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After watching Ms. Lulling’s video, I was exhausted as though I actually did have sex with her. I fell right asleep, and was almost late for work today as I neglected to set the alarm in my post-orgasmic, fatigued stupor. I was going to have a “discussion” with her about the USB she sent me, but I was too tired.

Everything I need to work on my cases is within arm’s reach- my assistants via my phone, meticulously organised case notes and of course, my darling office computer. However, using any of those resources was almost as tiring as physically going to them myself. I might as well greet Ms. Kenner outside of out polite greetings. I might as well go to the research room, and pore over the law books myself.

At 8:40am, creepily right on cue, my office door burst open and in came Jackson Vaughn like a gust of wind. A pestilential gust of wind. “Gerard! You signed in on time. You’re always ten minutes early. What the fuck happened?”

“Are you stalker, or what?!” I grumbled, not remotely close to being in even the mood to deal with Jackson’s daily intrusions.

He then wore that ridiculous, cheeky grin that only his mother would love. “It was ‘cos of a girl, huh?”

I hurled a fluoro yellow highlighter at him, upon discerning that a pair of scissors could amount to something very illegal, and an eraser wouldn’t hurt enough. I couldn’t lie, I chuckled in amusement when he shot me an annoyed look- the roles had been reversed, and in my bad mood, I couldn’t think of anything funnier.

“Jesus, you haven’t changed! You’re still a bastard! Can’t have been a girl, then.”

“Have you considered that perhaps my prudence is a result of my personality rather than a lack of a sex life?”

“”A lack of a sex life”?” Jackson repeated with too much glee. Oh no. What in the world did I just admit? Now he’ll never stop annoying me. “Woah! Did you just thinly veil that I was right? Anyway, send me the link to the porno that made you almost late it must be awe-“

“Just get out, alright?” I pointed at the door. At this stage, I have higher hopes in a mad bull to obey me.

Ignoring me (of course), Jackson asked, “I forgot to ask, but what was her visit yesterday all about? She practically sprinted out of your office like she found out you’re an alien or somethin’.”

Clearly, he was referring to the time yesterday afternoon when Ms. Lulling handed me that USB. I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks, and could only hope it didn’t show. “She handed me some evidence, that’s all. Well, technically, it was an estimation of our clients’ damages.” I was lucky that a decent lie floated into my mind so conveniently. “Remember? That class action suit I was talking about? Well, I don’t expect you to, but…”

He stared at me blankly, so I stared back as a show of confidence in what I just said. I thought he was going to put up a fight, but he then smiled, “Right. Well, I’ll leave you to it, alright? My assistant told me I have a 9 o’clock in the conference room, so I can’t be late to that.”

“Punctuality is one of the very few good traits about you.”

“Charmed, Gerard. Catch ya later,” Jackson waved casually as he pressed down the door handle. His straw-blond hair swished as he craned his head backwards to face me again. What now? “Oh, I can’t do lunch today, because I have a 1:15 settlement meeting. Sorry.”

“Um, it’s fine…” I couldn’t hide my surprise I felt when not only he said “sorry,” but he’s actually working. My guess is that he’s trying to cram his meetings all in the one day.


Jackson closed Gerard’s office door behind him silently, and walked down the hallway with his hands in his navy blue trouser pockets. He had just told his best friend a couple of lies. However, he wasn’t sure how he was really feeling. Despite his happy-go-lucky, easygoing attitude, he never white-lied, nor held any secrets of his own for very long. All he could do was tell himself that this was for the betterment of his friend, and that in certain situations, leaving your basic principles home was the only way to move onwards.

Heaving a sigh, he approached the desk of his assistant, Tina Underwood, and knocked on a free space on her table like it was a door. “G’morning, Tina! Were you able to tell me istanbul escort where Ashlee Lulling’s office is?”

“Good morning, Jack,” the blonde adorned with a stylish pair of rectangular glasses greeted her superior with a honey-sweet smile. Wedged between her desk phone and the hard drive of her computer was a small D-ring folder. She opened it up, and scanned the page with her green eyes. “Ashlee Lulling’s office is in Accounting- the seventh floor, room five.”


“Don’t you have a copy of the firm directory?”

“Um, I lost it, probably.”

“I’ll make you a copy, then, Mr. Vaughn,” Tina promised with a flirtatious wink.

“Marry me, Tina!” Jackson clasped his hands together in a prayer-like fashion and scooted out of the assistant area, down the hallway, and then towards the elevators. He pressed the button with the upwards triangular arrow, and tapped his foot in waiting.

Once he got to get inside, he was surprised to see Ashlee Lulling; whom had returned to staring into space after giving Jackson a cursory glance. She was smarty dressed in a pinstripe blazer-blouse-skirt number, whilst holding a brown briefcase with both hands. “Just the person I wanted to see!”

Ashlee looked up at him, and then stared away again. She watched Jackson go towards the elevator control panel and push the emergency stop button. There was a short alarm sound that was a lot like a high school bell. She looked at the compressed button, then at Jackson; flustered.

“Oh, don’t worry. I’m not cracking onto you yet. Anyway, I was just about to go to your office. However, this would be a more private place.”

Ashlee trusted Jackson, but still took note of her briefcase being a possible weapon if things turned sour.

“You like Gerard Hildebrand, don’t you? Call me high school, but since you have social anxiety problems, and he’s a prude, you guys need a bit of a “nudge”, so to speak. Instead of being 27-years-old, youse are like two 16-year-olds that have never dated before.”

She looked at him in astonishment, though truthfully, she was trying to not show how offended she was.

“Please, Ashlee. There’s no way anybody is that speechless without an issue. Plus I have a keen eye. I’ve seen the way you eye him. He’s too stuck into his career to notice, being the brilliant barrister he is. Anyway, I have a proposal…”

Ashlee stared at him in an intent manner that obviously read, “Go on.”

“If you have sex with me here… I will see to it that he’s yours. Trust me. I’ve been friends with him for years,” Jackson smirked as he undid the two buttons on his suit jacket. He never took his eyes off of her as he tossed the jacket to a corner in the elevator.

The blue-eyed beauty pensively stared at the steely ground of the elevator. She was ashamed, but she was seriously considering it. To her, it wasn’t like Jackson was completely unattractive- he’s a very smart-looking, tall, cleanly handsome blond, with masculine, broad shoulders. It wasn’t the most dignified way to go about things, but she felt she had no choice.

Out of nowhere, Jackson began to laugh heartily; leaning his hand on the metallic wall for support. “I’m joking, Ashlee! Every woman I’m with and have been with was never pressured in any way- but seriously, is there a reason you’re so interested? I mean, for something just physical, you considered something quite humiliating, you know?”

“He…” Her voice was so soft and feminine; with pinches of adorable shyness and genuine anxiety. Jackson didn’t dare his crude-humoured self to even breathe an interruption. “I… I saw him when… when I f-first started here… I… then went to see him in court, and I knew he was a good man. He fought tirelessly despite the odds being so stacked against h-him and… I guess he’s handsome… to me…”

“Yup. So high school, but sickly adorable. I do agree, though, he is a good man. Go visit him at lunch, and be quick before he leaves his office,” Jackson pushed the button to the seventh floor, and the elevator began to run again. Ashlee looked bewildered. “As long as you press a numbered button, the elevator runs again. I know, because when I had Marsha- oops, I don’t kiss-and-tell.”

Ashlee smiled to herself, istanbul escort bayan as Jackson’s idiocy was like a bug that forced one to smile.


It was 12:50, and I can tell you, my stomach certainly knew it was lunch time. In between tiny growls, I consulted some passages from the case notes for my trial in two days. I’m not in such a horrible mood anymore, seeing as the facts of the case are shaping up nicely, like blob of clay into a beautiful vase. I’ve pretty much finished all of my work for the day, and it’s almost lunch. I probably can go home at a normal time for a change. I heard an office phone ring nearby, and looked up as my assistant picked it up.

“Welcome to Gerard Hildebrand’s office, this is Natasha Kenner speaking,” she spoke in that fake voice people feel compelled to put on whenever they’re on a phone. “Absolutely, Sir. Mr. Hildebrand, Mr. Vaughn is on Line 2, and he’s saying it’s quite important.”

“Thank you, Ms. Kenner,” I nodded to her; showing that I picked up the handset so she can hang up hers. “Jackson, what’s up?”

“WHAT’S UP?” I heard him yell. All too well. Right in my damn ear. “You sound… happy, it’s kinda gross.”

“What do you want- that’s not Ms. Underwood? Didn’t you have a settlement conference?”

“Ashlee is coming to your office at 1, pal.”

Ms. Lulling? In my office? Gee, I wonder what for? Not. “Um, thanks? Why the hell would you know that?”

“Seriously, be nice to her. I caught up with her today. She’s a good girl.”

Depends on what you define as “nice”. “I guess she is…”

“You sound embarrassed. Just what are you thinking?”

“Just go to your damn conference!” I groused, and slammed the handset down. I could hear that bastard chuckling to himself without the aid of a phone. Natasha looked at me as though I was a loud dog, and all I could do was smile awkwardly.

“Er, Mr. Hildebrand, I’m going on my break now,” Natasha informed me, like she used it as an excuse to run away from me.

“Of course, that’s fine. See you soon,” I waved curtly and sat back down on my chair. I was just about to prepare leaving my office for the hour when I heard a knock. On the other side of the see-through door was Ms. Lulling, waiting for me to permit her entry. I can’t really put the finger on the feeling I’m feeling right now- apprehensive, hopeful, lustful… it’s not just one emotion. All I knew was that the craving for a hamburger was replaced with butterflies fluttering about. “Ms. Lulling?”

Like the beginning of THAT video, she closed and locked the door. She moved on to taking care that all blinds were down and curtains drawn closed. Then she flashed me a lopsided, naughty smile without saying a word. She definitely knew that I watched it, given my lack of confused resistance. I felt my heart start bashing about to get out of my ribs. The blood coursed laps around my body like hundreds of race cars. I was drowning in that same lust, that same carnal desire, and my head was spinning.

Without a moment to waste, I threw my suit jacket off and practically ran to her like she was kilometres away. My lips crashed onto hers as I pressed her body against the wall. I could hear that lovely clink my belt buckle was made while she was trying to do it; all the massaging my mouth with those soft, beautiful lips.

I ran my hand down that destructively erotic curve of her butt; delighted to know that she was wearing no panties. I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t wait. It’s like when my body was given the opportunity; it remembered how much it wanted my cock to be coated in pussy juice. I’m sorry, body. I have neglected you.

As she pulled down my trousers along with my boxers, I forgot about the embarrassment of already being rock hard as soon my hands grabbed those warm, supple thighs. I hoisted her skirt up as well as Ms. Lulling herself up so I could fuck her ferociously against wall. Her smooth arms looped over my shoulders, her soft hands onto my neck as she hung onto me for dear life.

I could hear her breathing rapidly in my ear, which only made me aggressive. She was the only one that could bring this side of me out to play. I jammed my rock hard into her wet pussy, and we both let out long moans of satisfaction. escort istanbul It was amazing how wet she was already- knowing that she wanted this as much as I did was so much of a fucking turn-on, it wasn’t funny.

I pushed her back by way of her thighs to slowly slide my cock out of her hungry pussy, and was rewarded with a long, breathy, sexy “oh” as grabbed onto me tighter. I took the moment to stare at her pretty face, which was usually expressionless. Her eyes were glazed over with lust, her cheeks flushing from embarrassment and arousal. Her tailored eyebrows formed a frown; her body’s way of showing me how much she had to suppress her voice so that we both won’t lose our jobs.

Those fucking beautiful blue eyes stared down up at me; puppy dog eyes that begged me to ravage her. “M-more…” she threw her head back and begged in the most feminine; most erotic voice I had ever heard. It was like silk being caressed in my ears.

It’s not like I wanted to wait much either. The only goal in my mind was shoot my load inside her, and make her scream. I began to thrust as hard and as fast as I possibly could, enjoying that my hard work was pleasing her so much. She had to bury her pretty face in my shoulder so whenever she screamed, it would be muffled.

Even I couldn’t suppress my groans and anymore. Her thigh muscles tightened in an effort to stay straddling on my hips, which in turn tightened her pussy muscles around my cock, and felt bloody amazing. Every time I thrust into her, it felt like the first time; as though she was getting tighter and tighter.

My lower part of my body melted faster than an ice cube on a hot plate, and my legs were starting to buckle as I neared orgasm. In the throes of passion, she tried to hang onto me with just one arm, and used her free hand to stroke that cute, pinky clit of hers.

Her face was rammed into my collarbone so hard it was about to snap, as she concealed her loud moans. Everything was getting wet and sloppy, and each thrust made a delectably dirty, slamming sound as bare upper thighs collided in heat. “I’m cumming!” I nearly shouted, thankfully not too loud. “Can I come inside you?”

She looked up to me and shook her head. I was on my very last thrusts before I spurted inside her, and pushed her even harder against the wall. It was hard to time your orgasms at the same time as your lover, especially for the first time. I clenched my teeth like I was trying to bite sheet metal; managing to keep that roaring monster of an orgasm from becoming to loud.

Ms. Lulling shouted in ecstasy in my chest as she came. I felt her pussy loosen around my dick, which I didn’t want to take out of her. It was so warm; so moist. Both of our muscles had shut down as we crashed on the carpet. Uh-oh. In my ecstasy, I had completely forgotten about pulling out!

“Oh, shit, sorry…” I apologised emptily between heaves of breath; so fatigued that I could fall asleep. She sat up, leant her back against the wall and lifted up her tight skirt to show off our handiwork. She made sure my eyes were on that glistening pussy; coated in all manner of juices. Cum trickled out of her tight whole as her thighs tensed, and oozed onto her hands.

I could tell she was watching me as I was riveted by such an incredibly hot sight. My cum, inside that perfect, perfect pussy. Most of what I spurted out had made a tiny pool along her fingers which she licked up deliciously like it was melted ice cream. Those beautiful blues never left my rhapsodic, sweaty face as she made sure I watched her lick up every last bit.

Her pink tongue glided between her fingers, over her palms and along the bumps of her knuckles. I’ve never been with a girl so willing to lap up my cum, and it was an incredible sight. Naturally, I started to think of other places I’d like her to show that oral enthusiasm on. I’ve never actually seen my cum after it gets lost in those warm walls…

“Sorry…” I apologised again, though it didn’t look like she was particularly troubled. As usual, she said nothing, and snaked her upper body over my bare, moist-from-sweat thighs. My flaccid penis wasn’t looking too clean itself. She gently held it in a gentle grasp as her exquisite tongue slowly glided up and down my shaft. She’d stop and swallow the small amounts of semen every now and then; smiling coquettishly as she did so. I’m extremely sensitive now, and every lick felt more like suckles. If she kept going like this, I’ll get hard again…

Yeah. I think I can skip lunch for a second round…

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