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… and he looked up, as she rode him, her outline in the dark sky, visible through the sliding glass door. Her face was filled with the joy of passion fulfilled, as she felt him deeply inside her. Her movements so extreme, to take all of his hardened shaft deeply within her.

Her head rolled as did her eyes, as she could feel those wonderful sensations build. He had to let go of her breasts, and put his hands to his sides, to steady himself, so as not to let his cock slide out of her passion soaked pussy.

She could not take her breasts not to be stimulated, and reached up to massage them herself, watching his eyes fill with the fire of his own passion. Oh how she loved this man, and oh how she could make him feel this. His pelvis pushed up to her, to feed their passions, their desires, to be within each other. She loved her man so much, and loved to please him, knew that he wanted her to let go of everything, and to be who or what she was. Right now, she was a wanton vixen, making wild passionate love to her soul mate, and she played with her own hardened nipples right before his face, smiling that wonderfully wicked smile, which turned bursa escort her man on so completely.

“Oh baby, yes, take me deep with you, and let me watch you please your breasts. God, they are so beautiful!”

“Yes my darling, for you, for me, for us, all this, and so much more.”

With that, her eyes closed, her head rolled back and she began that wondrous climb. He moved his hands so he could rub her clitoris, that was now rock hard and visible in between their thrusts.

“Oh god baby, yes, oh rub me, just like that, oh yes, push baby, harder, mmmmmm watch me my love, watch me come for you.”

With that, her entire body was a complete shudder, and as she screamed her delight at the pinnacle of orgasm, a flash of lightening lit up the sky and their apartment, showing him her passion filled face most clearly, and he fell in love with his woman all over again.

She started to whimper, that happy whimper, soft, sexy, pleased, fulfilled. She relaxed herself, and let herself slide off his still hard cock, and fell on top of him, resting against his pounding chest.

she reached her face up to him, and nibbled bursa escort bayan on his ear lobe, before whispering, “oh i love you,”

“I want something”, she said, I want you to stand over me, and let me see you make yourself come for me. I want to feel your hot come on my body, and see it shoot out of that beautiful hard cock.

With that she rolled over to the floor, and he rose above her now, his body a silhouette against the stormy sky. She watched as his hands slowly, at first, pumped his hard cock, and smiled as she could see it glisten with all her hot pussy juice that had been left on it making his strokes easy and well lubricated. Of course with her riding him in such a frenzy of passion and desire, he was not far from his own orgasm, and when she started to coo, “oh yes my baby, stroke your hard cock, just for me, shoot your hot come on me”, he could feel himself at his own brink.

She could feel his feet against her sides, and she sensed him as his body did its own shudders, and it was as if she could see it all building, in his face, his muscles, his strokes, all of it. She watched in complete erotic fascination, görükle escort as her man masturbated for her.

As his moans became fervent, she readied herself, propping herself up on her elbows for her show.

Once again, a flash of lightning filled the sky and their room just as his first jet shot from his cock. She could see every part of it, and it was almost like slow motion, as his stream arched towards her awaiting body.

She came again, as the hot liquid of his love and passion hit her body, from her chin, to her stomach. Again he shot, this time landing directly on her nipple, and her orgasm intensified. One more last spasm, with less energy, and it landed on her already wet pubic curls.

They were both frozen in time for just that moment, he standing with his spent cock in his hand, above his woman, now covered in his life/love fluids, she laying before her man, filled with love.

As he slowly bent to her, to kiss her, and lay upon her, to celebrate their glow, she reached her fingers to rub his come on her body, giggling at the feel, smiling at her man as he came to kiss her. and she threw her arms around him, holding him tightly, letting them share their nectars of love, both saying I love you at the same time, and laughing at how they did so.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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