Eki 19

The Trainer

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The client had light blonde hair and looked younger than her 42 years. She sported an hourglass form that was partly the result of good genes but mostly due to a clean lifestyle. Well, clean to a POINT…

She walked into the gym with a swagger in her step, quickly working up a sweat as she flipped a tire, pushed a sled, and did sprints on the treadmill. Once done, she sauntered over to the trainer, who stood six inches taller than she did. He had blue eyes that could melt the coldest heart, and a personality that could charm the panties off a nun.

“How did I do, coach?” She asked with a smile.

He stood above her, hands on hips. “Get on your knees,” he ordered.

She nodded sheepishly, not questioning his authority.

He pulled down his sweatpants and boxers, his erection fully formed. She knew what to do.

She took every inch of him into her pretty mouth, looking up at him periodically with her blue eyes. He pushed on her head, forcing her to choke on his manhood. She did her best to take every inch of him into her mouth and down her throat, willing herself not to gag.

“Take escort çapa it like a good girl,” he growled as he pushed harder on her head, delighting in the way she struggled. After a few more moments, he loosened his grip and allowed her to breathe.

She cupped his balls as she continued to suck him off, swirling her tongue around the tip of his engorged head before deep throating him once more.

He began to fuck her face, spanking her round ass from time to time as he did so. His breathing became more rapid as he approached climax, and she began to run her hand faster and faster along the length of his shaft. Any minute now…

“Tell me what you like about my cock,” he panted.

She backed away from his member and looked at him with a smile, her smudged makeup doing little to detract from her innocent facade. “It’s fucking huge,” she panted, before resuming fellatio.

He smiled approvingly. “That’s a good girl,” he crooned as she built momentum once again. She began to finger herself, and he provided a helping hand.

For the next few moments, nothing eskort istanbul existed but the two of them. No phones ringing, no appointment cancellations, no worries about last minute visits from high maintenance clients. Just the sound of heavy breathing punctuated with an occasional spank. The tension and tempo built over the next few moments, until they both approached rapture.

Their respective grunts competed for center stage as they approached orgasm at the same time. His manhood exploded in her mouth, and she swallowed without hesitation as she moaned. Her panties became soaked with her own juices, and she tried to remember the last time a man had helped her climax like that.

He wordlessly handed her a wet wipe, taking one for himself as well. Now that the deed had been done, there was nothing left to say, and a smile and a wink took the place of empty words.

She was the first to speak. “Same time next week?” She asked as she stood up and took a swig of water.

He nodded as he pulled up his pants, a huge grin on his flushed face. “Yes, ma’am.”

Knock, eskort bayrampaşa knock

“Hey, sorry I’m a little early,” a male voice said. It was the next client, who was already putting down his gym bag as he went over to the treadmill to warm up.

The trainer greeted the client briefly before turning back to her.

She and the trainer looked at each other longingly, knowing play time was over but looking forward to the following session, which would hopefully last longer.

She left the gym with a smile on her face, looking at her phone as she got into her car.

“How was he?” Her friend had texted her.

“Delicious,” she replied with a smirk.

Later that night…

“Great job today,” the trainer texted her as he fondled himself in bed, adding a “winky face” to the message. It had been a long day but his hour with her always went by so quickly.

“You bring a girl to her knees,” she quipped back within seconds as she touched herself in bed. “No pun intended.”

He chuckled, falling asleep with his cock in his hand and wondering what it would feel like to have full intercourse with her. She did the same, her finger inside her wetness as she fantasized about him, hoping that next time would last a little longer and that they could go a little farther, with no interruptions. Until then, she could dream…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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