Ağu 31

The Woods

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Night comes quickly in the mountains, and as the sun goes down, so does the temperature. Sgt Porter felt a chill run through his body as a cool breeze moved over his sweat soaked uniform. He was 3 days into a week long, solo Escape and Evasion exercise, part of his final exam in Pararescue training. He carried with him a 50 lb pack with his standard load of equipment and supplies, mostly medical equipment and 2 days of food, water and ammunition for his M4 carbine, blanks of course. He knew that he need to find shelter, a place he could hide out for the night because there were instructors hunting him and they knew these mountains a lot better than he did.

Despite his situation, he couldn’t forget what happened the day before. It seems almost like a dream, a memory that just couldn’t be true. He just couldn’t seem to get the image of that girl, out of his head, and he continued to relive their encounter. This was a distraction he could not afford, not here, and not now. If he got captured, he would fail and then either be recycled back to the beginning , or worse yet, be kicked out of the course entirely. That would mean six months of training down the tubes. He needed to try to force her image out of his head, and focus!!

The sound of branches breaking caused him to freeze in place. He quickly dropped down and moved, as quietly as he could, behind a large tree trunk. His senses alert, eyes scanning as he listened for noises, trying to determine in which direction the threat was, only to be surprised by the next thing he heard, a female voice. He was caught off guard, there weren’t supposed to be any female instructors out here, hunting for him, and there was no way the girl from the lake could get ahead of him. He laid there, silently listening, trying to figure out who was out there and why.

After several minutes, which seemed like hours, the sound of breaking limbs, and rustling of leaves resumed, along with the sound of a woman’s voice, closer, louder and seemingly madder than before. A long stream of expletives echoed through the woods , followed by what sounded like sobbing. There was no way this could be one of his instructors, yet he was still weary of revealing himself just yet.

He slowly raised his head, trying to see if he further identify this mystery voice. But the ground cover was just too thick for him to see through, his was gonna have raise himself a bit higher, further risking exposure, but by now curiosity was killing him. So moving as slowly and quietly as he could, he raised up into a kneeling position, and inch, by painful inch he began to move around the tree, that he had been hiding behind, until he saw movement. Once again, freezing in place, his eyes locked on the area of movement, he scrutinized every branch, every leaf, listening to every sound, until unknown intruder was located.

There she stood, about 20 feet from where his position behind the tree. She was wearing a green t-shirt, her pack straps stretching the thin fabric, tight over a pair of full, and seemingly firm breasts. Yep, most definitely a woman, there was no doubt about that now…Her dark hair was covered by an old baseball cap, a long ponytail sticking out the back. Her face was covered with smudges of dirt and sweat, and also showed the angry red streaks of several scratches, but still her beauty showed through. Her eyes appeared red and somewhat puffy, like she had been crying, and the vertical streaks through the dirt on her face only confirmed this suspicion…No this was no SERE instructor, though it still might be a trap!!

He silently slipped off his ruck, hiding it and his weapon in the underbrush before setting out. Moving with stealth, he circled around, so that he could approach her from behind, hoping to get as close as possible before she could sound an alarm. If she was part of a trap set by his instructors, he wanted to be prepared silence her before it could be sprung.

Slipping up behind her, he couldn’t help but notice, how firm and round her ass was, her shorts barely covering it. It was obvious that she was either wearing a thong, or better yet, nothing underneath. Her legs were log, shapely, even muscular, and like her beautiful face, they too were covered in sweat, dirt, and crisscrossed with scratches. He suddenly realized that he had stopped moving, standing there, almost as if he were in a trance, captivated by her. Damn!!…he thought I must either be very tired, very horny, or both.

Regaining his senses, he resumed his stalk, crouching down, moving as quickly and quietly as he could, until he was with in a arms length. Then in one smooth, lightning quick movement, he lunged forward. Taking hold of the woman, his right hand quickly cover her mouth, stifling a frighten scream, his left arm holding tight around her waist as she began to flail around, trying to escape. Her pack making it hard to hold on to her as she fought him, it’s rough fabric feeling like sandpaper against his face. She’s a lot stronger that she looked!!.

Getting as close to her ear as he could, he tells her…”Relax, I’m Alanya Escort not gonna hurt you…Just RELAX…and stop moving!!…

Her struggling abates some, as he continues to reassure her that he means her no harm. Imploring her to just calm down and not to cry out…She continues to calm down, but remains on guard.

OK…now just remain calm…My name is Robert Porter, I’m with the Air Force, and I mean you no harm…I’m participating in a survival exercise, and just didn’t want you to scream when you saw me…OK????

She stared at him, dirty, sweaty, face covered in green and black make-up…Her heart racing, every instinct telling her to run away screaming, but something about him made her want to trust him, to hear him out..

Several long silent minutes passed as they just stood there, staring at each other. He was starting to relax some, feeling that he had gotten through to her…and hoping she wasn’t part of some trap.

“I’m sorry…I had to make sure that you weren’t part of a trap set by my instructors, I didn’t mean to scare you, just keep you from yelling out and alerting anyone who’s looking for me…Are you ok?

Her heart still racing, she had to catch her breath before she could reply…”You scare the shit outta me, what the fuck were you thinking, sneaking up on someone like that!!…Your lucky I don’t scream my head of right now, letting the whole world know where you are…fucking asshole!!

Feeling ashamed of what he just put her through, he exhaled deeply, hanging his head…” Your right, and if you want to scream out, go right ahead, I deserve to be caught for what I just did…But please hear me out first.

Suddenly, she felt sorry for yelling at him…though she didn’t know why…” Go ahead, though I doubt you can say anything that could justify what you just did to me”…

“I know, and again I apologize, but like I said, I’m out here as part of a survival exercise, and I’ve been out here for 4 days now, hiding and evading my instructors, who’s job is to capture me. If that happens, I fail. If I fail I either have to retake the entire course over or be sent back to my unit and give up on becoming a ‘PJ”…So you see why I was being a bit overzealous in my attempt to prevent you from crying out…Probably should have thought it through some more.”

Her feelings starting to shift from anger and fear, to sympathy and pity, but not willing to show him that she was succumbing to his charms…”your damn right you should have though it through…Did it ever occur to you to just come out and introduce yourself????…And what the hell is a “PJ”????

He lowered himself ,taking a seat on the cool damp ground, he began to chuckle…He couldn’t help himself…she was right…again…”You’ve got me there.”.

“Oh and PJ is short hand for Pararescue, which is an Air Force Search and Rescue Expert. It’s one of the most elite units in the military and it’s been a dream of mine for years to become one.”

Her heart seemed to skip a beat, and a lump formed in her throat, as she started to feel sorry for this man, who moments before had nearly given her a heart attack…”Ummmmm…well wasn’t too bad, I mean…it was kind of a rush…you know…It’s not like you were a knife wielding maniac or something…Hope I didn’t hurt you.”

His chuckle turned into a deep full laugh, as he laid back on the ground, holding his side as the laughing soon became painful…Here is this beautiful woman, whom he practically assaulted, and she’s worried that she might have hurt him…This whole exercise has certainly been full of surprises.

“I’m sorry…I’m not laughing at you, this has just been a long four days…No, you didn’t hurt me…Did I hurt you?…Didn’t expect you to be such a handful…HEHEHE!!”

A smile broke on her beautiful face, followed by a laugh, as she collapsed to ground, as the stress of the encounter leaves her body. They both laid on the ground, laughing, gasping for breath, recovering from tense situation.

As she regained her breath, she replied to his inquiry…”No. Not at all…I’m tougher than I look.”

As they begin to recover, he once again notices the scratches on her face and legs…” I’ll be right back, I’m just going over to that tree, that’s where I left my gear”

“Ok, but I’m gonna watch every move you make.”…Trying to make it sound like a precautionary warning, but knowing deep down, she just wanted his every movement, for more personal reasons.

As he worked his way back to his hidden pack, and weapon, he found that he had to fight the urge to look back, to make sure that she was still there, and not some stress induced hallucination. Finding his gear, he slung his ruck onto his back, and pick up his weapon in as much of a non-threatening way as he could. Making his way back , he made sure to call out that he did have a gun, holding it up high, so that she could see it.

She was still sitting on the ground when he returned, looking over her legs, as if just noticing the scratches and cuts among the dirt, picking at Alanya Escort Bayan them, trying to clean dirt and debris from her wounds, wincing each time.

Dropping his pack and weapon as he approached her, he opened a side pouch, pulling out a green pouch with a red cross emblazoned on it. He also pulled out a green plastic canteen, and a camouflaged bandana that had been tied to one of the shoulder straps. Walking over to her…”Here let me take a look at those”…Wetting the bandana from the canteen, he began to clean the dirt from her long, smooth legs, trying to remain professional about it…but knowing he was gonna fail. Her legs were smooth and firm beneath his touch, he could feel a stirring in his pants as she opened her thighs , giving him an unobstructed view of her crotch. Her tight shorts forming to and separating her . Although her shorts were almost skin tight, the leg openings were still loose, allowing him to see enough to determine that was not wearing any panties.

Clearing his throat…” So…what’s your name?”

A smile again crossed her face…”It’s Wendy.”…The sensation of his strong, firm hands moving up and down her legs was amazing. Without even realizing she had done so, a slight moan escaped her lips, and her legs parted slightly, supposedly to allow him to clean and treat her injuries…but she knew better.

“Well Wendy , in case you didn’t catch it earlier…I’m Robert.”

“Nice to meet you Robert…You seem to know what you’re doing, clean many omen’s legs before?…she asks with a slight laugh.

Grinning, as he continues to clean the scratches and cuts on her legs…”Not as many as you would think…Actually I’m a paramedic…It’s part of that PJ thing I was telling you about”

“Ohhhhh…ok…that’s cool”

As he examined her injuries, none of which seemed very serious, he couldn’t help but notice how beautiful her legs were, especially this close …

“So Wendy…what are you doing out here…your way off of any of the trails?”

Her expression changed to that of embarrassment as she explained how she had left the trail in order to get a better picture of some deer that she had seen, and become turned around, and lost sight of the trail. She began to wander around, thinking she would come across the trail, but after a couple of hours, of crashing through the woods, she had become hopelessly lost, And then some guy jumps out of the woods, scaring the crap outta her…They both begin to laugh again.

As he continued to clean the dirt from her upper legs, his hands would brush her crotch, and his finger would slip inside the leg openings of her shorts…She fought to stifle the moans of pleasure that these actions elicited. She merely closed her eyes and enjoyed the attention, hoping he wouldn’t notice his effect on her.

His moth began to water, and his left pants leg had become uncomfortably tighter as he continue to clean and treat her legs…Clearing his throat as he shifted positions, hoping she wouldn’t notice the bulge forming in his pants…”Now…ummm…how bout you let me take a look at those scratches on your face?”

His question broke her out of her revelry, and it took her a moment to realize that he was talking to her…” Oh…ahhh…yeah… sure.”…Sitting up and leaning forward so that he could get a better look, trying to hide her embarrassment.

As he leaned in to wipe away the dirt on her gorgeous face , his hand brush against a full and very firm breast, his cock seemed to get even harder. Taking a deep breath, as he tried to calm his excitement, he began to clean away the smudges of dirt, and examine the cuts and scratches, that marred, her otherwise perfect complexion. His eyes met hers, he found himself, staring deeply into a pair of beautiful brown eyes, mesmerized by them, as all other thoughts vanished from his mind.

She too fell under a spell of as she gazed deeply into his dark green eyes, time loosing all meaning, and all thoughts evaporated as her entire world existed within his gaze. In that moment he ceased being some stranger who jumped out of the woods and grabbed her, and became the center of her universe.

As his hand touched the smooth, soft flesh of her cheek, her head tilted and she leaned closer to to him. Their lips touched, lightly, tentative, almost imperceptibly, at first, but quickly turned to a very passionate kiss, as their yearnings were unleashed. Their tongues intertwined, as hands began to explore. She reveled in feeling his strong back muscles move and undulate under her touch, as pulled his t-shirt up and over his head, forcing him to break off the kiss and sit up, so as to full remove it. Her hands then began to move over his torso, as she took in his sculpted chest, and rippled abs. She could feel her own excitement building , as her pussy became even wetter.

After removing his t-shirt, he remained sitting up, as he looked down upon this amazing beauty. With her legs around his waist, her could feel her wetness soaking through the fabric of her shorts, and his pants as Escort Alanya she began ti grind against his now obvious erection. Reaching down and taking hold of her shirt, he began to pull it up, exposing her full, firm breasts, held in place by a a thin lace demi-bra, which to his good fortune had a front clasp, which he quickly and expertly unfastened, freeing her soft round mounds.

Leaning down he takes her left breast into his hungry mouth, her nipple hard and erect, pressing against his tongue, as he consumes her fleshy mound. He feels her arching her back, pressing her breast harder against his mouth, as she grinds her crotch against him, loud moans now emanate from her lips . His right hand sliding down over her stomach on it’s way to her shorts, which he swiftly unfastened, allowing his fingers to move on to their main objective…her tight, wet pussy.

Shivers ran through her body as his fingers began to rub her clit. Reaching up, and pulling his face back down to hers, kissing his lips, feeling his tongue in her mouth, she began to suck on his wandering mouth muscle. Her free hand joining his within the confines of her shorts, encouraging and guiding his fingers as they continued to stroke and explore her wet pussy. Her hand shifted further down, finding the bulge in his pants. She began to rub and caress it through the thick fabric of his uniform pants. Although his moans attested to how good it felt to him, it wasn’t good enough for her. Ceasing her ministrations to his bulge, she quickly located his belt, a webbed fabric which fed through a metal buckle Reaching down with her other hand, she tugged and pulled at the thick webbing, until it came loose of the strange buckle.

Next , she began to undo the multiple buttons holding his pants closed, keeping her form her prize. Again, she pulled and yanked, working each button loose, only to find yet another pesky fastener. As she unfastens the last button…finally!!…she immediately reaches into his pants, and quickly locates the object of her desire, freeing it from it’s cloth prison. She was overcome by how his swollen, throbbing member felt in her grasp. How it pulsed in her hands, as she wrapped her fingers around its ample girth. Rubbing her palm over its full, smooth bulbous head, eliciting a deep guttural groan from him.

The sensation of her warm hand taking hold of him, sent waves of pleasure through his body, as a shiver ran through him, a loud moan escaped from his lips. Her hands began to stroke his throbbing member, as he slipped his fingers deeper into her wet slit, they shuddered in unison as mutual pleasure is both given and taken. Bring his now wet digits to his mouth, so that he could taste her. She raised her head to his, and opened her mouth, wanting him to share the taste of her nectar. They licked and sucked his fingers clean, followed by another deep, passionate kiss.

His hands moved to her waist, taking hold of the waist band of her shorts, he began to pull them down her long, shapely legs. Shifting back as he worked to remove her shorts, struggling to get them off over her hiking boots,, and then tossing them aside once he had succeeded. He paused for a moment, taking in the view of this stunning beauty, who laid naked before him, with desire in her eyes. The sight of her smooth, glistening pussy, making his mouth water, as it beckoned him. Lifting her left leg, he began to kiss his way back up to her, making sure to linger as he reached her upper thigh. Her scent became overwhelming as he got closer and closer. Her clit, fully erect, her labia, distended swollen with blood, as moisture seeped from between, running down to her ass. His hunger grew as his mouth neared it’s next meal.

Her body ached with desire, yearning to feel him inside her. His lips, soft and enticing as he worked his way up her leg. Each kiss sending another wave through her. And as kiss brought his mouth closer and closer to her cunt, which now burned with desire, she could barely control herself. Every fiber of her being screamed for her to push him down, and to take him fully inside, but she resisted, awaiting his next move. She didn’t have to wait long, as she felt his lips surround and begin to suckle upon her now very sensitive clit, causing her to throw her head back, as she arched up to meet him, pressing hard against his mouth.

Almost as soon as his lips touched her, he felt her hips begin to buck as she pressed her pussy into his mouth. He began to suck, and nibble upon the small, erect tab of flesh, sending her into spasms, with squeals of pleasure. Running his tongue up and down the length of her, now soaking slit, slipping it between her lips, as he lapped up her nectar. Feeling her hands now resting on the back of his head as she pressed his mouth even harder upon her pussy. Her legs coming together on either side, clamping him in place, as he drove his tongue deeper into her tight cunny. Struggling to breath, he continued feast upon her, juices flowing freely, filling his mouth,and nose, running down his chin, soaking into the ground beneath. Her squeals turned to pleading, and then to gasps as she struggled to catch her breath. He felt her body stiffen, followed by a series of convulsions, her pussy bucking against his mouth, nearly breaking his nose with it’s violent and sudden movements, yet he continued to consume her.

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