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Troy and Tania Ch. 02

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Troy Howard woke early and looked over at his wife lying beside him, finding her looking serene. She was smiling in her sleep and he considered how fortunate he was to have such an attractive partner. Suddenly memories of Bailee Adams came flooding in.

“Oh shit,” he thought, recalling his pupil coming to his desk the previous day, inviting him to touch her.

Troy’s initial feeling, lying there next to his loving wife, was one of regret that he had betrayed her, by taking up Bailee’s offer.

“A faithful, loving wife, two kids and another on the way. That should be enough for you,” he berated himself.

Then Bailee’s form came sharply into his mind. Those down slopping, blue eyes, with her long lashes. A tight young figure, smooth tanned thighs, but most of all, her willingness.

“Touch me Mr Howard,” he recalled her offering.

Troy moved a hand to his erect cock, Bailee now dominating his thoughts. He rose from the bed thinking how much he needed to see her; to touch her again. He went and showered, but this time denied himself the temporary release that masturbation would bring.

“The seniors have History with me in the final period of the day,” he thought. “Wait until then; to see if she offers herself again.”

Tania woke and heard the shower running. She needed to get up and rouse the children out of bed. However, the memories of last night’s dream remained vivid. She swallowed hard, slipping a hand between her legs. She pressed her thighs tightly together and allowed herself to wallow in the memory for minute or two.

“What a dream,” she thought, recalling its sexual nature. “And then; to do that. What a naughty girl you are Tania.”

She began to move her pelvis slightly. The side of her hand below the thumb was pressed into her still damp slit and she began to move herself along it. Then she heard the shower switch off.

“For heaven’s sake, pull yourself together Tania. You’re becoming a sex maniac,” she said aloud, as she pulled her hand free.

She quickly rose from the bed, her vagina still tingling, craving attention. She put on her robe, went to the toilet and met Troy dressed in a towel, on the way out of the bathroom.

“Morning darling,” she said as she pecked him on the lips and got a similar reply.

“He looks good,” she thought, but felt no sexual exhilaration at seeing her husband.

Tania went and woke the children and soon they were all in the kitchen, a scene of perfect domesticity. The good looking, tall husband with a full head of dark hair. His attractive, five months pregnant, wife and their two lovely children. All were in good spirits. All seemed well in the Howard household.

Troy was soon kissing Tom and Lauri, telling them to be good and saying he would see them this evening, when they got back from their Aunties. Then he went to Tania.

“See ya hon,” leaning forward to kiss her, while giving her small bump a light pat. “Look after number three for me. When’s he going to kick?”

“It’s too soon,” answered Tania light-heartedly, knowing Troy knew that all too well. “And it may not be a ‘He’ for all we know.”

Troy laughed as he kissed her again, then headed out the door. Tania went to the bathroom to shower, thinking of her husband.

“Golly he’s all in a bright and bubbly mood this morning. Maybe because it’s Friday. Anyway, it’s nice to see him like that.”

As she began to disrobe she caught a glimpse of herself in the bathroom mirror. She placed a hand upon her swollen belly. Thought’s immediately returned to her mother’s nurse Chris. She’d kissed him the previous day. A kiss and no more, but she’d felt his erection push hard into the bump, where her hand now rested.

“It hadn’t put him off at all. Not like it does Troy,” she thought, now feeling a tinge of sadness that her husband continued to reject her sexually, every time she became pregnant.

“Me and Troy are OK, that’s just the way it is. But what am I going to do about Chris?” she said aloud, with a mixture of arousal and trepidation.

Chris Evans was sitting at the kitchen table awaiting Tania’s arrival. His charge, Tania’s mother, had already gone to bed for her afternoon nap and he had time to contemplate.

Tania’s family assisted in caring for their mother. Tania’s shift was 4 to 6pm. She would drop the children at her sisters and then come to her mother’s house. Chris recalled the first time he had met her. He immediately liked what he saw. A tall slender woman, natural blond, with an attractive face. Her personality matched her looks and he enjoyed her company.

A month ago there had been a subtle change in Tania’s attitude toward him. They had got along well from the start, but up until then she had never touched him. Suddenly she began reaching out to touch his arm when making a point.

Chris liked this and began to touch her back in a similar manner. One day her mother’s condition had upset her and so he’d hugged her. He was only about three inches taller than Tania and she had placed her head on his shoulder as she sobbed. He lightly rubbed Artvin Escort her back and felt his cock stirring.

This physical attraction took Chris by surprise. His role as a private nurse, assisting family to care for an elderly relative, had provided him with the opportunity for previous affairs. He had indulged in three or four with younger, female relatives of his patients. However, none of his previous lovers had been pregnant. This was uncharted territory for him.

He had no children himself, although he had exaggerated when telling Tania of the problems between him and his wife. The fact was she had a high powered job that secured them a large income. The decision to postpone children was mutual, but they did intend to have them. Chris had used this, ‘poor marriage,’ line before and found it useful. All the women he had gone with had a husband or partner and it let them justify their cheating. He thought of Tania and the prospect of her cheating.

“She’s never had an affair, I’m sure of that,” he thought. “But now she’ll be thinking about it. She enjoyed our kiss yesterday.”

He had taken a risk by moving forward to kiss her, but it was calculated. At some stage intimate physical contact had to commence. The risk had to be taken.

He noted she’d closed her eyes, so he did likewise, letting his tongue dart forward to touch hers lightly. Tania had brought a hand to the back of his head and moved her own tongue to meet his.

“She’d been thinking about such a moment. I started it, then she took the lead,” he thought with a laugh.

Their kiss had continued for some minutes and he’d enjoyed it. He had considered averting his erection, but decided to press it into her, to ensure she was aware that she’d aroused him.

“Who’d have thought? Kissing a pregnant mother. Still, she’s real pretty, her bumps not that big and her neck, legs and ankles are still slim.”

Chris had considered bringing a hand to her breast, but had decided against it.

“Too far too soon,” he’d thought. “I’ve already got a hand on her ass and my cock resting on her belly. One step at a time.”

“You’re beautiful,” was all he had said, when they broke the kiss.

Clearly embarrassed, yet breathing heavily, she had looked to turn away.

“I…, we…, we shouldn’t have, not here…, not anywhere.”

“Sshhh, settle down,” he said looking to calm her angst. “It was nice, we both enjoyed it. I enjoyed it a lot.”

“Yes, I could feel that,” she interrupted him and they both laughed.

“Hi,” Tania called out cheerfully as she walked in the back door, trying to disguise her nervousness.

“Oh, hi Tania. Your Mum’s sleeping right now. Been out for about half an hour,” Chris said, getting up to assist her.

Tania’s, heartbeat quickened. Her mother sleeping meant no interruptions.

“That’s good,” she said, moving past him with a smile and looking to unload some items she had brought with her.

She had intended to bring up the matter of their kiss immediately. As she straightened and turned she heard her mother call from the bedroom.

“Oops, there she goes. I’d better check on her,” Chris said, heading for the bedroom.

Tania felt frustration, but began to busy herself. Later she swapped with Chris, so that she could sit with her mother. At around 5.30 her mother nodded off to sleep again.

“Is she alright,” Chris said when Tania returned to the kitchen.

“Yep she’s fine, but we need to talk.”

“If it’s about yesterday, I don’t take it lightly and I don’t want to scare you, but I just loved it,” he said, completely taking the wind out of her sails.

“Oh,” was all she could manage; raising her eyebrows.

“I think you enjoyed it too.”

“Oh I did,” she gushed, far too eagerly for her own liking. She blushed and looked down demurely.

Chris noted the reaction.

“Yes you did…, and now you’d like to do it again,” he thought, smiling inwardly.

He moved quickly forward and embraced her, giving her no time to gather her thoughts. When she looked up at him in surprise, he merely took the opportunity to bring his lips to hers. As with the previous day he found them soft, moist and to his liking.

“She’s a nice kisser,” Chris thought. “She gives a lot of herself in the kiss. That’s a good sign. She’ll likely do the same with her body.”

Tania, at first taken aback by this sudden move, was quickly intoxicated by his smell, taste and warmth. Any reluctance melted away. She relaxed into his arms, placed her hands on his back and head and revelled in the passion.

Their kiss lingered on and Tania began to feel an ache in her groin growing, as she recalled her dream and pleasuring herself the previous night. This intimacy is what her body desired from her husband. Sexual intimacy. Her whole body began to experience a heightened awareness and a need for more. She could feel Chris was enjoying it as well, as she felt a swelling push into her stomach.

Suddenly Tania had a moment of clarity.

“Chris, I’m pregnant,” she said, insinuating that Artvin Escort Bayan they must stop, but not pulling away.

She thought he would stop, but Chris merely returned his lips to hers. She inhaled his masculine odour and the ache grew stronger.

“I know and I love it,” Chris answered belatedly, when they finally broke their kiss. He found Tania’s condition did nothing to dampen his arousal.

“Another mound for me to caress,” he thought to himself.

Chris pushed her gently back a step, until her buttocks hit a chair at the kitchen table. This knocked over a couple of bottles including some olive oil and ketchup. They both giggled nervously as she moved the chair and perched herself on the edge of the table, her weight still on her feet. Chris bent to kiss her again.

“I need to see her,” he thought, quickly moving his hand to slip first one sundress and bra strap off her shoulders. He repeated the process with the other straps, pushing them roughly down her arms, baring her shoulders and chest. Tania made no move to prevent this, merely continuing with the kiss.

Chris felt her breasts fall free and pulled up to look at her.

Tania noted Chris’ look of pleasure as he drank in her breasts. They had grown a cup size and she liked them a little bigger. Her large nipples were sensitive and neglected. When Chris moved his tongue around them it sent a current directly to her groin. She exhaled with a light moan.

Hearing this indicated to Chris that he was on the right track. He boldly moved a hand to the hem of her loose fitting dress. He pulled it up and brought a hand to her swollen stomach. He began to circle his hand around it, noting Tania make no move to stop this. His other hand and mouth continued to work her breasts.

Chris circled lower on her belly and now Tania’s breathing became deeper. She moved her lips to his neck and began to peck him there.

“Oh Chris, this is nice” Tania whispered, clearly aroused.

“She wants a bit more,” he thought, dropping his hand to run his fingers along the top of her panty line. Again he waited to see if she offered any objection.

When no rejection materialised, Chris slipped his fingers inside the panty line and pushed them down. He felt a tuft of trimmed hair covering her mons and quickly moved across it, onto her ample lower lips. His fingers found her warm and humid where they rested. He moved his lips back onto hers. Now they kissed aggressively.

Keeping his hand flat and his fingers together, Chris rubbed gently up and down the length of her plump vulva, grazing her clitoris as he went. Tania actively began to push herself forward, into his fingers. She risked slipping off the table and put a hand back to secure herself.

“Shit this woman has been seriously neglected,” Chris thought, smiling inwardly. “She’s on heat.”

When he located moisture, his middle finger naturally slipped through the lubricated folds, probing up into the warm, inviting crevice. He hooked it and moved it about searching out that spot that would truly awaken her desires. Her body tensing told him when he had found what he was searching for.

Tania had entirely surrendered to the feelings she was experiencing. The lips and hands upon her breasts the brushing of her clit and the thick finger wedged inside of her. All was heightened by her recent abstinence, plus the daring of their situation in the kitchen. Chris merely cupped his hand onto her pussy while she rode his finger with small pelvic movements.

Despite her intense arousal, her orgasm took her by surprise. She had never cum so easily before in her life. It radiated out through her lower body. She pushed her clitoris into the palm of his hand, to intensify the sensations and disappeared into that blissful, semi-conscious state for a minute or so.

The experience of bringing Tania to completion saw Chris become rock hard. He began to feel some urgency. As her orgasm began to settle he removed his hand and went directly to unbuckle himself.

She heard his pants drop to the floor. With her sundress rucked up high over her stomach, and breasts on full display, Tania suddenly felt very vulnerable. She felt him begin to kiss her neck as he moved both hands to her hips. Lifting her to stand, he began to turn her.

“From behind,” she thought. “He’s going to penetrate me from behind.”

She had no objection to this. She welcomed it; wanting more than a finger. Her desire to be filled still lingered from last night’s dream.

It was then she heard her mother call to them from her bedroom.

“Fuck,” Chris exclaimed in frustration, knowing the spell was broken and feeling his hard edge easing off rapidly.

Tania heard her mother, but felt no panic. She appreciated what her new lover had done for her. She knew her mother would struggle to get out of bed unaided and wouldn’t try with help in the house.

“Here,” she said to Chris, spitting into her hand and locating for his hardness.

She began to massage his, now semi hard, cock and he clearly appreciated this. However, Escort Artvin she soon felt there was too much friction; she needed lubrication.

“You don’t have too Tania; your mother…”

“She’ll be alright,” she whispered in his ear. “Let me touch you; I want too.”

At this point Tania took herself back to her teenage years and utilised all the skills she had developed pleasuring various drunken boyfriends. She turned her head and saw the bottles they had earlier knocked over on the table. She quickly collected up the olive oil bottle.

Chris watched in disbelief as Tania sat down on the chair, brought the bottle to her breasts and shook oil onto them. No sooner had she done this than she placed the bottle down and massaged the oil across her breasts.

“Quickly,” she said, indicating that he should step forward. As he placed a leg each side of her, she grasped his pole with her slick hands and began to massage both it and his balls.

“That’s better,” she cooed, as he began to swell again

“Oh jeeze,” Chris gasped, as he delighted in her skillful touch.

“Bloody hell,” smiled Tania as she felt him swell to full proportions. “I haven’t lost my touch. He’s ready.”

“Put it between my tits,” she commanded.

Chris was a taken aback at her crass choice of words, but needed no second invitation. He placed his now cock between her well lubricated breasts. Tania put her hands to their sides and pushed them around him, just as she had done with her old boyfriends, back in the day.

Chris immediately began to thrust his cock up and down, through the snug gap Tania had created with her breasts.

“What man could resist this,” thought Tania, as she delighted in giving a man pleasure for the first time in 6 months.

She felt Chris’ thrusting speed up, a hand on each of her shoulders. She looked down and watched the head of his cock appear, then disappear, in and out of the hole she was making for it. Faster still he went as he pushed hard into her chest to get more pressure.

Finally he let out a strangled moan and warm semen hit her under the chin and throat. He moved his hands to the back of her head and pushed it into his hard stomach. She kissed him there.

“Good boy,” she whispered as he finished. She released her breasts and took hold of his cock, seeing it now glistening with semen and sweat. It looked inviting and Tania was on a sexual plateau. She keen to impress her new lover still further.

Tania moved her lips onto his knob. She swirled her tongue around it, tasting olive oil and his saltiness. Then she pulled back and looked up at him. The look she saw told her Chris was clearly taken aback by her actions.

“Oh golly Tarn, that was fantastic”

“It was the best Chris,” she said smiling at his calling her that name for the first time. “But now we must see to Mum.”

With that she rose, hitched her straps up and moved to the kitchen sink. She used a paper towel to wipe him off her, while Chris dressed himself.

She would have liked to have cleared the air of her lingering scent. However, there was nothing for it. She had to go to her mother and help her to the toilet. She quickly washed her hands at the kitchen tap.

As she walked down the hall to her mother’s bedroom she smiled to herself.

“I can’t believe I just did that,” she thought, still feeling the glow from the sexual encounter. “Taking a man between my boobs and letting him cum on me. I haven’t done anything like that in years. Oh Tania, you’re so daring.”

“What’s that smell?” her mother asked bluntly, when Tania got to her.

“Mum, please. I’m getting a bit of discharge.”

“Oh,” was all her mother replied and Tania was unsure if she’d believed her or not.

“Is Troy here today?” she continued.

“No he’s not; he had to work today Mum.”

“Oh. Are you two getting on well dear?”

“Yep things couldn’t be better, he’s very supportive,” Tania replied, feeling a small pang of conscience.

Troy had been a very frustrated man that Friday. The senior’s history class was not until the end of the day. The final period of the week. He was cranky with his pupils throughout the day and largely uncommunicative with his peers in the staff room at lunch time. During the afternoon he watched the clock, counting down the minutes.

The one thing he did do, which alleviated his frustrations, was to hang a Betsy Rose flag up on his door. This was most appropriate for a History class and it completely covered the thin window in the door, meaning no one could look in.

When the senior class arrived at 2pm he caught his breath. Friday being golf practice day, Bailee arrived wearing a short yellow skirt complimented by a tight pale blue, sleeveless polo shirt. It took Troy’s breath away, as he felt his cock stirring at the sight.

Bailee went to her front row seat and immediately crossed her legs.

“She knows I enjoy those legs,” Troy thought.

So the lesson proceeded similar to the previous day. Furtive glances, her legs crossed, showing them off to full effect. By the end Troy was fully aroused and had a plan. He called on three pupils, including Bailee to stay behind. After the bell rang and the class departed, he saw the three one at time, leaving Bailee to last. The first two departed when he had finished speaking with them.

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