To New Beginnings…

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I would like to send a huge shoutout and thank you to LindsayMurray for her editing and guidance in getting this story published.

To New Beginnings

Tonight is the night to celebrate, I thought to myself. All indications felt like it had the potential to be life changing.

Tricia and I had successfully completed a six-month system implementation project for her company. Next week I was going to be reassigned through my contract agency. This was bittersweet since I would not be seeing Tricia every day. But, if all went right tonight, I would be seeing her for better reasons than work.

Tricia and I had grown tight through our close working relationship and got to know each other very well. When not in the office, we were on the phone or video conferences for hours in the evening. We immediately clicked and began to confide in each other quickly; this became more frequent over the past two months. It was obvious our fascinations were mutual yet both of us restrained due to an invisible wall of professionalism while engaged in the project.

Earlier in the day, I dropped off my badge access to the building, as well as returned my company-issued equipment. It was a good feeling and gave me a proud sense of closure and accomplishment.

This evening, I had driven over to the tavern, which was a quick drive from Tricia’s office, and, from what I understood, in the same neighborhood as her apartment. The place looked like a quiet local destination, settled in a small strip of shops. I parked in the lot and while walking up, I could smell a grill and hear music playing low from outdoor speakers.

I entered the front wood doors to find a genuinely beautiful wooden décor of a waiting area leading into a wooden bar with cozy tables around the perimeter.

It did not take Tricia long to spot me, she walked up telling me she was so happy to see me and gave me a big hug. I leaned in and was more than happy to hold her a little tighter now that we were on the other side of our project. I told her I was thrilled to see her and gave her a genuine smile (that felt kind of goofy). I couldn’t help myself when I was around her.

She looked and smelled great. She was wearing a tighter than usual shirt and medium-length skirt. Her attire was casual and a lot less strict than her work wardrobe, and showed off her curves nicely. She led me to the table where she had been waiting, which was a small circular booth in the corner. Quiet, and comfy.

Tricia ordered us two microbrew beers and settled in next to me. We were all smiles, and the atmosphere was perfect for talking and being close.

Holding her beer, Tricia smiled sincerely, lightly tapped my bottle on the neck, and softly said, “Here’s to a job well done, and to new beginnings.”

As we had a few drinks I felt an even greater attraction to Tricia, and I could tell she was completely in the same zone. We talked about our home life, crazy stories from our childhoods, that kept us laughing, and physically moved closer to each other. Finally, at one point, Tricia said she needed to go to the restroom. She moved as though she was getting up from the table when she leaned in and gave me a slow soft passionate kiss. She pulled away a little looking at me through softly squinted eyes and said, “I wanted to get that out of the way now, so you wouldn’t be wondering if it was going to happen.”

I gazed into Tricia’s soft stare momentarily, I wanted to take all of her in, her soft squint, the smile lines around her eyes. She had a sexy sensibility to her, and resembled Rashida Jones. I felt lost in that kiss for a slow moment.

Tricia walked away in a slow sexy manner; my chest was fluttering. Her kiss remained on my lips and the look she had given me, sent my mind, body, and emotions reeling. She was stunning. When she came back, she immediately wrapped her arm around mine. We sat close while we talked, laughed, and basked in each other’s affections.

After dinner, we walked the short distance from the tavern to Tricia’s apartment complex. The evening air was sweet in scent, the neighborhood was softly lit with lots of green space all around. It was a serene walk at first which filled with a deep fluttering excitement within me as we softly touched, kissed, and talked our way to her place.

There was a gentle breeze that brought Tricia closer to me; it had a wonderful playful effect as it made her hair sway. We were hand in hand as we walked through the gate into the back courtyard of Tricia’s apartment, she pulled her keycard and we moved stealthily to her door. She opened the door and turned to give me a longing kiss, letting her hand stroke my chest to tell me she wanted me to come inside. We moved in unison, she guided me around her floor plants as the door shut. I could see as I kissed her that her apartment was clean, cozy, and smelled almost as wonderful as she did.

The sensation of kissing Tricia and feeling the inviting glow of her apartment enthralled me. Feeling her hands explore my chest as we kissed, awoke my already rising bulge to eryaman escort bayan a greater size.

The lighting in the apartment was soft, giving our interaction a romantic jolt. Tricia had also left on music; she told me she did this often during one of our many calls. What was playing was a low downtempo beat that our kissing and caressing began to match.

We slowly moved to the couch in Tricia’s living room, breaking from our kissing for some softly spoken small talk. I admired her apartment and its relaxing vibe. The entire time we talked it felt like we were being as cordial as we could while circling a hot burning center waiting to be touched. Both of us moved closer and embraced in a long kiss, I moved my hand to the side of Tricia’s face, softly feeling her hair in my fingers, her hand lowered to my chest to unbutton several buttons, as she moved her hand into my shirt to run her nails all over my chest. I found myself automatically moving in sheer pleasure, as I began caressing her neck softly, as my other hand fell to her ass.

Tricia began to unbutton my shirt, and as she did so, I began to kiss her neck; she moaned in sweet appreciation and grasped at my chest harder. I playfully bit her neck, and she pinched my nipples. I smiled as I pulled my mouth from her neck to kiss her deep – rolling my tongue with hers while removing her shirt.

We embraced as I unclasped her bra and pulled her over me. Everything about her was warm; her kisses, the way her body felt in my hands, and now her soft bronze nipples. They were soft and warm; I lowered my mouth to suck them in as I gently cupped her breasts. As I began to suck, I could hear Tricia’s breathing change. She was guiding her breasts into me and posturing her body so I would keep sucking. Her hands were firmly on the back of my head as she held me in a snug embrace. Her breathy voice, moaning in a low timbre, “Oh Jack… I love the way you suck them.”

I felt Tricia move one hand away from my hair and reach around in front, stroking me through my jeans. I took this as an open invitation to reach down under her skirt and move my fingers to feel a soft warm lacey patch in the front of her panties.

Tricia slid forward into my touch and parted her legs so that my fingers were touching her through the thin lace. I stroked her, softly and slowly, up and down, and she moved her hips to meet my touch. She continued to softly knead my hard cock through my jeans.

I felt fire running through my veins and a jolt of desire that took over my actions, I pulled her panties to the side, so I could feel her. I slowly entered her with my fingers, one at first. I felt soft warm folds as I tried to imagine the view of what my hands were feeling. Tricia felt shaved clean, and so very wet. I felt my cock throbbing hard against my jeans as she continued to roll her hand. I was sucking her nipples, which were now hard, long, and tight, as I was feeling inside her for the first time.

Tricia encouraged me, softly moaning, “Oh, that feels so good.”

She stopped for a moment, leaning back, and skillfully opened my pants. She gently tugged my jeans down, as my underwear still stayed at my waist, I could see a wet spot of my precum about the size of a silver dollar. She pulled on the sides of my underwear and went down on me. The sensation was amazing and brief. She took my cock into her mouth with three deep sucks.

Then, Tricia slid herself from on top of me, and held my hand, in a husky voice she said, “Come with me.”

I floated to my feet and began to follow her; she was a pace ahead of me leading me by my hand. From behind she looked so much sexier and curvier than I would have ever imagined her. She was pure beauty as she walked — sleek and catlike. I then looked down at myself and saw my engorged cock glistening from both her saliva and my precum. Walking with a boner, my jeans still on at my mid-thigh, I felt like a cartoon following behind her.

We walked into her bedroom, and she slowly turned and kissed me. I could not get over the soft sensation of Tricia’s mouth. Her kiss was slow and desirous, our tongues seemed to never fumble and follow in a slow soft dance that fueled the deep wanting that was being felt between us. My left hand gently found the back of her hair, as my right slowly caressed her cheek and under her jawline, all the while connected through our kiss so deep.

Tricia reached down first pulling off her skirt and panties, then grabbed me and stroked me. She made slow stokes when she pushed down, and then quicker tight tugs up. I swear I was the hardest I have been in over five years. Tricia slowly moved back and sat on the foot of her bed, her legs more than slightly spread, but not overly exaggerated. I took a moment to truly look at her and savor her. I was drawn in by all of her, her hips wide from her waist, her face so beautiful with such life in her inviting eyes. She slowly sucked in her lower lip as I moved in towards her.

We connected by our kiss again and managed to move up the bed together, it felt as if ankara escort we were flowing into one another; my knees finally found solid ground on the soft comforter on top of the bed.

“I want you,” she whispered. “I want you inside me so bad.” Her breath caught as she spoke.

And with that, I felt her pull my cock towards her, and guide it into her.

I quickly let my jeans fall as I stepped out of them. I then placed my hands on the bed to the side of her chest, as she wrapped her arms around me and then her legs. She continued to pull my cock controlling it until I was fully engulfed in all of her. Her pussy was so perfectly wet, snug, and warm. My heartbeat grew faster, and my mind tingled, feeling a little dizzy at the first sensation of insertion.

I lowered myself further on her, wrapping my left arm behind her neck and back, being as gentle as I could, being mindful of her hair. I let my right hand slide a little further down her side.

Tricia rolled her hips, as I rolled mine. We were not pushing in and out, yet were sort of rolling together in a way that my cock never left her more than halfway. I could feel her pussy softly clinging on me from stoke to stoke, I could feel my pulse heavy within my cock. I was surprised at how I had any stamina with the excitement I was feeling for her.

I let my right hand go lower to hold Tricia under her ass. Her cheeks were firm, and her skin so soft. This position increased the heat, as I could tell by Tricia’s moan and response. I held her a little closer to me as I rolled into her and held her up off the bed. I could feel with my cock that I was hitting a harder area deeper up inside her.

She gasped, her voice dropping in octaves. I could tell she was on the brink of orgasm. I kept pushing with slow deep strokes to hit that deep hard knot within her – I could feel the tip of my cock pushing on it with each deep stroke inward.

I asked, “Are you going to cum?”

She nodded, and gasped, “Can’t speak.”

I felt her whole body begin to clench as she rolled into a beautiful orgasm, I couldn’t hold back. Almost as if announcing it, I grunted, “I’m cumming!”

She hummed in pleasure, and clamped her legs behind me, pulling me tight and holding me buried deep inside her. Her face was flushed, as I watched her eyes roll back. I pushed my hands to her sides and arched my back, I felt like I was in the pose a wolf would strike as he howled.

I didn’t howl, but I couldn’t hold back an animalistic grunt that started from deep within my core. It felt like all my muscles in my torso clenched, as everything from my knees to my naval spasmed in one of the hardest orgasms I can recall.

As soon as I felt the last hard clench, I breathed heavily.

“Wow,” I gasped.

Tricia looked up at me, and at that moment her face was framed in her hair, all swirled around her in a messy nest. Her eyes were sparkling, and her usual tan complexion was red like a blush. Her neck and top of her chest were glistening from perspiration, and at that moment, she was the most beautiful woman I had ever gazed upon.

As my senses began to return, I felt soaked down below, and I could tell I must have filled her with one long-overdue climax.

Tricia softly took my right hand into her left hand. She kissed my arm right along a vein that was bulging in my lower forearm above my wrist. Purring, she said, “Look at you, is it possible to get any sexier?”

I couldn’t laugh, I just smiled and gazed down. I moved my lips to hers and kissed her slowly and deeply as our tongues wound around each other.

I slowly rolled to my left, and my cock slid out from inside her. It was no longer its hardest, but it was still fat and heavy, and for some reason, I felt a little self-conscious about it.

Tricia was all smiles and rolled to face me for another soft kiss. I closed my eyes every time I kissed her all night, I allowed my eyes to open just a little to see her, and her eyes were closed in the most beautiful way.

“I need to go to the bathroom, save my place.” Tricia softly spoke with a slight giggle at the end. Lightly she moved off the bed and across to the master bathroom.              

Tricia came out of the bathroom and blurted, “Fuck I need a cigarette!” Then she laughed. “Wow Mr. Diamond, you sure are a bad influence, I haven’t smoked in months; come out on the balcony with me.”

Tricia had put on a short silk ivory robe. She walked over and opened the top drawer of the short dresser across from the bed, pulling out a lighter and a single cigarette. I searched the floor and found my jeans, I pulled out my underwear that was still nestled inside and just pulled up my jeans.

Tricia opened the sliding door to the small balcony off of her bedroom. “Come on,” she said with a smile.

We slowly stepped out to the balcony, Trisha lit her cigarette and turned to look out towards the courtyard. All was quiet and calm. She stood with her hands on the railing, and I took a seat on the chair just outside the door to her right. sincan escort bayan There was a gentle breeze, and everything felt exactly right.

Tricia spoke in a relaxed tone, probably the most relaxed I’ve ever heard her, asking me, “So what are you thinking of doing next careerwise?”

Knowing this was the first time I had nothing lined up, I had to say, “I honestly don’t know, hopefully, something that keeps me in the area.”

She smiled, looking at me from the side, with a little audible burst of laughter. I think this is the news she wanted to hear. She put out the cigarette in a flowerpot; she only smoked three drags.

Turning towards me, with effortless grace, she straddled my lap. Her hands found their way behind my shoulders. Her smile was intoxicating, and her eyes were dancing.

We moved together to kiss soft and slow. Even after smoking a cigarette, the taste of her kiss was astonishing. I softly placed the palms of my hands on Tricia’s cheeks, I drew her lips in for a deeper passionate kiss as my fingers slowly swirled in her soft hair. Tricia moaned in my mouth, and I could feel her beginning to rock on my leg.

Tricia’s hands dropped to my waist, as her gentle rocking became a little more rhythmic. I slowly let my hands move to her breasts, as I sucked on her lower lip pulling it in with my kiss. Her nipples felt warm and pronounced, within a few brief moments of being in my touch they stiffened. I began to roll them in a soft pinch and pull them firmly. Tricia began to grind and rock with more friction on my leg, I could feel my leg within my jeans getting hot from her rubbing.

We kept kissing as I kept pulling her nipples, she began to rock harder, and suddenly pulled her head back, and buried her face in my shoulder. Laughing, and sheepishly moaning at the same time. She brought her lips to my ear and in a husky to high voice announced, “Oh my God, you just made me cum.”

Tricia was softly laughing as if she experienced something she could not believe. She slowly moved in to give me a slow lingering kiss, and then slowly moved back taking my hand in hers. “Come on,” she said as she led me back inside.

Tricia moved me to the bed, kissed me, and told me to lay down. She moved to her dresser and put her hair up with a band. She returned to the bed and pulled my jeans down slowly. Without underwear my cock popped up almost exaggerated in its action.

“That’s what I’m looking for, lay back and just relax,” Tricia commanded in a raspy low voice.

I pulled a pillow under my head and put my hands under it in a relaxed position to cradle the pillow and my head. I looked down to Tricia as she pulled my jeans all the way off, she looked up and smiled. She took my hard cock in her hand. It was throbbing, and the belly was in the air, she pulled it so that my erect cock was aiming straight towards the ceiling. She began to warmly kiss and suck the belly of my curved member with wet open-mouth kisses. She dragged her tongue to the tip and rolled it around my head. She paused for a minute, and said, “I can taste my cum on you, we taste so fucking good together.”

She then lowered her mouth down, engulfing my head and half my shaft in her hot mouth. She sucked down and up, I could feel her tongue rubbing under the head as she sucked hard. She pumped the exposed portion of my cock with her hand, pulling and tugging me up as her mouth slid down. Her hands and lips would meet, and she began going faster. The sensation was amazing, I then felt her free hand beginning to cup my balls and rub underneath them. Her sucking grew stronger, and I could see her cheeks caving into the vacuum her mouth was creating around me.

She was so fucking beautiful and hot, kneeling beside me, still in her short silk robe. Her breasts were swaying, as she began to put all her body into the effort of sucking on me. “Oh god yes, you feel so good!” I managed to softly state.

I closed my eyes for a moment and let my hips rock with the rhythm of her hand. I opened my eyes to look down, she slightly dropped her hand, and let her tongue push out as she had me engulfed in her mouth, and it looked and felt amazing. She then went back to stroking me, and pulled her mouth off for only a second, to say, “you taste so fucking good, I can’t wait to drink your cum, please cum for me Jack!”

She then went back down sucking me the furthest in her mouth I had seen. She truly deep-throated me, and I was in a state of erotically charged overdrive. The sensation and visual sent my head spinning in a direction I have never felt. She had my cock buried to the hilt in her mouth and began to roll her head, she let up just a little to return her hand to the base of my cock and started sucking in hard quick jerks of her head. This was it, I couldn’t hold back, I managed to grunt out breathlessly, “I’m cumming!”

My abs contracted, my head and shoulders lifted off the bed, my arms clamped beside me, and I felt the strong rush of my climax shudder every inch of me. It was as if I pushed all my energy in one direction, straight out of my cock and into Tricia’s awaiting mouth. I felt each contraction, and with each one, Tricia moaned around my cock, the sucking sensation was relentless, she sucked hard and deep, clenching me hard in her hand as she swallowed all of my load.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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