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The Visitor Next Door

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“Well.” I thought to myself, “Let’s see what Jennie is up to this Saturday afternoon in June.”

I stood by the upstairs window that overlooked our neighbor’s backyard pool. Jennie Carson was my obession since we moved in here a couple of years ago. The next door neighbors’ college-age daughter who came home each summer to bum by their pool as soon as the weather turned warm. I managed to see her more than several times sunbathing in a thong bikini while her parents worked at the hardware store they ran in town.

“Jeezus.” I said to myself as I spied her on the chaise lounge completely nude this time. No bikini top or bottom for Jennie, I thought lasciviously, as I watched her reclining face down on the chaise. “What a great ass!” I thought as my hand went instinctively to my growing hard-on inside my chinos. I marveled at the sight below my vantage point.

Jennie’s lean, athletic body was breathtaking. Her long brown hair spilled atop her shoulder blades as she reclined. Her back was a soft curve that flared at her hips, flattened by her prostrate position on the chaise and exposed her soft, tight bubble butt. Below the confluence of her naked ass and pair of lean thighs, her legs stretched long and lithe as the former high school athlete she had been, ending in cute ankles and soft, upturned bare soles, with long toes pointed straight over the end of the lounge.

Thank heavens that my wife and my own teen daughter were out shopping on this gloriously warm Saturday. I could wank here in peace and quiet as I looked at Jennie’s ass in full view.

As I started to unbuckle my belt, unbutton, and unzip my pants, Jennie seemed to awake from a daytime doze and began to roll over. “Even better!” I screamed in my own head. “Let’s see that pussy.” I thought as I fumbled for my cock in my boxers.

I got a firm grip on my cock as the beauty next door slowly rolled over.

“What the fuck!?” I said out loud into our empty house.

It wasn’t Jennie on the chaise. It was a dude. I mean a young man. He tousled his long brown hair as he settled himself to sunbathe on his back. His soft cock dangled across his right thigh. He opened his legs a few inches and I saw his scrotum sitting like peaches between his thighs.

I was surprised at his likeness to Jennie, the object of my obsession for these two years. He had the same body type as the next door neighbors’ daughter, right down to her long brown hair, thin waist, and long legs. And her ass. I should say HIS ass. Yeah, I thought that to myself as I continued watching this young guy stretch out nude on the chaise below my vantage point. He had a girl’s ass.

As I continued watching, though my hard-on had gone soft, Jennie herself appeared walking from their sliding glass doors from the kitchen with a tall glass of ice-water for the newcomer. She laughed and said something that I imagined had something to do with his nudity. She handed him the glass and bent down to kiss his forehead between the long brown strands that framed his face. Jennie looked as good as always in gym shorts and a small top but she retreated quickly back to the house and I was left looking down on this…this guy laying naked on her chaise.

I heard our driveway door open and my wife and daughter entered laughing about something. “Jack? Are you upstairs?” My wife Paula called.

“Yeah.” I yelled down as I darted to the bathroom to pull up my pants and tuck my softened cock back where it should be on a Saturday afternoon. I ran some water and splashed and dried my face. I made sure I looked OK, then went downstairs.

Paula and my daughter, Erika, were still laughing about some shared joke as they arranged their shopping bags on the kitchen counter.

“We’re going to make some lunch. You want something?” Paula asked, looking at me strangely. “You look a little red, Jack. Are you feeling alright?” She asked as she bent into the ‘fridge.

“Oh, yeah, I was out in the backyard and it’s too warm for this time of year.” I lied.

I looked at Erika, our daughter, and said a silent thanks that she wasn’t as hot as Jennie next door. I don’t know if I could handle having a smoking hot daughter in my own house. Erika was pretty and she was smart but she wasn’t anything like Jennie. “What did you girls buy today?” I asked in what I hoped was a normal tone of voice after my upstairs voyeur surprise.

“Dad! Check it out.” Erika said dipping into one of the bags on the kitchen counter. She pulled out a tiny dress with red and white colors. “It’s perfect for my sweet sixteen!” She screeched.

“Oh, great.” I thought. Now Erika is going to start wearing tight, tiny dresses. “Hey, nice.” I lied again.

“You should have seen her, Jack, she looked stunning.” Paula said over her shoulder as she assembled our lunch on the far end of the counter.

“I bet you did, E.” I said, hoping to sound enthusiastic.

“I’ll try it on and model it.” Erika said and ran off upstairs.

“Be back in time for lunch.” Alanya Escort Paula yelled at our retreating daughter.

“Isn’t that a little skimpy?” I asked my wife.

“What? No, that’s what girls wear now. Don’t fret.” Paula answered.

Paula had the lunch spread out and called upstairs. “Erika! Lunch!”

I heard her bounding down the stairs and she was in the doorway of the kitchen. “Hey, I’m here.” She yelled to get our attention.

Erika struck a pose in the short dress and she looked magnificent. She had quickly applied some makeup and she looked like someone else. She looked like Jennie next door. I had never before compared her to another girl, yet here she was with her own long brown hair fluffed in the same style as Jennie. Erika’s body was less developed at fifteen but it was a close match to the beauty next door. “Oh, dear, Jeezus, what is happening today?” I wondered to myself.

Paula said, “Erika, get some iced tea, if you want something to drink.”

Erika went to the ‘fridge and bent inside to retrieve the pitcher. Before she turned around, I had a good look at her ass bent over in the new tight dress. “I shouldn’t.” I said to myself and quickly turned my head to smile at Paula and grab the sandwich makings.

“Mom, I love this dress!” Erika shrieked as she sipped her iced tea and reached for the tomato slices.

“I’m glad you like it. It looks great on you. Don’t you think so, Jack?” Paula asked me.

“Erika, it’s very nice but it is awfully short and tight.” I said with a wag of my head.

“Da-a-a-d.” She whined.

Paula laughed. “She’s growing up, Jack. She’s a young woman now.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” I answered ruefully.

“Oh, pish-tosh.” Erika said, using a phrase she must have picked up from some old movie.

I made my sandwich and didn’t look up again.

Paula made a tomato slice and lettuce sandwich. She’s always watching her weight and she’s a good-looking 38 year old woman. Her daughter – my daughter – was now beginning to show the signs of becoming a stunner too. Erika simply ate tomato slices and nibbled at a single piece of rye bread. We ate in silence and I think Paula and Erika had picked up on my absence of mind.

“Hey, Mom?” Erika asked with a reluctant beseeching-ness in her voice. “Can we go out again and buy some shoes? I need something new to go with this dress. Can we?” She asked.

Paula chuckled, looked over at Erika and said, “Sure, I’ll take you to Cloverleaf.”

“Can I wear my dress?” Erika piped up quickly.

“No.” I said with authority. “You’re not wearing that to the mall.”

“Oh, Daddy, I need shoes, see?” She propped one bare foot up on the countertop and wiggled her toes at me.

I took a deep breath. Her bare feet and soles reminded me of Jennie’s bare feet that I was just looking at earlier. I mean the young man’s feet who looked like Jennie. “Damn, this is getting too weird.” I thought to myself.

“Go and buy all the shoes you want but you’re not wearing that dress.” I said with what I hoped would be finality.

“Deal.” Erika said and giggled at her partial victory. With that, she hopped off the kitchen stool and tore back upstairs to change.

“Jack, don’t be a downer. She’s so excited.” Paula said.

“She’s never dressed like that before. It…alarms me.” I said with caution in my voice.

“She’s a good girl and she’s beautiful. Don’t be one of those Dads.” Paula said as she cleared the lunch and dropped plates in the sink. “I’ll watch out for her. We’ll be out for awhile, if that’s OK.” She said.

“Yep, OK.” I said in a defeated voice. “Try not to break the bank, OK?”

Erika reappeared in her normal weekend summer togs and flip flops and she and Paula went back out to the car.

Once they were gone and the car disappeared around the corner of our street, I raced back upstairs to see what was going on at the pool next door. The young man was still lying on his back with his soft but surprisingly long penis draped over his thigh. He appeared to be sleeping. I studied the anonymous visitor. I envied his long, youthful cock and the tight young body he displayed without embarrassment as he dozed naked in sight of me and the other near neighbors. He had a lean but soft face with high cheekbones and pouty lips. His long hair seemed perfectly natural for the rest of his body, even if it seemed somewhat effeminate. “Did I ever look that good when I was his age (which I figured was close to Jennie’s, somewhere between 19 and very early 20’s)? Probably not.” I thought despondently.

Suddenly, he seemed to awake and moved his cock from the right thigh to the left. Then reclined his head again and shut his eyes. I felt my own middle-aged cock stir when he rearranged his tool. “Holy mother. I’m getting turned on.” I thought, more subconsciously than consciously but the realization was apparent, as I started to get wood looking at the naked guy below me. I undid my belt and trousers as I had done earlier.

I trained Alanya Escort Bayan my eyes over every inch of the dude’s body, from long hair and pretty face, to his thin, toned torso, to the gorgeous (yes, gorgeous) cock splayed over his thigh, to the long sinewy legs and, yes, delicate, feet. Suddenly, I spied Jennie skipping out from the glass doors of the Carson house. She was now in her swimsuit, a skimpy bikini top and skimpier bottom that I knew from experience was a thong. She leaned over the guy and I had a perfect view of her full, young woman’s bosom, as she bent down to kiss him on the mouth.

The dude shook himself awake as Jennie giggled over him. Then she placed a towel on the wooden deck and got on her knees at the midsection of the reclining guy. In an expert and flawless motion, she scooped the dude’s cock up and immediately sucked it into her mouth. Despite his length, she managed to go deep so that she was fully throating the guy.

“Motherfucker.” I softly mouthed the word aloud from my own private lookout perch.

Jennie began to slowly blow the guy, always going deep when she pushed her head down. The dude seemed totally nonchalant about this awesome act and simply rubbed one of her bare shoulders as Jennie bobbed up and down, focused on giving head.

I had my cock in my hand now and stroking for all I was worth.

Jennie turned her face up to the dude and said something and giggled. Then she went back down on him. After several more deepthroats, the guy seemed to finally come alive and tousled her hair as she buried her face over that long cock and stayed low for awhile. She retreated maybe halfway back up his pole then he tapped her head twice. Jennie went down and stayed there as the dude raised his ass from the chaise and I saw him shiver. He was coming as she stayed glued deep on his cock.

“Holy, fuck!” I cried into the silence of our upstairs hallway as I felt myself beginning to come.

I watched Jennie closely and I could see her cheeks puff out and suck, puff out and suck, as she took the guy’s load deep into her mouth. Finally, she pulled off the guy’s cock where it stood at attention of its own accord as she threw her head backward and I saw her gulp the last of his jizz down her throat. She fell back on top of his thigh and laughed with shaking shoulders.

“Fuckin’-A.” I whispered to myself as I cupped the meager amounts of my own cum that I had caught in my free hand.

I watched a few more minutes. “Maybe she’ll fuck him.” I thought.

But then the dude got up and Jennie ran with bouncing thong-ass to the glass doors before him as they disappeared into the house. “Damnit.” I breathed to myself, certain that Jennie was going to get plowed with that long cock and I would not be able to watch.

I washed up in the bathroom, then went back to the window where I had jerked off to make sure no incriminating sperm had flown or dropped on the surroundings. Satisfied that I had left no evidence, I sauntered downstairs and out to the backyard. I walked to the far end of our yard and turned around, keeping a trained eye on the Carson house hoping I could spy some glimpse of Jennie and her visitor through an open window. No luck. It was almost a relief as I began to feel shame at my voyeurism and the idea I jerked off to the sight of another guy’s cock even before Jennie had given the most amazing blowjob I had ever witnessed outside of a porn video.

I moped back into the house, took a whizz to relieve my aching balls and bladder, and settled on the couch to watch a baseball game on the TV. I kept thinking about the dude, then Jennie, then the dude, then Jennie’s awesome blowjob on the dude. It was like a continuous loop in my head that I couldn’t shake. “Who is that guy?” I wondered. I found myself touching my soft cock in my trousers as I remembered the sight of him laying naked, cock exposed, on the Carson’s chaise lounge. It was almost enough to crowd out the thought of Jennie in her thong giving head to him. I must have dozed off with these thoughts in my tired and frustrated head.


The sound of the door opening with the soft chimes of our alarm system dinging brought me back to the world again. “Daddy! I’m home!” Erika’s voice cried as I heard her clunking in from the driveway entrance through the laundry room. I heard Paula’s step, closing the door behind them.

I stirred up from the couch, leaning back in a wiped-out seated posture in the deep sofa cushions. I looked up at the side entrance of the family room. Erika was standing there smiling from ear to ear. She started to do a little dance as I shook the cobwebs from my sleepy head. Paula appeared standing behind Erika.

“Don’t be mad, Jack.” Paula said sternly.

I sat bolt upright as I saw my daughter clearly now. She was wearing another skintight and very short dress in brilliant white. She threw a leg out and shook it. She had on a pair of sky-high, white platform sandals. She Escort Alanya ran into the family room and preened for me, throwing one leg back and up so I could see her new shoes.

“Daddy, they are divine. Thank you so much!” She cried and then ran towards me on the couch where she planted a wet kiss on my cheek.

“Erika.” I said, still head-groggy but with a growing alarm at what she was wearing.

“Jack, before you say anything…” Paula started.

“What are you WEARING?!” I cried to my wife and daughter, looking at one, then the other.

“Oh, Daddy.” Erika said simply as she continued her sexy circuit around the family room.

“Jack, she looks very nice. I know it’s…different. But this is what girls wear today.” Paula said in a measured voice.

“I’m smokin’ hot!” Erika shrieked as she strutted around the room.

“No, you’re not, young lady!” I said loudly.

“Erika, go upstairs and try on your other dress to see if the shoes go with it.” Paula said to our daughter.

“Yeah, I’ll be back in a flash.” Erika said and bolted to the stairs.

After she was safely out of earshot, I said, “Paula, she’s wearing stripper shoes. And that dress is almost see-through. What were you thinking?” I said dejectedly.

Paula sat on the couch with a thud. “Jack, you have no idea what it’s like with girls today.”

“Yes, I do.” I said, thinking of Jennie next door, giving head to a strange, albeit virile and beautiful, visitor.

“Do you have any idea how hard it is for a smart girl in a school with a bunch of bimbos?” Paula asked flatly.

“So you want to turn her into a bimbo?” I asked astounded, and looked at my wife.

“Jack…” She started.

“Return the shoes and the dress, Paula. She’s not wearing that anywhere, even at home.” I said.

“Well,” Paula started. “She wore the dress and shoes out of the store so there is no returning them.”

“And you let her?” I asked incredulously.

“Jack. She needs this. I know. As a woman. She needs to feel good about her body.” Paula said softly.

“Paula, I could see her nipples.” I whispered, remembering how they protruded through the stretched-thin white spandex material.

Paula looked down at her lap. “Sometimes…” She said.

“Paula, do you want her to show her tits and wear stripper heels on her sixteenth birthday?” I asked, still whispering.

“We have a couple weeks for her to get over it. I can get her back to normal in time for the party.” Paula said unconvincingly.

Before we could continue any further, Erika came bounding down the stairs in her original red and white mini-dress and now a new pair of platform shoes that may have been even more rakishly high than the white ones she bounced in with.

“Mom and Dad. Thank you for all this.” She said proudly, as she posed for us like some girl in a hiphop video.

Erika was now wearing dark red lipgloss and darker makeup than her first appearance. When she hit a pose that stuck her ass out in the tight red and white dress, her feet propped on a pair of scarlet platform sandals, I went weak. “Fuck. She’s a piece of ass.” Which is what I would have said about any woman who looked like Erika did at that moment. I tried to erase that thought from my head.

I got up from the couch and walked upstairs.

“Daddy?” Erika asked expectantly as I took the stairs.

I heard Paula comfort my daughter and tell her, “It’s OK, Daddy is tired.”

Before I went to our bedroom, I took a quick peek out the window above the Carson’s patio. It was empty. “So much the better.” I thought to myself. The image of my daughter’s nipples, ass, and long legs in stripper heels now haunted my thoughts to join Jennie and the dude next door in my erotic thoughts.

Later, after I napped again and cooled down, I spent time with Paula and Erika, who had thankfully changed into her nighttime attire of sweatpants and tee shirt and we had an early dinner and watched a movie on the cable channel. My head was still swimming with the images of Jennie, the dude next door, and my own daughter’s sexy attire on this surprising day.

I decided to turn in early and hoped it would all be over when I awoke. Instead, Paula came upstairs early herself and began undressing quietly while I laid in bed pretending to be asleep. Paula stripped off her daytime attire and let herself naked into the bed next to me. She rustled about for a bit and turned towards me. “Jack.” She whispered. “I know you’re not asleep.” She said as she laid her hand on my stomach beneath the sheet.

I tried to feign sleep but Paula knew me too well. “Jack, let’s talk about it.” She said quietly.

“What?” I said in a fake dreamy, sleepy voice.

“Erika.” Paula said simply,

“What about Erika?” I asked, still faking sleepiness.

“She looked sexy today, didn’t she?” My wife asked in a whisper.

“No.” I lied to her.

“Jack, c’mon,” She said as she lowered her hand beneath the sheet to touch my manhood atop my boxer shorts.

“I don’t want her to look like…a strumpet.” I said feeling old-fashioned as Paula rubbed my cock,

“Jack, as a guy, you have to admit she looked pretty sexy today in her new dresses and shoes.” Paula said as she nestled into my chest and rubbed my cock in the boxers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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