Ağu 31

The Younger Model

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There was a knock on the door. It was a tentative knock, short and polite.

Nick walked from the kitchen and into the hall. He opened the door and was dumbstruck.

Standing in front of him was a girl. But she wasn’t any girl, she was stunning.

She had long ringlets of cascading brown hair that complimented her tanned skin and sky blue eyes. Her features were youthful, angled and fine, with wide eyes, full lips and an easy smile. She was almost angelic in expression.

“Can I help you?” Nick asked, conscious not to seem flustered.

“Mr. Davis? It’s Elena? From next door?” the girl chuckled.

Nick’s jaw hit the doorstep, hard.

Elena Matthews. She had been shipped off to boarding school when she was 12, just after Nick and his wife Angela had moved to 34 Elm Way, about 6 years ago.

Angela had said to him that Elena had been home briefly before heading off to college back in Autumn. He was certain he had not seen this beauty at that time.

She was wearing a white tank top and a short denim skirt with red Converse. The tank top was tight, showing Nick every inch of her 34C-24-34 body. The skirt was short, revealing long curvaceous legs. Nick looked up from her shoes, flinching at Elena being eye to eye with him at 6′ tall.

“Wow. It’s been a long time.” Nick remarked, playing off the flinch as sudden realisation.

The faintest blush touched Elena’s cheeks.

“Yeah. It’s Alanya Escort been a while. I’m just home for a brief break. My parents asked me to drop over this.” Elena said and held a key towards Nick.

Nick glanced down at her extended hand. The key was pointing towards him, held by fine, manicured hands. He took it and pocketed it in his jeans.

“They’re going away for the weekend and asked that I give you the spare key.” Elena explained.

“Sure.” Nick answered. “Having any parties I should claim to know nothing about?” Nick joked.

Elena smirked at that. “No. Just me, on my own. No company.” Elena said.

Nick wasn’t quite sure if she was being suggestive or not. He was a married man, but even with that on his mind and his hand he hadn’t been thinking entirely pure thoughts about his teenage neighbour. He banished the half-formed notions from his mind.

“Well, if you need anything feel free to drop in to Angela or me.” Nick said genuinely.

Elena beamed warmly at him. “Thanks Mr. Davis.” She replied and walked down the path to the street.

“Elena. Just call me Nick” Nick called after her, despite his best intentions he had been watching her tight ass sway as she walked away.

She turned about in one fluid motion and looked Nick dead in the eye. He could feel his heartbeat flutter at the look she gave him.

“Okay…Nick.” Elena answered.

She turned back Alanya Escort Bayan and walked down the street towards home.

Nick felt his heart surge at her saying his name, then drop, for something he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

He closed the door, set the key on the hall table and went back in to watch the game.


“What’s the key on the hall table?” Angela asked when she stepped into the sitting room.

Nick looked at his wife. She was thin, about 5′ 10″ with long wavy brown hair and blue eyes. Despite her having just come in the door, Nick felt himself become excited to see her.

“Just Matthews’ spare key. They’re away for the weekend.” Nick answered, his attention shifting from the game to his wife.

“So Elena’s home?” Angela asked.

“Yeah. She’s not getting up to any mayhem though.” Nick replied, standing and walking over to his wife.

“God, what happened to kids these days?” Angela asked and kissed Nick.

“I don’t know. It’s good we know what to do with the house to ourselves.” Nick answered smugly.

“Get your ass up there. I’ll change and be there soon.” Angela promised.


Nick lay in the dark, feeling himself return to reality after bliss.

Angela was already half asleep.

His mind for some reason replayed his conversation with Elena earlier.

He found himself reassessing each look and comment she made to Escort Alanya him.

When he reached registering her body, he felt his member stir unconsciously.

Her admission that she was alone, in a house barely 50 metres from where he lay roused his manhood further and the blood began to flow.

The pendulum sway of her tight behind pushed him past half mast and beyond.

But it was the pivot and look she shot him that made his cock solid and throb.

He looked over and realised Angela was asleep.

Perhaps not entirely registering the moral ambiguity of his feeling, he slipped out of bed and opened his laptop.

He muted the speakers and incognito searched for any relief.

He entered in Elena’s appearance and flicked through a sea of ‘models’, until he found a close approximation that kept him stiff.

His right hand drifted down and began jerking his member.

As his intensity increased, he closed his eyes and imagined it was the ‘model’ with her delicate hand around his cock.

He felt his cum rising and soon the ‘model’ shifted and it was Elena who was working his shaft with masterful strokes.

“Mmmm Nick, I can’t wait for my treat.” Dream Elena said, opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue.

Nick lost it and fired his entire load into her mouth. Despite having sex only minutes ago, this was the more intense orgasm.

He opened his eyes after a moment. He cleaned up the mess he had made and crawled back into bed, feeling guilty.

As sleep was about to take him, it hit him. He realised why his heart had dropped after Elena had turned around earlier.

She had had a plain silver crucifix dangling around her slender neck.

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