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Thinking ‘Bout the Ex

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Russ looked at his wife and said: “Come on, Lydia. Out with it.”

Lydia looked back at her husband with wide-open eyes. “There’s nothing to talk about, darling. Really.”

“I’d believed that if I weren’t married to you,” he grinned at her. “But since I am, I can easily say that I know you well enough to know you’ve got something beating on your mind … especially when it’s something that’s got you thinking of being naughty.”

She laughed at the same time slapped her husband’s arm. It was a Friday evening, and they were both in bed snuggling against each other.

“Whatever gave you that idea?”

“How come you’re dodging the question?”

“What? I’m not.”

“Uh-huh. You going to fess up, or do I have to dig the truth out of you.” His hand went under the bed covers to grasp her thigh. “There’s only you and I here, and you know I can. Besides, I already know what it is that’s got you feeling hot without you even saying it.”

“And what are you now, a mind-reader?”

“You’d be surprised if I told you so.”

“Oh yeah? Since you know so much then how about you telling me what you think I’ve got beating on my mind.”

“You’re thinking about him, aren’t you? Don’t lie, ’cause I already know.”

She feigned an innocent face. “I have no idea what or whomever it is you’re referring to, honey.”

“You want to play rough, eh? Alright then, I’ll say it out for you — you’re thinking about Derrick. Tell me I’m right.”

“Are not!”

Russ moved his hand further up his wife’s thigh into her nightie and quickly began fingering her pussy. Lydia realised what he was about to do to her too late and his finger had already gained entrance between her legs before she could stop him by slamming her thighs together. She tried scrambling away from him but couldn’t be rid of his grasp as she had no choice but to squeal with uproarious delight at what he was meting upon her. They struggled with each other but still Russ wouldn’t let go.

“Am too! And you’re going to admit it or else my finger’s going to remain where it is all night long.”

She soon surrendered. “Alright! Alright! I give up!” she wiped tears off her eyes as he pulled his hand off the covers and gradually she calmed down. “First off, I’d like to know how and when you knew.”

“Four nights ago, when we got back from your friend Carol’s party, remember? You were so smashed that night and later when I was playing with your clit you yelled out his name when I made you cum. Also yesterday I noticed you were flipping through that old photo album of yours — the ones you took prior to us getting married. You especially had your eyes fixed on the ones you took with him. I just figured you were missing him a lot lately.”

“Yes, I’ve been missing him,” she admitted. “And yes, I’ve been thinking too much about him lately.”

“I always wondered why you hardly brought him up whenever you’re with me.”

“I’m sorry. It’s something I’ve always wanted to, but just didn’t know Antalya Escort how you’d take it. Didn’t want to get you mad or anything.”

“What could I be mad about — the guy, or at least one of the guys whom you once dated before we tied the knot? Honey. If it concerns you, then it concerns me too. Go on, tell me what you miss about him.”

“You promise you’re not going to get upset or anything?”

Russ gave her his word he wasn’t going to.

“Well,” she began rather shyly, her cheeks flushed as the memories came back to her. “First thing that comes to mind is his stature: he’s quite tall and muscular — he used to play football back in college — yet he’s got the softest kind of hands you’d ever touch.” She burst into laughter. “I used to kid him about his hands … told him he was all muscle and yet has the hands of a surgeon. The way he used to hold me down when fucking me from behind … Oh God, he’d fuck me so damn good, I could do nothing but keep cumming and cumming … One time he fucked me so hard and deep I peed right there on the sheets and on his dick.” She exploded in giggles, cuddled next to her husband as she went on reliving times spent with her former lover. “We did a lot of naughty stuff. Even now I can’t imagine I did them, but I know were it not for him I probably wouldn’t have. He’d come visit me while I was at work … sometimes we fucked right there in my office … one time we even did it in the conference room. Once we checked into a hotel out of state and he fucked me over on the balcony. He just hooked my leg over the rail and hammered me right there and then. Just the thought of being seen … I came faster than I’d ever cum before. A lot of times we did it outside — in his car, out in the park … once at one of his friend’s rooftop. He’d make me blow him in a restaurant or in a club … I tell you, it was crazy!”

All the while that she was talking, Russ was getting so much enjoyment just picturing his wife doing all what she said she’d done with her former lover he couldn’t stop himself from getting aroused by it.

“Tell me what his cock looked like?” he prodded her. “How big was his cock?”

“Oh darling, it was big.” She held her hand wide apart before her face. “It was big and hard. Always hard.”

“”Did you enjoy sucking it?”

“Oh my God, all the time,” she admitted. “I mean it was so hard … so black … so beautiful to hold …” while she talked, her hand rubbed against her husband’s erection. She slid her fingers under his shorts and unearthed his throbbing cock and gently started stroking it. When she spoke, her voice sounded like it was in a trance. “All the time we fucked, Derrick would jam his cock right into my throat, nearly choking me with it … I could barely take it all in, but every time I tried … and I just loved sucking that big black cock of his all day … and every time, whenever he came, he made me swallow everything. His semen was so thick, it was like milk gotten Antalya Escort Bayan off a cow … and it tasted real good too.”

“Did he ever share you around with anyone?”

She nodded. “Sometimes he did, though not always. I remember one afternoon he picked me up from work during lunch break and took me over to his friend’s place. His friend too had a big dick, and they tossed and fucked my pussy the whole afternoon I could barely stand up when we were done. I had no choice but to call in sick that day.”

Russ laughed so hard his ribs shook. Just the image building in his head of his beautiful wife getting well fucked by two brothers till she could hardly stand on her feet was enough to crack him up. Anna too was getting heated up by her words she pulled the covers off their legs, came forward and planted her lips over her husband’s cock. Russ gasped as he felt pre-cum oozed out of the head of his cock; Anna licked every tiny drop and went on sucking him.

“Go on, tell me more about him. Did he have other women on the side?”

Anna paused in her sucking and stroked his cock while she went on. “There were times he shared me with some other chick. One was a black girlfriend of his who was bi. She and I made love while he sat back watching us, stroking his cock. When we were done playing with each other that was when he stepped me. The two of us knelt before him on the bed while he fucked us one at a time.” She sucked her husband’s cock for a moment before continuing. “I knew he had other ladies around town — who wouldn’t want to keep a man like him around. Sometimes I didn’t see Derrick for a day or two, and I knew he was with someone, but I never bothered him about it. He always came back for me, and each time he fucked me, it was like the first time all over … he was the first guy I ever let to fuck me in the ass.”

Russ’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when she said that and he stared at his wife with shocked amazement. Never had he once thought his Anna would be the type that’s gone anal; he’d always wanted to try it out with her but couldn’t think of a means how…

“For real?” he asked her.

“Uh-huh. Thought after him I’ve never done it with anybody else.”

Russ ran a tongue through his lips. He was all excited now that he was seeing his wife under a different light. “How did it feel like the first time …”

“It kind of hurt at first, but it didn’t last long. Kind of like losing my virginity all over.” She returned his cock into her mouth and sucked it for a moment before looking at her husband, a shy smile on her lips. “I know you’ve always wanted to try it out with me. Would you like to right now?”

Russ couldn’t believe what he’d just heard. The excitement in his heart was strong enough to power a space shuttle right that moment. “Oh yeah … yeah, I’d love to.”

Anna pulled her nightie off her head and crawled forward to hunch over her husband who was stroking his cock under her. Escort Antalya She took his cock and searched out the right hole and gently lowered herself upon him. Russ muttered a groan as he felt the tip of his cock slip into his wife’s anal hole and then some. Anna too shut her eyes and sighed lengthily as his cock sank deep into her. She remained hunched over him; her hands pressed against his chest and began rocking her bottom over his shaft. They took things gently, but that didn’t last long. Anna’s memory recall had got both of them into a heated passion and it wasn’t long before her ass began slapping down hard on him. Russ fingered her pussy and shoved his thumb into her wetness as she leaned backward and continued rocking her ass and hips over him. Russ was so overwhelmed by the sight, he sadly wished he had a camera so as to take a snapshot of this. Anna quicken her pace, both of them grunting out their passion while their bed bounced under them.

“Ohh yeah,” Anna flung her hair from side to side, so taken over by the rapture that was upon her. “Oh yeah, fuck me, honey! Go on, fuck me … give me a big black dick anytime to ride! Ohh … fuck! Ohh fuck!”

Russ groaned from the tightness of her asshole and realised desperately that he was going to cum any moment too soon. He pushed her off him and quickly had her bent on her arms and knees with her ass pushed towards him. He muttered at the sight of his wife’s gaping asshole but pushed it away as he inched forward and rubbed his cock against her pussy lining before finding the perfect hole and then thrusting the head of his cock inside. Her pussy was just as tight and inviting as her asshole. He held her down and slammed his cock in and out of her as fast and hard as he could. He leaned over her and groaned and breathed into her ear.

“This how Derrick liked fucking you?” he gasped. Thick pools of sweat fell from his nose and landed on her backside. “I’ll bet you loved being his white slut all that time … loved him fucking your hard and good.”

She muttered back. “Oh yeah … yes … that was what I always wanted to be. His white married slut!”

“Bet if he was here right now you’d fuck him again, wouldn’t you, you slut!”

“Ohhh yes, I surely would!”

“You’d go on and let him shove that big black dick of his into your mouth …”

“… yes … Ohh … Ohhh …”

“… suck on his balls too, you would …”

“Uhhh-Ohhh …”

“… let him cum inside you too … then let me lick you clean …”

” … Uhh … Uhh … yeah … fuck me good! Yeah, let you clean me up …”

Russ grasped the side of her waist and went on ploughing his cock harder and harder into her pussy. In his mind he replayed the image of her lover being the one fucking her right now and it wasn’t long before he felt cum shoot out into his wife’s womb. Anna gripped the bed sheet and cried out too the moment she felt his load inside her.

A long while later, their bodies still entangled over each other’s, Russ whispered to her. “I think you’d better give your ex-lover Derrick a call soon. Don’t you think?”

Anna turned to look at him for a moment before responding to his words with a kiss. “You’re such a darling!” she said. She most definitely will give Derrick a call.

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