The Unexpected Meeting Ch. 04

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Adam didn’t break their embrace, holding Miles firm against his chest as they gasped for breath. He leaned his head down, still breathing hard, and kissed Miles’ neck, lightly licking the skin, which was salty with sweat. He could feel his own cum slicking the inside of Miles’ ass, and thought he felt a dribble running down his testicles. Miles sighed contentedly and shifted his ass slightly. His sharp intake of breath afterward caused Adam to look up.

“You ok?” Adam asked.

“Oh yeah, fine,” Miles said with a dismissive head shake. “Your dick is just… It’s literally the exact length and curve to just drill my prostate. Literally every time you or I move, it rubs hard against the button, and uh… Yeah, it’s pretty much melting my brain.”

Adam chuckled, and then belly laughed when the movement of his diaphragm caused his dick to move and Miles to yelp in response. Adam shifted his cock about an inch further out so that it wasn’t drilling Miles constantly, but didn’t remove it completely. As he relaxed again, he felt a familiar fullness in his bladder and released the clench of muscles holding it in. After a second or so, he began pissing inside of Miles’ ass.

Adam saw Miles jerk slightly and heard him say, “Are you? Oh fuck, Adam. Ohhng.”

He knew he wouldn’t be able to fill Miles’ ass without causing a serious mess in the house, so Adam cut off the stream after a couple of seconds.

“Was that it?” Miles said with a tone of confusion.

“No. Not by a long shot,” Adam chuckled. “But I don’t think either of us wants to have to clean up a piss and cum enema from the entryway.”

“Oh. Yeah, that’s… Probably true. There’s ah… already a bit of cleaning up to do even without tha—whup!” Adam stopped Miles mid-thought by lifting him off the ground against his chest, and then waddling through the hall. “Uh… Where are we going? Oh god, don’t jostle me too much,” Miles groaned out.

“Just in here,” Adam said, pushing the door into the master bedroom open and beelining for the bathroom. As he walked through the door into the spacious master bath, he released his muscles again, and piss immediately began filling Miles again.

“How are you still harrrrr—,” Miles choked out, before the feeling of piss filling his butt caused him to glaze over slightly. Adam continued through the bathroom as he pissed, and just barely managed to get through the glass door of the walk-in shower before piss started leaking all around his penis and dripping down his body. He set Miles down, and bent him slightly forward. With a groan, Adam began to longdick Miles while pissing, drawing his cock almost all the way out, and then pushing back down to the hilt, hitting Miles’ sensitive prostate again, and forcing piss to spray out around his dick.

“Holyfuckingshit,” Miles gasped out.

Adam’s response was to speed up his thrusts as his erection took over, halting the stream of piss. Wet with piss, sweat and cum, he slid and gyrated against Miles, feeling a second orgasm building. He pushed in deep one more time, roaring in pleasure as his dick kicked and jumped inside Miles, squirting what little cum he had left into the muscular ass of the man gasping in front of him.

After a brief moment of trying to catch his breath and basking in the cool-down from his climax, Adam slowly pulled out of Miles’ butt, releasing some of his piss and cum along with his half-flaccid penis. Miles groaned in relief and stumbled over to the shower bench, where he started to sit, his massive erection sticking straight out of his lap, but almost immediately reconsidered sitting as a squirt of piss shot out of his ass and onto the bench. He blushed heavily and looked down at the floor.

“Can you, um…” he trailed off, gesturing sheepishly at the shower controls.

Adam stared at the naked man standing in front of him, piss and cum dripping down the insides of his thick thighs, and grinned. “You are really beautiful, you know that?”

Miles’ withering stare was a thing to behold.

“Ok, ok!” Adam laughed, turning to the controls. He swiped the touchscreen to turn it on, and then clicked one of the programmed modes, turning on three shower heads, pendik escort bayan one above and two that sprayed lightly from the sides. Miles gave a small gasp of surprise, which modulated into an impressed “Ooooh.” Almost immediately the shower room began to fill with steam.

“Do you, uh… Do you mind…” Miles said, making a spinning motion with one finger.

“Oh, sorry,” Adam said with a twinkle in his eye. He turned and stepped out of the shower and over to a cupboard where he pulled out a small shower aromatherapy machine. He turned back to the shower in time to see Miles stand up from a squatting position, looking relieved.

“All good?” Adam asked as he stepped into the shower and set the small, egg-shaped device on the floor. He flipped a switch, and a woodsy, fresh smell began to fill the shower, dispelling the scent of sex and piss. Not that I mind that smell… Adam surprised himself a little with that thought. He was normally pretty particular about smells, but the pungent, sweet smell of the piss in his shower was somehow… Not off-putting. And getting a whiff of it sent a tingle through his cock. Maybe I’ll use this thing a little less often, Adam thought, looking down at the disperser.

“Yes. Much better,” Miles said, stepping closer to Adam, whose breath caught in his throat as he left his own thoughts and refocused on Miles. Miles began to raise his head, as if to kiss him, but hesitated there. “Oh. I know you’re… Not gay? Or?” he stammered shyly.

“Who cares?” Adam nonchalantly replied, dipping his head down to Miles’ mouth. He started soft and slow, but quickly deepened the kiss, running his tongue across Miles’ lips until they parted, and touched the tip of Miles’ tongue with his. Miles seemed taken aback at first, and his body felt stiff as Adam held his shoulders, but he relaxed into the embrace after a couple of seconds, melting into Adam’s kiss.

Adam pulled back after a moment and said with a wry grin, “Sex is sex. People are people. If you can make me cum in my pants without even touching myself, I don’t think I have any right to say I’m ‘not’ whatever I would be for liking you.”

“That’s… fair,” Miles said, laughing awkwardly, still looking somewhat shy. Adam couldn’t help but smile as he looked into the bright hazel eyes staring back at him.

“C’mere,” Adam chuckled a moment later, turning Miles around, gently pushing him toward the center of the shower sprays, and lightly slapping his furry ass as he moved. Miles turned his head and squinted at Adam in mock annoyance. He reached out and gently yanked Adam’s foreskin, and then shuffled into the steaming water, grinning.

Half an hour later, Adam was rummaging through his large walk-in closet, grabbing lounge clothes off the built-in shelving units, when Miles padded out of the bathroom with a fluffy green towel in his hands, furiously scrubbing at his hair. “Whatcha doin’?” he asked, spotting Adam’s head sticking out of the closet.

“Just grabbing some clothes real quick,” Adam replied.

“Meh. Why bother?” Miles shot back, dropping the towel on the floor. He took a couple quick steps toward the large bed and tossed himself onto it, back first, spread-eagle, his penis flying into the air as he went sailing onto the plush bedspread. Adam snorted and started to say something snarky about scandalizing the neighbors, but then shrugged and tossed the clothes back onto the shelves.

When he re-entered the bedroom, Miles had rolled onto his side and propped his head up with his hand, leaning on his elbow and displaying his naked front. Adam had been about to say something, but all thought whooshed out of his brain as his eyes settled on the huge, flaccid dick in front of him, and his mouth hung open in vapid confusion. Miles just smirked and flicked his dick up with a finger.

“Hmph,” Adam said, his senses returning to him, and he turned, shook his hairy ass at Miles, and padded out of the room toward the kitchen. As he left the bedroom, he happened to glance to his right, and saw the disaster in the entryway; pools of piss and cum everywhere, pissed-in and discarded clothing, and shoes scattered around the maltepe escort floor. Adam groaned loudly.

“What?” Miles’ call echoed into the hallway. Adam heard soft footsteps on the bedroom carpet, and just placed his face in his palm, pointing toward the entryway.

“Oh my god,” Miles crowed, collapsing into giggles.

Adam pursed his lips sarcastically and tossed a sardonic “Mmm hm,” at Miles before resignedly trudging toward the broom closet for cleaning supplies.

Miles, still grinning with mirth and wiping a tear from his eye, caught his arm as he went by. “Wait wait, show me where the cleaning stuff is, and let me take care of it. I’m the one who pissed his pants, afterall,” Miles pointed out with a self-deprecating smile.

Adam hesitated. “Ah, you don’t have to do that.”

“I insist,” Miles said, smiling.

Adam waffled for a second, and then made a motion of resigned capitulation as he sighed and turned back toward the closet. A few steps behind, Miles wolf-whistled at him, and popped on a shit-eating grin when he side-eyed his naked employee. Employee, he thought with an inward groan of distress. Jee. Zus. Chripst. This is gonna be such a fucking mess. He shook the thought out of his mind. No point in planning controversy that didn’t exist yet.

He pointed out the closet to Miles as he went by, giving Miles’ bubble butt a slap before dashing off to the kitchen to avoid retaliation.

Adam was laying on the sectional in the living room a while later, idly scrolling on his phone, when Miles walked back in, rubbing sweat from his forehead with his forearm.

“Well, that’s done. Your wall is absolutely, one-hundred percent pregnant now, but everything’s clean.”

Adam snorted at Miles’ joke and said, “I ordered pizza, by the way.”

Miles suddenly looked slightly uncomfortable. “Um, aren’t you taking me home?”

Adam’s stomach dropped a little, and he swallowed back disappointment. “Oh, sorry. Yeah, I totally can. You don’t want to stay for some dinner?” he asked.

“Well…” Miles said. “I… It’s not that I don’t want to stay here more—Adam, are you sure you’re ok with everything that’s happening?” Miles inquired, switching gears. “All of…” Miles pretended to check a phantom watch on his arm. “Six? Hours ago, you were straight, vanilla, and barely aware of my existence outside of the copy room.” His words did ring true, even if they rankled Adam somehow. “Now suddenly we’re fucking each other left and right, pissing all over each other, and hanging out naked in your apartment eating pizza? But you’re still gonna be my boss—albeit indirectly, I admit—at work?”

Adam had grown a little frustrated in the middle of Miles’ speech, but had to laugh by the end. “Who said I wasn’t going to be the boss outside of work too?” he joked, smirking at the younger man. Miles frowned, however, looking exasperated.

“I’m serious, Adam. I… I’m worried that you’re jumping into all of this headfirst, having no idea what’s below the surface; or even what liquid you’re jumping into, for that matter.” His voice had raised slightly by the end, and his face had flushed slightly. He blinked hard, and Adam worried that tears might be forthcoming if he wasn’t careful.

Adam shoved his phone onto the coffee table and stood up off the couch, saying softly, “Hey…” before walking over to Miles. “I’m an adult, Miles. I’m sure you’re not wrong that I don’t know absolutely everything about what I’m getting myself into,” He spread his arms in an admissive way. “Buuut… I’m not exactly a naive kid who’s gonna get themselves into deep shit, ya know? I’m open to trying something new, and if it’s not everything I was expecting… I’ll change my mind and move on,” he said with a shrug. “But given how my body’s been reacting today, that uh… seems unlikely,” he said with a quirky side smile and a quick tug at his soft dick.

Miles had been staring mostly at the floor while Adam talked, but still looking up here and there. Now he looked into Adam’s eyes, searching, his brow furrowed. “You’re… sure? This feels normal to—” Adam’s snort laugh was far too loud to not interrupt Miles’ question. kartal escort Miles rolled his eyes not unkindly, and smiled slightly, holding his hands palms out in front of him. “Ok, ok. Not normal, but this feels… healthy? And… reasonable, I guess?”

Adam lifted his right hand up to the side of Miles’ face and rubbed the pad of his thumb across the young man’s cheek. When Miles involuntarily leaned into his caress, he smiled again with the lightest of laughs. “Healthy? Reasonable? Meh. Maybe so. Maybe not. But it feels good. It feels right. You feel good,” he said with the barest undertone of lasciviousness in his voice. At the same time, he raised his left hand slightly, slid it across the soft curve of flesh at Miles’ hip, and stepped closer, their stomachs touching. Adam immediately felt a stir in his dick as Miles’ flaccid cock pressed up against his thigh.

“Ok?” Adam said, looking directly into Miles’ eyes, which were nearly sparkling as they reflected the summer evening light streaming through the massive windows that stretched the North side of the room. Miles stared back up at him and lightly chewed the inside of his lip. To Adam’s horror and chagrin, he felt his dick chubbing up with the pressure from various body parts, and it lifted itself into a full-blown erection between them, pressing itself against Miles’ belly. They tried to stay serious at first, staring into each other’s eyes, but as they did, the increasing absurdity of the situation grew—much like Adam’s cock—between them; one after the other, cackles burst out of them until they shook with laughter in each other’s arms, Adam crushing Miles’ smaller frame in his embrace.

“Ok, ok! It’s ok! You’re squishing me!” Miles squeaked, beating comically at Adam’s chest with his hand.

Adam cackled again and said, “Is that why you want to get away, or is it…” He released Miles from the bear hug to reach down between them and grasp the mostly hard cock hanging from Miles’ frame, pulling it up between them and pressing it back against Miles’ belly with his own erection. “This?”

Adam couldn’t help the shit-eating grin on his face as he shifted his weight up and down slightly, frotting against Miles’ dick. Miles looked at him with narrowed eyes in a way that could have melted paint off of the wall; but Adam just smiled more, cheekily licked the tip of Miles’ nose, and turned to go back to the couch.

When he looked over his shoulder, it was already too late. With a fiery look of feigned outrage, Miles slammed his palm into Adam’s ass, eliciting a squeal of pain as Adam danced away, clutching his buttcheek, his erection bouncing comically in front of him. “Ah fuck, you bastard! I’ll never be able to sit straight again!” Adam wailed.

Miles laughed evilly. “And you deserve it, too! Wait,” he said, laughing harder. “Let me see your ass, did I leave a mark?”

“Of course you did, you fucker!” Adam wailed in feigned anger, desperately trying to look behind him to see his wounded cheek.

“You’re right, I did!” Miles crowed, as he bent over and belly laughed at the floor.

Adam narrowed his eyes at his assailant and squared his shoulders. “Whoo hoo hoo, you don’t even know what you’ve started here.”

Miles looked up from laughing and raised one eyebrow, still shaking with mirth. “Oooh no. Nope. My ass is a sacred treasure. No touchy. You can put things in it, but you may not assault its fine facade,” he said, sticking out his tongue.

Adams’ eyes remained narrowed, but he huffed and turned back to the couch. “Fine. In that case, however, there is definitely going to be something in it, and soon,” he warned as he plopped back into his spot on the plush sectional.

“Was that a threat, or a pick-up line?” Miles asked with a smirk and waggling eyebrows as he slid down onto the cushion at Adam’s feet.

Adam snorted. “I hope you like mushrooms, you turd, cuz both pizzas have them.”

Miles indicated himself with a hand to his chest and said, “Me?! A turd? How very dare.” Adam looked up as Miles suddenly climbed between his legs and grabbed his mostly flaccid dick, skinning it back to reveal the glistening head. Miles licked it hard, dragging his entire tongue across the frenulum and tickling it with the tip of his tongue at the end of the lick. Adam gasped and clutched the cushions around him as his dick pumped into an aching erection. Miles grinned evilly as he said, “And yes, mushrooms are my favorite.”

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