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V-day Surprise

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I had to admit I was feeling a bit miffed at my husband. Here it was Valentine’s Day and he seemed to have forgotten. No flowers, no phone call, no gift, and now I come home to a dark house? Hell he wasn’t even home! Now I was starting to get really ticked off. I know I had to work on a Sunday but this was flat ridiculous. He’s never ignored Valentines before.

I walked into the house and clicked on the family room light before dropping my bag in the chair and pulling off my coat. I continued into the kitchen and flicked on the switch, irritated that I was going to have to start dinner and wondering where the hell my husband was when I stopped dead in my tracks. There on the kitchen table, was a large box wrapped in shiny silver paper covered with red lip shaped kiss marks, a large red satin ribbon running corner to corner, and a large red bow holding it all in place. The anger inside me ebbed slightly as I stepped to the box and pulled the red envelope from under the ribbon. My fingers easily tore the loosely sealed paper to expose the simple heart shaped card inside.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart! By now I’m sure you are wondering where I am. Rest assured I am busy preparing the rest of your surprise. Unwrap your present now, and follow the directions inside.

I love you and hope you enjoy all of your surprise!”

I held the card and wondered just what he had in mind, and what was left of the anger slipped away as curiosity took over. I stared at the box for a few moments, wondering what he was up to, my head cocked slightly to the side as I contemplated the shiny wrappings. I set the card on the table and slipped a finger into the wrapping paper and easily tore it off. The plain brown cardboard box gave little clue to what was inside. I popped the taped flaps open and was somewhat surprised to see yet another wrapped box within the first. A single sheet of paper, folded neatly into and origami heart, was taped to the top. I lifted the paper and gently undid fold after fold until I had a square sheet of paper in my hands.

“I’m glad you decided to continue with your surprise. Take this box, but don’t open it yet, to the bedroom. Please follow each instruction on the note under the box to the letter and I can guarantee your anticipation will make the surprise all the sweeter.”

I smiled to myself as I lifted the box out. I did love surprises and my curiosity was in full bloom now. Under the box inside the box was another note, this one fan folded so I could only reveal one step at a time. The first said simply.

“Strip….all the way, pretending I am watching you!”

Knowing my husband’s penchant for looking at my naked body, that was little surprise. But with a hint of a smile on my face, I carried the box to the bedroom and set the box on the bed. I looked again at the note, tempted to unfold the next step. I held it for several long seconds before setting it down and then pulling my clothes off, item by item, dropping them in a pile on the bed. If felt a bit odd undressing this way, giving a show to no-one, but I just kept removing each piece of my clothing until at last I dropped my panties on the pile. Completely naked I picked up the note and unfolded the next instruction.

“Take a nice hot shower. You will find what you need in the shower.”

After a hard day a nice hot shower did sound nice, although having him in there with me to massage my stiff shoulders would have been a nice touch. I smiled at the thought and then turned to bathroom door. True to his word, everything was waiting on the edge of the tub. Some nice new fragrant body wash and my mesh sponge, and surprisingly also my razor. I took that as a hint to shave what needed shaved.

I enjoyed the hot water cascading down my body, the fragrant pomegranate body wash foaming across my body and running down my chest. I looked down and though of how he loved to watch the foam slide down my breasts and across my nipples, an almost constant tease for him. I thought of his hands as he would gently cup each breast and gently wash it, rubbing his thumbs across the nipples when he was trying to turn me on. I closed my eyes and allowed my own hands to stroke them just for a moment, feeling quite a bit hornier than I would have expected after a long day at work. After several seconds I opened my eyes and went about the business of shaving my legs and underarms. I briefly thought about shaving a few more places, just as a surprise for my obviously devious husband, but let that thought slip away as I rinsed the soap from my legs, wondering what he had in mind next.

I dried and wrapped the towel around my body before I walked back to the bed, the note still sitting on top of the box. My hands shook slightly, wondering what he had in mind for my clean and naked body. I unfolded the note one more step.

“Open the next box. Please dress in what you find here, no more, no less. Your surprise is only minutes away… Open the last box when istanbul escort you have dressed!”

I quickly ripped the silver paper from the box and pulled it apart. At first I wasn’t sure just what was there and quickly began pulling items from the box. It wasn’t at all what I expected. I found a short sleeved knit turtleneck sweater top and matching black knit skirt that was much shorter than I would normally wear. Under the skirt and top was a pair of black lace panties and a strapless lace cup bra. I picked up the thirty eight D bra and found a fresh package of thigh high black stockings underneath. In the bottom of the box was yet another box sitting next to a pair of two inch high heel shoes.

With the clothing laid out on the bed, I looked at my task. I still had no idea what he had in mind, but at least he wasn’t planning on running me around naked. That would be just about right for him when he’s turned on, and after thinking this all up he had to be very turned on.

I dropped the towel to the floor and began dressing, sliding the black panties on first. The silky feeling of them sliding up my legs was more erotic than I expected, and I closed my eyes for a moment, wondering just how he would remove them from me. I turned around and sat on the bed as I pulled the silky material over my round ass. The stockings were next, each one I pulled on and smoothed up my muscular legs until I had the tops nearly touching the panties. I could feel my pussy tingle slightly as I thought how his hands would feel, running up and down the silky material now covering my legs. It was uncharacteristic of me to be so turned on, but each step of dressing brought me closer to his surprise, which I was quickly hoping included something very sensuous.

My mind was on the tingling sensation between my legs as I clipped the bra around me and pulled it up to cup my full breasts and now hard nipples. I looked at myself in the mirror, turning to and fro briefly, admiring how well I actually looked in the black underwear. The workouts each morning had certainly had an effect.

I stepped into the skirt and pulled it up my legs and over my butt, wondering just how short this was going to be. The mirror showed me that it stopped half way between my knees and pussy, more than enough to make sure I was covered, but still showing much more than I usually did. In fact, it was so short that I could see the darker lacy portions of my stockings peaking under the hem of the skirt. I took a breath and pulled the skin tight top over my head, completing the look. I was sure he would be pleased when he saw me, the black outfit forming to my body and showing each curve. The last piece was the pair of high heel shoes. I didn’t love high heels and thought that maybe I could go without them, but gave in and slipped them on, not wanting to spoil the fun he had obviously worked so hard to set up.

Once dressed, I opened the final box revealing a black satin blindfold and a CD. The note inside the box was quite explicit.

“Text me and let me know you’re done. Then sit in my chair, turn on the music, cover your eyes and wait. Your surprise will soon arrive.”

I turned off the bedroom light and walked back to the family room. Slipping the CD into the player I turned the music on softly and sat in his recliner as directed. I covered my eyes as I listened to the soft strains “dance with me”.

“Knights in white satin” was still playing softly as I heard his footsteps on the hardwood floor.


I was glad when I got the text from her that she was ready. I wasn’t sure she would actually follow all my directions. I smiled to myself as I stepped into the house and saw her sitting in my chair, reclining back in the oversized recliner, her feet on the floor rocking gently to the music. She looked absolutely stunning in the black skirt and tight black sweater. I walked over toward her as quietly as I could, admiring how she looked with her chest rising and falling in the tight sweater. She started to reach for the blindfold, but I reached out and caught her hand, pulling it to my mouth and kissing it gently before placing it on the arm of the chair. I knelt down in front of her, gently pushing her knees apart so I could slide between them with my body and lean toward her. I started at her stomach, gently kissing her through the black material of her shirt, and then lifting it ever so slightly I began kissing her bare belly. I knew she didn’t like how it looked, but to me it was as sexy as the rest of her. I gently kissed back and forth across her stomach, one gentle kiss at a time, making her squirm and giggle as I nuzzled her bare skin.

I inched the shirt up, kissing each inch higher as I continued kissing back and forth, taking my time, working each gentle kiss with my lips and the tip of my tongue.

“Ohhh God Yes.” She said quietly as my teasing lips began turning the giggle into desire. I worked my way up her stomach istanbul escort bayan faster now, working toward her beautiful breasts. I paused my kissing to pullback and admire her lace covered breasts as I lifted knit top above them.

“Hmmm, you look gorgeous,” I whispered as I leaned down and planted a gentle wet kiss on first one hard lace covered nipple and then the other. I let my fingers gently trace patterns across her large breasts, letting my fingers tease her nipples as they grew harder before my eyes. If only she could see how large my smile was and how large and hard my dick was growing.

“Hmmmmmm,” she moaned quietly as I continued to tease her nipples through the lace. I let my hands slide around her body, sliding them behind her to undo her bra strap. She seemed to know what I wanted and arched her back to give me room, pushing her breasts toward me in the process. I leaned down and gently sucked one of her hard nipples through the lace as I unsnapped the clasp on her back. Dragging the material with my hands, I pulled the bra off and down, tossing it aside and allowing both my hands to now cup her bare breasts. I gently squeezed each breast into a cone and then used the tip of my tongue to tease her right nipple.

“Ohhhh nice.” she cooed as her hands stroked my short hair and tried to pull me closer to her breasts. I resisted and gently drew her nipple into my mouth, sucking as much of her breast in with it as I could, use my tongue to circle around and around her hard nipple.

“You like?” I whispered as I began kissing my way across her bare chest toward her other soft breast. I enjoyed each kiss, working inch by inch closer to her left nipple until I could enclose it with my lips. I sucked her creamy soft breast into my mouth, allowing my tongue to tease her already hard nipple harder, letting my tongue feel the bumps on her areola as her nipple tried to harden even more.

Almost reluctantly I released her nipple before I could over stimulate it, and eased my grip on her breasts, kissing my way to the valley between them and then back down to her stomach. I continued down until I was at the top of her black skirt. I pulled away, and admired the view of her soft breasts and hard nipples standing at attention, framed in black as the sweater top remained hooked above them.

I allowed my hands to slide down to her knees and my thumbs to gently stroke circles on the inside of each knee. I smiled to myself as I allowed my fingers to stroke her thighs and work slowly up her legs as my fingers pushed the short skirt up until I could see her curls poking through the lace of her black panties. I moved back enough to so that as I lower my face between her legs the scent of her arousal is obvious in my nostrils. I gently kissed her wet lips through the lace, eliciting a gently coo of approval. I so wanted to just rip her panties off and drive my dick into her sweet wet pussy, but I restrained myself, allowing my kisses to remain on the outside of her lace panties to tease her more. Finally I pulled the material aside, exposing her bare lips to my tongue. The first lick is always the best, tasting her tangy sweet wetness as my tongue spreads her lips apart. I pressed the tip of my tongue deeper, allowing it to reach as much of her nectar as I could. I slowly moved my tongue up her slit, spreading her lips wider as I worked it higher. She jumped slightly as I found the end of her sweet slit and pressed my tongue flat across the hard nub of her clit.

I smiled to myself as her hands pulled my head tighter to her pussy with my second trip up her slit. I allowed my tongue to press as deeply into her as it could reach before dragging the wetness up between her soft flowery lips until it bounced across her hard button again.

“Ohhhhh” she moaned softly as I started a third trip between her wonderful lips. I savored the taste and sensations as my tongue caressed her most intimate place yet again. This time I allowed my tongue to find her clit and flick it in a few quick licks before once again returning to her well of wetness. I drove my tongue deep into her, tasting her increasing wetness before drawing it up her slit yet again. Her lips folded around my tongue, caressing it as it caressed them. I found her hard clit again with just the tip, and flicked across it in a rapid fire motion.

I gently slid down between her lips this time, working my way down to her tunnel before pushing into her and moving back up again. Her arching back and rocking hips told me that I had hit the right spot and I continued to stroke time and again up her slit, flicking her clit and spreading her ever increasing juices around her pussy.

I freed my hands and reached under her, cupping her ass and gently pulling on the top of her panties, sliding them over her creamy with ass as I slid back so I could pull them down her legs and off. It only takes me a moment, as I untangled them from her shoes, to undo escort istanbul my belt and allow my Dockers to slide down to my knees, my underwear pushed quickly down as I toss her panties aside.

I moved back between her legs, spreading her knees, knowing she was expecting my tongue. She reached for my head and found my hips instead as my dick was poised to spear her wet pussy. I leaned in until I could rub the mushroom head around her lips, wetting it with her juices, and teasing her already hard clit. I pushed down to her tunnel and allowed my head to press between her lips, and then press into her, her wetness allowing me to slide in a few inches. I began to stroke into her, each short stroke wetting more and more of my shaft and allowing more and more of my long shaft to penetrate her. She moaned as I finally slid fully into her, our pubic hairs mixing as my thumb rubbed small circles around her hard clit. I stroked slowly, teasingly, my thumb never stopping its circles around her hard clit. Each stroke elicits a rock in her own hips, trying to push up to meet my stroke as I pushed her closer and closer to that first orgasm.

“OH DAMN,” she moaned loudly as I pushed her to the very edge of her climax, feeling her tunnel begin to contract around my shaft. I continued my strokes as her breathing became ragged and short, her climax beginning to wash over her. Almost suddenly she tensed, her back arching and her body going stiff as she groaned with the climax pulsing through her body. I continued to tease her clit, more gently now, holding the climax as long as I could, watching her beautiful body slowly relax.

I released her clit, my hard shaft remaining buried inside her. I wanted to continue. I wanted to cum and fill her with my hot cream, but I had other plans and refrained from my desire, knowing it would soon be worth it.

“Wait!” She said breathlessly as I slid my dick from her, her hands reaching for my body again.

“Don’t worry; we’re not even close to done.” I whispered just loud enough for her to hear. I slid her skirt down over her wet pussy then reached for her top, pulling it down over her large breasts.

“You’re not putting my bra back on?”

“Nope.” I replied quietly as I stood to pull my pants up. “You won’t need it.”

She shook her head slightly. I could tell by the frown she was worried I would parade her in public this way. “Don’t worry. I won’t do anything you wouldn’t agree to if you could see.” I whispered as I leaned down next to her face, giving her a soft kiss on the cheek. “Come! Our chariot waits.”

I gently pulled her to a standing position and then reached around and pulled her to me, gently squeezing her before allowing my hands to slide down to her short skirt and squeeze her firm ass through the material. I couldn’t resist the temptation and hike the skirt up until I had her bare skin in my hands, gently squeezing and kneading her creamy white tush while I pulled her against me, my hard dick pressing into her stomach. “Ready for a little ride,” I whisper.

I released her, giving her gorgeous ass one more squeeze before smoothing the skirt down. I knew she had never been out of the house dressed this way, let alone without underwear. I wondered if it was turning her on or scaring her. I knew it was turning me on more by the second.

“Come with me.” I whispered as I turned and led her toward the front door of the house.

“You’re not taking me out dressed like this are you?” she asked hesitantly as we moved toward the door.

“Don’t worry. I won’t do anything you would regret. Just trust me and enjoy!”

“Ok.” She said, easing her resistance. I stepped to the door and opened it and then guided her outside. The air was chilly, and her nipples hardened in an instant as the chill slipped through the weave of the fabric. She looked so hot the way she was dressed I couldn’t wait for the next part of the little fantasy I had created for us. I led her to the limo, knowing she had no clue about it.

“I’m going to help you into the car now.” I whispered as the driver opened the door. I gently bent her down and guided her into the large leather seat in the back as I followed her in. The door closed behind us and the interior fell into a subdued gloom, only a small bit of the twilight coming through the heavily tinted windows. I could easily see out, but there was no chance anyone could see in.

“So what car is this?” She asked, knowing that it was certainly neither of our trucks.

“You’re in a nice limo, all alone with me, tinted windows so you can see out but not in. How does that sound?” I asked as the limo started out.

“Hmmm, No one can see in? Not even the driver?”

“Not even the driver,” I whispered as I pulled her toward me. I gently kissed her soft lips, both reassuring and loving her in one action. She licked her lips, tasting herself on her own lips after my previous time spent between her legs and smiled slightly.

“I suppose you want to play around?”

“Actually, I thought I would continue what we started in the house,” I said quietly as I undid my pants and started to push them down.

“You want to have sex in here?”

“Actually, I plan on letting you ride on my lap,” I said with a chuckle.

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