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Friends in fine places definitely could make a young man’s life suddenly rich and exotic. John, who decided to take a break after completing his bachelor’s degree, was bound for a jet-setter, five-star tropical paradise. And, while many rich people would be passing through, John was there to work and perhaps discover a few things about what the fine life was all about.

With plans to pursue his master’s in financial law, he reasoned one day he may return to this sensuous lagoon and let others haul his bags.

Having graduated high school ahead of schedule at age 16, and his BS in economics, John was still a fresh faced “teenager” at age 19. For all his intelligence and maturity though, John lacked in one area.

His parents instilled in him the intent to “save himself” for the right young lady. His mom, Hope, said once he completed law school and joined a firm, women would line up to compete for his affections, and he certainly wouldn’t want to waste himself on the wrong woman. His dad, John Sr., who was partially to thank for this Caribbean sojourn advised him before he caught his flight to Miami, “John, the right one might visit your resort … and she might not be someone you’ll ever marry. She might be the one you remember fondly when you get to be my age.”

So, although he was sexually naive, that conversation caused quite a stirring inside. As his travels progressed, he found himself fantasizing about the flight attendant, other passengers, even women who worked at restaurants in the airport. With those thoughts, his cock spent most of the day stiff and needful of attention.

To hide his thoughts, and more importantly the physical reaction, he’d stuff a hand in the pocket of his cargo shorts to diminish the otherwise obvious lump that twitched there.

Had the opportunity arose, as his dick had, most young men would have taken the first private moment to masturbate. John, however, had a disciplined and focused mind. After all, not just anyone can complete a college degree by the time most high school graduates are finally getting to their higher education.

One passenger certainly caught his eye, a blonde woman who looked to be in her late 20s, golden brown skin that contrasted nicely with her lustrous mane of thick silky hair and entrancing aquamarine eyes. Though he was no expert on female anatomy, he figured she had to be a 36D-23-34. Whatever her measurements though, she was a dream package. John stole glances her way noting the length of her legs and a bountiful rack. He noticed a couple times her loose blouse would open revealing the deep valley between two luscious breasts. Once the blonde got up, presumably to use the restroom, and John was treated to the shapeliest ass he’d ever laid eyes on. This fox was truly a work of art, but there was one problem.

While he peeked now and then, and could readily conjure up thoughts of what he would do to her, those images were vague and rather unspecific. He was embarrassed to admit she scared him, because he wouldn’t know the first thing to say or do to get her attention, let alone get in her panties.

Was she the one?

For her part, Macy was headed to the Coral Bay Golf and Tennis Resort to take a much needed break from work in the Big Apple. She was looking forward to joining her husband, Peter, a successful real estate developer, who left a few days earlier to play a little golf with some business associates. The couple normally took some time in early spring to get away from the still gloomy New York weather.

Although her mind was already settling in to the white sandy beaches and soaking up the sun, she became aware of the sexy young man whom she noticed kept looking at her in that lustful way inexperienced young men so often did. Must be around 20, maybe younger. Jet black hair that made his green eyes almost appear on-fire; she also noted his white-toothed smile and strong jawline. At what she guessed about 6’1″ and 190 pounds he was solid, tasty piece of masculine meat. She realized this hot stud represented one of her hottest fantasies: to seduce and fuck a young man, perhaps even be his first and last sex tutor. Probably his last, she reasoned feeling confident in her experience and abilities between the sheets.

These thoughts caused her tongue to glide over her lips as she dreamed of licking his ruddy helmet then sucking his cock into her throat. He looked like someone who was going somewhere in life, and if she wasn’t married, she’d be intrigued to find out where.

They never actually talked on the flight or made introductions, but later at the baggage claim area, John helped her get her large suitcase off the conveyor. She gave him a sweet smile and thanked him for being a gentleman. But that was all and soon she was off to the resort, unaware that the young man was headed there too in one of the nondescript vans that picked up resort employees.

The driver dropped Macy off in front of the bungalow she and her husband would reside in for the next 14 days. No sooner had she opened the door than Peter wrapped Anadolu Yakası Escort his arms around her and ravished his sexy wife.

“Welcome to Jamaica babe, I hope you brought something tasty for me, because I’ve missed you,” he said, with a sudden overwhelming desire to fuck his wife silly.

Macy squealed in delight, reaching up to kiss him and give herself to his pawing hands.

The first day they toured the island and hit some of the popular tourist areas. Both clearly would have been fine staying in the room and having sex, but Macy did want to see a bit of the island, and if she were to fulfill her fantasy and fuck some young man, that might be the only thing she would do for the rest of her stay … well, except she might share him with Peter.

The two believed they had the best marriage in that they didn’t hide anything from each other, their personalities complemented one another and of course, the sex was great. And, they didn’t keep that sex in-house, as neither was forbidden from satiating his or her lusts with another person when the opportunity arose. Peter had already seduced a lovely German cleaning lady, and when Macy arrived, they took turns bringing Karin to orgasm whenever she stopped by to clean their unit. Karin laughed and said it was the best tip she ever got.

Born with a nature to flaunt her beauty, maturity turned this into a desire to show off her considerable sexual charms, including her 36DD tits (John was close, but not quite on the mark!). For someone who already craved sex, Macy’s libido escalated still further when Peter showed her the swimsuits he bought for her to wear. He made sure she complied taking her already skimpy bikinis and slicing them into ribbons as soon as she unpacked.

Even Macy was a bit hesitant to wear one of the micro-kinis down to the beach that morning, but Peter stroked her ego and reminded her the people they would meet were strangers and they likely would never see them again. Staring at the wispy suits her mind began to imagine strutting across the beach showing other women what a voluptuous body she had while driving all the men crazy. The thong included a mere string that disappeared up the crack of her ass and a narrow panel just broad enough to cover her already moist cleft. The top offered little more with only two tiny panels that barely covered her now erect and very sensitive nipples.

Suddenly Macy didn’t want to go show off to the world, her hand began to massage her husband’s cock as she suggested he fuck her senseless in the sexiest voice. If it wasn’t for his resolve to parade her around on the beach, and also to stroke his own ego when men realized she was his fuck toy … if it wasn’t for that he would have gladly eased the burning in his groin and shoved his cock deep in her hot, tight box.

But, Peter had other ideas.

There would be a time and place to fuck his wife, but it wasn’t indoors …

The couple walked about a quarter mile to where a beach was laid out with nearly every imaginable adult toy to entertain the wealthy guests. An emerald green putting green half surrounded by white sand bunkers nudged the edge of the beach enclave. A foursome of men on the green all missed their putts as Macy pranced past in a pair of colorful high heels that only added to the lascivious thoughts each envisioned visiting upon this slutty looking woman. Golf diminished in importance and none seemed to mind at all. In fact, after she’d disappeared from view it took the group behind them yelling at them to clear the green to remind them they were playing golf.

Palm trees dotted the beach area providing some shade while out on the brilliant white sand lay about 25-30 people bronzing and soaking in the Vitamin D.

Strolling past the volleyball court, Macy made quite an impression on the young men lusting for her body. She took the opportune moment to bend over, nearly double and pull off her high heels. Peter joined the men around the court who all blatantly locked eyes on that upturned ass as seven sets of eyes imagined fucking her doggy style.

Peter clearly beamed with pride that his stunning bride garnered so much attention from men 10-15 years younger than her. Most of the players worked at the resort, but being a Monday, it was their day off and so it was a day to scope out the babes, catch some rays and party. They all looked to be having a good time and certainly got a full look at Macy’s succulent ass as she walked into the fine white sand. Peter just laughed to himself as he thought, “Oh yeah boys, go ahead and look, but don’t forget whose big cock she’s going to be dancing on tonight.”

Shortly after they passed, John was so mesmerized by the sexy blonde that one of the opposing players spiked a ball striking him on the back of his head and planting John on the sand.

Bruised ego in tow, John excused himself from the game, got something cold to drink and plopped into a beach chair to sort out the cobwebs. Surveying the beach, his eyes alighted on many svelte, sexy women: a dark Kadıköy Escort haired tall one with pert tits and long, shapely legs; a black woman with curly hair and an hour-glass body sporting a meaty ass and pendulous breasts; and a deeply tanned redhead who …

Oh my! She was topless! Just as quickly John realized there were other women showing off their beautiful tits. As he looked further to the right, a couple moved their chairs into the shade of a palm cluster and sat only 10 yards for him. She wore string thong that left her ass totally exposed, and the small top just covered the nipples on her full breasts. She looked vaguely familiar, but then John realized she was the same hot blonde who was on his flight a couple days ago!

He kept shooting glances as the couple spoke to each other. The man seemed to be encouraging her and trying to psyche her up, while the lady hesitated. Finally, she loosed a carefree laugh and reached behind to her back. John wished he was the man seated beside her, because he saw her pull the string and release the bow that held her top in place. Two engorged nipples atop her luscious 36DD breasts stood forth, as if proudly proclaiming, “Look at my awesome tits!” Macy turned to recline in her beach chair and John thanked his lucky stars for taking that spike off his noggin then choosing to sit where he was.

Naturally, he couldn’t help but stare at her firm breasts. His mind entertained thoughts of licking and kissing his way all over those beautiful orbs and fastening onto her firm, delicious nipples.

John’s cock was stiff now with need, and he felt that burning sensation that he learned was called blue balls. Friends said getting laid was the only cure, though up till now he had managed to discipline himself against seeking a quick fuck. Now though, he had to get some, somehow and soon!

“Hey Babe, how about walking up to the cabana to get us a couple margaritas,” said Peter.

Macy said OK and reached for her top, but Peter held onto it and told her she would be fine. “Besides you look so sexy I bet every man and woman wants to do you as soon as they see you.”

She giggled at the thought of it and felt her pussy flood with arousal. As she got up and stretched, careful to take her time and give her husband an eyeful. “I’ll be right back,” she said, and felt a shiver race down her spine as she exulted in the gentle breezes caressing her exposed tits. They were free to whatever the weather produced … and more importantly to the eyes of everyone else on the beach.

She only took a few steps when she found herself in front of the young man from the flight. Reduced to the baggy shorts and a bare, tan chest, he looked even more delicious as her mind considered what an experienced woman such as herself could do with such a young hunk.

Who knows how experienced he was, for all she knew he might appreciate a few pointers. Looking down at her breasts she saw two pointers that would definitely gain his appreciation. And, she fell to musing of the possibilities of a teacher-pupil relationship.

“Mmmm! I’d love to acquaint him with female sexual response and all the special places a woman needs a man’s attention,” she whispered to herself.

All that in a split second and as she turned to look at where she was going she smiled at him and winked. Judging by the shocked look on his face and the way his jaw hung slack, she knew he got the message.

John’s mind played back the heavenly vision that just passed before his eyes. Breasts swaying, hips alternately giving him a peak at her thong covered pussy, then in the next stride, hidden by a golden brown thigh. Older yes, she had him by a few years, but she definitely looked to be in her prime. Then she glanced at him, smiled and winked; he was sure his heart skipped a beat. If blood wasn’t filling that chamber, it was certainly filling his cock as he felt the largest, stiffest erection he’d ever had.

As she continued on toward the bar, John’s attention was locked onto the sway of her sexy backside.

Oh! What an ass! He was mesmerized by its rhythm as it swung from side to side. Definitely an ass, not what some of the guys called a butt. This one was nicely rounded, yet firm and well defined — he imagined holding those sexy cheeks in his hands as his face pressed between her thighs and began nuzzling underneath that skimpy panel of fabric. Surely the treasure it guarded was special and something … a man could …

“She’s fuckin’ hot isn’t she?” Peter said as he handed John a beer. “Hey, I don’t have much time, Macy will be coming back with drinks before too long. FYI to you: Macy wants to fuck a young man, and teach him about sex and making love to a woman. I’d think you probably have as good a chance as anyone, but let her pursue you. That’s the key, don’t let on you know what’s happening, let her go for the seduction. I guarantee you it will be worth the wait. She’ll let me know in time, but I don’t want to spoil it for either of you. In fact, I want you to know it’s cool with Ataşehir Escort me as long as I get to watch you fuck her. Shit, I might even be your wingman and tag-team her if you want to go three-way at some point. OK, I got to get back, nice meeting you … by the way, I’m Peter.”

John didn’t even have time to reply, and he wasn’t even sure he could have uttered anything intelligible. Suddenly it appeared as if every young man’s sexual fantasy was about to come true for him.

Macy felt as if she was reborn and becoming more aware of her sexuality and hunger as she eyed and smiled at the gorgeous male and female bodies that seemed to carpet this portion of the beach. She had her sunglasses on, both to protect her pale blue eyes, while also giving her some privacy to ogle the succulent flesh she passed.

Walking up to the bar, she was delighted to see a bartender practically ignore other patrons in his haste to wait on (leer at?) her. Like John, he was a young man and looked quite sexy. Blonde hair, blue eyes, probably about 6′ 5″ and a body that showed he knew what the weight room was for. She played up to his interest, not that she was really all that interested herself, but hey, if she could save a few bucks on drinks … why not? She noticed a few other topless women there, some with perky tits, some slightly sagging, most bronzed from being at the resort for a while. She basked in the realization that none were blessed to the extent she was. And, no doctor augmented her resources, these honeys were all natural.

Perhaps in time Mother Nature would need a bit of a lift, but for now her tits jutted out in all their firm glory. She was even pleased with the still distinct tan lines though those would disappear completely in the coming days. She was resolute that whenever possible she would show off her tits and relish the continuous surge of arousal that made a beeline to her clitoris.

“Here’s your drinks, there’s a special today … uhm …,” said Chuck, the Adonis bartender.

“Macy, sweetie,” she replied with a wink. “What’s the special?”

“Well, you are, and these are on the house,” he croaked, lust obviously building within.

She gave him her sweetest smile and said she intended to see more of him and let her eyes wander down to his crotch. She really had no intention of fucking him, but he didn’t have to know that. As she turned to go, she noticed the drinks cost $7 apiece. She returned the favor and tipped him $5, “consider that a down payment.”

She tilted her head to the side a bit in a way that drove men crazy, smiled and gave him the eye as she turned to walk back.

Passing by John the second time she looked directly into his eyes and giggled a little.

“You’d best get you something cool to drink young man, you look as if you’re about to overheat.”

John couldn’t argue with that, “must be the scenery … does it to me every time…”

She just laughed and winked again before continuing on to her husband. John heard a few words pass between them, nothing distinct, but it seemed Peter needed some relief from watching his wife parade by a bunch of hot young studs. Soon the talking stopped and the two became more engrossed in each other kissing and fondling each others’ bodies.

“Oh Peter, I want you inside of me, please baby,” Macy whispered out, her eyes glazing over with desire to be stuffed full of cock. Peter looked around but didn’t see anything that offered any seclusion. It was one thing to watch her walk around nearly naked, but he didn’t want to push their luck that fucking in a public place would get them thrown off the resort property. So, he grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the surf.

His cock felt so wonderfully stiff as he ran into the water, the warmth of which served as a prelude the the steamy cunt he would soon feel sliding over his prick.

John watched as Peter and Macy hopped and skipped over the small waves, her ass looking so arousing as together they splashed into the foamy ocean striding purposely to deeper water then ending in an embrace. Passion took a hold of them as the waist deep water hid Peter’s hand pulling the wispy material away from Macy’s cunt. Up on the beach, John couldn’t be sure but … no he thought not right there in front of him … the thought had him aroused.

The thought was confirmed when Macy impaled herself on Peter’s rod and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Fuck me hard Peter, c’mon plow that piece of steel inside my steamy core!” she implored him.

Macy loved how good Peter’s cock felt sliding into her hot box. With the ocean partially supporting her weight, they established a good rhythm. He looked out to sea so Macy could face the beach, Peter was hoping John was watching and wondered if Macy had made eye contact.

Yes, John was watching, and doing so was boiling his blood!

John felt a sudden urge to masturbate unlike any other time in his life, and yet, here he was in this public place where the last thing he was able to do is get his rocks off. He could just imagine being called into his supervisor’s office and told he was fired after only a couple days on the job. So instead he intently watched the couple fucking in the ocean then noticed Peter turn slightly so Macy was looking over his shoulder — and right into his eyes!

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