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Editor’s note: This story is partly true. My wife and I celebrated an anniversary in this same hotel in the main dining room – same meal – same desert – different wine. We took the same glass elevator to the roof. At that time, there was a lounge on the roof that rotated. We sat drinking our brandy looking at the panorama that was San Francisco at night on a cloudless night when the moon was full and bright.

* * * * *

We met at the convention at the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco. In the process of assigning teams to work on model presentations, you and I were teamed together. We had such great rapport that we continued our discussions over lunch.

I thought you were quite sexy with your long blonde hair tied up in a ponytail. Showing off the smooth lines of your neck – enhancing the bone structure in your exquisite face. Pretty. My dear, you looked absolutely ravishing. I loved how your blue eyes twinkled when you made a point that you thought I had missed – it was like saying, “see – I can come up with some ideas too”. But I knew that. It showed in every subject we discussed – from what Columbian coffee is really made of – to Merlot wine and the best wineries.

At the end of a long hard day – you and I had made reservations to dine together in the main dining room – anxious to take in the floorshow and, perhaps, dance a little. Promising that you would stay in your room until I arrived to escort you down – we parted to shower and dress for dinner.

I knocked on your door and, when you opened it, the view was breath taking. The off-the-shoulder black dress you were wearing set off and empathized your firm bust – with cleavage so deep as to get lost in the canyon of your breasts. And the hem of your dress coming to just above the knee allowed me a glimpse of your thigh-high stockings as you crossed the room and bent over to pick up your purse. I also noticed that you were wearing a little black lacey thong. Mmmmm!

During the elevator ride down to the dining room, we chatted about numerous things, but I couldn’t tell you one of them. My mind was elsewhere – on that little lacey thong and the treasures it concealed.

Dinner was excellent – as would be expected. Chateaubriand for two – Merlot wine (we had already discovered it as our favorite) and rich vanilla ice cream with warm fudge chocolate topping.

After finishing up we sat there sipping our brandy, looking at each other – our eyes were communicating without saying a word. The look in your eyes escort şişli spoke volumes. We decided to skip the dancing and have a drink in my room.

Since I am the CEO of my company, I had reserved the Penthouse Suite. And, it being a clear star filled night, we took the outside glass elevator. Entering the elevator, being the only two in it, we hugged as it began to ascend. Tilting your face I brought my lips to yours. Your full pouty lips opened to invite my tongue inside. As we kissed, I massaged your butt cheeks – causing your dress to ride up.

I noticed a couple of guys on the sidewalk below pointing up at us. They were enjoying the view as I moved your little black lacey thong to the side and insinuated a finger into your sex. Ahhhh! You were already moist, my dear.

We just passed the 3rd floor and the guys were still watching.

You wriggled your cute little butt and broke our kiss. Leaning forward, you unzipped my trousers and released my cock. You placed your scarlet red lips around the mushroom head and sucked me into your mouth – slowly – exquisite torture – as you inhaled my cock deep within your mouth. My cock was responding by growing harder and harder. Soon you had it up to its full 8-inch length. The girth was giving you a problem, though. Your mouth could barely open wide enough to accept my 2-inch thickness.

Your head bobbled up and down, trying to force my cock down the back of your throat and trying to keep from gagging in the process. You withdrew your mouth, gasping for air – then attacked again – working me to a frenzy.

We just passed the 7th floor. The guys were no longer visible below.

I continued fingering your slit. You were wet now – hot and ready to fuck. Pulling you off my rigid cock, I stooped and picked you up – one hand on each ass cheek. Raising you above the level of my cock, I felt my cockhead search out your steamy passage. Lowering you, little by little, I eased you down over my man hood. Soon it was embedded within you. You had begun to squirm and moan – this position was definitely tight and, because of it, your tight little cunt was being stretched to the maximum.

We just passed the 11th floor.

Holding you there, I began to lift you – then lowering you – establishing a rhythm of slowly torturing you with my massive cock. Your moans and groans telling me that you love the feel of being completely stuffed. I could feel your cunt pulsing – your pussy muscles clenching around my cock, milking it to extract escort my hot cum.

The elevator door opened – we were at the Penthouse. And the maid was standing there. One hand covering her mouth and trying not to look at us.

I marched across the sitting room to the bedroom. Thankfully, the maid had already made it up and was ready for me. She just didn’t know there was going to be a “we”.

Lowering you to the bed, my cock came out of you with a great sucking sound; it had been so tight in your bald little pussy. You screamed your displeasure of having your pussy turned inside out like that.

Kicking off my shoes and removing my trousers and shorts took precious seconds away from our coupling but soon they were off. You slipped your dress off over your head as I removed my coat and shirt – buttons flying everywhere.

Grabbing your thong on each hip, I yanked it down and off your feet. Then – taking my still rigid cock in my hand, I guided it to your hot cunt and, leaning forward, buried it in you until I reached your cervix – so hard I was – so hot and wet you were – God! That felt so good.

We began anew, this age-old ritual of two people coupling in the heat of passion – paying no attention to the maid in the doorway. She had already removed her uniform and had one hand buried in her pussy, fingering herself with abandon while watching us fuck. My cock had regained its former hardness and was getting tight in your cunt again until you began to cum. When you cum, your juices provided just the right lubricant to allow us to continue slamming our pelvises together – certain of bone bruises in the morning.

Finally my ball sack began to tighten, forcing my red hot cum up and out of my balls – up the thickness of my cock, causing it to swell even more – a sure indication that I was cumming. Spurt after spurt of cum as I stopped stroking my cock in and out of you and let the big wads of cum strike the back of your womb. Four – no five – no, more – my cum continued to spurt until my ball sack was emptied.

We lay there in post coital bliss trying to regain our breath – both of us feeling as though we had just ran a marathon. And it was, of sorts – but a happy marathon.

That’s when we noticed the maid. She had already taken our “cast aside” clothes and straightened and hung them up. All left was the repair of the buttons.

Now that I noticed her – the maid was a very pretty Latino – about 25 or so – no rings (that I could see) and a beautiful bakırköy escort body. Nice high tits with huge nipples sitting on a porch of silver dollar sized aureoles. I asked her for a washcloth to clean up. She started toward the bathroom – that’s when I noticed that she had a high butt – a high porch that you could almost balance a drink on.

Halfway to the bath – she stopped, as though she had an idea. Returning to the bed, she pushed me aside and knelt between your juicy thighs. As she began laving you with her tongue, cleaning all your juices inside and out – you began to respond. God! I thought you were worn out. For that matter, I thought I was through for the night until I stood there watching that Latino ass wiggling in the air – inviting me to come aboard. My cock began to revive.

I move to your head – offering my shaft to your hot tongue. As you kissed and sucked my mushroom cap – my cock began to stiffen – soon to it’s rigid hardness. I moved in behind the maid. As she kept wiggling while administering to your needs, I eased my cock into her steamy tunnel. Her labia were blackish-red (with that Latin blood) and swollen – just begging for a good fuck.

I finally reached the bottom of her cunt. Then, stroking in and out of her while playing with her clit – I soon picked up the pace. Every time I pounded into her – it forced her face hard into your little bald cunt and the feeling was totally erotic. I’m glad we were in the penthouse – your screams would have awakened the dead. Your orgasm was so intense; your body was quivering and shaking – your head tossing from side to side in orgasmic bliss – drooling at the mouth – totally out of control of your own body.

Finally you collapsed. Passed out. I knew you would revive sooner or later, but I had a problem on my hands. Having so recently cum – it was likely that I would have to fuck the maid for some time before cumming. I already had her cumming two or three times while you were.

We decided to switch positions. She moved over to another part of that large king size bed and spread her legs. I leaped into the breach, plunging my hard cock to her depths. In one stroke. Placing her legs as high as I could toward her head, left her pussy open – yet tight – and I began anew. Some minutes and several orgasms for her and I felt my ball sack tighten and my cock swell – I began to cum. Not as strongly this time, but cum nevertheless.

I rolled off and headed for the bathroom. I needed a shower and some cool-down time. When I came out, you had been moved around on the bed, under the covers – a pillow under your head – still fast asleep.

That’s when I spotted a note next to the water pitcher – it read “Buenos Dias Senior – tomorrow night?’

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