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Together Ssn 03 Ch. 09 – Swing By

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***All characters depicted herein are of age, 18 years old at least, and all sexual activities portrayed are consensual. Enjoy!***

At the Cummings’ castle, George, 47, and Lucy, 43, visit to spend a day in the summer breeze with Domhnall, 64, and Gracie, 55. Sitting out in the inner courtyard on elegantly crafted chairs surrounding a circular table, the couples discuss the goings-on in their lives.

Domhnall changes the topic of their conversation as they sit sipping tea, “I want to talk about Tiffany. She is on a leave of absence pending recovery from therapy?”

Lucy confirms, “Yes, she has… Since the trial, she… She hasn’t been herself… She has… episodes… of being really aggressive. She is in no fit state to return to work.”

Gracie says, “I have reviewed her work since she started with us. She does excellent work. She will have a position with us waiting for her when she is ready; if she decides she wants it, of course.”

Domhnall concurs, “For her age, she does work beyond our expectations. We really think working with us is the best move for her, but her health comes first. Out of this, Craig has shown further dedication, and improvement in his work, but the quality of it isn’t on Tiffany’s level at all. Still, if Craig continues to work as he has, he and Tiffany could be an exemplary team when she returns to work.”

George promises, “When she is feeling better, we will let her know how valued she is. Right now, she can’t have that weighing on her mind. She has enough to deal with. She is very fragile. This last year has been so hard on her. Linford, and the stresses of trying to impress you, and then Irvine, it’s all built up and broken her. It’s like she is two people: one is the sweet girl we know, the other is a sadistic, twisted woman who is very angry. Whoever she is, we still love her.”

Domhnall enquires, “Tiffany is like a daughter to you, but she is not yours. What are her parents like? We know nothing about them.”

George explains, “Jovan and Claire? They keep saying they want to do their best with her, but they were always absent, like, in their minds. Drug abusers. They always need a fix, and, Tiffany was always neglected by them growing up. But, she was always friends with Frankie, and, we were always happy to look after her. We still love having her around. I think she always felt alone with her parents. They want to care, and be there, so they say, but Tiffany ended up looking after them for a long time.

“When she started going out with Craig, she told them she was moving in with us, and forced them into rehab. Now, they are in the care of the state, but they are still reforming. I don’t see them ever doing it. They have no will of their own. It is a rather pitiful existence.

“With us, we always went out of our way to strive to make the best life we could for Frankie and Craig, and Tiffany was always welcome. We always wanted her to feel at home with us, regularly sleeping over with Frankie, and then living with us while with Craig. She is very much a part of our family. Even if things fall apart with her and Craig, she should know she is always welcome with us. It will never change.”

Domhnall supposes, “It sounds like Tiffany has had problems she has had to deal with all her life. I can’t imagine what she is going through in her mind.”

Gracie says, “She is so sweet and adorable, and also incredibly hard working, so it’s hard to think there is such a darkness weighing on her. What a horrible life it must have been watching her parents go through that, and having to look after them,” and she tells George and Lucy, “What you have given her all through her life is a home she must have always dreamed of. A place where she can feel safe, and know true love. I’m sure her love for you will win out in the end, and I hope she recovers from whatever ails her.”

Lucy responds to Gracie with, “Thank you. We do our best for her, and, I’m sure she would say she does the same for us too.”

Domhnall asks the couple, “You worked at a warehouse that supplies a supermarket chain?”

George answers, “Yes, well, I worked in the warehouse for many years, and worked up to a supervisory level, maintaining the workflow across the shifts. Lucy worked in the office handling the admin side of it.”

Lucy adds, “With the work we did, it wasn’t too difficult to transition into Cummings Enterprises. It came easy enough to grasp what we were doing, just learning the specifics of what is needed of us.”

Gracie tells the couple, “You both do good work with us. How are you feeling working for us?”

Lucy says, “The big thing is we are earning more, so our quality of life is improved, and we are finding more time to enjoy by ourselves. We are so much happier now. Thank you.”

Domhnall comments, “You look like you are enjoying yourselves more. Especially you, George. When you first came here, you looked stern, serious, and tired. Now look at you. Full of energy, and looking Burdur Escort great.”

George smiles, and says, “Thanks. I really do feel so much better. I don’t even know how I used to cope living how we did. It’s nice to be able to afford to relax more.”

Gracie informs the couple, “There are plenty more opportunities coming through that may interest you both. We can discuss over dinner?”

Domhnall shifts the topic of conversation once again, asking the Reid’s, “Tell us about Frankie when she was younger. What was she like? What were her ambitions? What were her dreams?”

Lucy jumps at the opportunity to talk about her daughter, telling the Cummings’, “Frankie was a very curious child, always looking to learn what is around her, and putting herself out there to foster friendships with others. She was very popular at school, with the girls, and the boys. She loved to play with the other children in all the games they would play; running around and chasing each other, or joining in for a sports game at the local park. Just friendly stuff. Picking teams for each game, and playing until everyone went home.

“At some point, the playing with each other turned to… a different type of attention, let’s say. She was very outgoing and popular still, with a clique that formed around her. I don’t think there was a particular leader of the group, but she made herself known around school, then college, and the neighbourhood in general. Her curiosities were becoming more and more adult in nature, but she was always clever about it all, always considering her wellbeing, and those of others. Those curiosities would have led her to meeting Pleasant.

“Frankie was never focused on a single thing that I can think of as an ambition or a dream though,” and Lucy turns to her husband to ask, “George?”

George thinks about this for a moment, and says, “This is tough. She was sort of into everything that was around. Always showing an interest, but I struggle to recall anything she was particularly passionate about that could drive her towards a career. I think she would be drifting towards whatever opportunities would present themselves. A shame because she is intelligent, and got good grades, but that doesn’t always mean much. She is making money now from something that makes her happy, with someone who makes her happy, so there is nothing wrong with that.”

Lucy asks the Cummings’, “Tell us more about Pleasant.”

Domhnall remembers, “We used to play together every chance I would get. Every second of free time, I would dedicate that to playing with her as a young child. Before long though, I was needed more and more in the business, so I spent less and less time with her. She would spend most of her time in her room. All I hoped was she was at least happy, entertaining herself.”

Gracie tells her experience of Pleasant as a young child, “Pleasant was a happy little girl. She was always smiling, laughing, and happy. The joy of life was felt in her presence. I never spent as much time with her as Domhnall did, but that was because I was balancing the fragile ecosystem of business we were managing, creating an empire of fortunes for all of us. The more I worked though, the more I noticed her laughter grew quieter until there was none at all, and her smile was gone. It was like all the colour from the castle faded into the greys of the stones.

“I think she used that time to learn that she needs to make her own way in the world, and that drove her ambition. At an all-girls school, she learned how harsh her peers could be, as well as her elders, much as I too had learned many years before. I had hoped that lessons instilled in me would wash off on her, and make her a formidable businesswomen.

“What happened was she finished school, and came home with the determination to set herself apart and forge her own path in the world. I was scared. I was shocked. I was also proud that she knew what she wanted and how to get it. It would be selfish of me to rein her in, so I let her go. It was hard for me, wishing so much for her here, but I think it turned out rather well.”

Domhnall concurs with his wife’s account, “Pleasant didn’t have the childhood I wished for her. I rather wished we could have spoiled her a lot more, and made it so she never had to fend for herself, that she would live like royalty, afforded everything without being asked in return for anything other than what she herself wants to offer. It would be nice, but I am happy she did learn to be independent; so she can look after herself and make her own way in life. She is utterly remarkable. I am so proud of her.”

Lucy comments, “Pleasant is a wonderful woman. She may have made it this far in life on her own, but I hope Frankie can shoulder her burdens and share them.”

George adds to Lucy’s sentiment, “That’s what a good marriage is: compromise, and support. You help each other through your burdens to make it through better off, for both of you, Burdur Escort Bayan and both of you need to put in the work. Pleasant seems set on doing everything for Frankie, but Frankie wants to be included and share in those responsibilities. Pleasant is no longer alone.”

Domhnall smiles, almost with a laugh, and says, “You know, that is very true. Pleasant has the best of intentions with Frankie, wanting to fend for them both, and do the work and planning that goes into their lives, but Frankie is her own person. She is strong, and independent herself in a lot of ways, and Pleasant should learn to let her in. I think our greatest failing as parents with Pleasant has been that she feels like she can only rely on herself, and school didn’t help with that mindset.”

Lucy remarks, “It takes two to tango.”

Domhnall asks, “Do you dance?”

Lucy coyly replies, “Sort of. I can shake my hips, but I have never learned.”

Gracie offers, “We will show you later.”

Carmichael, the Head of Housekeeping operations, approaches the table, and announces, “Dinner is prepared to be taken in the great hall, when you are ready.”

Domhnall responds to him, saying, “Thank you, Carmichael,” and addresses his wife and guests to ask, “Shall we?”

Gracie replies to her husband, “Yes, of course.”

The two couples move from the courtyard, beginning to get a late day chill, to the comfort of the great hall. Drinks are poured, and meals served by the waitstaff in attendance, silently working to accommodate their employers.

Throughout their meal, the couples exchange talks of business opportunities and promises of increased salaries for the Reids if they can handle the assets that would be under their purview. However, as the wine pours, the topics for discussion turn into suppositions of fancy between them, getting altogether more amorous with each glass, and with each emptied bottle.

Eventually, amidst rowdy bouts of laughter, Gracie suggests to the Reids, “We are always hoping you will swing by the castle after hours, whenever the mood takes our fancy, wanting to be much closer to you both. It makes the both of us blush to think of such things, and it feels wonderful.”

Domhnall confesses to the Reids, “Many nights we spend together we fantasise about sharing ourselves with you, completely.”

Shocked by the proposition suggested by the Cummings’, Lucy looks to her husband before giving her response to the other couple, asking, “Do you do this a lot?”

Gracie confesses, “We have a dungeon, equipped for some more twisted play for associates during negotiations of terms. It is a lot of fun to see how far someone can be pushed under the correct conditions. What we don’t do with them that we want to do with you, is to share our bedroom.

“I recall you stayed with us when we first met, but our activities remained separate from each other. What we would like to do is mingle; to become much closer between all of us, if you think that is something you would like to do?”

With a glint in her eye, Lucy gives her answer, “We would like to do this,” and asks to confirm with her husband, “Wouldn’t we, babe?”

George replies with a wicked smile, “Yeah. I would be into that.”

Finishing their flutes of fizz, the Cummings’ and the Reids drunkenly swagger and sway through the halls of the castle, ascending to the master bedroom, wherein Domhnall and Gracie, giddy with anticipation all the way here, are suddenly gripped with anxiety about doing as they desire.

Unashamed, George and Lucy strip each other, teasing the other couple, driving their lust wild with deliberate motions and subtle touches, titillating their own needs, longing for more as they peel away their layers of clothing until they stand bare and exposed.

Like this, the Reids mount the bed and lay down beside each other, with Lucy proposing to the Cummings’, “You can do anything you want with us,” and she asks her husband, “Right, babe?”

George answers with a dreaminess in his voice, “Yeah. Right, babe.”

Lucy suddenly looks more devilish with a broad smile and wicked eyes, and she rolls onto her side, and walks the tips of her fingers around her husband’s body, tickling him slightly, and teasing the other couple. She finds the gaze of Gracie, drawn to the utter masculinity of George as he lays there, and Lucy longs to see how she would handle her husband’s manhood.

Gracie’s heart flutters as she stares at George, in awe at the size of his penis principally, but also his broad chest and shoulders, and his bulging arm muscles, and the prominence of his gut, making her weak at the knees as she simply looks upon him. Feeling Domhnall’s hand rubbing on the small of her back, she stumbles forward, reaching beneath her dress, to pull her knickers below her hips, and allowing them to fall to the floor, stepping out of them as she reaches the bed, and she mounts it, and mounts George, straddling him. Gracie glides her Escort Burdur hands over George’s body, feeling the throbbing of the manhood beneath her with an exclamation of surprise, and she cannot wait any longer as she steadies the member in her hand, and sits herself upon it.

Domhnall watches on with wonderment as he tries to understand how his wife is taking such a large and impressive beast like George’s penis inside her somewhat small frame, and feels heat emanating from himself as he has to strip off, eager to join the others on the bed.

Lucy watches as Domhnall strips, as he fumbles with the fastenings on his garments in a desperate need to shed them, and she bites her lip playfully with anticipation about how he will take her. He is a powerful patriarch at home, and at work, but in the bedroom, does he display the dominance from his daily demeanour, or does he differ?

Domhnall approaches the side of the bed, nursing an erection from his rather average looking penis, lacking in presence compared to George’s, but a perfectly healthy and strong specimen, especially for his age. Emboldened with vigour coursing through himself, Domhnall slides onto the bed before Lucy as she lays flat on her back for him, submitting to his will, and, his will is to push her legs apart as wide as they will go, and slip his manhood along her slit, moistening it with her juices until he slips inside, and pounds her pussy with decided pumps showing surety and force on each thrust.

Gracie takes to riding George’s marvellous member well, reminiscing as she does so, “This takes me back to riding.”

George curiously asks, “Riding?”

Gracie explains, “As a teen, I would ride horses. The feeling of the warmness of their backs pounding between my legs as I would sit astride them was heavenly. Improper, to ride bareback and astride, but I would take any chance I could. It wasn’t so exciting to ride side-saddle. I haven’t rode for so long,” her voice trailing off as she feels her riding of George’s member stirring deep feelings inside her.

Lucy enjoys the view of Gracie riding her husband like a jockey riding a horse, bounding with a gallop and athletic speed astride the mighty steed, but her focus shudders with the sheer strength demonstrated by the hard slamming of Domhnall’s manhood into her pussy, slapping his crotch against her clitoris for further stimulation. Her husband is a strong lover, but Domhnall is no slouch when it comes to his handling of her.

George hears the grunts from Domhnall as he stuffs his manhood inside Lucy’s pussy, eliciting breathy moans from her he would normally hear when he himself would fuck her, impressed by Domhnall’s dominant display. His attention turns back to Gracie as she continues to ride on top of him with verve, and no more than the panting of heavy breathing and the occasional moan disguised in long out-breaths. He feels her riding become heavy, but with motion sustained through sheer will and effort from her as her legs shudder, and her breathing stutters.

Gracie tries with all of her effort to maintain composure in front of her guests and her husband, but the feelings stirring inside her cloud all sense of propriety as she utters loud, stuttering moans, and exclaims, “Oh, yes… Oh, yes… Ah… Ah… Ah-hah, mmm, yes… Ah-ggh,” and she suddenly rides as if in slow-motion, feeling the clenching of her vaginal walls crushing around George’s throbbing hard member, with juices flushing out of her.

George feels Gracie’s orgasm tight around his manhood, and that, coupled with the continued motion of her riding up and down slowly on him, makes him shoot his load to a very audible shocked gasp of surprise from Gracie as she feels him fill her. George watches as Gracie places a hand to her crotch and slowly slides herself up and off his member, sliding her hand to cap her vagina, catching the ejaculate as it slops out of her.

Domhnall slams his manhood harder into Lucy, as she screams, “Ah… Yes… Fuck… me… Fuck my… pussy… Ha… Ha… Harder… Ha… Ah… Oh… Fff… Agh…”

Domhnall does as Lucy pleads with her every breath, and he gives himself to her with all he can muster, and he shoots his shot deep inside of her to contented laughter from Lucy.

Catching her breath, Lucy says, “Thank you for that. You are so good in bed.”

Domhnall modestly responds, “You are too kind.”

Gracie sits cradling the cum coming from her pussy in her palm, pulling her hand into view to see the liquid full in her hand, spilling over the side as she catches it with her other hand. She gasps, and says, “There is so much.”

Lucy suggests, “Taste it.”

Gracie looks at her nervously, and stares at the amount of ejaculate in her hands, and hesitantly lifts them to her lips, and sips it up. Her eyes squint hard as she sucks down the thick cream, and she gulps it down, clasping her hands to her mouth to contain it all as she finishes, and exclaims, “Ugh… I’m sorry. That is not something I usually enjoy.”

George smiles up at Gracie, unoffended, and tells her, “That’s perfectly fine.”

Domhnall says to the Reids, “You two should swing by more often.”

George responds boldly, “Oh, we will. You can count on that.”

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