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To Pleasure the Viking

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Britain was a dangerous land for man or beast. Wars ravaged the land, and tribes clashes. Torture, rape and cruel deaths were common. Now law was over the land. And now that Rome had left, Norse warriors invaded to find new lands to rule over.

Northern England was a landing point for those men. Jorvik, or York, they called the village was their now won land. Great long ships by the dozens filled the bay.

Derik was the youngest son of ten, his father a lord of a wide stretch of land in Norway. Derik decided to find a place to become his own. A woman to make his wife and they would have their own sons. He would build a fortress of his own.

His longtime friend, Geoff followed him off the ship onto the land. ” I hear the females here are plenty. Three women for each man! Just think of it, Derik”!

Derik laughed. ” For you, yes, but I am in need for just one.”

A group of men were at the stables, and it was a slave auction. Derik went to see for himself. He had coin and needed some slaves to help him build a house.

The man in charge, brought out many kinds of slaves. And when he brought out his best that he saved for last, the crowds gasped and cheered.

Derik was stunned at the woman that stood on the platform. Her hair was like the sunset. Red and flowing down past her lush bottom. She had full rosy lips and a dusting sarıyer eskort of freckles on her nose. Full breasts that were barely contained by her torn dress. She was indeed a prize for any mans bed.

And Derik wanted to be that man. Tonight.

Geoff already had a hard on. ” By Thor, what a prize.”

” Forget it, Geoff. I am getting this one.”

Geoff sighed. ” Well maybe you will share her with me one night.”

Derik raised his hand and shouted a bid. The bidding went higher, since most men wanted this woman. She looked a bit abused, and like she had not eaten or slept. He saw her trembling.

When he won his prize, the guard brought her to him, and he studied her and saw how pretty her eyes were, like violets. Or the evening sky. He felt his erection stir. He told himself he had to be gentle with her. He loved how lush her body felt against his. He brought her to the inn he was staying at and lead her to his room. She looked fearful.

” Easy, I am a gentle man.”

She didn’t speak Norse, he knew, and he didn’t speak Celtic. But pleasure would still come, and it be how they would communicate for now. He began to walk towards her. She swallowed hard and looked around as if trying to run.

He pointed to himself. “Derik.”

She understood he meant his name. She nodded. Placing a small hand to her escort chest, she said ” Maura.”

He smiled, and took her hand into his, and kissed it. ” I think you are lovely, Maura. I need a wife. You suit. You are too lovely to be a slave.”

Maura said something, but he didn’t understand.

” It has been so long since I had a woman. I want you…”

He cupped her breasts and she gasped. He felt them and squeezed softly, loving how she looked defenseless for him. He felt her nipples pucker as if begging for him. He undid her lacings of the bodice and exposed her breasts, her pink nipples. He bent and took one into his mouth, sucking and licking. She moaned and struggled. He felt her hands in his hair, tugging. He smiled against her breast and tasted the other.

Her skin was soft and creamy. He wanted to bury his hard erection inside her wet heat. Derik pulled her dress down to her feet, and took in the sight of her naked body. She was thin, but lush. Red curls hid her pussy and he noticed freckles inside her thighs.

Maura let out a soft sigh and let him lay her on the bed. He took his clothing off and she watched, hunger in those pretty eyes.

She stared at his thick erection and licked her lips. Derik smiled, but knew he couldn’t take much foreplay. It had been too long for him. He opened her legs and saw how kağıthane eskort pink and wet she was for him. She was breathing hard. He wondered if she was a virgin. If so, he wanted to go easy. He ran his fingertips over the dewy lips of her pussy and she gasped. He rubbed her little clit and she cried out, moving with his hand. Her hands clutched the blankets. He push a finger and she moaned. She was so tight.

Derik pushed a second finger in, she moaned something in Celtic. He pulled his hand away, shiny from her wet heat. He climbed over her and met her eyes with his.

Desire was written all over her face. He rubbed his erection on to wet slit and sucked a nipple in his mouth. She came with tremors washing over her body. Derik wondered had she ever come before. He began to push into her slowly and growled at how tight she was. It felt amazing. He shuddered. She was panting, and he knew it hurt. He thrust himself to the hilt and she cried out, arching in pain. He kissed her lips softly and held still.

Maura began to move her hips, and Derik began a slow pace. She ran her nails down his muscled back in pleasure. Her pants and whimpers led him on. He thrust harder and deeper and she went wild, tugging at his hair, meeting each thrust.

She cried out and came again, he body rubbing against his. Derik followed with a hard final thrust and shuddered.

Both breathing hard, he kissed her lips again, then pulled out of her warm body. She looked ravished yet happy. She smiled at him and he went hard again.

Derik pulled Maura into his arms and kissed her deeply.

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