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Tish and Me Pt. 02

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Tish sucks the mixture of my cum and hers off her finger. We kiss more, the taste of our sex juice adding to the experience. She pushes me on my back and begins to kiss and rub my chest and stomach. I groan and growl as she licks and bites my nipples. I hadn’t had a woman explore in a while and it felt wonderful. My cock is hard again as she works her way down to it. She inhales it. She begins sucking and licking it. She had told me she loved giving oral. I was not disappointed in the least. She went slow and took her time at first. Every now and then she’d stop and lick me slowly from my top of my ball sack all the way to the tip of my cock. I’d never had a woman do that before. The sensation was incredible. I’m in my mid 40’s and can stay up pretty good (especially with the help from the pill I took) but I usually can’t cum again so quickly. I did on this night. The sensations of her lips and that little trick with her tongue did it.

“Oh FUCK, Tish, I’m gonna cum baby!!” I hissed as she kept working it. She neither sped up nor slowed down. She just stayed the course. It almost hurt when I came. She drank every drop I had to offer. All I could do was lay there. I was spent.

“What did you DO to topkapı eskort me, girl?” I asked, out of breath and almost in a coma.

“I told you I was good. Believe me now?” was her smartassed response.

“Uhh, yeah, I believe you. I don’t think I’ve cum twice like that in years. Damn…”

Tish lay down beside and we kissed. I savored her mouth and the taste of my own cum. It was so good…so naughty…so erotic. I’m not sure how long I was out but somewhere in there I drifted off to sleep for a short while. I awoke to find her hot mouth on my cock again. She had me hard and wet. In a moment she popped me out of her mouth and climbed on top, sliding my cock inside her sopping pussy. She began riding me slowly, taking me as deep as she could, rolling her hips and grinding on me. She grabbed my ankles as she bent down low, changing the angle inside and giving me a glorious view of her asshole, too. I began to fuck back, getting as deep as possible inside her. She raised herself up and reached down and started to rub her clit. I could feel her clinch up inside, almost pushing my fully hard cock out of her pussy. I humped back at her as hard as I could and as deep as I could go.

“Oh bayan escort God…Oh my God…ahhh…oh yeah…oh God yeah…AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” she yelled, “oh my God, John, fuck!!

Then I felt it. It was warm, wet, and running everywhere. Tish had squirted. Her body movement had stopped but I kept pumping myself in and out of her pulsating, throbbing pussy. Tish slid off of my cock and lay down on her back. Without hesitation, I climbed on top her and put her legs in the air. “No I need to rest…” she tried to tell me. In an instant I was inside her to the hilt. “Just lay there and enjoy baby.” And she did. I fucked her, hard and deep with long thorough strokes. She came and came and came again. She even squirted once more. I pulled her over to the side of the bed and had her roll over and I took her from behind. I licked my thumb and rubbed it all over her tight little asshole as I fucked her pussy. Finally out of breath and soaked in my own sweat, I pulled out of her. I bent down and put a hickey on her ass cheek. This ass was mine now…at least for the time being.

Tish rolled over. The look on her face was flushed yet beautiful. She was one with the universe. I put my arms around çapa eskort her and held her tight, caressing her big, beautiful body.

“I haven’t cum like that since the last time my ex-husband fucked me before our divorce” she whispered, “thank you. I’m sorry I soaked you, and the bed.”

“Don’t thank me and do not be sorry for anything. That was one of the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced and…that was some of the best sex I’ve had, too. I’ve experienced squirting before. But the way your pussy gripped me and almost pushed me out was incredible.” I replied.

I cuddled her for a while. It wasn’t long till she drifted off. I walked away quietly and borrowed her shower to get cleaned up. Once I was dried off and came back into the bedroom, I noticed it was 10 PM. In 3 hours, we had really went at it. I slid into bed behind Tish and cuddled up against her. Her body was warm and soft like a woman should be. In the whole explosion of passion we had experienced, I hadn’t taken the time to be sweet to her. We had both been so horny, so hungry, and so eager to please each other. I began to touch her soft body sweetly and tenderly. She felt heavenly. Every little curve of her BBW body was wonderful. I kissed her shoulders and rubbed her arms and back. She woke up smiling at me. That smile and those Irish blue eyes just tear me up. She decided to go shower. I helped myself to a bottle of water then lay down in her bed. And the night isn’t over yet…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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