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Valentino’s Hands

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There was a knock at the hotel room door. Even though I was expecting it I jumped slightly, nerves perhaps. I smoothed down my satin robe as I went to open the door. In walked a tall dark man, I had never seen him before but I knew this was Valentino, his name and appearance somewhat at odds with his strong North London accent. He introduced himself and briefly explained what he would be doing before disappearing into the bedroom to set the scene. I stood for a moment wondering if I was really going to do this. His words ran through my head “This is a very sensual full body massage. You need to tell me if there is something you want me to do but also if I’m doing anything you don’t want.” He went into the bathroom to prepare himself and I walked into the bedroom to wait for him,

I waited for a few moments, conscious that I was naked under the short robe. He had stripped the duvet and pillows from the bed and lit candles and joss sticks. A CD was playing softly. He walked in wearing just a pair of black shorts and handed me an eye mask. “You can remove it at any time you want” he said. I shivered as I put the mask on. Once it was in place he told me to stand at the bottom of the bed. I moved into position.

He was silent as he stepped in close behind me and I felt strong hands massaging my shoulders through the thin satin. Then he reached round and pulled on the end of the belt securing the robe. As it slipped from my shoulders I was thankful my 2 months dedication istanbul escort to workout DVDs had been effective but my thoughts were scattered as I felt the first touch of his hands. His fingertips lightly brushed from my shoulders down to my waist and then carried on down my legs. There was a soft murmur in my ear. “Can I have you on the bed now?”

I climbed onto the bed as elegantly as I could and settled myself on my front, still wearing the eye mask. I felt a light touch over my back and shoulders, he was stroking me with a feather. My skin came alive as the delicate touch covered every part of my body. Then the feather was removed and I felt oil trickling along my right leg. The delicate touch of the feather was replaced with strong warm hands firmly massaging my foot and gradually moving up my leg. As his hands moved higher and higher I started to wonder just how far he would go, the firm pressure on my thigh felt incredible and his hands were brushing almost accidentally between my legs. I sighed with pleasure as his hands kneaded my naked arse before starting again on the other leg.

He shifted himself up the bed as he started to massage my back, the trickle of massage oil anticipating each move. He reached my shoulders and massaged firmly, his knee between my legs so every stroke made me grind against him. He started to massage my arms and and my hands, stroking each finger with unexpected intimacy.

Then I felt his fingers in istanbul escort bayan my hair and his hot breath on my ear as he slid his chest along my back, using his whole body to massage me. My breath was starting to come in gasps, I could feel his cock pushing against me, only separated from my most intimate area by a thin covering of fabric. I groaned as I felt him move away from me but then I heard his voice. “It’s time to turn round.”

I was amazed to realise than any feelings of self consciousness had disappeared as I rolled onto my back offering my naked body to his gaze and hands. Still masked I could only imagine him looking at me, planning where next to put his hands, what would give me the greatest pleasure.

I gasped as I felt his hands on my ankles and sliding up my legs, he wasted no time reaching my thighs and massaging firmly, allowing his hands to just tease my smoothly waxed pussy lips. Up over my hips and gently rubbing my stomach. My tits longed for some attention and I sighed with relief as I felt the cold trickle of massage oil over my breasts, swiftly followed by his hot hands. He kneaded my tits firmly, he was done with the gentle teasing of earlier and I was glad. His hands made their way downwards sliding over my stomach, slippery with the massage oil.

I could hardly believe what I was doing as his fingers slid down between my legs, caressing my pussy lips, teasing me as I arched my back, desperate for him escort istanbul to touch my yearning clit. I groaned as his fingers reached my most sensitive point, stroking and gently pinching. I felt first one finger, then a second slide into me, no need for massage oil, I was dripping wet with arousal. I felt his fingers slide into me while his thumb played gently with my clit, he carried on teasing me, keeping me just on the edge of coming.

He adjusted his position, straddling my leg and grinding his cock against my thigh. His arse was cupped in my hand and through the fog of arousal I realised he was also naked, I could feel his smooth bare skin under my hand. Without any warning I came, a small orgasm, just a precursor to the main event and he didn’t stop, sliding his fingers through my pussy juices. I could hear his breathing getting rougher as he slid his cock against my thigh, this was about his pleasure as well as mine.

He lifted himself up and I wondered what he would do next. This was supposed to be a sensual massage, how far would he go? I gasped as I felt first his hot breath and then his tongue, caressing my clit and lapping at my pussy juice. I hadn’t expected this but I was powerless to stop it. I could feel the tension building and I almost cried when I felt him stop only to groan again with pleasure as he laid his body on top of me, his cock firmly against my clit. He rocked against me, our limbs tangled together and his hot breath in my ear as he drove me to a powerful orgasm.

As our breathing returned to normal he murmured in my ear. “You must have a very loving husband”. I had to agree.

As Valentino took a quick shower I removed the eye mask, wondering whether he had the best job in London or the most frustrating.

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