more provocatively.

“Do you pleasure yourself when he is out of town?” I asked her again. These were rhetorical anyways. They were meant to arouse me.

“Do you?” She asked after a while. “When she is away”

“Can it do it now while you are dancing? I want to so badly.” I whispered.

She was blushing now.

“You find me sexy? Like the women in the magazine” She again stared at the woman masturbating on the bed.

“Remove your saree Shormila. I want to see you dance in the bare minimum” I pleaded with her

She shook her head still dancing.

“Please Shormila at least remove the top part of your saree!” I pleaded again

She shifted subtly and let the pallu of her saree drop to the floor. Her majestic breasts trapped in that fabric heaved in front of my eyes. She did better. She bent forward while dancing and jiggled her cleavage at me.

“Do you like what you see Sid?” She cooed in my face.

“You mean your tits Shormila? Well I don’t see them very clearly.” I leaned forward to get closer to the prized possessions.

She moved closer to me. I encircled her waist and dragged her closer to me. She was surprised at my alacrity and pushed me away. I got up and deneme bonusu walked after her cornering her against the bare wall. She tried to squirm out of my overpowering presence. She was trying to make a game out of it. She was playing hard to get. Two could play the game. I suddenly caught hold of the front of her top and pulled down hard and broke all the hooks that held the flimsy cloth and her sexy breasts in place. She appeared to be shaken and mouthed “No” and covered up her breasts. I pressed her hard against the wall. She was trembling with passion as my hand traced their way up her naked stomach, that deep belly button and her midriff. My other hand was not silent. It pulled out her remaining saree and threw it to the floor. I suddenly turned her around so that she was facing the wall. I grabbed her shoulders and threw her across the bed. She was kneeling on the floor and her body was on the bed with her beautifully rounded butt for my viewership. She was whimpering now. I did not care. Her brassiere was the final frontier between my hands and her breasts. I knelt behind her. She tried to climb up the bed and away. I held her down by pushing her shoulders down on the bed. I positioned myself snug to her butt. My erect dong was directly on her butt. I lifted her petticoat and formed a slit near where her arse hole would be. I was now slowly fucking her without actually doing it. I was pumping her from behind and she just collapsed on the bed breathing hard feeling my cock push on her ass. My hands went marauding on her naked back racing to break the chains that held her milk bags.

“Wait Sid please go slow” She whispered between the furtive breathing.

“No Shormila your ass has me on fire baby. What a lovely behind you have babes. Oh my god how does your husband not fuck your brains out always. How can he leave this un-tapped. Shormila I will show you how this body needs to be treated. I will grace your temple with my holy seed. This buttock hole of yours will receive my meat and pamper it.”

“No Sid please not my ass. Play with me a little more. Wet my womanhood a little more please Sid play with my breasts. Eat them, knead them hold them hostage to your sexual fantasies.” She pleaded her voiced muffled by the fact that her face was buried in the pillow.

I snapped open her white brassiere and threw it clear across the room. I swiftly flipped her over almost too roughly. She winced as her naked body was laid bare again. I whooped almost too loudly when I saw her fleshy large boobs with the large dark areolae and the nipples. She had closed her eyes. I pulled up her skirt to her hips to make her more naked. She felt my eyes probe her every body part. I entered the space between her thighs and placed my erection covered by my pant right over her panty covered pussy. She could feel my cock strain against all that cloth that held it back. It almost had acquired a life of its own. It wanted to tear the restraints apart and enter its holy abode and spit its milky juice into Shormila.

“Shormila can you feel me?”

She nodded her eyes closed still.

“Shormila I can feel you warm and wet down here. What are you hiding from me my babe.” I egged her on.

“Something you don’t deserve. I am someone else’s wife Sid. You don’t have any right to it but it wants you anyway” She again whimpered helplessly.

“What do you want Shormila? Tell me what do you want?” I continued unabashedly. Her play acting was driving me crazy. My hands now hovered over her breasts teasing her with absolute atrocities that would be soon committed with her assets.

“Sid you can do what you want. I want you Sid. I want you, your musky smell, your touch, I want you to use me like a toy you have wanted for a long time.” She had opened her eyes now and was looking at me directly. “Go ahead Sid, don’t make me wait anymore. Shormila wants to be fucked take me now Sid take this Bengali wife of your neighbor now. Take her like you have taken a woman before. Make me a slut today like that lady in the magazine. Teach me things I have never know. Inundate me with your saliva. Engorge me with your wonderful cock that I feel pressing against my pussy. Do it Sid” She was now almost screaming.

“Shormila tell me more. Tell me what you want to do to me?” I was now humping her pantied vagina hard. My cock was wet with my precum. I could see her white panty moisten with some of her juices too. She was almost ready. I wanted to love her breasts first. She had the most wonderful tits I had ever seen. They were perfect, round perky and large. The tips were now erect. I cupped each one in each hand and started to slowly caress them. I could not keep my cock in anymore. It was frankly painful now. Shormila sensed it.

“Sid get that little guy out. He will tear out on his own. Show me your tool. Show me my impaler. Show me your dirty rascal of a cock. I want to see it now” She lifted her self up on her elbows to get a view of my cock. I did not leave a breast and continued to stimulate her nipple. My other hand unzipped my shorts and my dick just plopped out. She smiled. She kept smiling and looked at it directly. No shame. She did not find it abhorring. She almost looked at it like she looked at my son, with utmost affection.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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