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Train Toilet Sex

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I met Davena when I joined a mobile phone company to do some temporary work in the summer. She was a permanent employee in the section next to mine. Here’s a strange thing; she had a small body odour problem – not terrible, but noticeable.

I tended to stay clear of her desk if I could, but as days went by I realised that she was nonetheless attractive, and I started to talk to her more. I soon knew she lived with her boyfriend, Kevin, but she didn’t have that stupid full focus approach to her relationship that some young girls (she was 22, I was 25 at the time) have. She knew there was other life, and other people out there besides her partner.

I began to fantasise about Davena when I masturbated at home. In my head, it was her cool hand pumping my cock, not mine. I put her across my bed in my mind, her skirt pushed up around her waist and her knickers around her ankles, with her pussy lips peeping from her soft, fluffy bush.

In my dream she was pulling my stiff prick towards her cunt with a half smile on her face, willing me in to her tight, moist box. I discovered that Antep Escort these fantasies made me come much more explosively than the usual orgasms I had while looking at pornos. And I knew that’s what they were – fantasies.

Well, I found myself on the same train as Davena a few weeks in and we naturally sat together. I gathered she was heading out for drinks in Croydon, with friends – all girls. While we waited for the train to set off we chatted about various things including, after a while, sex. I didn’t mind telling her that I’d split with my girlfriend some months earlier, and been celibate since then. Davena laughed and made some joke about me “soaping the snake.” Don’t imagine this didn’t have an enormous effect on me; I was sporting an erection the size of Babe Ruth’s bat inside my tight jeans – painful stuff!

The train started off and Davena did something she must have made a decision about very quickly. We had the area to ourselves and she moved from her seat opposite mine, planted her hand on my crotch and whispered in my ear, “Jeremy, I’ve never had Antep Escort Bayan sex in a train toilet – and I’ve always wanted to. Don’t you think that’s a crying shame?”

I couldn’t speak for surprise. But I wanted her so badly; a whiff of her odour had entered my space and instead of repelling me, it only made me harder. I flushed, loosened my tie and stood up. “I’m going to the toilet now, ” I muttered.

I made my way, a trifle unsteadily, to the nearest bathroom, praying it wouldn’t be either occupied or filthy. As luck would have it no-one was there and it wasn’t a complete dump.

I shut the door and waited; just a moment later the door opened and Davena snaked her way into the confined space, taking care to shoot the bolt. She was a little flushed too, but looking at me with a triumphant air. She put a finger on my lips to stop me speaking, then positioned herself, uncomfortably, with her back to the basin. Then she put my right hand on her jeans, and her left on my crotch. I groaned and shifted about.

She started to rub my cock through my Escort Antep trousers for a minute, then she undid the button and tugged the zipper down. I started to rub her pussy through her jeans, then put my had down the front and went straight into her knickers, causing her to groan as my fingers came into contact with her labia.

With some difficulty, I pushed my trousers and pants to my ankles and dragged her jeans and knickers down. I rubbed her clit a couple of times, but this was no time or place for foreplay. I wedged her further back against the basin and, taking my cock in my hand, managed to slip it into her and start thrusting. It wasn’t easy in there, but the friction was amazing and Davena was starting to make little grunts as I shoved my prick inside her belly, getting further up her now.

I was grunting too. The atmosphere was so erotic we didn’t have any problems reaching our cum points quickly, and I was only just ahead of her – I think the sight and sound of me shooting my wad inside her brought her to the brink and she let go, face flushed and hair awry, with a gasp and an oath.

And that was that – we got our clothes back on, exited the toilet without incident and I saw her off the train five minutes later. We still talked at work after that, but it was a one off – I have never stopped jerking off at the thought of it, though.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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