Eyl 01

The Wife, The Husband… and Me

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I checked my make up in the car mirror one last time and stepped out and walked up the small drive to the front confidently. I admit to a few nerves but I couldn’t show them and wanted to appear confident and in control. I rang the doorbell and waited a few seconds before the door opened. The man who opened it welcomed me with a confident smile and asked me in. Tall, well dressed and smelling nice we made small talk about my journey and complimenting me on how I looked.

“Everything is ready upstairs. Do you need to freshen up?”

“Yes thank you I would like to,” I replied.

“Follow me.”

Showing me upstairs to the bathroom I closed the door, refreshed my red lipstick and smoothed my dress down. I opened the door to see him standing on the landing.

“I’m ready, let’s go,” I said with a smile.

“This way.” he said opening the door to the master bedroom.

I walked in with him following behind me and there she was. His wife. Naked, bound to a chair by her ankles to the chair legs and her wrists behind the chair. I could just about make out the vibrating butt plug in her ass and round the front the vibrating dildo she was sat on in her pussy. In her mouth was a ball which she was already quietly moaning into. A black blindfold completed her look.

“She is ready, are you?” he asked me.

“I certainly am.” I replied looking at his pretty wife bound and naked.

“Good.” He replied as he went over to his wife and removed her blindfold. She looked directly at me as I smiled at her. Her eyes filled with both excitement and a little bit of apprehension. He walked back to me leaned in and we began to kiss. Putting his arms around I immediately felt the sexual tension in the room heighten. Kissing him deeply, smelling his aftershave as he held me tightly as his bound, naked and plugged wife had no option to sit there and watch. His hands started to roam across my back as I put one hand on his face and the other on his chest.

I pressed close into him feeling his erection against me as one of his hands reached down my skirt. I moaned into his mouth as his lifted my skirt up past my stocking tops. His hands grabbing the back of my thighs as I ran my hand down over his trousers feeling his hard cock.

Slowly he slid my thong down legs, I stepped out of them konak escort and he bent to pick them up. Going over to his wife he trailed the black thong over her nose and her ball gagged mouth down over her breast leaving them resting on her left thigh.

Returning to me he unzipped my dresser sliding it down leaving me in just my heels, stockings and bra. I unclipped my bra, letting my boobs fall free as he slip off his shirt and undid his trousers. As he stepped out of his trousers I knelt down in front of him and pulled down his underwear, his erect penis bouncing free in front of me. Placing my manicured hand around his hard cock I stroked and whilst looking directly into his wife’s eyes I opened my mouth and slipped the head of his cock into mouth. I slowly sucked the head of his cock drawing back leaving some of my red lipstick on the head.

I dived my mouth back over his cock working up and down swirling my tongue around the head. Taking him as deep as I could in mouth I was determined to give him the best blowjob he had ever had and put on a real show for him and his wife. I felt his hands through my hair as I sucked harder and harder hearing him moan the deeper I took him. Pulling back a bit I sucked the head of his cock looking up at him. His hands in my hair pushed my head back down on him. Holding his cock by the base I sucked hard up and down feeling him twitch. He moaned loud and started to flood my mouth with is hot cum. I pulled back a little so only the head afain was in mouth as he came and came in mouth, his hands gripping my hair. Through his moans of ecstasy his told me not to swallow his cum and hold it in my mouth.

Once he had finished cumming in my mouth he pulled his cock away from me and I closed my mouth full of his cum. He pulled me up and took my hand and pulled me over to his bound wife. He released her ball gag, her mouth drooling and open.

“Give her my cum, tease her, do whatever you want with her.” He said full of lust and excitement.

I leaned over her struggling with my mouth full of her husband’s cum. I gently cradled her cheeks in the palms of my hands and lifted her head back a little. I opened my lips a little and let some of the cum dribble out of my mouth directly into her mouth. She closed her güzelbahçe escort mouth and swallowed it all. Looking at her I saw her wince at little at the taste a little of still on her lips now running down her chin. I guess she didn’t swallow her husbands cum all that often! I learned fully in then and made contact with her lips. Her mouth opened and I let the rest of her cum slide into her mouth as i kissed her. I pulled away slightly and told her not to swallow. I dived into kiss her again fully, my tongue twirling into hers as I kissed her passionately sucking the cum back from her mouth. I pulled away with my mouth closed and turned to look at her husband, standing there naked masturbating his hard again cock. I stood right over her again and slowly dribbled the cum back into her mouth. Once my mouth was empty I again kissed her feeling her swallow the cum.

Pulling away again I straddled my legs over her and sat down on her. Noticing a bit of cum on her chin I stuck my tongue out and licked it up. Turning to her husband with my tongue out I swallowed the little bit of cum, smiled at him and turned back to his bound wife. Kissing her neck lightly I worked my way round to her mouth again. Our lips locking as I placed both hands on her boobs. Finding her nipples I began to play with them between my thumb and fingers as I passionately kissed her.

Grinding my thighs against her I trailed my left hand down her side and around to pussy. Still forcefully kissing her I found her clit with my fingers and started to rub her clit in a circular motion. She moaned into mouth, her whole body tensing. I began to rub her clit faster and harder as her breathing became louder. Just as she was about to orgasm he called out stopped.

Mentioning me over to him he took my hand and led me over to the bed. His cock standing proud and erect I laid back on the bed. Kicking off my heels I opened my legs for him. He climbed on the bed, his wife staring straight at us as he positioned himself between my legs. Taking his cock in my right hand I positioned him at the entrance to my now very wet pussy. He slid in with ease eliciting a moan from me. I felt the hardness and the heat from his cock as he slid deep in me. His hands roaming all over me as he gaziemir escort started to fuck me with long deep strokes getting faster and faster all the time. I looked over his shoulder at his wife, still bound, still plugged struggling to control her orgasm.

He continued to pound away at me. I held on to his back my nails digging in, my stockinged covered legs wrapped around him. He strokes getting shorter but faster as he got close to cumming again. He moaned out loud and began to cum inside of me. I held on to him tight as I felt his cum erupt inside my pussy.

He slowly pulled out of me, leaving me laying on my back legs apart. Walking over to his wife he undid her ankle and wrist bounds. Standing her up she held him tightly as he pulled the dildo out of her pussy. He pulled her over to the bed and onto it in front of me. Laying between my open legs he pushed her towards my open pussy.

“Lick my cum from her.” He demanded as he grabbed her hair and pushed her head down between my legs. I her warm breath followed by her tongue around my pussy lips. I moaned out loud as she probed her tongue around my open pussy. I felt her tongue enter me and her suck hard cleaning the her husbands cum from my pussy.

“Make her cum now.” he said to his wife as her tongue flicked over my clit. I felt her nails against the inside of my thighs as I moaned deeply at the work of her tongue. Over and over her tongue flicked at my clit. I began to scream out more as my orgasm approached. I looked down to see this wife between my legs licking at my freshly fucked pussy. Her head buried, her tongue licking furiously at my clit. My orgasm built and built until it start ripping through me. As I orgasmed, screaming I clasped my thighs around her head, savouring every moment.

Once my orgasmed had subsided I took a few seconds to recover. The wife looked up at me smiling her face covered in my pussy juice.

“You can make her cum to if you wish.”

Thanking him I leaned into his wife tenderly kissing her tasting myself on her lips. My hand trailed down to her pussy and finding her clit I began to stroke. Already on edge she moaned into my mouth. Rubbing her clit harder she began to lose control, unable to kiss me back. I continued kissing her as she screamed her orgasm against my mouth, her body trembling against mine.

Once she had finished her orgasm I kissed her gently over her cheek tenderly holding her. She thanked me whilst blushing slightly. I looked at her husband who I could see was still very excited at what he had just seen. Walking over to him I kissed him thanking him for the experience aswell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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