Ağu 31

The Trip Home

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It was getting late. We had to tear ourselves away from the bar, and get to the BART train, before they stopped letting people into the system. I paid the bar tab, grabbed your hand and we headed out the swinging doors. Even though its 1:00am, the weather is fantastic, still very warm. We walk the short block to the BART station and get on the escalator. I stand two stairs below you, so we can kiss all the way down to the bottom. I run my hands up your short, leather skirt, pull you close and nibble on your ear. We get to the bottom and walk over to the ticket machine. As I am putting the bills in to the machine, you reach around my waist from behind and start to grab me through my pants. It feels so good; I close my eyes for a second and take a deep breath. I finish getting the tickets and we head for the turn styles, go through them and take the stairs down, hand in hand.

As we get halfway down, I see the train waiting for us; we run down the stairs and jump through the doors, just as they slide together. It is the last car on of the train, and there is not another person here. We walk the length of the car and you sit down in the first booth, facing away from the door. I look through the glass doors, into the next car, and that one too, is empty. I guess there are not a lot of people on BART at 1:30 in the morning.

I slide into the seat beside you and put my arm around your shoulder and move as close to you as I can. You lean over and start to nibble on my right ear, and it sends shivers through out my body. Your right hand finds its way to my crotch, and you start to massage my cock through my jeans.

I move your hand away and say, “Not now, we can fool around when we get home.”

You say “NO, I want you here, right now,” and start to unzip my pants.

You let out a cute little gasp when you notice I don’t have any underwear on and take hold of my cock. My breathing gets more rapid, as you take my cock out and start to play with it. You tell me you want to suck my cock, and I say “no, what if someone comes in?”

You say, “No one will come in, and it’s at least 10 minutes until we reach the next station.”

Your eyes catch mine and you start to jerk me faster, as you whisper, “I want to taste you NOW.”

I lean back and close my eyes, as your mouth slowly descends over my hard on. I try and concentrate on your talented tongue, and listen to see if anyone is going to surprise us, by coming through the door from the next car. My hand moves between your legs, and you spread your legs wide for me, as you slowly go up and down on my hard cock. I start to move my fingers around on the outside of your panties. I can feel how damp they are, and start to press my fingers in to your wet pussy through the silky material. As I zero in on your hard clit, you let my cock out of your mouth look up at me, and give me a long passionate Alanya Escort kiss. Your hand takes over and you start to massage my balls and tell me how you can’t wait to lick them and roll them around on your tongue. I take my hand away from your hot pussy, so I can lick my fingers and taste your sweet essence. As I move my hand towards my mouth you stop me and guide the fingers in to your mouth instead. After you suck all your juices off you tell me, you want me to taste something else. At that point you reach under your skirt, lift your ass of the seat, and pull your panties down over your legs and take them off. You bring the panties to my mouth and let me lick and smell them, they are so wet. It’s like you already came.

My hand dives back into your pussy, and I spread your lips wide, as I start to rub your clit, hard, this time there is no material to get in the way. You are so wet, my finger slide all the way in you. After a minute of playing with your hot pussy, you say, “I need you in me, NOW.”

I return, “No, we will be pulling in to the station any second.”

“I don’t give a fuck,” comes out of your mouth. “I want you to fuck me right now.”

You stand up slide and your left leg over mine, so your back is to me. You take my dick in your hand, spread your lips, put my cock just inside you and slam your body down on to mine. I reach around and under your sweater taking both tits in my hands as I start to pull and play with your nipples, while you bounce up and down on my cock. I am so excited at the whole situation that any second now, I am going to explode and shoot my cum deep in to your pussy. I let go of your tits and grab your waist and star to pull you down hard on me. I moan to you that I am going to cum any second and you start to move faster, the feeling, nothing like I ever felt before. I feel the cum starting to move around deep inside my balls and hope I don’t pass out with pleasure, after I fill you with my white, hot cum. All of a sudden we hear the whistle blowing, and the train starts to slow down. I open my eyes and look through the window just as the platform comes in to view. Any second now anyone standing on the platform will be able to see us.

You swear under your breath as you get off my cock and stand up in the isle, trying to get that freshly fucked look off your face. I shove my dick back in my jeans and zip them up just as the train comes to a complete stop. I pick up your wet panties and put them in my pocket and we walk out the car door.

We walk up the stairs to exit the station and I whisper to you, “I can’t wait to get home to finish off what we had started,”

You breathlessly answer, “Hell, I’m not waiting 20 minutes for you to fuck me some more.”

We exit the station and start to walk through the parking lot to my car.

I say, “Well, my love, you will Alanya Escort Bayan have to wait until we get home, because there is not enough room to fool around in my car.”

Laughingly you counter, “I know that, but there is plenty of room on the hood of your car to get things done!”

We are almost at the car, and the lights start to go out. It’s late and there are very few cars still in the lot. Mine is at the far end, with nobody or anything nearby. You get to the car a few steps before me and jump up and sit on the hood beckoning me to you. I move up to you as you spread your legs and invite me in. We start to make out, our tongues struggling for the right to dive into the others mouth. I lean in to you and feel your breasts mashed against my chest, as my hands grab you by the ass and pull your entire body to me. I take my left hand off your ass and slide it under your sweater and start to play with your right breast, pulling on your always hard nipple. Our lips separate and your tongue slides down my neck and you start to bite and nibble on my throat. Even though the night is still warm, your tongue sends a chill through my body.

You feel my still hard cock, poking you in the crotch and say, “You are at just the right height to fuck me, so get to it.”

We start to kiss some more as I reach down and start to undo my pants. Your hands move down to your pussy and you start to play with yourself, getting it ready for me. You take my throbbing dick in your hand and aim it at your cunt, I do the rest as I ram it balls deep in to you with one thrust. You gasp out loud and fall back on the hood. I take you by your ass and pull you all the way on to me, us I move in to a slow rhythm as I bury my cock in to you as far as I can, and pull it all the way back out, then use my cock head to split your lips and ram it deep again. You pulled your sweater up over your tits so I could see you massaging your them, pulling on your thimble sized, rock hard nipples, pulling on them one-second, and pushing them deep in to your flesh the next. It takes me a split second to thrust my cock all the way into you, and five seconds to slowly pull it all the way out. You are so wet, that it slides with ease both ways.

After a few minutes of this slow sexual torture, I can tell its time for me to cum, my breathing gets deeper and I can no longer pull out of you slowly. Now, my cock is coming out as fast as its going in, you notice the difference and start to pull on your nipple with one hand, and start to finger your clit with the other. You are moaning and gasping for air, like I am, ready to cum in any second.

I look down at my cock banging into you, and it’s a blur of motion, in and out in and out. I am seconds away from cumming. You let go of your heaving breast, take your hand off your clit and as you are pushing me away. You Escort Alanya tell me you want to cum while getting fucked from behind. You hop of the car, turn around and bend over the hood of the car and wiggle your awesome ass in my face mashing your tits on the hood of the car. I know that if I enter you now, I will cum in a second and not give you the pleasure you deserve. I get on my knees between your legs and start to suck on your pussy, my tongue on your clit and my nose buried in you. You are so wet; the sweet juice is flowing into my mouth. I bury my tongue inside you as far as I can, and slip two fingers inside you as well.

My fingers find your clit and your whole body shakes as you moan out, ” Yeeeesssss!!!!” in pleasure.

You start to move your ass down on to me as I lean in to you, my mouth still buried in your cunt. My cock is now ready to finish what we started. I get off my knees and give each of your ass checks a quick bite as I stand up. My still hard as a rock cock, is ready to enter your steamy, wet cunt. I take my dick in my hand, give it a few strokes to get it ready, spread your pussy lips wide open, move close to you and slide it in. Another gasp escapes your lips and you reach out and try to grab on to the hood of the car as my cock slides in and out of your wet pussy. I get in to a nice slow rhythm, as I thrust in to you over and over, all the way in, almost all the way out. You do your best to move your ass back against me. You have no leverage so you stop moving and let me do all the work. I lean over you and start to slide my hands under your sweater, and grab your tits. I can’t get much of a hold on them, but I can reach your nipples and try my best to flick them around. That feeling is returning to my balls and I can tell it’s not going to be long now before I cum.

I take my right hand out from under you, move your hair from your ear and whisper, “You are so fucking hot, I will remember this night as long as I live.”

My thrusting starts to get faster. The faster and deeper I fuck you, the louder your moans get. You beg, “Fill me with your cum, explode inside me!!!”

I say, “Yessssss, yesssssss, any second now you will get your wish.”

My right hand, slides between your legs and finds your clit. I start to rub it with my index finger, while my body shoves my cock deep inside you. Your clit is so hard; you are seconds away from cumming. I feel your cunt muscles tighten on my cock as you begin to cum. This sends me over the edge and as you explode with pleasure, so do I. Your upper body arches back as wave after wave of ecstasy, rumbles through you like an earthquake, and spurt after spurt of cum, shooting out through my dick, goes deep inside of you. My body collapses on top of yours and my knees go weak. I use what little energy I have left to keep us from sliding off the car hood and down on to the ground.

Whispering into your ear, “That was the most exciting encounter of my life.”

Turning your head and looking in to my eyes you breathlessly say, “Honey, you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Many thanks to Angel Love, for editing, my first submission.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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