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Toys for the Teacher

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Two years have passed since the events in Blackmailed by Brenda. I was reasonably experienced but still thought that sex was straightforward.. Until I went to college! We are jumping back from the events in ‘Swimming is Good for you’ as one participant in this fact-based tale is in a nursing home and unlikely to read Literotica and the other has had more men than I’ve had hot dinners, so wouldn’t care anyway.


For twelve months since my disagreeable experience with the unsavoury Brenda, sex and I were strangers. Not only did I find the memory of that filthy mound of flesh enough to put me off, but I checked myself every day for the first signs of a nasty little rash and didn’t want to risk passing anything on to an unsuspecting lady! After regular visits to a doctor and being clear, I started to look around again.

I didn’t stay much longer with my job in Warwickshire, due to an argument with a temporary manager while Ralph was on holiday. He hadn’t the guts to back me up, so I left and moved back home. While there I did any work to hand, mainly driving trucks around England. Then I heard of a chance to go to college as a mature student. Well, I was pretty mature by then.

I wont say what kind of college, or where, as there will be some still alive who would be unhappy about being identified. Let’s say there were more girls than men, and more female than male staff. Which suited me quite well, as you may imagine. For a year I mixed my official studies with up close and personal studies of the nude female form; nothing serious, and nothing intended to last.

I just scraped through my first year; indeed there was a doubt about keeping me on. I wonder why! I returned for my second year to find a new, female lecturer in one aspect of work. She seemed to like me, and in fact her intervention kept me from being dismissed on more than one occasion. Let me tell you about her.

She was in her late thirties and single. About five foot five, with short reddish hair. Not the prettiest face, she was rather stocky with decent tits and arse, and surprisingly slender legs. She always wore a white, tight cotton blouse, and knee length pleated blue skirt set off with black stockings. I knew they were stockings, not tights, as she always sat down with her legs rather open on a high chair in class. I somehow noticed she had a prominent pubic mound and a few escaping red hairs from the side of her pale blue panties.

She usually singled me out to help her clear equipment after a lecture, normally saying nothing except about my duties. Until one day in the second month of the college year.


“Yes, Miss Stevens?”

“I have some equipment in my room that needs using. Will you come up and help me?”

“Of course, Miss Stevens,” I replied.

The lecture room was in a small annexe on the ground floor, and her rooms were upstairs, so it was no great problem. I followed her up the stairs with no great concerns.

She unlocked her door, and beckoned me in. As I passed her, she turned and closed the door. All the memory of the evil Brenda shot into my mind, as you can imagine. Not again, was my first thought. But as I turned I saw she had quite a gentle smile on her face.

“Now, Philip, no need to look so worried, I just need a few moments of privacy from other staff or students.”

She crossed to a comfortable-looking armchair, and sat down.

“You know, Philip,” she began, “I have helped you out a few times when you were in trouble with the Principal. Not just because I thought you were being treated unfairly, though.”

She paused, then said, “I was in **** (town not being named) during the vacation you know.”

She paused again, looking closely at my face, which had started to look rather unhappy. Why, you may wonder did that statement affect me? Well, right at the last month of that vacation, without general knowledge, but with family approval, I had married! Yes, it amazed me too, but there you are. Approval, by the way, was because the girl student in question, we’ll call her Leanne, who I was screwing when chance arose, told me I was going to be a Daddy! This would not have been smiled upon by the college! Or by me, honestly.

The town in question, was a small one, about fifty miles from college, and a safe place, we thought. Apparently, not so safe! By all the worst of bad luck, Miss Stevens escort şişli had an old school friend there, and had been visiting her. Even more diabolically, she had passed the Registrar’s office as Leanne and I left, in our civil wedding finery! It wasn’t difficult for Miss Stevens to work things out!

“Oh, do’t look so worried.” She assured me, I’m not going to tell anyone, but I do think you will be willing to help me, on a, shall we say, a personal matter.”

Well, in a few months time things would become rather obvious, but until then I could consider my studies. She paused, and a slight flush appeared on her fair skinned face.

“The thing is, you know, I have never been able to have a steady relationship. I always feel uncomfortable. Especially as I like certain things, and worry that men may be put off. But somehow, under the circumstances, with you, I feel more at ease”

She gave a tentative smile. Which didn’t put me at my ease. Memories of the evil Brenda continued to worry me. Even so, by now, my curiosity was getting the better of me. I still wasn’t sure why my lecturer was confiding in me, or hinting a veiled warning, but the feeling was getting stronger that I might be onto a good thing. I was still thinking about furthering my career, though. Not my best attitude, I dare say. Nor was I thinking too much about my new wife, either. Resentment, you think?

“Do you want to tell me about these likes?” I suggested.

Her response rather surprised me. She walked into her kitchen, and returned with a plastic box with several vegetables in it which she placed on the table. There were three courgettes (zuchini in the USA) and a few ,quite thick, carrots, the ones with rounded ends and ridged shafts..After that, she sat on the chair, and just looked at me. She said nothing for perhaps two, very long, minutes, then spoke, in a subdued voice, her words coming in a rush.

“I only had actual, er, sex, a few times, when I was much younger, with a man. I did like feeling the, er, feeling, of fullness, but I chose someone who was not particularly considerate. And I never liked the idea of another woman, either, so I started using these things. Is that very awful?”

I didn’t know what to say, but I did wonder why, if sex with fhat man was so bad for her, what did she want with me? So , I just made comforting, reassuring sounds, although I had a difficult time hiding the laughter deep inside me.

“It’s just that I find it difficult to actually use these things fully myself. So I wondered, that is, I hoped, you’d be understanding enough to help me.”

I’d never actually used anything like that myself; I had always found that my own skills of touch and entry more than good enough! Still, this promised to be an interesting experience, so I just smiled at her and said,

“Of course, Miss Stevens, anything to help you.”

“Perhaps you’d better call me Ruby,” she offered, “it sounds less formal, don’t you think?”

Once more I found it difficult to hold in my laughter. Here was my lecturer, wanting me to stuff her hole with all these things, worrying about formality! I nodded, unable to speak just then, and she turned, picked up the box, and walked into her bedroom with me following. However, before she could observe me, I did take the precaution of slipping my hand down the front of my pants to lift my already slightly stiffening dick into an upright position under my trousers.

I sat on the edge of her bed, watching her. She opened a drawer and took out a tube of fanny lube, Then, hesitantly at first, then more quickly as if to get on with it, Ruby began to undress. Her blouse came off first, revealing well rounded tits bulging slightly over her pale blue bra. Her skirt followed, showing that she had a delicate taste in panties, as she was wearing quite small ones, again of pale blue. But then, I already knew that from peeking in class.

She didn’t try to take off her bra; well, I suppose there was no need from her point of view. Slipping her hand under the elastic of her panties, she rolled them down over the stocking tops, and stepped out of them. Yes, she certainly had a noticeable pubic mound, and her bush was extremely thick, extending almost up to her navel, thinning as it reached higher. As I have always preferred unshaven fanny, my dick was well and truly hard under my trousers, forcing its way up past the waistband of escort etiler my briefs and trousers. I could feel a slight wetness on my stomach from pre-cum.

Ruby turned and looked at me, her face slightly red with embarrassment. I hoped she wasn’t going to call it off as I was really beginning to enjoy myself!

“Shall we start with this?” she asked, picking up the smallest carrot which was about 4 inches long and about an inch in diameter at the thick end.

“Good idea,” I replied.

She handed me the vegetable, and the partly used tube of lubricant. As I had noticed her panties were not even moist, I reckoned this would be a good idea. I smeared a small amount of lubricant on the veggie and reckoned it was time I started giving instructions!

“Lie on the bed, and legs apart, please,” I spoke in my best imitation of a medic.

This tone of voice seemed somehow to reassure her, so with no further hesitation she lay down on the bed, on her back. She seemed surprised when I placed two chairs by the bedside, about three feet apart, and even more so as I leaned over the bed, put my hands on her ankles, and swivelled her around so that her legs, from thigh down, were over the bedside. I rested one heel on each chair, stepped over and positioned myself between her legs.

I had no intention of kneeling on a bouncing bed, at least not yet! Nor crouching down, not comfortable for me, and giving me little freedom of movement, which I explained to her. I squatted on the floor, and got my first real close-up view of her crotch and fanny. As expected, the lips were quite closed, and no wetness there, so I decided to rectify this. But not with lubricant, unless really necessary!

I pushed my face forward, parting her thighs, and quickly pressed my lips over the clit hood. She gave a sort of gasping squeak, and tried to pull back, but I had hold of her thighs and held her in position. I began to gently suck and lick her there, feeling the thick bush of hair on my lips and nose as I used my tongue to move the now wet hairs aside from her clit. Call it a fetish if you like, but I actually like the feel of a woman’s pubes, both on my face, and the sensitive skin of my dick.

The protests she had first made were now quietened, and I sensed she was beginning to enjoy this novel experience. From my first experience with Lena and her mother, through to the present, I had become quite expert in giving oral, mostly because I always enjoyed both the sensations, and the feeling of power it gave me to bring a woman to the point where they desperately wanted me to get on and fuck them.

I sucked hard , alternately on her clit and then the fanny lips, combining that with up and down and side to side licking. Taking my face away, I could now see the lips well apart, and the pink folds of flesh at her entrance were glistening, both with my saliva and her own juices. There was a clearly defined gap at the base of her fanny. She was moaning quietly, her thighs were twitching and squirming, and she was beginning to hump her arse off the bed. I reckoned it was time for the carrot!

Being a considerate gentleman, I did pick up the smallest carrot. Small, but more heavily rippled than the others. I didn’t think I needed any more lube, so placed the slightly pointed end at the entrance of her hole, and firmly, but not roughly, commenced to push it in. Wet she was, but obviously quite tight, I didn’t hurry things but slid the little orange vegetable in, inch by inch, until the tips of my fingers pressed against the lips, and my knuckle nudged her clit.

With each small push, her knees tried to lift, but from her position she couldn’t move away. I commenced to slide the carrot in ands out while she made little whimpering sounds. As she began to hump more quickly, and her breathing quickened, I decided to move up a gear. I removed the carrot really fast, which startled her. Then she relaxed, but a glance at her face told me she was a tad disappointed. She needn’t have worried. But she was in for a surprise!

If she expected a gradual increase in insertion size, she was in for a bit if a shock. I felt really fiendish, and picked up the largest courgette! This was a good 7 inches long, about three inches in diameter, and was one of those with tiny, slightly pointed, little spikes along it’s length. While going back to giving her a few licks on her now sensitive fanny, bayan escort taksim I lubed the courgette out of sight, removed my face from her pubes, placed the green, striped vegetable against her open, soaking wet vagina, and pushed!

As the courgette, lubed though it was, forced its way a good six inches straight into her, she gave a strangled , gasping cry; her hands slammed against the bed and lifted her upper body clear off the bed. Her mouth was wide open, lips apart, and her head was flung back so far I thought she might break her rigid, straining neck. I held the vegetable firmly in place, my palm cupped firmly over the rounded end of the courgette, until she overcame the initial shock.

“No, no, that’s too big, why are you doing this?” she managed to cry.

“Well, it’s in, now,” I managed to reply, though my mouth was dry, “just enjoy it.”

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I wasn’t moved by the tears glistening in her eyes. Well, she wanted it, she gave me the veggie, so what if it came a bit earlier than expected? I did at least keep it still for a few moments, until her canal adjusted itself. Then, slowly, and using only small, two inch thrusts, I began stroking the inside of her hole. She relaxed on the bed as the feeling of pain and discomfort was being replaced with pleasure,

I gave her five minutes of this treatment, which paid off as she again began to hump against my hand. I increased the length of the thrusts, until almost the full length was disappearing inside her with each push. Faster and faster I moved, my wrist was starting to ache, but I was rewarded as she began to grunt and gasp, quicker and quicker, until she went over the edge so hard that her legs straightened out and her knees jammed together, almost breaking my neck in the scissorlike spasm.

The long drawn out howl she gave was so loud I was glad the windows were closed and no-one else in the building. The chairs her legs had been resting on had been knocked over, and when her thighs relaxed a bit, I fell over backwards. From my position on the floor, I could see the courgette had been pushed completely out as her orgasm had hit her.

I reckoned it was time for my own reward; As you can imagine, I was in a fairly desperate situation myself. I forced my trousers and briefs down as far as my knees, stood up, lifting her legs with me, and, pulling her towards me, shoved my sticky, tingling dick to fill that inviting hole. I expected some response, but she lay there, tits rising and falling as she fought for breath. After its invasion by that courgette, and her powerful orgasm, her hole was hot, wet and slightly loose, but firm enough for me to feel the flesh enclosing my dick.

After all that had happened, I was never going to last long, even with my excellent control, and sure enough, in less than a minute, I squeezed my cum into her. This new attention, plus my barking grunts as I came gave her a little extra, if smallish orgasm; I felt her canal clamp reasonably firmly round my dick. She opened her mouth, but hardly any sound came out, except a short, slight gasp as I pulled out of her, and my cum dribbled from the open lips of her fanny onto the bedsheet.

Neither of us spoke for a good few minutes; we were both exhausted. I squatted down on the floor as she lay back on the bed, and anyway, what was to be said just then? I stood up, tottered into the washroom next door, pants round my knees, gave my dick a quick rinse and pulled up my pants. When I returned to the bedroom, Ruby was sitting on the side of the bed, using her panties to dry up all the juices around her fanny and in the crack of her arse. She looked up as I entered the room.

“I suppose I asked for that,” she remarked in a surprisingly calm voice, “but at least you made me wet first, so I suppose I must forgive you.”

“Now you know what it’s really like,” I suggested, “would you like to do this again sometime?”

“Let me think about that,” she answered, “I know where to find you.”

I wasn’t too surprised to be asked to help moving her musical equipment a fair few times after that. And, as the threatened pregnancy that propelled me into marriage did not happen, at least not until a few months after we qualified and left college, I can’t say I felt guilty about cheating on Leanne.

Shotgun weddings rarely work, and although we stayed together until our two children grew up and went to uni, she split and continued her career. And I eventually divorced, found a really loving wife from a far away country, and we’re still happily married.

Here endeth my stories. Unless I remember anything interesting from my unhappy years with Leanne.

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