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The Tour

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(Writer’s Note: This is the sequel to Country Road)

“Damn, I’m going to cum in you now, you hot little bitch,” he groaned. She could feel her own orgasm rising again, each slap sending an electric thrill straight to her clit. Her breasts were on fire, throbbing in time to her pulsing pussy. She felt him stiffening, the rigid cock driving even deeper and she could feel the white, hot seed, shooting into her from the throbbing head. Her orgasm raced through her like a freight train as the massive cock throbbed and bucked inside her. She moaned and strained against the handcuffs her body bucking against his, trapping his shaft inside her for a moment.

Her hand stopped and she collapsed back in her chair, spent from the orgasm she had induced. She opened her eyes and twirled a strand of blonde hair with her fingers as she thought back to the day the deputy had taken her on the back of her car. “Yes, that was a good day,” she thought. “Its time to see if I can track him down. I’m tired of masturbating over that cock of his, I need the real thing again,” she contemplated. With that desire in mind she decided to leave early. She unlocked the door to her office told her secretary she was leaving and headed home. She spent the drive home deciding what she was going to wear. “Let’s see, the red plaid mini-skirt, the tight white shirt with the plunging neckline, and the black boots again. That should get his attention,” she thought. “Yes, that should do nicely,” she smiled to her self.

She reached home and changed quickly. Then back to the car and off again, the Mustang straining like a thoroughbred on the road. An hour later she was pulling off on to the back road, a trail of dust in her wake. She headed for the picnic area where she had met him the first time. There was no one there when she arrived. Disappointed she took out her map and contemplated where to go from there. There was a small town about five miles up the road. That looked like as good a place as any to start looking. She gunned the Mustang’s engine and was off. The five miles went by quickly and soon she was entering what the map had generously declared was a small town.

A few houses on the outskirts and then she was on the main street. It had all those tiny little stores associated with small towns everywhere all packed on to the main street but most importantly there was a sheriff’s office and directly across from it a small diner. Parked out in front of the sheriff’s office were two police cars. “Well, it could be one of those, I suppose, “she thought, realizing that she had not paid much attention to the car the deputy had been driving. Parking the Mustang in front of the diner so it could easily be seen from the window of the sheriff’s office she went inside.

The bells above the door jingled as she entered. There were only a few people inside the diner this late in the afternoon. Two older men sitting at the counter, a young waitress chatting with them and a cook barely seen through the opening into the kitchen. She walked to the booth farthest from the door aware of the eyes upon her, and sat down with her back to the door. The waitress brought a menu gave her a shy smile, asked if she wanted something to drink and turned back to the counter. Five minutes later the waitress was back with a tall banana-fosters shake.

She chatted with the waitress for a few minutes noting that the waitress was very attractive, there was nothing like small town girls sometimes. She gave her order and waited. Sitting there she noticed a mirror above her table in the corner, she could see the door and most of the counter in it. She watched the pretty young waitress in it, perhaps if the deputy didn’t show she might try and seduce the waitress instead. She licked her lips, right now she really wanted a nice hard cock but she would willingly settle for the pretty waitress.

The bells above the door jingled and she glanced up in the mirror and sat up straighter in the booth, her deputy had just walked in the door. He greeted everyone in the diner by name and chatted for a bit, while getting a cup of coffee. She could feel her nipples start to harden as she snuck glances at him in the mirror. Then he turned and caught her eyes on him in the mirror and smiled. He walked slowly back to her booth and sat down across the table from Alanya Escort her just as the waitress was bringing her late lunch.

“Hi there,” he said with a smile, “I wondered if you would be back sometime.”

“Well, I thought I would explore a little farther than the picnic area this time,” she replied starting to eat.

“So what do you think then? It’s a small town not much to do.”

“I’m sure I can find something to do with the right tour guide.”

“Well, I might be able to find someone to handle that, if you are interested.”

“I’m going to require some very special handling, I think.”

“Okay then, I guess that narrows down the field of available candidates to one. Looks like I will just have to take care of you myself.”

He leaned back in the booth and placed his hands behind his head. She shivered when she felt his sock covered foot start to slide up her leg. He continued to smile as her hard nipples began to peek through the material of her shirt. His foot caressed her calf through the leather of her boots, softly circling her knee, and slowly sliding along the inside of her thigh. She closed her eyes as his foot gently slide back and forth along one thigh and then the other, occasionally pausing to rub the back of her knees. Electric thrills raced up and down her spine the juices beginning to flow through her pussy. She squirmed in her seat. Her breathing grew heavy.

She opened her eyes and glanced up in the mirror above the booth. She could see the two older men still sitting at the counter talking to each other. The waitress had moved closer though and was openly watching her in the mirror, one hand on the counter and the other out of sight. The waitress’ arm moving ever so slightly and her nipples just beginning show through the material of her pale blue dress. She jumped a little in her seat stifling a moan, his foot slipping under her skirt and finally rubbing against her pussy through the cotton softness of her thong. He rubbed his foot up and down her pussy steadily increasing the pressure on her mound, circling and rubbing her clit with his big toe. Her legs spreading of their own accord giving his foot better access to continue the oddly erotic fondling.

He leaned towards her, “Okay Miss, I know that Trixie is watching you right now. Why don’t you give her a little show? Squeeze your tits for her and show her how hard and long your nipples are,” he whispered. He leaned back in the seat again, his foot now just resting on her pussy, a smile on his face. She looked up in the mirror and met Trixie’s eyes with her own. She slowly licked her lips and brought her hands up cupping her breasts. She began to squeeze them, pinching her nipples through her tight shirt, extracting the most wonderful sensations from the sensitive buds. She wiggled her hips and his toe starting moving in circles, teasing her pussy as she fondled her breasts for Trixie.

“Joe, I’m going in the back for a few minutes,” she heard Trixie yell to the cook. Trixie disappeared from the mirror.

“Well, looks like you were to much for Trixie to handle today. Why don’t we go take that tour now,” he said. Slowly he withdrew his foot, sliding down her thigh, pausing at her knee one last time and then down her calf to the floor. She sighed and let her hands drop down to the table. Her breasts were aching for his touch and her pussy was on fire. She sighed deeply and looked over at him a smile on her lips a gleam in her eye. He smiled back and she noticed that one of his hands was out of sight in his lap. He stood up and she could see the bulge in his pants, her mouth watered.

She opened her purse and left money for lunch with a big tip for Trixie. He helped her up and as she turned towards the door he pulled her by her hips up against him, pressing his hard cock into her ass, one hand slipping under her skirt to caress her firm flesh. As they started towards the door one of the men at the counter turned, his eyes grew wide at the sight of her erect nipples poking through the thin cloth of her bra and shirt. Her face flushed as he stared at her. He elbowed his companion and both men watched as she walked down the aisle. She smiled at them and could feel their eyes on her ass as she turned and walked out the door into the sunlight.

“I think we can start Alanya Escort Bayan with a tour of my office. Its really the most interesting place in town anyway,” he said. She noticed that there was only one police car in front as she crossed the short distance from the diner to the sheriff’s office. The street was almost deserted and he had one hand under her skirt fondling her ass as she opened the door and stepped inside. It was cool inside, and the blinds were partially drawn, shafts of sunlight creating a barred pattern of shadows on the floor as it entered through the gaps. There was a pair of desks along one wall and across from the desks were two barred jail cells, their doors open, it looked just like the small town jails you see on old TV shows. “Since our tour group is so small today I think an interactive tour is in order,” he whispered in her ear.

Before she could react he had her hands and arms behind her back and she felt his handcuffs slipping into place binding her wrists together. Her heart started racing and she could feel her body tremble in anticipation. “A prisoner is always in handcuffs when we bring them in for processing,” he said “Some prisoners need special attention though, let me demonstrate some of the techniques I use on special prisoners. If you would just step over here to the desk I’ll show you what I mean.”

He gave her a gentle push from behind to get her moving. “First is the strip search, I’ll demonstrate,” he said. His hands pulled her shirt up from the back moving across her back and around to her stomach then upwards cupping her bra-clad breasts for a moment. His fingers found the clasp in front, deftly opening it, sliding his hands under the loose material and cupping her bare breasts. He pinched her nipples with his fingers and kissed the back of her neck, pressing his cock into her ass. She groaned and thrust her ass harder against him. His hands left her breasts and slid back down her body, reaching up underneath her skirt. Reaching around to the front rubbing his hands across her pussy, slipping his fingers underneath her thong and exploring her wet slit. His hands moved again and pulled her thong down to her knees.

She yelped and stood on her toes as his finger invaded her hot pussy. She thrust back harder against him and groaned her delight to him. She yelped again as he penetrated her rectum with another finger, squirming and dancing away from him on her toes as he probed her back entrance. Together he thrust his fingers in and out of her for a few seconds listening to the loud moans coming from her mouth. He removed his fingers and stepped away from her.

“Wwwhat!” she cried. “Don’t stop now, make me cum!” she demanded.

“Oh, but we haven’t finished the tour yet,” he replied.

“I’ll give you a tour, you bastard! Come on! I’ll give your cock a tour right now.” She turned to face him resting on the edge of the desk. Her breasts thrust up and towards him the nipples long and hard, her legs spreading apart showing him her wet, shaved pussy. Stepping towards her he took out his nightstick and held it in one hand. She leaned back on the desk trying to entice him closer. He kicked off his shoes, unzipping his pants letting them fall to the floor, stepping out of them as he closed the gap to her. Her eyes twinkled at the sight of his cock bulging in his underwear, the head trying to peak out over the waistband. He stopped in front of her and ran the smooth polished wood of the nightstick against her pussy. She groaned low in her throat at the sensation and thrust her hips up to meet it as he stroked it back and forth across her throbbing pussy.

He bent down kissed each hard nipple, swirling his tongue across the pink, pebbly skin. He took one in his mouth and sucking hard on it as he pinched and tweaked the other one with his fingers. She cried out as his mouth engulfed her nipple and breast and thrust her self harder against the nightstick moving against her pussy. He moved to the other breast and repeated his action, she cried out again, her pussy throbbing in time with the beating of her heart. The nightstick clattered to the floor. He reached around her hugging and holding her tight against him, his cock crushed between them, her nipples digging into his chest and his mouth finding hers for a deep kiss, Escort Alanya their tongues exploring each other.

He pulled her up so she was sitting on the desk her legs wrapped around his waist holding him to her. He took her arms and unlocked one cuff and brought them around to the front and locked them again. She draped them around his head the chain against the back of his neck as they kissed again.

“I think its time for the rest of the tour,” he gasped, his breathing heavy. He stood up holding her against him, her legs wrapping harder around him, his hands holding her ass, her lips locked to his he turned awkwardly and slowly walked over to a jail cell. He set her down on the thin bed and slipped her hands from around his head and stood over her. She lounged back dropping one leg to the floor the other leaning against the wall, slowly raising her short skirt, revealing her excited pussy to him, her wetness glistening in the light. He removed his shirt and then his underwear his cock bobbing in time with his racing heart. He reached down and pulled her to her feet again, embracing her in a fierce hug his cock trapped between them.

She wiggled her hips against him, hiking up her skirt, moving up and down and rubbing the hard shaft against the lips of her hot, pulsing pussy. He groaned as his cock slid up and down her wet slit. He turned her around and pushed her towards the bars of the cell, she leaned against them spreading her legs and thrusting her ass back at him. She turned her head, looking over her shoulder at him she licked her lips a come hither call in her eyes. He stepped to her, throwing her skirt across her back her ass naked in the cell’s light. His hands moving under her shirt to her breasts cupping, pinching and tweaking them in time to her moans as he rubbed his cock across her ass.

“Nowww, pleassse fuck me,” she pleaded waving her ass at him. He pinched her nipples hard and thrust his cock deep into her pussy in one hard stroke. She cried out stretching up on her toes trying, for a moment, to escape from the hard cock inside her. He pulled back and paused for a moment with just the throbbing head lodged in her hot hole. She thrust back trying to impale herself on the rampant cock behind her.

“Again, againnnn, pleassse,” she begged. On command he thrust his rampant cock in to the hilt his balls slapping against her ass as she cried out her pleasure. Thrusting in and out of her hot pussy squeezing her breasts in rhythm to his pounding cock. His hands milking her breasts and pinching her nipples, feeling each electric thrill racing from her sensitive breasts to her smoldering clit. She arched back to meet each thrust of his cock taking him as deeply as she could. He paused for a moment putting his hands on her hips and withdrawing his cock from her throbbing pussy.

“No, Nooooo, don’t leave me nowww. Fuck me!” she cried.

She felt the tip of the rigid cock at her asshole. Desperately she wiggled her hips grinding her self against him. He pushed forcefully but slowly against the tight ring of flesh. She cried out as the head forced its way in and slowly each inch of the rigid cock followed it into her depths. He paused again, letting her feel each throbbing vein in his prick. She started to move slowly fucking her self on the cock buried in her ass. She picked up speed and he started to meet each of her thrusts with his own. His hands grabbed her hips pulling her harder and faster against him. One slipping forward to rub her pulsing pussy searching for her blood engorged clit, rubbing it in tempo with their thrusting bodies. Sparks started going off in her head her body tensing as she cried out to him.

“Faster now, come on Fuck Me!” she cried. He responded, going wild his cock moving like lightning in and out of her ass. The friction between their bodies was intense. His fingers stopped rubbing her clit and pinched instead, white light exploded in her head. Her body bucking and throbbing against him her orgasm a tidal wave roaring through her entire body. She rose up on her toes as he thrust harder and deeper into her. She could feel his cock throb and spasm, jets of hot white semen spurting deep into her ass. She came again as she felt the prick continue flexing and throbbing inside her. He collapsed to the bed as she dropped to her knees on the floor. He pulled her on the bed and held her in his arms, unlocking the handcuffs so she could wrap her arms around him.

“Maybe next time we can do the whole tour,” he whispered in her ear, gathering her lips together with his for a deep kiss.

Edited by RedGirl

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