Eki 16

Tighter, Please.

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(Thank you for reading! As usual, please excuse the errors. I revisit and edit the stories once in a while. I’m open to pointers and constructive criticism so feel free to leave those sort of comments. I’m aware that I’m writing about hints of a subculture. My apologies if my terms aren’t right. They are based on a few personal experiences with ropeplay and learning it in a non-sexual setting. If you have suggestions on what scenarios you’d like to see or, perhaps, requests? Feel free to leave those too. I’m new to erotica and write creatively as a hobby so these things would be good practice for me.)


When he closed his eyes, he could hear the sounds of the office. The soft clacks of the typewriters. The low hum of the air-conditioning. The static buzz that was just on the edge of hearing, almost making him feel that he was just hearing it because he wanted to. He took a deep breath, fists clenched and face scrunched up as he balled up as much as he could on his office chair. Each muscle contracted and tensed for a few more seconds. He knew the count. He had a minute before the clock struck 8.30 and then, the office would have him. Exhaling, he relaxed his face and opened his mouth wide to relax his jaw. The tension seeped out of his bones as he stood and shook it out of his body, each nerve, and muscle more limber than it had been seconds ago.

Diego opened his eyes, his vision filling with the white of the ceiling. As he gathered himself, he straightened his tie and adjusted the rolls of his sleeves. He checked himself in the common mirror. His appearance was neat and orderly. Swept-back hair, curly and thick at the crown but tamed with a considerable amount of pomade sat atop a charming, friendly face. He smiled, flashing his teeth to check for any traces of his breakfast. He ran his tongue over them just in case, thanking his mother’s insistence on getting him braces as a child. He looked all right. He had made it this far.

He had his own office back in Manila but with the company looking to expand, they had thought it best to train some of the local staff back at HQ. So, here he was with a few other colleagues from the Manila office, hoping to make the most out of the opportunity. Scoring a training stint at the head office in Tokyo was not an easy thing to do. He was going to make the best of it. He had to.

So far so good, he thought as he went through the motions. His time here had been tiring but enriching. He picked up the language easily enough, having been someone who had always been good with words. He was in marketing after all. He played the ‘exotic’ role enough to open doors and make people comfortable without being boring. Before he knew it, just as he had opened his eyes in the morning, he blinked and realized it was 30 minutes before the official end of work.

He thanked the forgotten gods of his family that he wasn’t Japanese as he packed his things for the day. They worked far too much for his taste. It was psychologically exhausting to be on call this much. Where he grew up, people somewhat respected the weekend. Outside, he saw some men in green bringing in fresh orchids. Must be one of the big shots, he thought. The corner office at the end of the long hallway had been empty for as long as he could remember. Yet recently, movers got busy and whoever was moving in took great pains to customize the office. It had started with green wallpaper and then some matching furniture. Now, they had ordered fresh, live plants. Pots of green orchids were being carried in by polite and quiet landscapers. Diego resisted the urge to peek. He smiled and said goodbye to his colleagues who still had to stay on. He had somewhere to be after all.

Catching the crowded subway with the ease of a resident, he finally made it to the studio in the heart of the city. From the outside, it was just another fitness studio but Friday nights were something special. Checking in, he walked to the changing room and got out of his corporate skin and into a pair of comfortable track pants and a t-shirt that hugged his body.

There were a few new faces in the class this evening. A beautiful woman, perhaps a few years older than he was, with her long hair tied in a neat ballerina bun stood out the most. Her body was in excellent shape and her smile caused a few of the people she talked to… to blush. She caught him staring and nodded at him slightly. Diego blinked and cleared his throat. He smiled back and retreated to where he was supposed to be. The trainers were already out anyway, carrying the usual jute and cotton ropes. There was a certain thrill in seeing the ropes for the first time in the evening. When he signed up for a kinbaku class, he had done it out of pure curiosity. As it turned out, just like words, he had a penchant for knots.

“Welcome back, everyone,” the main trainer opened the session, his ropes respectfully laid neatly to the side. After some preliminary recap of what they had covered in the last session, mecidiyeköy eskort came the bombshell so to speak, “You’re going to need to work with a partner for this one. If you would, please divide yourselves according to those who wish to tie, those who want to be tied up and those who do not mind either way.”

The crowd shuffled like a confused mass for about a second. Diego considered placing himself in the last. It would be a learning experience after all. Just as he stepped, he saw the woman placing herself in the second category. “Excuse me. Changed my mind,” he said, moving past another participant and went to stand with those that were content to be in the first group. He didn’t know what he hoped for. Or rather he didn’t dare say it. If he said it, it would be true and that could make the entire evening really uncomfortable to deal with.

Just as he anticipated, they were soon told to pair up by choosing someone from the other two groups. He looked for the woman and was about to swallow his disappointment when he heard someone clearing her throat behind him. It was the ballerina. He winced inwardly at the fact that he had given her a nickname.

She was even more beautiful up-close. Clear, healthy skin and bright almond eyes sat on a face that was cut for the gods. He should ask her if she ever modeled. He could use her on a campaign. Pink lips moved and made a sound. “Would you mind if we partnered up?” she asked him. Her voice was smoother than her skin, slipping over him like silk.

“Not at all,” he said. “Of course. I’m Diego.” He introduced himself and held out his hand. Remembering this was Japan, he was about to retract it when she shook it.

“Naomi,” she smiled and he realized that she spoke it with an American accent. “Would you mind if we spoke English? I need the practice.”

He grinned. “Sure. I mean, me too.”

Naomi chuckled and sat next to him. After some time, getting to know her, Diego realised he was in over his head. She was gorgeous, of course, and he had reached that conclusion because an image of her was all he had till then. As it turned out, she was also crazy intelligent and witty. She just returned to Tokyo after a few years of working overseas. She was, as he guessed, a few years older but that self-assurance and need to always be on step ahead of the competition had been highly stressful. So, here she was, volunteering to be tied up. Was that a hint at a kink? Oh, God. A hard-on would be so inappropriate right now.

“I put myself in your hands for the next hour,” she told him ceremoniously as he picked up his rope.

He smiled slightly and began to bind her hands together. In between the pointers from the sensei and his assistants, a series of loops and knots began to bind her wrists together. Naomi had such soft skin and now that they had stopped talking, he noticed how her breathing changed.

“Are you all right?” he asked softly, eyes lifting from the rope to hers.

She nodded, relishing the feel of the jute against her skin. Naomi bit the inside of her cheek and exhaled as Diego leaned forward to wrap the last tie. “Tighter,” she told him.

“I’m supposed to leave some slack.”

“Not so much that I can slip out.”

She had a point so he tightened the wraps.

“Tighter, please.”

He paused and then pulled the rope a fraction tighter.

A light blush spread from the centre of her chest and went up her neck and down her arms. He was so close, he saw the fine hairs stand on edge. The tiny parting of that mouth paired with how she sat back on her heels, relaxed as he completed the last knot. He sat opposite her, holding on to the extra length; his own breathing now slightly harder. Diego looked away. Everyone else was pretty much concentrating on their own work. Perhaps, they were the only ones getting turned on by this. Next time, he would pair himself up with someone else. He was pretty sure Naomi didn’t sign up for this aspect.

If he didn’t say anything, he could just brush it off.

As soon as they were told they could untie their partners, Diego carefully undid the rope. A thin red line marked the last tie he made. ‘Tighter, please,’ she had said. “I’m sorry about that,” he told her politely. “I don’t think I was supposed to leave marks.” Not this early on anyway, he added privately to himself.

Naomi, her voice restored once the ropes fell away, shrugged. “Think of it as a tight hug,” she smiled almost playfully. “With bruises.”

“With bruises,” he shook his head at her reply. Turns out he wasn’t the only one who was good with words. “I didn’t bruise you, did I?”

“Unfortunately, no,” she laughed lightly. Another blush. She pat her cheeks to drive it away. “Well, I guess I’ll see you next week.”

He nodded, not trusting himself to say anything. Yeah, definitely not partnering up with her again, Diego decided. But perhaps, she might be open to a drink. He hesitated and paid for that mistake when he realized escort bayan that she had already gone to the ladies’ locker room. Sighing, he went to get his bag and start his weekend.

Come Monday morning, he found that the office in a buzz. “What’s up?” he asked, sipping his coffee at the pantry. No point in doing his anxiety management routine when there was obviously something happening in the office.

“The new head of marketing just reported for work today,” one of his colleagues explained. “It’s expected. They started moving in their items over the weekend.”

Diego nodded. “So what do we know about them?”

“Nothing much. It’s all pretty hush-hush but she’s gaijin, I think.”

That would explain the foliage. Diego nodded again and finished his coffee. He heard the general manager call them in for the morning briefing. He nearly choked when he saw Naomi standing next to the CEO who had joined them today. His mind blanked into a panic.

She had to have seen him.

But if she did, she didn’t show it. Naomi Asawa was the new head of Marketing. She was a graduate of some prestigious university or something with enough experience to fill up a folder. Diego wasn’t registering anything. He just wanted to get out of there.

“… and this is Diego Santos,” he heard someone introduce him. “All of them are from the Manila office, where we’re launching the new flagship store next year.”

“How long will they be here?” she asked casually.

“Just a few months. We’re already halfway through their term. They’re a very promising team.”

Her gaze floated all over them until it settled on Diego, who bowed slightly as decorum required. Her eyes crinkled up in mild enthusiasm, hiding the flicker of recognition. “I hope your time in Tokyo would be fruitful,” she said professionally, a calculated warmth that was just enough to frame her as approachable but still with authority. “Please feel free to come by the office if you need anything.”

Diego nodded mutely and excused himself to go to the bathroom. Locking the stall, he paced the tiny cubicle before he sat down and bit his palm to calm himself. No. No. He could do this. He could be professional. He wasn’t going to lose his head over this. No woman was worth losing his job. He took out his phone and checked the class schedule. He paused. It was best to just change studios. That was it. Keep the interaction with Naomi to the bare minimum.

‘Tighter, please.’

Diego sighed and looked at his crotch. His cock was twitching at the memory of her voice. He had never felt this sort of attraction before. Sure, there were pretty women at the office but never one like this. Naomi was charismatic. Even looking at her made him feel drunk. He glanced at the time. He had a good ten minutes. If he really worked it, he could probably crank out an orgasm to take the edge off. It was the lesser of two evils, if the other evil was fucking the living daylights out of Naomi Asawa.

He imagined shoving her to her knees and his cock, down her throat. He wanted to fuck that mouth till her eyes rolled upwards to the back of her head. He wanted to pull her hair free from that neat bun she favored wearing. Diego wanted her gagging and screaming for release. He wanted to tie her up with own clothes and eat her out before fucking her so viciously, everyone in the office would know. He gripped his cock hard imagining pumping her full of his cum, stifling his gasp as he came into the toilet. Shit.

Daily ten-minute masturbatory sessions were not going to cut it. For the next month and a half, he carefully kept out of her way. It was difficult. Naomi was a powerhouse. There were rumors, of course, that she was seeing someone from upper upper-management but Diego had never seen her with anybody for an inordinate amount of time. He had no idea if she still attended the kinbaku class. He had switched studios as planned.

As his time came to an end, he found himself staying longer at the office. Tons of paperwork, he was told and since he and the others were leaving, they may as well be milked for all they were worth. Diego found himself alone at the office, yawning with only his desk light and laptop for company. Behind him, the lights of the metropolis stretched out like stars across the galaxy. He was going to miss Tokyo, he thought but it would be good to return to Manila.

The soft beep of the access card pricked his ears. He got up halfway, thinking it was probably Osaka forgetting something. The man had a tendency to make last-minute office runs. He froze when he saw who it was. “Naomi?” he breathed. “I mean… Ms. Asawa! Hi. Hello.” He got up properly as they finally had the chance to acknowledge each other without outing anything.

She dressed in the requisite formal suit Japanese corporate culture preferred but that non-standard dark yellow silk blouse glowed against her skin in the dim light. “Mr. Santos,” she smiled slightly. “I didn’t think anyone stayed this escort beşiktaş late. You, particularly.” She changed directions and made a beeline for his table. “How have you been? We haven’t had a chance to catch up since that class.”

Diego cleared his throat. “Yes, well…. You know I’ve been busy.”

“Mmm,” she nodded. “Too busy to attend classes as well?”

He nodded. She was so close. He could smell the rose perfume and just under that, perhaps a hint of sweat. His cock twitched from under his pants. Subtly, he picked up a folder and tapped it against his palm before he placed it strategically in front of him. “Got to tie up some loose ends before I leave.”

“Pity,” she nodded in subtle amusement at his Freudian slip. “Well, since we’re both going to stay in the office for the next…” she glanced at her watch. “Hour?”

“Probably.” Oh, God.

“Maybe we can grab a drink after.”

“.. sure.”

She smiled in amusement at the folder. “I was told you were really good at what you do,” she said. “And from my personal experience, you definitely know how to handle a person, given the right directions.” Naomi’s eyes trailed upwards from the folder to his mouth and then his eyes. “Strike while the iron is hot, Mr. Santos. You’ve had a month and I’m tired of waiting.”

He exhaled as she met his gaze and backed away, chuckling as she turned to get to her office. Diego looked around him. Holy Mother of God. Calculating his chances, he tidied his table and then got himself to her door. “I was trying to be professional, Naomi,” he said from the hallway.

“Oh it’s ‘Naomi’ now, is it?” she told him, looking up from her reports. A pair of tortoiseshell glasses framing those expressive eyes.

Damn those glasses. She had her jacket off and he realised that her silken blouse was one of those with a pussy-bow at the neck. He recognised that knot as he walked into her office, shutting and locking the door for good measure. Behind her was that wall full of greenery and lush orchids that did well indoors. Each stem was carefully tied to a hidden grid that helped the flower buds to bloom without their stems bending or breaking under the weight of their petals. The wall was a calculated backdrop, an Instagram-worthy prop serving to emphasize her charisma. For a hot second, he wondered about how it was like to fuck her against those plants.

“This is an opportunity that doesn’t come along very often,” Diego explained, his eyes narrowing as he folded his arms. “A stint at the head office? Would you throw it away for a quick… hook-up?”

Naomi shook her head. “No. Your self-control was amazing, actually,” she pulled the glasses from her face and leaned back in her chair. “Maybe I was imagining it but I always felt you were looking at me.”

He shook his head. “Nope. You were right on that.”

“I wanted to say hello but you were always missing afterward.”

“I needed some time to myself in the washroom,”

Her smile softened into one of amusement. Her posture softened as she got up from her chair. “Tell me what to do,” she said gently as she stood opposite him.

‘Tighter, please.’

“Shut the blinds to the window, Naomi,” he told her, his jaw tightened as he watched her do so without questioning him. The sounds and sights of the office outside were blocked out almost immediately. She came back to her original position. “Take off your blouse,” he gambled, keeping the steel in his voice. The idea that she could fire him just made the situation that much hotter.

He watched as she bit her lip and undo the knot at her throat. He smirked when he saw it was a separate piece. “Give that to me.” He wound the silk ribbon over the knuckles of one hand and observed her undressing. She had a lovely body just as he remembered. “What do you want from me, Naomi?” he asked, circling her as fingers caressed her bare shoulders. “Do you want me to decide everything for the next hour?” he echoed some of her first words to him.

“Yes. I put myself in your hands for the next hour.”

“I can do anything? Think carefully.”

She hesitated and then nodded. “Yes. Nothing in the next hour will matter tomorrow morning.”

“I have your word?”

“Yes, Diego.”

He stepped behind her and undid her bra, pushing the straps off her body. The peach-colored lace fell in a heap at her feet. He kissed her neck, hands running along her sides and arms before they touched her breasts. Her flesh was supple and her breasts were just big enough to play with. Her sighs, deliciously soft, spurred him on. Her skin seemed to melt like butter over his hot tongue. So silken and smooth, it made his cock so hard. It was practically raging in his pants, needing her mouth.

Diego bounds her wrists behind her back with her own silk tie, just as he had learned. This was silk and not jute rope so he had to be careful. Too bad there was no time to do anything kinkier than this at the moment. Satisfied with his handiwork, he grabbed Naomi by the neck and kissed her deeply. He felt her nipples harden against the fabric of his shirt as he kissed his way down to her chest. Sucking on one nipple as he played with the other, he saw how she bent her body towards him, aching for more. “Kneel.”

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