Torrid: Hannah , Gus

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For months Hannah and Gus rotated around one another’s lives at the neighborhood bar nestled between a typical blue collar neighborhood and a small college campus on the east side of town. The middle-aged, six-foot-three, two-hundred seventy pound former college football lineman taught literature and creative writing and, except for his large frame, he looked every bit a college professor: glasses framed brown eyes, dark brown hair and beard with just a hint of white. She every bit the neighborhood bartender. A curvy five-foot-six coppery redhead with full D cups that she enjoyed showing off as often as she could with tight, low-cut shirts under her usual flannel tops. Her jeans hugged the hips that wiggled whenever she walked by Gus. He noticed.

It was a slow afternoon when something clicked between the two of them. A long, lingering look from him. The bite of a lip from her. An electric touch of hands when he took his drink from her. Who knows how these things happen, they just do. goes to the backroom of the bar for something, a break maybe. He follows. He doesn’t know why, he just does.

He comes up behind her, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her towards him. She gasps and grinds against him as she recognizes his cologne. He kisses her neck.

“You’ve been teasing me for weeks,” he says as a hand cups one of her tits. Another gasp.

“What do you mean?” She tries to sound innocent, yet it comes out sounding wicked.

Deftly, he undoes her jeans, sliding a hand down her pants as he nibbles on her ear.

“You want me to touch you, don’t you?”

She bites her lip, rock hard nipples pressing against her tight shirt. She grabs him by the belt buckle and leads him down into the cellar. It’s dark but there’s enough ankara escort light to see the lust in each other’s eyes. They both want this.

She drops to sit on a barrel of beer, her pussy tingling as she undoes his zipper, his cock straining against it.

He lifts her chin, cupping it gently as he runs his thumb over her soft lips, forcing them to open so he can feel the softness of her tongue. She moans as she takes his fingers into her mouth, tasting herself on them as she sucks. He smiles as she finally releases his cock, waggling in front of her.

“Put it in your mouth.”

She licks it from the base to the tip, slowly, then flicks her tongue around the head, swallowing it then sliding her lips up and down on the shaft. He moans as she goes down, feeling the pressure in the back of her throat as she finger fucks herself. He pushes on the back of her head.

“Not yet, my little slut,” he says as he holds her head in place, his cock buried in her throat. “You’ve been teasing me with straws and stirrers, not it’s the real thing for you.”

Her eyes tear as she gags slightly. He pulls back then pumps back in, fucking her face, slowly at first. She moans as his hips buck in and out with increasing speed and intensity. He holds her head in place as he fucks her face. Her eyes glaze over as she becomes nothing more than a hole for his cock. He pulls out and slaps her in the face with his cock, waking her from her reverie. He pushes his cock back into her mouth as she looks up at him.

“I don’t want you to swallow when I cum,” he says like he’s talking to a child as he continues. He pulls his cock out just far enough for her to talk. “Tell me you understand.”

“I understand,” she says around his cock.

He ankara escort bayan slides it back into her mouth then starts to fuck her face again, hard. Her panties are soaked and she wants more of his cock. Spit slides down her chin and she chokes as he slams his cock in and out of her mouth. He grunts, pushing his cock in just far enough to fill her mouth and throat with his cum. She doesn’t swallow but sucks him dry as he pulls out of her mouth. He runs a gentle finger down her cheek.

“Let me see,” he says.

She shows him the puddle of sticky cum in her mouth dancing over her tongue. The touch of his finger is electric.

“Swallow it,” he says as he yanks her shirt over her head then pulls her up to stand. He yanks down her pants and she steps out of them. She stands only in a thong now in the chilly cellar. He pulls on her nipples. She gasps as he bends down and starts to suck on them. She runs her fingers through his hair as he alternates, sucking on her nipples and playing with her tits. She grabs his hands and sucks on his fingers.

“Stand up,” he says. “Turn around.”

She complies, nervous, feeling the cool air on her warm skin. She leans over the barrel. She gasps as she feels three fingers pushing into her pussy. Her legs go weak.

“I need you to fuck me.”

“I know.”

He kisses the back of her legs as his fingers move in and out of her. He leans forward, pushing her further down and spreads her pussy apart, attacking it with his mouth.His tongue flicks in and out of her wet pussy. Her legs shake as he roughly rubs her clit. She begs.

“Please, fill my holes, fuck me,” she whines as his tongue plays inside of her. His fingers move to her ass. One. Two. Plunging in escort ankara and out. Her legs quiver and she grinds her pussy on his face. HIs tongue moves faster, his thumb flicking her clit.

“You need to be wetter,” he says as he moves his mouth away from her pussy.

“Please don’t stop,” she says. He goes back to her pussy. She moans, reaching back to grab his hair and pull him in closer. He obliges her and lashes at her pussy. “Please put your cock inside me. Please.”

He wants to play, tonguing her ass as his fingers move and out of her pussy. He wants his tongue to make her cum before his cock. She shudders.

“Harder,” she begs. His fingers move faster and harder. She muffles a scream. Her whole body racks from the orgasm she has and as she does his cock slips into her wet pussy. She gasps and then moans as he fucks her. He’s bull strong, his large hands holding her hips as he fucks her hard.

“Is this what you want?”

“God, yes, fuck me,” she says. He fucks her hard, his cock pounding her wet pussy hard, her tits slapping together with each thrust. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

She breathes raggedly as the orgasm rolls over her. She nearly falls but his hands are strong. She pants, “Cum in my ass.”

“Beg me.”

“Please cum in my ass, I need your cum in my ass,” she whines. He pulls out and slams his cock into her tight ass. She nearly screams, half in pleasure, half in pain. “I want to be your cumslut. Cum in my ass.”

He thrusts a few more times then buries all the way in her ass and explodes. She shakes uncontrollably and he draws his cock out. Walking over to her face, he shoves it in her face.

“Clean it.”

She does as she’s told, swallowing the glistening cock, tasting herself all over the cock.

He pulls his cock out of her mouth and pulls up his pants. He lifts her chin so he can look into her green eyes. He slaps her face, smiles down at her.

“I could use another Jack and Coke when you get a minute.”

She smiles up at him and practically purrs, “Thank you sir.”

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