Up on the Roof

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I couldn’t have been happier when you took my hand and asked, “Are you ready?” I’d been ready to leave this party from the moment we’d arrived. All those hoity-toity stuck up people, half of whom were too good even for themselves. When we got in the elevator, you pressed the button for the top floor. “What’s on the top floor?” I asked. You gave me that sultry look, which turned me to butter. “The Roof,” you answered in a voice that made my buttery self completely melt.

You swaggered across the elevator and looked longingly into my eyes. A radiant smile burst across my face, I knew that look. I knew what you had in mind for the roof. Moisture instantly started to build in my loins. I’d been wanting you all day and now knowing I would have you within moments was driving me wild.

We got to the top floor and took the stairs out onto the roof. It was a beautiful, balmy night. As I walked out to see the view, you took my hand, spun me around and kissed me. A long passionate kiss that started out with our lips matched up perfectly. Our mouths opened together and your tongue began playing with mine. Our tongues were darting around and exploring each other, feeling the warmth and moisture of each other’s mouths. Kissing you always made me weak in the knees.

We continued to kiss and gravitated toward the wall by the rooftop entrance. With my back against the wall your hands explored my body. You cupped my breasts in your hands and ran your tongue all over my neck and down my cleavage. Your fingers quickly unbuttoned my shirt buttons, bahis firmalar─▒ exposing my breasts donned in silk and lace. Your hands wantonly grabbed at my body and slid my skirt down past my hips.

Your fingers plunged into my wet pussy instantly upon sight that I was wearing no panties. Moans escaped my throat. Feeling you touch me felt so good. And on this night, on this rooftop, your touch felt better than ever. We continued to kiss as you pushed my skirt down further. It fell completely to the ground and you lifted my left leg and I wrapped it around your waist. You moved my blouse off my shoulders, and down my arms; completely removing it, letting it fall to the ground with my skirt.

There I was on the rooftop wearing only a very expensive silk and lace bra. You loved the way my breasts look in this bra so your hands couldn’t resist grabbing and massaging them. Your kissing moved from my shoulders up my neck to my lips and back down to my chest. You maneuvered my boobs out of the bra slightly, so that my nipples were exposed to you. You leaned down and flicked your tongue over the hard flesh of the nipples. Sucking, licking, kissing my breasts, one and then the other. It was driving me wild.

As you continued to stimulate my tits with your mouth, your hands found their way down my body again. One hand held my ass tightly, while the other explored my sweetly trimmed mound. Your fingers slid delicately into the wet, warm folds of my pussy. Reaching in further, you inserted your middle finger into my hot cunt. My ka├žak iddaa breathing was so heavy from the excitement and my groans became louder and louder. To feel your hands on me, inside me; to feel your mouth on me – was all too much. I began to get dizzy from excitement. I unbuttoned your pants, undid the zipper and reached desperately for your stiff cock. I could see you had become enlarged and I was dying to feel the heat of your hard dick. I wanted to feel you inside me. But you moved your hips back, so I couldn’t reach you. “Just wait, I want to make you cum first,” you told me. I was already dripping wet and the way you were rubbing my clit was bringing me so close to the edge.

Then you lowered yourself to your knees and had me raise my leg and place it over your shoulder. As soon as I felt your warm breath near my pussy, I began to shiver. I was already so turned on by this whole experience, and I wasn’t sure how much of your talented tongue I could take. You touched my fleshy lips and spread them apart. You began to lap at my clit, long slow licks that drove me wild. My moaning and groaning had become quite loud at this point, because the ecstasy you were creating was so intense.

I flung my head back and looked at the starry sky. I had reached down and was running my fingers through your hair and massaging your head as you continued to work my pussy with your skillful tongue. You slipped a finger into my hole and began massaging and stimulating me further as you continued to lick, suck, and nibble on my clit. You licked ka├žak bahis me all over and slid your tongue as deep as you could into my pussy. You continued to lick and rub and lick and rub and my whole body began to tense with pre-orgasmic excitement. My moans turned to words as I repeated your name over and over.

You had found just the right rhythm and motion. You were bringing me higher and higher. I couldn’t even believe how absolutely amazing this was feeling. I had closed my eyes for a few moments to concentrate on the most incredible feelings you were invoking in my loins, the incredible feeling that you were invoking throughout my entire body. The height of pleasure came and I begged the heavens to let it last forever. My pussy began to throb and pulse with orgasm and my entire body reacted as well.

You were so pleased with the intensity of the orgasm you had just given me. You quickly stood up, still holding onto my leg, and with one motion freed your raging hard-on from your pants and plunged it deep into my pussy. My orgasm immediately began again. You pumped your hips toward mine and thrust your hard meat deeper and deeper into my throbbing hole. The intensity of it grew and grew and you fucked me harder and harder.

At this point you had begun moaning very loudly and I was screaming out in ecstasy. You held me tightly, pressing my partially exposed mammaries against your chest. You bit into my neck and your body stiffened. The passion of our encounter had become so great that you couldn’t hold back any longer. Your cock exploded with its juices while you continued to pound and throb inside me. This was definitely one of the best orgasms we’d both had in a long time. Maybe coming to this party wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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