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The Trouble with Arousal is… Pt. 04

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The film ended and the TV screen went blank. Casi looked at herself in the window mirror once again and smiled at her would be voyeur as she removed her fingers and put them into her mouth to suck off her juices. She had had two or maybe three orgasms whilst watching Alex’s home-made pornos. They were guaranteed to make her come. But as usual, she did not feel completely fulfilled. If anything, it left her wanting more.

Pulling off her soaking panties she stood and went into the downstairs bathroom to clean herself up. Then brushing her teeth, went upstairs to the bedroom. In the room Casi disrobed quietly in the dark, she was desperate for her husband to wake and give her a good seeing too, but was also keen for him to get the sleep he needed. So, having thrown her wet panties into the wash, followed by her dress that bore signs of wetness too. She slipped off her bra and threw that in as well. Then she walked into her walk-in wardrobe, pushing the door to and turning on the light.

Going through her nightwear drawer she picked out a negligee that was a deep rosy red in colour and slipped that on. It barely covered her bum and pussy, and would normally be worn with the matching panties, but Casi didn’t bother with those. Checking herself in the mirror, it was evident that her nipples had yet to calm down and were even now trying to break out through the thin silken weave. She brushed each with a fingertip and smiling turned off the light and walked back into the bedroom.

Alex was a light sleeper, so invariably he woke when she entered the room and definitely when she got into bed. But again, her hopes were dashed on that score. As she settled down, she contented herself by pushing her bum up tightly against him, feeling the bulge of his cock and balls against her cheeks. The heat from his body permeated through her, adding to her already ‘hot’ body. “Not again,” she whispered to herself, putting both hands to her crotch and pushing hard down, “Let me sleep!” It took a while as numerous fantasy scenarios of what she was going to do with her husband, kept playing through her head, but eventually she fell sleep.

Casi woke to the sound of the shower running and Alex washing himself. She thought that maybe she would join him there, he wouldn’t be able to ignore her then. But as the thought solidified, the shower was turned off and Alex could be heard towelling himself down. He entered the bedroom quietly, completely naked, drying his hair. He had a toothbrush in his mouth and was doing both things, obviously on a mission. He wanted to get into work early to complete the final phases of the project that had begun with his presentation.

Casi’s eyes immediately latched on to that bit of his body that her body craved for. Alex’s exposed cock had the foreskin drawn back exposing the glans. More of note to Casi, was that his penis was at ‘half-mast’. Why he was semi erect, she didn’t know, but the sight of his gorgeous weapon re-lit her fire and added fuel to it.

“Well at least someone is pleased to see me!”

Alex stopped in his tracks, holding onto a pair of socks and some underwear. Smiling he turned and said, “Well good morning! You know that the both of us are always pleased to see you, all of you.” He moved to the bed, dropping his clothes at the bottom.

“What, all of this?” Casi said throwing back the bed clothes. Her little nightie had ridden up to just below her breasts, her fanny was now fully exposed.

“Yes, Osmanbey travesti all of that,” Alex said swooping in for a morning kiss and grasping an already hard nipple between thumb and finger. Casi reached out grasping his cock at the base, her fingers caressing his balls, but he pulled quickly away. “Uh, uh, uha!” He admonished. “Sorry my love, but must be getting to work.” He kissed her again, tenderly, then walked into the wardrobe collecting his socks and pants on the way. Casi kicked her feet in frustration and threw the covers back over herself. This was getting serious, she thought.

In a matter of moments, Alex was dressed and nipping downstairs he made a quick, toast breakfast and some tea. Having finished his toast, he went back upstairs to take Casi her tea. She had already got up and was in the shower, so he shouted out, “Tea is on your dressing table! See you later!”

“BYE,” Casi responded, have a nice day.”

With that Alex clattered back down the stairs, picked up his ‘Surface’ and jacket and left. He jumped in his BMW and reversed down the drive, then sped up the lane.

Casi soaped away the grime of her night of self-pleasure. Washing away the imagined semen that had splashed upon her in the porno she had watched as if it had truly happened last night. Seeing Alex’s cock and touching it oh so briefly had made matters so much worse. She needed him so badly, that she could hardly stand. She seemed on constant heat and needed to be fucked good and hard. Even as she washed she could feel her juices flowing, making a mess of her pussy again. She was fighting a losing battle and would have to step up the game.

Finishing her shower, she wrapped some towels about her and did her teeth. She then towelled down her hair and picked up the hairdryer to give it a quick blast. This really added volume and as she stood in the early morning sunlight, it created a halo of gold about her head. As she looked in the mirror, she was thinking thoughts that would more likely akin her to the Devil than to Angels or Saints. Particularly at that moment as a thought came into her head and a wicked smile fell upon her lips. Dropping her towel, she strutted naked to the bed and lay down upon it.

Picking up her phone she took a picture of herself and sent it to her husband saying ‘Look what you’re missing?’ She then held a breast in her hand and squeezed the nipple, taking another picture. ‘I wonder if I can suck my own nipples?’ She messaged to Alex. Then she placed a couple of fingers on her clit, opening wide her labia and taking a close up of that. She was surprised at herself for being this blatant and openly sexual. She had never taken pictures like this before, but her need was great. ‘Guess it’s down to me, again.’ She hesitated a few seconds wondering whether she should be sending something as explicit as that, but then hit the send button.

Her fingers had remained on her pussy. It had not been her intention to play with herself again, but she was so worked up, it was probably inevitable. Her fingers circled her already erect clit, and a trickle of her juice running down across her bum cheek told her that she was ripe for another masturbation session. Sighing in resignation, she rolled to her bedside drawers and pulled out her favourite toy. It had a white handle on where the controls were, which Casi liked because she could easily dial in her required different sorts of Ayrancı travesti vibrations, thus meeting her needs. The other half of the vibrator was pink and had a head to be inserted and another head that curled around so that when the toy was inside, this part would be in contact with her clitoris. Not quite a ‘Rabbit Vibrator’, but very similar in idea.

Casi wasted no time in lubricating the head with her juices before slowly sliding the toy into her expectantly waiting and aching vagina. “MMmmmmmohh.” She mumbled as she switched the toy on and the vibrations started. She aligned the heads so that when it was fully inserted, it brushed on her clit. The first contact was like she had been electrocuted. Her body jumped and spasmed. Her legs slamming shut tight on her hand, preventing any movement. The vibrations permeated throughout her body bringing her to a peak very quickly. She pulled out the vibrator with a squelch and then slipped it slowly back in again, then as she pulled it out, Casi decided to film a quick video on her phone of her inserting the toy to its hilt.

With her camera phone in place and filming, she slid the vibrator back in, however, the extra thrill of filming herself masturbating, something she had never done before, caused an unintended and extremely intense orgasm to hit her. “OHhh my God, Ohhhh, ummm, Oh, Oh,” Casi panted a she tried to control her breathing. Her cries of orgasm were being recorded on the phone even though the dropped device was now only filming her bum cheek. Casi pulled out the vibrator and then forcefully rammed it home again, this time making sure the curled head touched her clitoris. “Ooooooowww, huhh, huh, ohhhh GOD!” Both her legs were spasming uncontrollably and as her thigh came down on her phone, she inadvertently sent the video to Alex.

Casi had forgotten about the phone in her lust and just wanted more. Jumping out of bed she pulled out the vibrator and left it on the covers. She then walked into the wardrobe and went through her lingerie draw. Her fingers felt the big rubber object before she saw it and she made a grab and pulled it out. Her hands were wrapped around an eight-inch realistic black rubber cock. “Oh boy are you going to get it!” Casi murmured. She then spotted the same suspender belt that she had worn in the home-made porno she watched last night and thought, that wearing that and the same stockings would make her even more turned on.

So, grabbing it, she slipped it about her waist and then snapped the clasp closed. Then opened her stocking draw and pulled out some black silk stockings that lay on the top. She quickly slipped one on her right leg clipping on the suspender, then moved to her left leg. Whilst clipping this on she felt a rivulet of her juices run down her leg and into the top band of the stocking.

It was unusual for Alex to get a text on his way to work, let alone three. He decided he had better pull over at the next available spot and check them out. It took a couple of minutes to find a spot in which to safely stop. He then picked up his phone and looked. He smiled when he saw it was his wife, probably sending a kiss and a good luck? When he opened the first text her read ‘Look what you’re missing?’ Scrolling down he was both shocked and amazed at his wife for sending a full frontal naked picture of herself as she lay on the bed, obviously fresh from the shower.

His loins however were less shocked and immediately Cebeci travesti stirred in their appreciation of this extremely erotic image, reminding him what he was missing out on. He scrolled further down to the next message, ‘I wonder if I can suck my own nipples?’ Casi’s picture of her holding her breast and playing with the nipple hit his spot. Immediately his erection was at full strength and that made him feel very uncomfortable in these trousers. He had to undo the zip so that her could stuff a hand in and make a few adjustments. As he was fiddling, he scrolled down with his other hand and saw her last message.

‘Guess it’s down to me, again?’ The explicit picture of his wife with her fingers on her fanny, almost made him come there and then. He quickly let go of his erection, just in case he did. His wife had never sent him something as explicit as this before, it was evident that he had some duties to perform at home that were equally if not more, important than work. He dialled into work and told his boss that he will be working from home today. Then turned the car around and headed back home in a hurry.

It wasn’t long before he was back and he crept into the house hoping to surprise his wife. He stripped off thinking there was no better way of doing that than to greet her completely naked. Putting all of his clothes on the chair, he was about to go upstairs when his phone buzzed at him. Looking at it, he could see another message from his wife, so he opened it. The picture showed her laying with legs wide with a sex toy in her hand. He pressed play and saw Casi slowly insert the vibrator into her.

He could see that it was already wet with her juices, so had been inside her just before. With that one thrust inside her she exploded into orgasm. “Christ!” he said as he continued to watch her pumping hand, then the picture went dark where she dropped the phone, but he could still hear his wife scream, ‘OHhh my God, Ohhhh, ummm, Oh, Oh,’ Followed shortly by ‘Ooooooowww, huhh, huh, ohhhh GOD!’ After that, the video stopped.

“Wow, you naughty girl…” Was all that Alex could say. His mouth had gone dry and looking down at himself, he was not surprised to see his cock at the hardest it had been for a while. The glans were exposed and the plum coloured head had that glossy sheen it gets when fully hard. The large veiny shaft was both long and wide. To be fair, he was somewhat blessed in that department. As he watched, his erection bobbed up and down, as if searching for a place to embed itself. “Soon,” Alex said, “Soon.”

He silently walked up the stairs, his cock waggling from side to side in its turgid state. As he neared his smile turned to one of shock, and then anger when he heard Casi saying “OOOOOhhhhhmyGodddd, ohh, owww yes baby, ugh, ugh. You know what I need so give it to me. I want your entire throbbing, hard length inside me. Yes, baby, yes, oooohhh please, stick it in me now!”

Casi was now dressed in her erotic attire of stockings and suspender belt. Looking at herself in the mirrored doors, she smiled. Her breasts were heaving sandy coloured orbs of firm rounded flesh. Her nipples, perched on the upturn, were large and painfully erect. She cupped a breast in each hand and gave the nipples a merciless squeeze between her fingers. As she looked at her flared, womanly hips and long stocking covered legs, she was pleased at how she presented. But the mirrored doors had suddenly given her an idea. Collecting the rubber dildo from where she had put it, she said, “Umm a bit of black never hurt anyone!” Then smiling, licked her fingers and spread her saliva onto the suction base of the cock. Sticking it at what she considered to be the right height on the mirror.

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