Ağu 31

Too Long Apart, One Last Time

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Alan and Beth were enjoying their reunion. All the things they liked to do with each other, they had done…some of them more than once. Alan had to return home in the morning and again they would have to wait to be together. Alan knew their last night would have to be the topper to a great visit.

There were things they had discussed doing either on the phone or while they’ve been together this short period. Things that always seemed to make Beth as hot as all hell. Alan wanted to give her some of those things. Or at least one.

It was early evening and they were going out for a dinner out. Beth told Alan to pick her outfit. He set out a black skirt, button down blouse, black thigh highs and heels. And a scoop cup bra that accentuated her full breasts.

He heard the shower start and quickly joined her in it. He got a handful of shampoo and began to wash her hair. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back toward him. After rinsing her hair he got the scrubbie and started washing her body. He rolled her nipples with his fingers wrapped in the mesh of the scrubbie. He washed his way down her belly until he found her clit. He pinched it between his fingers, letting the mesh gently grate on her pleasure button. She was reaching her climax, so he turned her around and dropped to one knee, sliding his tongue deeply between her labia. That drove her over the edge and she grabbed his hair and ground her hips into his mouth, taking his tongue as deep as it would go.

She then took the shampoo, and with Alan still on one knee, started washing his Antep Escort hair. She then guided him to his feet and started washing his body. She saved his cock for last, paying slow and loving attention to it. After washing and rinsing it, she bent down and took it in her mouth. She ran her tongue all over the head of his stiffened cock, then took the whole thing in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down, squeezing his balls in her hand. With the other she ran a finger between his buttocks. She found his anus and slowly slid a finger in it. That was all it took. He began to pump his hips as his cock spewed his seed into her hungry mouth. She swallowed it all and stood. He told her he had one more little thing he wanted to do with her in the shower.

He soaped up her pubic mound and grabbed a razor. Back on his knees he told her to spread her legs. He started shaving the hair around her labia. When she was completely shaved clean he rinsed her off and kissed all over the area he just shaved. When the tip of his tongue teased her clit she shivered. They got out of the shower and began to get dressed.

She loved the clothes he had laid out for her, and made a big deal of slowly getting dressed. She gave him a wink at the lack of undies and loved the cool air on her freshly shaved twat. They left her apartment and went to the restaurant. Alan actually behaved himself and didn’t try to make her any hotter than she already was.

They got to the restaurant and were led to their table. The waiter asked them for their drink order and left. Antep Escort Bayan When he returned with their drinks Alan had pulled the hem of her skirt up just enough that the waiter could see the tops of her stockings. They saw the flush rise from the collar of his starched shirt and color his face. After stuttering through their food order taking he left in a hurry. They grinned and giggled at each other as they sipped their champagne.

When the waiter returned with their food he had visibly regained his composure. It left quickly when, while handing Beth her food he noticed two buttons undone. Most of her breasts were exposed. And Alan had raised her hem a little farther. The waiter could see her labia. Beth looked at the erection that had popped up in the waiters pants. Alan looked the waiter in the eye and tipped him a wink.

When they were finished eating, the waiter came back to offer them dessert. Alan winked at the waiter and told him that he already had the dessert he wanted. The waiter walked away and Alan took Beth’s hand and led her to the restroom. Like most fancy restaurants the restroom was quite comfortable. There was a sofa in there and Alan led Beth to it. He laid her down on it and started kissing her all over. He unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and freed her lovely breasts from the bra. He kissed them all over. When he finally made his way to her nipples he was very attentive to them. Kissing and licking and sucking her nipples. He took one then the other gently between his teeth. Alan kissed the rest of the Escort Antep way down her belly. When he reached her clit she gasped…but that wasn’t the only sound Alan heard. He heard the waiter, who had come to give them the bill for their dinner.

He watched as Alan made love to Beth. The waiter was stroking his erection through his pants. Beth looked up at the waiter and smiled. Just then Alan’s tongue found its mark again, sliding deep between her labia. Beth undid Alan’s pants and slid them down his thighs. She spread her legs, giving both men a spectacular view of her shaved pussy. Alan placed the head of his cock against the opening of her pussy, and slid it just inside. The strong muscles inside her did the rest. They worked to pull all of his hard cock into her. They started moving together, slowly at first, then faster. He started driving his cock deep into her hot wet pussy. The waiter was now visibly stroking his cock watching Alan and Beth go at it. He had freed it from his pants and was timing his strokes to those of the two lovers.

Alan was pistoning into her harder and faster then ever, knowing they were being watched. She was raising her hips to him taking his cock as deep as it could go. She held her breasts up to him so he could suck her nipples while he drove his cock into her. She could feel her orgasm start. She gripped his cock harder with the muscles in her talented pussy. She softly called his name as she began to cum. He moaned as he began shooting hot jets of semen into her. They both heard the moans of the waiter as he came into some paper towel he’d collected from the basin. That made their orgasms that much more intense.

They left the restaurant…leaving the exact amount of money for their dinners on the table. They figured they’d already given the waiter enough of a tip…

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