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Two Friends Share a Woman

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I have a friend at work named Rick. He is a few years younger than me and we hit it right off when we met. I actually treat him like he is my younger brother. Everything was going well at work until the company hired a woman named Jackie. I knew she was trouble the first time I saw her. Jackie wasn’t all that pretty but she had big tits and she had those lips that told you that she sucked a mean cock. Jackie made a play for Rick and he fell for it.

One day at lunch time I stepped out of the building. I looked out at the parking lot and I saw Rick sitting in his vehicle. Rick had his head tilted back and I wondered what was going on. I soon saw someone’s head bobbing up and down. It was Jackie and she was giving head to Rick. That was so stupid of him, I thought. I walked back into the building. Later I got Rick alone.

“What the hell were you thinking, getting a blowjob in the parking lot?”

Rick’s face got red. “I know it was stupid,” he said to me.

“If someone in management had seen you, they would have fired you on the spot,” I told him.

Rick said he would be more careful from now on. I had a thirst for a beer after work. There is a watering hole just a mile from where we work. I dropped by and sat down at the bar. I ordered a beer and tried to relax.

“Will you buy a girl a drink, Rob?” I heard someone say.

It was Jackie. I didn’t care for her very much but I didn’t want to make a scene. I bought her a drink and we talked briefly.

“I have some cold beers at home, no sense in buying them here. Why don’t you drop by?” Jackie told me.

I know it was stupid to go to Jackie’s place. Unfortunately Artvin Escort I was horny. Why shouldn’t I get some head like my friend Rick? We left the bar and I followed Jackie back to her place. We got inside her apartment and Jackie got me a beer. She ended up sitting right next to me on her couch. She started asking me questions. Did I have a girlfriend? I told her I had broken up recently with a woman I had been seeing. Jackie got a big smile on her face.

The next thing that happened was that Jackie put her hand on my thigh. She started rubbing up and down my leg.

“Why haven’t you asked me out?” She said.

“You’re seeing Rick,” I told her.

She said that they had broken up. She was free to see whoever she wanted. That was news to me. I was sure Rick would have said something to me about it. Jackie moved her hand up to my crotch. I just sat there like a fool. I could feel my cock growing in my pants. Jackie reached for my zipper and she pulled it down. She pulled my underwear to one side and she brought my cock out.

“You’re much bigger than Rick,” she told me.

I think my face went red from hearing that. What was I getting myself into? I hope she didn’t tell all her men friends that sort of thing. Jackie lowered her head and she took my cock into her mouth. What can I say? That sure felt good. I hadn’t had any head in such a long time. Jackie was going up and down my rod. She took every inch of me right down to my pubic bone. She sucked on me for a few minutes and then she broke away.

Jackie stood up and proceeded to strip for me. Yes, her tits were as big as I thought. Her pubic hair was completely Artvin Escort Bayan shaved down. Jackie’s naked body got directly over my cock and she knelt down onto the couch. I felt her pussy lips rubbing against my mushroom and then she sunk down on me. There were so many thoughts running through my head right then. I shouldn’t be fucking her without a rubber. The other thing I was thinking was that her pussy felt so tight.

Jackie had her hands on my shoulders as she slid up and down my rod. I ended up placing my hands on those big titties and I started to squeeze them.

“Oh God! You feel so big,” she told me.

I wondered if she told Rick the same thing. I started to lift up and push into Jackie’s pussy. We got into a fucking rhythm as I fed her my erect bone. I tried to make sure I held out as long as I could. We maybe did it there on her couch for an hour or so. Jackie was squeezing my cock tightly with her pussy muscles. I knew I should be pulling out but Jackie was on top of me and she wasn’t going to want me stopping. I felt myself getting close and I pinched Jackie’s nipples one last time. I blew my cum deep into her belly. Jackie let out this scream as she milked my bone for all it was worth.

I just hoped and prayed this woman was on some sort of birth control. I sent wads of my cream into Jackie for a good ten minutes. She made sure she got every drop from my prick. I eventually got soft and Jackie pulled off from me. She went into her bathroom and got cleaned up. When she came back she used her mouth once more and licked all our love juices from my cock. I guess I just got embarrassed. Escort Artvin I got dressed and I quickly left Jackie’s place.

The next day I told Rick he should drop by after work and we could drink a few beers. Rick was agreeable to that and I said I would invite another friend of ours, Al to stop by as well. Both guys arrived at my apartment and we opened a few beers. Then Al asked a question.

“What’s up with you and Jackie?” He asked Rick. “Are you still seeing her?’

Rick said they had split up. After a few weeks of seeing Jackie, she started making noises about them getting engaged. Rick said he wasn’t going to get engaged to anyone he was seeing for just a few weeks. He couldn’t believe she had asked him that.

Al then said he got a phone call from Jackie inviting him over one evening. He said he didn’t take the bait. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Jackie was hitting up every guy she worked with, it seemed. Even Rick was upset to hear that news. Al didn’t stay long. After an hour or so he left. I had to quiz Rick right then and there.

“You did use a rubber when you fucked her, I hope?”

Rick’s face got red. He said that she had told him she was on the pill. He didn’t have to worry about a thing. I think Rick was getting worried that she might have lied to him. I had the same thing running through my mind. We both had fucked Jackie with our bare cocks. What if she was lying? I couldn’t bring myself to tell Rick I was weak and had fucked Jackie just the night before. No sense in making things worse.

Rick left a while later and my mind was racing. What if Jackie got pregnant? It might be anyone’s baby. Maybe she was telling the truth, she was on birth control pills. I knew that would be the only time I would be fucking Jackie. God only knows how many times Rick screwed her. He had more to worry about. I guess I will just have to be patient and see how things play out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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