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Thinking of You

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She had been anticipating this all day. The little game that she and her lover were playing long-distance was maddening in some ways. All during the conference today she had found her mind wandering back to the envelope with the piece of paper that she had opened this morning “Masturbate to orgasm.” It was an easy command to follow but the fact that she was being “dared” to do it made it seem like an order, which was exciting in itself. Her lover had thoughtfully provided some aids, a vibrator, lube and vibrating nipple clamps and now, after letting him know that she was ready, she had hung up the phone and prepared to fulfill the dare.

Some women masturbate daily or frequently but she wasn’t like that. She found her release through sex and solo flights of fantasy were not how she chose to spend her time when she was alone. She glanced over at her laptop glowing invitingly at her from the hotel bed. She would get back to it soon enough but the dare was calling and the anticipation had been building all day and she was actually really looking forward to this.

She thought about her lover and smiled at the thought of him going to all the trouble to set up the game so that they could exchange sexual banter across the miles and she couldn’t wait to get home and work off some sexual tension. Well he knew what she was doing now so that would have to do until the weekend.

The wine at dinner had been good and she sighed and allowed the warm feeling in her stomach to spread outward. She was very relaxed and very excited as she shrugged her shoulders out of her dress and let it drop to the floor. Her bra and panties soon followed and now, naked she moved across the spacious room toward the curtained windows. The chill of the room air-conditioning raised goose bumps on her skin as she walked. She was sure she wouldn’t be cold for long…. She knelt on the wide loveseat and slid the curtain partially open so that she could admire the view. He hotel room was at a popular ski lodge and her window overlooked a vast mountain panorama framed by a brilliant sea of stars. She sighed regretfully that she didn’t have this view at home where the city lights washed out the night sky. She loved looking at the stars şişli escort and here, instead of city lights it was the stars themselves that filled the sky with light. She wished her lover could be here to see this.

As she stared out at the night sky she wondered if anyone could see her from the window. It was true that she didn’t have lots of lights on but she knew that she was illuminated from behind and that anyone looking up at her window would at least see her silhouette and if they looked hard enough they might see the tips of her hardened nipples straining outward from her breasts. She left the curtains partially open so that she could see the stars as she settled herself into the soft pillows with the southwestern motif.

It was time. Her pussy sent a twinge through her as she brought her fingers up and gently slid them over her sensitive breasts. She inhaled deeply as she pinched her nipples and felt them harden even more. Her hands continued their journey down her body until they reached the hotness between her legs. She splayed her legs out across the cushions and immediately thought of her lover. He loved to see her spread her legs and he would have loved this tableau. She stretched languorously and ran her finger over her pussy lips, dipping into the folds to feel her own moisture. She smiled to herself. Not sure I need the lube. She reached for the bottle anyway and dribbled the cold liquid onto her clit. The touch of the cold droplets as they slid between her legs caused her to involuntarily gasp. She added more drops until she felt the tiny rivulets of lube slide down past her pussy into the crack of her ass. She added a few drops to her fingers and tossed the bottle on the floor near the fireplace. She would have loved a fire but it was midsummer and besides there was enough heat between her legs to keep her warm. The chill of the room was definitely gone.

Her fingers spread some of the lube on her aching nipples and then returned to her pussy. She traced the outer edges of her pussy lips with both hands and then wandered down past her moist hole to lightly tap at her tight anus, now awash in the lube that had pooled there. She left her fingers escort mecidiyeköy there momentarily, concentrating on the feelings that coursed through her body. It was only within the last year that she and her lover had really begun to explore anal sex and to her great surprise she found that she really enjoyed it. Her lover lavished a lot of attention on her ass, which she found exciting and sometimes a little annoying. She enjoyed the feelings he gave her as he fingered and tongued and fucked her ass but she was content to leave that part for him. She decided to leave her tight anus for her lover when she got home.

A twinge from her aching nipples signaled that they needed attention. She took the nipple clamps and adjusted them to firmly squeeze the hardened tips giving her that delightful mix of pleasure and pain. She turned the vibrators on low and surrendered herself to the buzzing sensations that radiated out from her breasts.

Through half closed eyes, she lay back on the pillow and settled both hands between her legs, lightly resting the edges of her fingers along the lips of her well lubed pussy and clit. She stared through the half-open curtains as her nipples sent out waves of pleasure. The stars twinkled back at her, naked, bathed in the soft light of the room and the glowing night sky.

As she reveled in the sensation, she thought of her lover. He knew she was here and what she was doing. She imagined him, naked, on the bed, lightly stroking his hard cock. In her mind’s eye she saw the tiny droplets of cum oozing out of the head and lazily dripping down the hard throbbing shaft. She involuntarily licked her lips, wishing she could taste it or feel it between her legs.

She reached for the tiny vibrator that her lover had provided and turned it on. Its vibration was a little more intense than she normally liked but that didn’t stop her from touching the tip to her inner thigh near her clit. She traced her other finger lightly over her clit as the vibrator traced the edges of her well-lubed pussy. She slid it down and placed the tip against her pussy hole and she could almost feel the flesh envelop the tip and try to suck it deeper. She didn’t have much escort gecelik to work with but she used what she had and pushed the entire vibrator into her ravenous hole. She pushed it in so far she almost lost it as her slippery fingers slipped off of the end. Now the buzzing sensations emanating from her breasts were competing with the buzzing between her legs. The waves of sensation drummed an incessant tattoo of feeling against her clit. Her fingers formed a V and stoked her upraised clit from the outside while the vibrator tickled her insides.

Her hot juices mixed with the lube and she felt that she was almost swimming in liquid. The juices from her pussy were not pouring out to join the lube between her ass cheeks. She worried briefly about the cushions under her but then put the thought out of her mind and concentrated on her impending orgasm.

The sensations grew. Her fingers scrabbled desperately to hold onto the vibrator and still push it as deep as possible into her hot center. Moments later, the feelings scaled upward, out of control. She felt her calves tighten and her toes curl as her orgasm approached. The stars watched. Her lover’s cock, miles away, was shiny with cum. His hand rapidly pumping it. She rubbed her clit insistently and then moaned aloud into the empty hotel room as her climax overtook her thoughts. The twinkle of the stars became a stab of light and shudders of pleasure washed over her twitching body. Her nipples throbbed in an agony of pleasure. She pushed the vibrator as deep as it would go and concentrated on the sensation. Who says size doesn’t matter, she smirked to herself.

Miles away,

The wave passed and small jolts of pleasure followed. She pressed her fingers into her wetness and enjoyed the aftershocks. Now the vibrations were too intense. She turned off the vibrator and dialed off the nipple clamps. As she released the nipple clamps she gasped as the blood flowed back into her aching breasts. The feeling set off another tiny orgasm and she shuddered through that one with the vibrator pressed hard between her legs. Finally, the tide of feelings ebbed. She lay still for several moments.

Finally, on unsteady legs she stood up. Momentarily she was totally exposed to any watching eyes at her window. She slid the curtains closed. She walked to the bed and saw an email from her lover. “Hope it was fun. Sleep well.”

She smiled. Not as much fun as being with you but pretty darn exciting. She reached for the phone…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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