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Underneath Ch. 02

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Important: This is the second chapter of “Underneath”,you will not know what is going on, without reading the chapter 01!

The story includes some elements of sub/dom powerplay and fascination with women’s underwear on a bisexual male. The story has also subtle element of potentially starting romance between MCs!


The package looked rather big, and I opened it with curiosity. Inside I found a garter belt, white stockings, and a pristine white set of women’s lingerie with a “corset” style cropped bustier top.


There was also another package with elegant high heel sandals, white in color, and large enough – as I assessed – that they would fit Nicholas.

The set looked very elegant and sexy. I admired it for a long time and even got a hard-on, but finally put the package aside, trying to breathe through the unhealthy excitement.

Tomorrow will be Friday! Could I possibly up my game even further for the upcoming weekend?

I thought about that long and hard. My dick was even mimicking the long and hard part, as I was staring intensely at the box with the sexy underwear.

Finally, I came to a decision.

I made my way to our company’s skyscraper about half an hour before 8:00 AM. I carried the box (as it was rather big this time) to the HR section and noticed with relief that there was nobody in the room. Good.

I placed the box on Nicholas’ chair and pushed the chair back to the initial position. That way, Miller would see it only just before he tried to sit down. I also left a small note in a closed envelope.

As lunchtime approached, I went down to the cafeteria, hoping I would meet him there, but he wasn’t in line. A bit disappointed, I sat at the table with my friend from the Advertising Department – Johan. We discussed the latest company projects, and we were deep in the middle of this conversation when, in my peripheral vision, I noticed a brown silhouette passing by.

I lifted my head, and my eyes met the hazel-gray gaze of Nicholas. I could not interpret his face – it looked rather impassive – but I felt a sudden rush of excitement. He was wearing his usual brownish-clerkish style of clothes, nothing special.

But I was already aware that this inconspicuous HR worker was much more than the boring second self he presented to the world. It was so exciting that I was the only one who knew his secret.

I noticed he sat at the table with Alice from the Editor’s Department. She was rather hot, so I analyzed his face. Was he into her? Was he even straight?

Weird that I never thought about that earlier.

Was I gay? Was he gay? We had to be at least bi-curious, but… I was not particularly interested in finding an appropriate label for myself. I could leave it for later.

I caught myself gawking at the pair, as they spoke with rather hushed voices, and tried to analyze their body language. I could not determine whether they were close or only just starting down that road. Or maybe only friends? Ehhh, I was bad at this.

What will Nicholas decide now?

The message I left him in the envelope was: Wear this. Tonight, 8 PM… and there I included the address of my apartment.

Bold? Maybe. But should I care?

If he chooses to come, it will be his decision. I will not drag him to my apartment by myself.

He was an adult. He could do whatever he wished and live with the consequences.

After work, I came back to my place and, to be honest, I cleaned it rather meticulously. I also took a shower and changed into fancier clothes. It was already a couple of minutes to 8:00 PM when I had the realization that he may not even come.

I did all of this for nothing? I could have taken Johan’s invitation to the club he recently discovered and been back in my place with some hot girl.

I sighed. Was I a fool? I fixed my eyes on the clock hanging on the kitchen wall.

I observed the clock’s hand as it was approaching the point of… no return.

Tick, tock, tick, tock.


I literally jumped.

The buzz of the doorbell made me anxious, and I was very rarely nervous. I went to the intercom, clearing my throat.

“Yes?” I forced my voice to sound impassive.

“Ummm. It’s me.” I spared him the cheesy response that everybody is “me”. I pressed the button to let him in.

One minute later, Nicholas Miller was standing at my door.

Our eyes met. I almost felt relief. He looked waaaaaay more nervous than me. He swallowed, and as I made an inviting gesture with my hand, he stepped inside.

I led him to the living room area that was connected to the kitchen.

“Can I get you a glass of wine?” I asked in a perfectly neutral tone of voice.

He hesitated, but nodded.

So, I poured wine into the glasses.

“Any trouble finding my place?” I asked in a still-casual tone.

Nicholas shook his head. “I took an Uber.”

He was dressed rather normally; I could not determine if Düzce Escort he had something under his clothes, something… I wanted him to wear.

But he had a small suitcase with him. Was he carrying the sandals inside? I could only guess.

We drank the wine in silence; after the glasses were emptied, our eyes met again. I smirked, and I headed toward the big sofa in my living room and sat there with a subtle grimace.

“Sooo, Nicholas. Time for the show!”

Nicholas hesitated, suddenly looking around as if he was interested in my apartment’s interior design, but slowly moved in my direction.

He stood in front of me and… We locked eyes again. We stayed like that for about one minute. I guess he liked these staring contests.

Just my eyes and his eyes.

In a weird game.

I kept my face unfazed.

Suddenly, he smiled rather subtly and, without any additional hassle, started to undress.

I must admit, he was really determined. And bold for sure, bolder than I would be in his place.

I noticed that his hair was not slicked back, but freshly washed and flowing loosely around his face.

“Nice hair today, Nicholas. Good boy, you remembered what I like,” I praised him.

He did not answer, but his cheeks went pink. He took his brown sweater off along with his buttoned down shirt.

I halted my breath for a moment.

Yes, he was wearing the white cropped bustier top… It looked beautiful on his skin, and fit perfectly. I saw his upper body naked for the first time like this. He had a more athletic physique than I realized, with kind of lean, wiry arms and a flat chest. His pectoral muscles were still slightly visible and I even noticed the delicate outline of abs.

He was undoubtedly male, and it was… unexpectedly fascinating.

I caught myself staring at his smooth, porcelain skin surfaces, totally hairless. I was curious, did he shave his armpit hair? As he started to pull down his pants I could feel my pulse spiking.

It was good, so good!

My dick also liked the show, waking up and bothering me more and more with every passing second.

Nicholas freed himself from his pants, and I was delighted to see the beautiful garter belt I bought, and see-through white stockings.

Wow, he had impressive legs! Long and slender, almost like the legs of a model! Not overly muscular, rather slim. Perfection.

“Sandals! Wear the sandals!” I said in a hoarse voice.

He toed off his shoes, opened his suitcase and pulled out the high-heeled sandals.

I bit my lip and stood up. “Wait. I’m gonna put these on you.”

He was blinking nervously, as I came closer and got on my knees. He didn’t expect this.

“Put your hand on my shoulder,” I ordered, and he did it in a rather shy gesture. His hand was smaller than mine, with slim fingers, although bigger than usual women’s hands, which only made him more interesting.

I took his narrow, slender foot in my palm. It was a surprisingly nice feeling! His foot was almost elegant, so I studied it for a second. I was pleased to notice that he actually had his toenails painted red! Wow, he really paid attention to the details, which I very much appreciated.

I stared at his feet for a weirdly long time; he was waiting patiently, standing on one leg, with his hand on my shoulder. He just… kind of let me have my moment with his foot.

I was never that kind of fetishist, I didn’t enjoy feet more than any other non-sexual body part. But at this moment I experienced some peculiar fascination with his neat-looking slim limb.

After clearing my throat I murmured: “Nice nails.”

My fingers moved along his elegantly shaped instep, and he made this cute giggly sound, as it was probably a ticklish feeling.

I just wouldn’t be myself if I did not repeat the gesture again, and, once again, he chuckled. As I found it funny and weirdly arousing, I doubled my effort and tickled him even more…

He bent in half, chuckling, almost losing his balance, so he put both of his hands on my neck. It was… a pleasant feeling. I could savor his scent, the warmth of his breath close to my ear.

“Hey, stop it, Jess! I’m ticklish!”

I raised my eyes and looked at his cheerful, pink face. And suddenly, it was odd again, we were just looking at each other and I felt my dick, now fully erect, pressing on my pants even more.

I wanted him. There was no way around it.

Fuck, I don’t remember ever wanting anybody as strongly as him!

My hands slowly moved over his ankle to the calf. He gasped. I could already see his erection forming under his skimpy white lace panties. My hands continued to sensually caress the skin of his legs hidden under his thin stockings. Nicholas closed his eyes, letting me do that, and made a small moan…that went straight to my dick. My hand moved even higher up his thigh, finally grazing over Nicholas’ naked skin, just above the stockings. Finally, my fingers brushed over his tightly squeezed balls and his hard dick. He let out a small huff.

His Düzce Escort Bayan hands moved along my shoulder, and he threaded his fingers through my hair.

It was such a nice feeling, that I also closed my eyes and put my forehead on the side of his thigh, inhaling his scent. God, I felt so good, as his digits made small, massaging strokes on my scalp.

Finally, I decided that I needed more of him. So, I slowly put one sandal on his foot and fastened its straps. Then I repeated the action on his second foot.

I raised my eyes, meeting his gaze, he looked fluttered, pink. And actually cute.

I smirked subtly and picked up his clothes scattered on the floor, along with his shoes and suitcase. I put the suitcase and boots aside, and folded his clothes – all in total silence – with his eyes on me. Once I was satisfied that his clothes were placed neatly on the armchair, I returned to the sofa and sat on it.

Now he was standing in front of me, dressed exactly as I planned.

I exhaled and said: “Perfect, Nicholas. Turn around slowly.”

He really looked stunning, at least to me. The maleness crossed with something feminine, something that broke the boundaries of gender norms.

White, smooth skin. Delicate white lace, garter belt just under his perfect, thin waist. And these incredible, long, slim legs.

“Nice legs you have there…” I murmured.

He was even more pink, as he turned his back to me, I noticed how nice his ass cheeks looked under the white lace. God, I wanted to touch it so much.

The high heels made it look even more pert, he was… wow, he was really something.

Tall, slender, looking as if he could be bent but not broken.

He was not a woman, that was certain; his shoulders and back and chest, all of Nicholas’ parts said to me that he was not that weak and fragile, he was probably into jogging or some other light athletics or sports. Swimming? Yoga?

But the elegant lingerie made his look even more surreally elegant and exotic.

It was time for my decision. I stood up and made the three steps that separated us. I stopped only when my chest touched his chest. We were now eye to eye, only a few inches apart.

I could feel our breaths mixing, but I did not kiss him, as it suddenly seemed to me almost too… personal. But I would lie if I said I wasn’t tempted.

I slowly raised my hands and moved them along his waist and over the side of his rib cage, under his armpits, then I caught his elbows and raised his hands up.

Well, he was not totally shaved under his armpits, he had neatly trimmed dark brown hairs there, and to be honest, I preferred it that way. It was another manly element of him I was not eager to get rid of. I liked the mixture of gender features in him. I moved my fingers over his armpits and he giggled a bit again.

“Also ticklish there?” I murmured, wrapping my hands around his waist and letting his arms fall down.

I pulled him closer, so he could feel my hard dick on his dick… also hard under the lace. I leaned a bit down and inhaled the scent of his neck, and… got lightheaded right away.

God! I adored his scent!

Fresh and clean and a bit manly, again – ideal mixture.

I was sniffing (rather loudly) over his skin for a while, and he was letting me do it without a word of protest. I lowered my nose over the juncture of his neck and shoulder and sniffed there and then back up to his hair, that was, I believed, freshly washed, as it had an intensive shampoo scent.

“You are killing me with your scent. My dick is gonna explode any minute if I continue to sniff you” I murmured. He, again, giggled a bit.

I straightened up. “Well, you sure are giggling a lot today. We will see if you giggle in my bedroom…” I said it with a smirk and narrowed eyes.

He swallowed but… he said not even one word of protest.

I stepped back. “Go there now. Bedroom.” And I pointed him in the right direction.

He obeyed and marched toward my bedroom. His heels were making rather loud sounds, but with a surprise, I realized that he actually could walk in heels without looking ridiculous, he even managed to kind of… sway his hips a bit! His ass looked divine in white lace!

Then he stopped just next to my bed, looking at me, as if waiting for commands.

“Good boy,” I said in a hushed, husky voice. And then I narrowed my brows. “Now… undress me.”

He froze a bit. I could see his tension, as if he realized that with me naked it would be a fundamentally different game. The one… only I could win.

Nicholas very slowly stepped closer and, with pursed lips, started to unbutton my shirt.

Did he have… a bit of eyeliner over his eyelids? Like a very delicate, thin line? Cute.

I could see his face from up close, his light skin, he was now biting his lower lip, and had slightly furrowed eyebrows. I also noticed how long his eyelashes were. He actually looked very pretty; I had to fight the powerful urge to kiss him, as it would be stupid and doomed to create an Escort Düzce awkward atmosphere between us.

Nicholas’ slim fingers grazed over my skin as he pulled my shirt down over my arms.

His eyes were now sliding over my chest. Well, I was definitely built better than him, as far as muscle mass goes. I hold probably 50-60 pounds over him, as I spend half of my spare time in the gym.

His fingers started to unfasten my pants. Soon my dick sprang free, slapping my abdomen, as Nicholas pulled my boxers down rather quickly. He froze a bit, being up close to my shaft; my pants fell down on the floor.

“Bring me your cell phone, Nicholas,” I said in a low voice.

He snapped his head up. “My phone? For what?”

“Bring me your phone,” I repeated in a cold, commanding voice.

He pursed his lips, but he… obeyed again. This man was weird. I would never agree to give somebody my phone. I waited for him with a slight smirk, still completely naked, my dick sticking out obscenely and begging for attention. Patience, my man, patience!

Nicholas returned with a winced face. He gave me his cell phone, which was, curiously, unlocked already. His eyes were now tracking my every move. He looked panicked. Well, what secrets are you hiding there, my man? Not gonna find out. I was not that interested in his private affairs.

I only opened the basic android pic app and showed him that.

“You can breathe now. I’m gonna take a few pictures of you. On YOUR phone, so don’t panic. You will decide tomorrow if you want to send me one and which one. It may be from the back or whatever.”

He looked confused.

“Now… you will pose for me. On the bed. Sexy poses and stuff. And put your heart into it…!”

Nicholas huffed and clenched his jaw. I could observe millions of feelings flickering on his face. He was fighting with his hesitancy. But… finally I won.

The HR worker moved toward the bed and slowly crawled over it, presenting me with his beautiful ass, making my dick throb a bit.

“Well, let’s begin. The first pose you’d like to take is…?”

I raised my eyebrows, expecting an immediate effect, but to no avail.

He froze, sitting on his knees bent.

I tilted my head. “Take your glasses off, Nicholas,” I ordered.

He slowly complied. I took the glasses and put them on the nightstand. He looked more vulnerable now. “Your first pose, Nicholas. Now.”

After about fifteen seconds, he slowly changed his position, and laid flat on the bed, one knee bent, the other leg straight. He crossed his hands over his chest in a strangely modest way.

I stepped on the bed, and stood over him, then leaned a bit and lowered my hands to center the shot frame on his chest and face only.

His eyes were very vulnerable, timid. He looked… hm. Cute, sweet?

“Cover your dick with one hand,” I commanded.

As he did it, I positioned the cell phone higher to cover his entire body in one shot.

“Nice. Such a modest boy.” I murmured. “Next pose.”

He almost did not hesitate this time, only rolled on his stomach and turned his head aside so I could see his cheek.

I took two shots again, from up close, whole body and… I also centered it on his perfect ass.

“Very fine ass you have here, Nicholas.”

The annoying thing was – my dick was bothering me more and more. I could not lose my erection now, looking at him from above, defenseless and beautiful. And crazy sexy! I probably looked rather obscene with my dick sticking out like that during the entire photo shoot.

“Next pose, boy…”

Miller looked a bit more relaxed now, and I was rewarded with more and more poses, some of them quite seductive and even blatantly sexual in nature. He even started making a “model face”, rather subliminally pouting his lips a bit.

As I was taking the pictures my dick became more and more agitated, leaking pre-cum, and I really had trouble focusing on the photographer role. My hands were a bit shaky, so I decided it was time to stop.

“Ok, fine, enough. Great session, Nicholas.”

I put the phone on the nightstand, next to his glasses. Nicholas looked almost disappointed.

But it was time for some more action, so I slowly straddled his hips and our eyes met.

“So, Nicholas. You are gonna ask me nicely for whatever you want me to do with you.”

He blinked, I noticed his pupils were a bit dilated, but he complied:

“Touch me… Kiss my body…” He whispered.

I wagged my finger just in front of his face.

“No, no, no. Not like that, Nicholas. You know what words you should use to entice me… C’mon!”

He looked honestly confused. There was a moment of total silence.

“Think, Nicholas. Think. Or you’re not gonna receive kissing and touching.”

Nicholas licked his lips. “I really don’t know…”

I snorted. “Stop bullshitting. You know what I need to hear, Nicholas. Say it. Now or never.”

“I really don’t know!”

I rolled back and laid flat, not touching him anymore.

“I’m gonna go to sleep, you are free to leave,” I said coldly.

Nicholas seemed frustrated.

“Why are you acting like that? I did all you asked of me!”

“Be smart Nicholas. You know what I like to hear. You were good at improvising last time, so challenge yourself even more.”

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