Ağu 31

The Wedding

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Louise had long legs and long, shiny blonde hair. To be honest, when I first met her in the office I didn’t much like the look of her. “Not bad, but too tall,” I thought. “Not my kind of girl.” Not that she wasn’t pretty, you understand, but she was two years older and two inches taller than me. Girls get away with being short, guys, well, who likes their guys to be tucked under their chin? Anyway, like I said to begin with, I ruled her out and maybe that’s why we became friends.

We’d go for lunch, picking up sandwiches together, laughing at our lack of inventiveness (mine was ham and cheese, for Louise, chicken salad), and sometimes extending the walk to delay going back to the office. She’d tell me about her boss and how she felt she wasn’t being taken seriously (at twenty-six, she was still one of the youngest of the middle-management) and I’d moan about how my career didn’t seem to be going anywhere (now, of course, I realise that that’s not so unusual). We’d sympathise with each other, then head back to the office and wade through another afternoon of drudgery. We didn’t socialise away from work, though we often talked about her boyfriend (serious) and my flings (much less so).

Louise and her boyfriend, Kevin, had been dating for about a year. He seemed like a reasonable guy, had his faults, just like anyone I guess. He was quite traditional – he didn’t like her working late, but worked weekends – and seemed a bit selfish but I guess that I only ever heard one side of the story. It can’t have been that bad because when he proposed (cack-handed, and over smoochy) she said yes.

To my surprise, I was invited to the reception. I went with my then girlfriend, who I’d only known for about a week. She was young but unfortunately unimpressionable. My attempts to corrupt her having met with little success, I was starting to get bored, so my eyes were roving. I guess my girlfriend felt the same, anyhow within half an hour we had ‘lost’ each other.

The reception was held in a local hotel which had been converted from an old manor house, which meant lots of medium sized rooms rather than one large hall. Kevin’s family had money and they both had good jobs, so they had booked the entire hotel. I guess that might be why I was invited.

The party itself was a pretty dull affair. Too many old women and far too many guys. I ended up wandering from room to room, drink in hand. In one room I found Louise, still dressed in her white dress, dancing with a girlfriend. I leaned against the wall and watched her tall, thin body moving to the Latin American beat and suddenly felt faint. I couldn’t look away from Alanya Escort Louise, her long hair floating in front of her face as she twisted and swayed in time to the music. What was it that drew me to her now? The music? The sway of her hips? Or that white dress, forbidden and out of reach? Whatever it was, as she giggled and downed a shot of tequila, I wanted her. I watched as she danced some more and followed as she and her friend headed out of the French windows, avoiding the crowd and heading to the bar in the next room.

Once there, they both downed another shot of tequila and I saw Kevin leaning against the bar, definitely the worse for wear. Louise bent down and kissed him; deep, long, sickening. He hardly responded. She pulled back, giggling with her friend.

Her friend tapped her on the arm and indicated the dance floor, but Louise shook her head. Pulling at her dress she pulled a face and said something, but I couldn’t hear what it was. She pointed to Kevin and whispered something in her friend’s ear. They both giggled and then Louise turned and wobbled off, her friend heading back to the dance-floor.

I followed Louise slowly out of the room and up the stairs. I couldn’t think straight, but wanted to hold her, smell her hair, feel the softness of her bosom and the firmness of her thighs. I felt drugged and woozy headed, my thoughts were as meandering as she was walking – both Louise and I coming back eventually to the same track. I saw her turn into a room and decided to talk to her. This was my chance to get her on her own, talk to her, convince her… of I don’t know what. I pushed the door open and stopped dead in my tracks.

In front of me I saw Louise, her dress up over her head as she lay on the large double bed wriggling. It would have been comic if I hadn’t suddenly got a hard on more painful than I ever remembered. She had evidently tried to take her dress off without first undoing the zip at the back and had got stuck. The door clicked behind me and she paused. “Kevin?” she asked. “Kevin? Can you help me out of this dress?”

I was on autopilot; I walked over to her and stretched out my hand. I think I meant to unzip her dress, but what I ended up doing was fondling her perfect, round arse. “Mmm… that’s nice. I thought you weren’t interested.” Louise moaned and in my dazed state I thought it truly was me she was talking to. I ran both hands over her arse and round up her front to her breasts. Through the fabric of her white dress they were both soft and firm. I could feel her nipples harden and she moaned again. My crotch was pressed against her arse and Alanya Escort Bayan she ground back into my erection, causing me to gasp.

Louise paused. “You’re not Kevin.” She mumbled, but I was too consumed with lust to listen. My hands rubbed her breasts and I bent down and nuzzled the base of her neck through the thick fabric. “You’re not Kevin.” Louise repeated but as she did so, her hips ground back against me. I slid down her back, passing down over the folded back material to kiss the white skin of her back. Louise shivered and rolled then suddenly rolled over onto her back, banging my nose. “Mmm…” she breathed as I kissed her stomach and my hands fed up under her dress. I felt the base of her breast but the tightness of the material meant that I couldn’t reach any further. Gently stroking the smooth skin at the base of her breast, I continued kissing her stomach before moving gently down past her navel to the top pf the sheer, rose-petal pink silk panties. Louise slowly, almost languidly, opened her legs and I continued down the outside of her leg, along her thighs, to the blue garter. I peeled down her white stockings and kissed her toes before starting up again, this time on the inside of her leg. As I reached the inside of her thighs, the musky smell of her sex almost caused me to reel backwards. Instead I ran my fingers up her hips, under the elastic waist and peeled down the thin silk.

Louise lifted her hips and pulled her legs together to let me remove her panties. Once I had them off, she immediately spread her legs open again, showing me the thin blonde hair around the bright pink slit which glistened with wetness. This time, instead of teasing I dived straight to the heart, causing her to give a little gasp. “Oh-uh…” She moaned again and as I slowly licked in circles around her clit, I felt her shiver. I gave a couple of long, slow licks up her pussy lips and then sucked gently on her clit, causing her to arch her back upwards. By now I was rubbing myself gently from outside my jeans and as I used one hand to spread Louise and continue the slow, rhythmic sucking and licking, I unbuckled my belt and pushed my jeans down, freeing my erection. Returning my hand to Louise’s pussy I licked my finger and slowly slid it into her, glancing up to her wedding-dress veiled face. Her chest was rising and falling quickly and I could hear her ragged breathing.

I continued frigging her, first slowing the pace slightly and then quickly, sharply giving a couple of thrusts. I slid up her body until I was lying on top of her, my stomach against hers, my thighs resting against the Escort Alanya inside of her legs. My hands reached up to the dress and started to pull it down, but Louise’s hands quickly found mine and pulled the hem back up. “No, Kevin,” she said forcefully and then, “just fuck me.”

Not one to need a second invitation, I took my hard penis and positioned it against Louise’s hot, wet pussy. Slowly I pushed inside and she pushed back against me and we moaned together. The heat was unbearable and all my world was suddenly concentrated on one, small, simple motion. And then I was in and her legs came up and wrapped around my back as I pulled back a little and pushed further in. Again I pulled back; her nails pushed my shirt up and scraped down my back as I pushed back in

Increasing my speed I pulled back and pushed in, deeper, and then harder, and deeper and faster and all the world was just me, my cock, Louise and her cunt. And it was hot, and I pushed and she bucked back and grunted and I moaned. “Faster.” She panted and I pushed, shallow strokes now, gripping her shoulders tightly. She shivered again, and mewled, and I could feel deep inside her torso a shuddering start. I continued pushing, now slowing down so I could get deeper, thrusting inside her until each stroke put all my cock inside her pussy and then when I was deep inside her she cried out a strange, wild “Yes!” and convulsed as she came around my throbbing cock. And the thought that I’d made my colleague, my beautiful, sexy, wonderful Louise, come made me spill over the edge, shooting hot sperm deep inside her.

We lay there, breath short and bodies sweaty, joined together whilst I softened inside her. After what seemed like an eternity she pushed me away and I got up, pulling up my jeans from around my ankles. “Thanks Kevin.” Louise said, her voice distant but stressing her husband’s name. “I’ll see you downstairs.”

I was being dismissed. As far as Louise was concerned, she’d just made love to her new husband, I would have nothing but the memory of her tall thin body, lying on the crumpled bed-sheets with her wedding dress around her head. Turning I walked quietly out of the room. I stood like a fool for too long outside Louise’s door until I heard her shower start. Then I turned and walked back downstairs. My girlfriend was nowhere to be seen so I left. I’m not sure if I ever saw her again.

When Louise came back from her honeymoon, she handed her notice in. Kevin, she said, wanted her to take a job with shorter hours, maybe one which would give them time to bring up a family. It was probably for the best, I was getting distracted at work, sitting opposite her in her (perfectly respectable) skirts and blouses. Still, though, so many years later, my favourite role play with my wife is when she puts on her wedding dress. But I’ve never told her exactly who I am thinking of when we play those games.

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