Using Kara

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All of the characters in this story were over eighteen when it happened.

I had been at college for a year when I went home for weekend and my buddy Stan told me about his girlfriend, Kara. Kara was going to the same large state university I was. He kept telling me I ought to go see her. It was a little creepy how willing he was for me to fuck her. I had only met her once a year before. I had a small part in the town summer theater production and Stan brought her backstage to meet me. I only remember that she was tall, had a big rack and wanted to be an actress. But he made me promise to go see her and I did.

I was walking back from a class all the way across campus when I remembered that I had an open invitation to go see Kara. I felt like a jerk, but I went into the all-female dorm and found her room. The door was ajar. Knocking, it opened. And there was Kara in a danskin doing dancer’s exercises. I apologized for barging in unannounced, but she was very friendly and eagerly made conversation while continuing her vigorous bending and stretching. I did not hide the fact that I was looking at her body as she moved. Kara just missed being a total knockout. She was tall, maybe 5’9″, and built. She had big 36d’s and a nice tapered waist and a nice tight ass with toned legs. She wasn’t the prettiest girl I had ever seen, but she was clearly interested in me and I was interested in her body, particularly those big tits. Stan had told me she was into sex. He had described fucking her in a shower. He said she never got enough.

I considered making some kind of move right then, but it was Friday afternoon and there were parties that night. I invited her to our dorm’s cocktail party and she invited me to their ‘wacky hat’ party. No thanks. I honestly forgot about her almost right away. The dorm cocktail party was about getting all dressed up and trying to get the girls as drunk as possible and getting laid.

It was around ten when the mixers ran out the guys and gals who hadn’t paired off by then probably weren’t going to, so they were just drinking the booze. Then Kara walked in. I was in my suit. Pretty drunk, but at that age I could hold my booze. She was in a clown outfit. Yes, a clown outfit. A big, billowy outfit with funny shoes and socks and a derby hat with a flower coming out the top. And a painted face. I couldn’t hide my amusement, or how glad I was to see her. Apparently, being a clown was some offshoot of her wanting to be an actress. It was loud in the party and I offered Kara drinks upstairs.

A joint and some beer later, I was awkwardly trying to work my hand around one of Kara’s big tits in the danskin she wore under the clown suit. She calmly suggested we get naked. I watched as she peeled off her clothes. She had an amazing body, tight and firm. And those big, full tits. I pounced on them, sucking and kneading them. She was pretty passive, but seemed to be having a good time. I felt a little guilty about not having any emotional attachment to her, so I wanted to impress her as a lover at least. So I went down on her, knowing my other girlfriends had always complimented my oral talents.

I approached the small tuft of dark canl─▒ bahis pubic hair against her ivory skin. I warmed her with my breath and then parted her legs and nuzzled in against her pussy. I could smell it and I wanted to taste it. My tongue traced her slit, where her dainty lips came together. I was waiting for a sigh from her, some indication of her pleasure, but none came. I looked up and she was crying. Between sobs she told me it was Stan’s birthday, which just seemed creepy and weird. I offered to take her home, but she refused. She wanted to call Stan. I gave her the phone. Listening to her half of the conversation was surreal. She wished him a happy birthday and chatted as if she were not naked in my bed next to me, also naked, with the taste of her snatch on my lips. Then she handed me the phone!

“Hey, how is she? Good, eh? Fuck her good, man.” Stan was egging me on. I didn’t know what to think or say. I just said ok and gave her back the phone. She told him goodbye and then lay back as if to give me the ok to eat her pussy. So I did.

It’s always exciting to eat a strange cunt. Hers was small and tight. She was really wet inside too. Her clit was tiny and not too sensitive. I was finally sucking right on it when she sighed and came. I was ready to fuck now. Stan had told me she was up for anything and now we had his fucking blessing. My head was spinning with possibilities. Kara put an end to that.

“Come on. Finish now,” she said flatly. And she just laid there. And I don’t know why, but I suddenly felt angry and used. I looked down at her and spit in her face. She recoiled.

“Finish? No. Not yet, Kara. Just because you got your little orgasm doesn’t mean we are through just yet. Stan told me you were such a hot piece of tail. He told me he fucked you standing up in the shower. Told me you talked dirty to him while he jacked off on the phone. How good you were at it. Of course, you are an actress, right? Or is it a clown now? What the fuck is that?”

Kara started to answer. I shoved my hand in her face and wiped the spit around.

“If you say anything it better be some hot, sex talk, bitch. This is a big night for me. I chipped in for the booze, bought that weed we smoked, and put up with whatever weird shit you and Stan are into. So now you do what I say. And if you say anything it better make my cock harder, or I will show you the dark side of kinky.” And with that I gave one of her massive tits a hard tweak and twist. She hadn’t responded too much to my gentle sucking and caresses earlier. Some big tit bitches don’t have sensitive jugs. But they all feel pain.

“You liked it when I ate your cunt, Kara?”

“I came,” she answered.

“Yes, but it did take a while. Maybe I should have warmed you up a bit more first. On all fours like a bitch, Kara. Now.”

She looked at me for just a second before rolling over and presenting her finely sculpted ass to me. I have never been an ‘ass man’, but Kara’s dance training had given her tightly toned legs and two of the roundest, most perfect little buttcheeks you can imagine. She was nearly hairless naturally. The wisps that lined her mound were like silk. I ran bahis siteleri my hands over her ass. It was soft, but so firm. Pliable. I ran my thumb over her rosebud asshole. She quivered. I palmed her mound and rubbed the heel of my hand into her pubic bone, grinding her clit a little. She responded with a deep breath. I began to slap her pussy.

The first slap was hard. Kara shuddered. Then a series of sharp slaps to her outer lips and all over her pussy assaulted her delicate flesh. She had not been expecting the shock. I wanted her to cry. I kept slapping her pussy and then gave her thighs a few loud slaps. She was grunting quietly with each blow. I wonder if she thought it was nearly over? I reached under her and slapped her hanging tits. She let out a cry and twisted away, her first effort to evade my hand.

“Don’t move, Kara. Or you will have to be restrained.” Her moaning subsided.

“Present your tits for their punishment, Kara.”

Kara paused a moment and then arched her back and presented her spectacular body to me without reservation. I slapped and spanked her tits as hard as I dared. Whenever Kara cried out, I would grab a nipple and twist it and shake the pendant jug violently. She began to accept the treatment quietly.

I ran my hands over Kara. She felt warmer. Her pussy was reddish-pink and her mound was noticeably swollen as were her aureole and nipples, which had become very pronounced against the pale pink of her big tits.

“Now tell me, Kara. You are just a whore, aren’t you?”

“I am a whore. I love cock. I’m not the prettiest girl in town, but I got a body and these tits get me what I want. Like you. Stan wanted me to fuck you, so I did. But I was going to get some cock tonight.”

“Call Stan back.” Kara didn’t hesitate. “Tell him what you are doing to me.” As she dialed I positioned myself near her so she could suck my cock.

“Stan? It’s me. Yes, I’m still with him. I’m sucking his cock.” She slurped into the phone. “Yes, he wanted you to hear. He wants to talk to you while I blow you.”

I waved my hand. I didn’t want to talk to him. I grabbed her head thrust my hips hard, shoving my cock down Kara’s throat. I could feel the back of her throat pulsate as she gagged. I ripped my cock out all at once. It was coated with her clear throat-slime. Kara gasped a breath and I fucked my cock back down her gullet. The sound of her gagging and of the wind being pumped into her as I shoved in and out was insane. I didn’t want to nut just yet, so I pulled out and slapped Kara’s not-too-pretty face with my slimy cock. Tears were streaming down her face and drool was trailing from both corners of her mouth, leaving strands of thick spittle criss-crossing her aching tits.

“Sta-aaa-aaan,” Kara cried haltingly into the phone. “He’s hurting me. He’s….he’s…”

“Throatfucking? Is that the word you’re searching for, cumwhore?” I called into the phone.

I jammed my cock down Kara’s throat and thrust deep and slow. I felt her gag and a rush of vomit flooded out of her mouth. I pulled out so she could clear her mouth. I pushed her onto her side and moved down to left her top leg up so I could fuck bahis ┼čirketleri her. Kara still held onto the phone. She was gurgling and crying. I could hear Stan talking to her, but I couldn’t hear what he was saying.

I stabbed my cock balls deep into Kara’s cunt. I pulled it all the way out and repeated that a number of times. I reached down to knead Kara’s big tits. I loved the way they shook when I slammed into her. Big sloshing milkjugs. It felt good to fuck her. She was made for fucking. A good size, tight pussy, she wasn’t a china doll either. Kara didn’t mind a little rough stuff. In fact she was enjoying this a bit too much.

“What was it you said to me when I put my cock in your hole before? Oh yes. ‘Finish now.’ That was it. Hey, tell Stan how my cock feels in your fuckhole.”

“Stan, his cock is pumping me hard. My pussy. Yes, it does. About the same as yours. Maybe a little bigger. Thicker.”

“Hear that, Stan? My cock is bigger than yours. I’m opening your whore’s cunt up like you never have,” I taunted him. “Now tell him what I’m doing.”

I rubbed some of Kara’s cuntjuice on her asshole and shoved my thumb all the way up it. I could feel my cock pumping away in her cunt through that membrane. She cried out like a siren.

“My asshole. No. Please, no. Stan, please tell him no. I wouldn’t let you do it, Stan. I won’t do it, no, please, no.”

“Too late to say no, bitch.” And I pulled out of her cunt and shoved deeply into her anus.

Kara shrieked into the phone. She was crying like a stuck pig. I was thinking about the smug passive look on her face when she told me to finish up. Fuck her and fuck Stan and whatever little fucking mind game they are into. I am into getting my cock wet. And dirty.

As I pumped my cock in short, slow strokes up Kara’s poop chute, she began to respond. I would reach down and roughly grab her tits as I shove my length in her dirty hole. I caught her almost smiling through her sobbing and moaning.

“Tell Stan what you are, Kara.” She only paused a moment.

“I’m a fuckwhore, Stan.”

“Tell him, what you like me to do to you.”

“I like to get assfucked by your friend’s cock. It’s bigger than yours.”

“I can feel my nut coming, fuckwhore. I want to come down your throat so you gag on my wad and the taste of your shit.”

Kara positioned herself to accept my nasty cock, ready to pop. I shoved my length down her throat and held her head tightly as she choked and gasped. Then I felt a wave of pleasure wash over me and I felt thick jets of cum blast into Kara’s mouth. I could hear her gagging and slurping. She was taking a huge load. When I finished pumping out my cumwad, I pulled my cock from Kara’s suckling lips. She looked incredible. She was sweating, crying, gasping for air, and clearly dazed.

“Now tell him I’m kicking your ass out and going back down to the party to find a fucking lady, not an ugly fucking sperm-pig clown. And tell him I thought you were a fucking lousy fuck. But that it felt good ripping up your virgin asshole. And tell him he’ll taste my fucking cum every time he kisses you from now on.”

I threw her clothes at her as Kara repeated what I had told her. I took the phone from her and hung it up. She got dressed quickly and paused at the door. I was waiting for something. I wasn’t sure what.

“Can I see you again?” she asked quietly, looking down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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