The Women of Honey Hollow Pt. 12

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Chapter 58

A few days later I went to the general store to restock my pantry and ran into Janice. We spent a few minutes in polite conversation and she said she would see me in the near future. I smiled knowingly and told her she was welcome and if she called first I would plan a dinner for us. She agreed and told me she would bring the wine if I let her know what dinner would be.

I left and was about to turn in my driveway and noticed a bra hanging from the post that held a gate at one time. I thought it was strange but continued up my drive. I saw Kim sitting naked on my porch, a pile of clothes at her feet and her hand lazily playing with her pussy.

I waved to her as I got out of the Suv and went to the porch and kissed her in greeting. After a hug and another kiss I returned to the car and got my groceries and brought them in the house. I put away the stuff that needed to be kept cold and shed my clothes to join Kim on the porch.

I sat in the other chair after turning on the lights and we chatted about her birthday that she celebrated with her sister Carrie a week or so ago. She said she had a great time and wanted to thank me for the I-pad. She was sure it would be really handy when she went off to college and was having fun with it right now. All the time we talked her hands were busy in her crotch as if I wasn’t even there. Watching her be so natural about it, I was excited and started to harden. I asked if she wanted something to drink and she just asked for water so I got our drinks and returned to the porch. We spent some time enjoying the sun and each other and I finally asked her if she wanted to come inside with me. Smiling she stood up and took my hand as we went into the house and she led me directly to the bedroom.

“Sit down on the bed with your back against the headboard” she said and I did as she directed. She plumped some pillows at the opposite end on the bed and sat facing me, her legs spread wide, her pussy lips parted showing me just how aroused she had made herself waiting for me.

“I want you to see how I had to make myself cum the past few years waiting to get old enough for you to fuck me. Just sit there and don’t jerk off and waste all that delicious cum.” she said as she rubbed her pussy looking directly in my eyes.

She pulled her lips apart and pinched her inner lips pulling them out and spreading them wide. Her pink inside was almost blood red with arousal and her sex pulsed, dripping her tangy juice that I was going to lap up before long. She pushed a finger in her cunt and placed two fingers from her other hand on either side of her clit hood. She rubbed up and down like she was jerking it off as she fucked her other finger in and out of her hole. Her hips started to thrust in time with her actions and I knew she wouldn’t last too long before she had an orgasm. It was only a few minutes before she tensed up and beat her pussy and clit, slapping at it like it was a bad child that needed discipline. She came hard and squirted a stream of girl cum at me wetting my lower legs.

Kim smiled at me and crawled up the bed, stopping to clean the cum off my legs as she got closer to my cock. She devoured my cock taking me deep on the first plunge. The head of my cock slipped into her throat and her chin nestled in my balls. I was close to cumming already and didn’t want to limit myself so I warned her and she backed off just licking me around the head and nipping at the seam under the rim.

She stood up and presented her pussy to my mouth pulling her mound so I could suck at her clit easier. She was still really excited and it didn’t take a whole lot to bring her to another climax. She stood there and her legs shook and trembled and she held on to me shoulders until she could support herself. She remained standing and I slipped two fingers in her gash, probing deep enough to find her g-spot. She slipped a few fingers alongside mine and we finger fucked her until she squirted all over me again. This time she fell on her knees and then down on my chest and I wrapped my arms around her as she got her strength back.

Kim moaned a few times and I felt her body shiver when she did. She must have been having minor orgasms as she rested in my arms. I played with her nipples and rubbed her ass as we cuddled on my bed. She nuzzled into my neck and sucked lightly, not hard enough to give me a hickey but it did cause some stirrings in my cock. I had not cum yet so I would be ready in just a few strokes when Kim wanted to continue.

She rolled onto me and her pussy sandwiched my cock between her lips. I loved the way she could masturbate me by wrapping her pussy lips around my cock and rub the length of it like she was fucking me. Her pussy was swollen from her cumming so many times and it felt like a warm wet pillow wrapped around me. She rubbed her tits on my chest letting me know she was ready to fuck again. This time she was going to get the cock she had been waiting for.

Kim rose up and squatted over me, reached casino siteleri down, aimed my cock at her pussy and dropped down impaling herself all the way to my balls. She grunted and gasped as her movements got more demanding, fucking me hard as she drove me like a fine tuned machine. I let her do her thing and then flipped her over, hooked my arms behind her knees and drove myself deep into her with short fast strokes. She met me with the youthful vigor I knew she had, looking at me with eyes full of lust and love.

I fucked her hard thru an orgasm or two and finally felt my own orgasm building in my balls. I asked her where she wanted me to cum and she said to fill her up, she wanted to feel me squirt deep in her pussy. I continued to pump her and my cock spit its contents deep in her pussy and as it did she climbed the mountain and shouted from the peak. I had all I could do to hold on as she fucked me like an animal in heat. I thought Carrie was going to be the wild one but it turned out that Kim was the wildcat, that’s not to say that Carrie was a tame little pussycat.

Kim was wiped out for the time being and after I recovered I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. I couldn’t get over how much all the women around here could squirt. My ex-wife had never squirted as far as I knew and she was a tiger in bed, she could fuck me into a coma without a problem. I had to wonder why everyone around here was so adept at that particular action.

I went into the kitchen and was thinking about what to have for dinner when my phone rang. I picked it up quickly so it didn’t disturb Kim and found Julie on the other end.

“Hi Mike, I was just calling to see if you had disabled Kim like you did Carrie” she giggled

“No Julie she is resting now and I am sure I will be the disabled one when she gets done with me. I will cook her some dinner and bring her home when she is ready. If she decides to spend the night I will have her call you.”

“Don’t bother to have her call, I know where she is and won’t worry about her, can’t say the same about not worrying about you, I hope you survive and if you don’t we will give you a nice send off,” she laughed as she said that but I thought she was probably closer to being right than she thought.

We said our goodbyes and I went back to deciding what to fix for dinner.

Kim staggered out of the bedroom and stretched her muscles and asked what I was doing. I told her that I was looking what to fix for dinner and she came over to me and fondled my cock. “I have my dinner right here” she said and bent down and took me into her mouth. It only took a few seconds for my cock to get hard again and she sucked me deep like she had done before. I just leaned back against the counter and let her suck to her hearts content. She was becoming an expert at the sloppy blowjob and I had to wonder how she perfected her technique.

I knew she wanted to have me to cum in her mouth but I warned her that I was going to cum and she just nodded in agreement as she bobbed her head faster and faster on my hard pole. She was taking me down her throat as she bottomed out on every stroke, my cock swelling with sensation as I got closer and closer to filling her mouth and belly with my cum.

The first spurt splashed the back of her throat and she swallowed quickly to keep from gagging and sucked me harder after withdrawing and just holding the tip between her lips. My cock spasmed about a half dozen times and filled her mouth to overflowing, she swallowed everything and kept sucking the residual cum from me. The head was unbearably sensitive to her sucking but she sucked and twirled her tongue until I thought I would pass out.

Kim finally stopped and looked up at me with a smile knowing that she had sucked me off as well as anyone ever had.

“How was that Mike? Did I do alright? Does mom suck you any better than me? How about Carol or Carrie? Are you going to tell me damm it?”

“Kim, you should know by now that I don’t talk about anyone else and how good they are at sucking or fucking. I can tell you that you are as good as anyone around here and I love your own way of doing things. You are as hot if not hotter than anyone I have ever had, so just be yourself all the time whether you are making love or just having a conversation.”

Kim seemed to be satisfied with what I had said and just climbed in my lap and we cuddled and talked until I recharged my batteries. She felt completely at ease being naked with me and we went to the porch to take advantage of the last sun of the day.

I fixed some supper and Kim asked if she could stay the night. I agreed and we sat down to a nice quiet meal of meat, potatoes and vegetables. I served some white zinfandel with dinner and she sipped it like a lady. I was glad because I didn’t want to get her drunk, a few glasses of wine would be plenty to make her doze off after we sat quietly talking.

After dinner we sat beside each other and I told her about my life before coming canlı casino to the valley, quickly skipping through the still painful part about my wife leaving after 30 years of marriage. I told her what I had done for a living and how I was able to retire at a young age and how I ended up here in her arms.

We talked for a few hours and she was getting sleepy so I suggested we head for bed. We changed the sheets and climbed into the crisp clean sheets. We snuggled and soon I felt her relax and fall into a deep sleep. I got up and cleaned up myself and the dishes from dinner and joined her in bed holding her in my arms.

I awoke to the warm feeling that Kim was sucking my cock as a wake up call and stroked her hair as she gently sucked me, bobbing her head taking me into her throat. I loved the feeling every time her throat closed around me and I tried not to drive my cock any deeper than she wanted.

She turned around and thru her leg over my head, lowering her cunt down to my lips so I could lick and suck her. We stayed in the 69 and sucked one another until we both had an orgasm. I pumped my cum in 4 or 5 strong streams as she swallowed everything she could get. The tangy nectar flowed from her opening onto my tongue, as I lapped her hot pussy as it spasmed in climax. We rolled apart and she came into my arms for a cuddle until it was time to get up.

We shared a shower and had fun washing each other, paying special attention to the special places. I dried Kim off with one of the fluffy towels I had bought for my “harem” to use when they paid a visit to me. Wrapping herself in the towel she went back to the bedroom and sat back against the headboard with her legs spread wide so I could see her pink flower.

I wondered what she had in mind as she smiled at me and slowly palmed her pussy. I went to the bed and knelt between her legs, bent down and moving her hand kissed her freshly washed cunt. I pulled her down so I could suck her better, I looked her in the eyes as I stuck my tongue deep in her wet hole. She arched her back and gave me a better angle to orally take advantage of her, licking and sucking like I was a starving man. Her hands were tangled in my hair forcing my mouth against her. Clamping her legs around my ears prevented me from escaping her clutches.

Kim exploded in my mouth and I lapped up the sweet/tangy cream she flooded me with. She was shaking and quivering and I added a few fingers to her cunt. She went wild when I did that, arching her back again, curling her toes she orgasmed from the highest peak she could climb. I pulled out of her, got on my knees and plunged my cock deep into her with one push. She had just started to slip down the side of the mountain when I did that and she quickly climbed the peak again. I fucked her hard and fast with long strokes just leaving the head in on the outstroke. Her juices were squirting from her cunt every time I plunged into her. I could hear the squelching caused by the pressure of my cock displacing her fluids as they soaked my cock and balls.

I could see her eyes rolling back in her head as she just jumped from peak to peak having one orgasm after another without a break. I started to slow down so she could catch her breath but her hips drove me and herself to another hard cum. She tensed one last time and fell silent on the bed, the only thing moving was her cunt spasming on my cock as I unloaded inside her. I rolled off and checked to make sure she was alive, laid down beside her and covering us up, took her in my arms and fell asleep for a much needed nap.

I woke up alone in my bed and could smell coffee brewing so I got up, showered and without getting dressed went to the kitchen for a much needed cup of java.

Kim greeted me with a smile, a steaming cup of coffee and not much else. Her body had a rosy glow due to a hot shower or a good fucking. She was beautiful in her youthful exuberance as well as a being a blossoming young woman.

“Mike, I love you so much, not only as a lover but also as a father figure in my life. You have shown me that sex is more than just fucking, it is a commitment to the other persons pleasure putting your own aside. I would love it if you would teach me everything you can about being a better person. I love sex but I love being made love to even more, you have taught me that. Carrie told me the same thing and I am sure from overhearing Mom and Carol they feel the same also.”

I blushed a little and smiled as I said

“Kim you are a beautiful woman, loving and caring and I love you also. Your Mom and sisters are wonderful lovers and I love them also. I have adopted you all as part of my family, not legally of course but in my mind. I have lived here for about three years now and you know about the women I have taken care of. I deeply care about all of them, you know that, and that being said I hope you understand that I will keep doing what I can do for everyone.”

She dropped her eyes down and I could see a tear roll down her cheek, kaçak casino she looked up and smiled at me.

“Yes I know about everything and I am not jealous about any of them. I just want you to know how happy you have made me the past two days. I don’t expect you to drop anyone for me or to marry me.” She winked as she said that and came to me, hugging me tightly to her body. “I just want you to love me and make me happy like you did today. Now how about some breakfast now that it is almost noon?”

We had something to eat and had a quiet talk about our lives here in the valley. She phoned her mother to say she was ok and Julie asked if she could come over. I nodded that it was ok and it was only a few minutes before she walked in the door.

Julie took one look at Kim and took her in her arms kissing and whispering to her, telling her how happy she was for her. She knew that Kim was a woman now and had experienced what lovemaking was all about.

Chapter 59

I spent the next few weeks doing what I usually did, taking care of the property and my “harem”. I had trimmed back the bushes to let them rest during the Fall and Winter seasons, not that the winters were bad here but I think it was a good thing to ease them into hibernation. I had to think about my nudity now that the weather was cooling down and decided to just dress in minimal clothing as much as possible when I was outside. The house was well heated so it wouldn’t be a problem inside.

I got a call from Julie inviting me for dinner on Saturday. I agreed and asked what I could bring and she said some wine would be ok and beef was on the menu so maybe a red wine would be appropriate. I had a few cases of assorted wines so I could just pick from my stock.

Saturday came around and after lunch I took my wine and headed to Julie’s house. I knocked to be polite and went inside. I chuckled to myself as I wondered if I should have brought a pair of boxers to hang on their mail post like they did with their bras outside my driveway. I looked in the kitchen and didn’t find anyone there so I put the wine in the fridge and looked in the backyard to see if anyone was there. Julie and the girls were standing by the grill having a conversation about something. I opened the back door and was welcomed with broad smiles when the saw it was me.

“Hi girls, what’s going on? Having a problem or have you just decided it was a good place to talk? I asked.

Julie said she was planning on putting a roast on the grill but didn’t know how to cook a big piece of meat on it. I asked if she had a rotisserie for the grill and she looked at me like I was nuts. I took it from the look she gave me that either she didn’t know or didn’t have one. She pointed to the shed and I went to look and see if there was one stuffed away in there. Carol came over with me and told me that there was a box of stuff that came with the grill that had never been unpacked. We found the boxes and low and behold there was just what we needed plus quite a few additional parts. I brought out what we needed and installed it on the grill. I asked how big the roast was and calculated when it would have to be started and added it to the menu list that Julie had made out.

It had started to get warm in the afternoon sun and because Julie’s backyard was secluded we decided to continue the custom of being naked. We heard a car and soon Mary and her daughters came around the side of the house and seeing us naked stripped off their clothes and joined us in the freedom of being textile free. I had spent many, many hours being with Rachael and Jenny and seeing them nude today was as exciting as the first time I saw them.

We sat around the talking about the goings on in the town and the girls all had plenty of gossip, unfortunately a lot of it included me. I have always been closed mouth about what the “harem” liked or did with me but it seemed that the ladies didn’t share the same philosophy. I laughed with them as they told what Lois had told them about our trip to Ottosburg and she related how they had all but killed me with their hot pussies. The girls thought that Lois had added to the story to make it more interesting but I said she told the truth and I had to leave them before I couldn’t walk out under my own power.

It was time to start the roast so I left the girls and their stories to get it started. I mounted it on the spit, connected the power cord and making sure it worked as it should I closed the cover with the burners on high to sear the meat. I could hear the laughter coming from the story telling group and could tell they were having a good time, little did I know how much fun they were having in my absence. The meat browned up nicely and I turned down the burners to a slow cook, set the timer and rejoined the girls.

Julie asked if I would make them drinks and I went to gather the ingredients I would need. I played bartender and delivered the ordered drinks to the naked ladies sitting in a circle. I had to suppress a laugh as it reminded me of the game we used to play as a kid called “Spin the Bottle”, I knew that this group would love to play that game. I sat in a chair outside the circle and listened to their stories about who did what and to whom.

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