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Thoughts Of A Single Senuous Man

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Now that the populace of the world has moved on into the electronic age, it is very easy for people of the opposite sex to meet on the Internet and seemingly to fall in love after a period of time just by communicating with one another on their computers.

Such was the case with me and a lady that I had met in just that way who went by the name of Mystical. She did not want to give me her first name until after we met, in case there was no actual attraction there and then we would feel safe to go our own separate ways.

We had agreed to meet on this particular day and I looked at my watch to verify exactly as to what time it was.

Oh Mystical, where are you. I’ve been waiting here for you at this nice little restaurant where we had planned on meeting and I’m very disappointed that you didn’t show up at the appointed time. As I sat there and the waitress came to ask if I was ready to order yet, I had to tell her that I was waiting for a lady to show up to join me.

“Can I get you something to drink while you’re waiting?”

“Yes, I’ll have a coffee, please.”

When she brought me the coffee, she said, “I’m sure that she has a reason to be late. Is it your wife that you’re waiting for?”

“No, it’s a lady that I met on the Internet!”

“Well just hang in there; I’m sure that if she saw who was waiting for her, she would be here with bells on.”

As time passed on and I slowly sipped the coffee, I thought of what you had said that you looked like. I thought of how you described your hair and my thoughts of how I would love to run my fingers through it. I thought of how I would love to kiss your soft red lips; softly at first and then with time, a little more passionately.

I thought of how I would like to get you to my place and once inside and locking the door, I would take you into my arms and holding you very tight, I would once again kiss you with passion and feel you press your body to mine, knowing full well that you couldn’t help but to feel my manhood pressing against your Antalya Escort tummy.

Putting my hands on your waist and feeling the soft curvature of your body, I would kiss you gently on the neck and moving my mouth up to your ear, nuzzle it, and then gently nibble at your earlobe.

Moving apart, I thought of how I would take your hand and lead you into the bedroom. Once there, I would turn around to face you, and slowly begin to unbutton your dress, —– starting at the top and not stopping till I get all the way to the last one; —- all the while, keeping my eyes on yours, —– content in seeing the sparkle in your eyes and that you do not push my hands away in protest. Moving my hands downwards, feeling once again the curvature of your body, I grasp the hem of your dress and slowly, but firmly lift it up and off over your head.

Stepping back slightly, as you brush your long hair back into place with your hand, I admire your body with your full breasts that are filling the low cut frilly pink bra that you are wearing and the matching pink panties. I watch as you move your hands to the front of the bra, unclasping the fastenings there and as it slips from your body exposing your firm full breasts, you toss it over to where your dress is on the arm of a chair.

Getting down on my knees, I reach over to your hips once again and I very slowly slide your pink panties down, taking in the aroma of your womanhood as your neatly trimmed, slight patch of hair comes into sight, trimmed in such a way as to point and lead the way that you wish me to go. Then as my eyes lower, the mounds of your womanhood’s Garden of Eden comes into view. I keep my eyes on this spot as your panties slip lower and you gently slip them off your feet with the high heeled shoes still on, holding your hand on my head for balance.

Suddenly, I am brought back to my senses, as the waitress is there with a coffee jug in her hand as she asks me if I would like a refill. Nodding in agreement to her; she refills Antalya Escort Bayan my cup and as she is about to leave, she gives my hand a slight pat.

As the waitress leaves me alone once again, my thoughts return to where I had left you standing there in the nude. As I stand up, you look into my eyes with a smile on your lips and start to unbutton my shirt. As you are doing this, I loosen my belt and remove it just as you finish with the last button.

As I remove my shirt, you undo the button on my pants, fingers searching for the zipper clasp, which you find and then lower the zipper, which seems to make a loud noise in the quietness of the room. Pushing my pants down quickly, you look amazed as you see my shorts with a huge bulge in them. As you lean forward a bit to get your fingers on the waistband and lower them quickly, you are suddenly taken back by the fact of my well endowed hard member striking you in the face as it is released from its tight confinement.

As we both laugh at the nice surprise that you got, you slowly sink to your knees and grasping my cock with both of your hands you slowly rub the exposed remainder across your lips, parting them slightly and once again return to that task, but this time occasionally darting your tongue out in a teasing motion.

As you standing up once again, my fantasy thoughts has you laying down on the bed as I shed the clothes and shoes at my feet and get up on the bed beside you, but on my knees. I want to take in the beauty of you with your hair splayed out around your head on the pillow and I move my hands to your breasts, squeezing them gently and rubbing my thumbs over your nipples. Feeling them seemingly to harden at my touch, I lower my head and give each one of them a gentle butterfly kiss, feeling your body arch up, in the hopes of my making better contact with them.

Moving my lips slowly down the front of your body, I get to your tummy and I probe with my tongue at the indentation of your belly button. From there, Escort Antalya I slowly once again move downward.

But suddenly my mind snaps back to reality once again as I see a lady that enters the restaurant at the front door, and I think to myself, is this her, has she finally arrived.

I see her stop and look around, but why is she looking so mad. Our eyes meet for a moment and then she sees who she is looking for and her attention is fully fixated on a couple at the back of the restaurant. Myself and others in the restaurant watch as she goes straight to that table as she screams out loudly, “So this is where you are; when you said you had to work late. I figured there was something going on when I found lipstick on your collars when I was washing them.”

“I can explain, dear.”

“Sure you can explain, but you’ll have to do it to my lawyer, and you can just sleep with this slut of yours, because as of tonight, you’re not sleeping with me.”

As I watched her turn to go out the door, she suddenly stopped and turned back to the couple and picking up the remainder of the drinks that were sitting there, she first tossed the contents of one into his face, and the other she poured onto the top of the blonde ladies hair. Tossing the glasses back onto the table, with such a force that one of them is shattered into tiny pieces, she turned and left the restaurant.

Slowly, the patrons started to talk amongst themselves as the couple tried to dry themselves with their napkins. At this point, I decided to leave myself and when I do arrive home I’d be hoping that there would be an email from you, my Internet lady friend.

As I was leaving, I stopped at the front counter to pay for the coffee that I had. For the time being, my thoughts were interrupted by what had gone on there in the restaurant, glad in the thoughts that I was a single man.

As the waitress that had served me, handed me my change, she said, “If things don’t work out with the lady you were waiting for, come back and pay me a visit. I work each week day and get off at nine.”

“Thanks, I more than likely will be doing that.” As I turned and left, I looked back through the front window of the restaurant and saw her wave a goodbye to me with her fingers. Yes, it sure felt good to be single again.

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