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The Very Best Ever

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This story begins in an office in Houston, Texas.

There was this girl by the name Georgina. She could have been a model for Playboy or Hustler magazines. She had gorgeous blue eyes, very sensuous lips, long blond hair with perky breasts, I’d put them at 36-C. She was about 5′ 7″, weighing around 115 pounds. Her butt was one of the best I’ve ever seen. In fact there wasn’t a day that went by that one of my colleagues didn’t mention his pleasure in following Georgina. What a walk! She had a walk that could make clergymen stir and wonder if they should switch vocations.

She was always wearing the sheerest of blouses, displaying her breasts in the ready to grab, fondle, suck or whatever fantasy thought you may have mode. She wore either a tight skirt or every now and then the sheerest of dresses.

Georgina was seriously dating a guy I’ll call Bill. This guy looked like a linebacker weighing 275 pounds and was at least 6′ 4″ tall and built like an ox. Rumor had it that they were planning to be married in less than six months.

Myself and this fellow by the name of Len, were on a temporary assignment in the Houston office, reassigned from our New York office. Len was good looking guy, but sort Alanya Escort of behind the times. He was stuck in the 60s, loved Elvis and anything he said kind of revolved around Elvis, his music or that era, we were in the late 80s. He was not a very big fellow, 5’9″ weighing about 160 pounds.

Georgina had this huge crush on Len, and her boyfriend, Bill, knew it; and given the chance he’d send Len back to New York in a box. This one particular on Friday at around 5PM we received a telegram requesting that Len needed to go back to New York and that his assignment in Texas was now over. The following Monday, Georgina showed up with a bouquet of flowers for Len. When I told her that he was gone, she almost cried. Trying to comfort her, I said “what a lucky guy…to be liked so much”…she just sighed and left. Next day she came back and told me that he, Len, is not the lucky one and that I was. She then explained that I was there and Len was not…and would I care to have lunch with her.

Feeling shocked, I asked what would she like to eat. She kind of rearranged her golden hair, away from her eye, and said that all she wants to eat is ME. Well I can’t very well refuse such an invitation, Alanya Escort Bayan can I? That day she was wearing a dress and her breasts seemed extra supple. We left and not knowing the area she directed me to this dead end street and told me to park and to enjoy.

She then commenced to fondle me and unzipped my pants took out my organ, which is 6 1/4 inches, but been known to do some damage. She had my balls out too. She was playing with them gently and got on her knees on the front sit and started to lick my organ…I felt I had to do something so I grabbed her breasts and she told me to just to sit and enjoy. I don’t take orders so I grabbed her thigh and eased my way up to her panties…parted them and easily inserted two fingers she was almost ready to come right then.

She had me almost hard by now. Georgina then took each nut into her mouth and alternated like that for five to ten minutes stroking me at the same time ever so gently….I now had three fingers in her and was she breathing heavy. I was pumping my fingers in and out……She now had me hard as she wanted, for she replaced her mouth with her hands and cupped and kneaded my balls and with the tip of her tongue Escort Alanya she traced the ring around the head, followed the length up and down…playfully teasing me…then she took half of me into her mouth. Georgina has obviously done this quite a few times before, for every time she came to the head she would lick all around the eye with her tongue and would suck any residue that might have sipped out. She was literally making love to my organ. I now had four fingers in her and felt her shudder as I kept probing her clit, and felt her juices flowing onto my hand….the warmth…her cries of ecstasy…sent some precum from me which she hungrily gobbled up. She now had me all the way in her mouth….the head of my organ touching her tonsils she made me remove my fingers from her…and told me to concentrate; as if I needed to. I felt my balls starting to contract as she gently squeezed them and started to speed up the sucking and I felt that I was about to explode…I felt the waves of cum into her waiting mouth, she lapped it up and not a drop came out of her mouth. Georgina would not stop until every morsel came out of me and then told me that I tasted great…and that it was the best lunch she had in a long time.

She asked me for a Coca Cola and I took her back to the office, and from there on, she only spoke to me on business related matters, like yesterday’s lunch never happened.

It did though….and it was the very best sexual experience of my life to date.

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