Eyl 30

The Thief

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I was desperate! I had lost my job two months prior and my home was now going into foreclosure. My wife had taken our son and moved in with her sister and told me that I was worthless. And that is how I felt too.

It’s the economy, my boss told me as he handed me my severance check and turned to walk back into his fancy office with its large oak desk that took up a third of the room.

“Sorry man, but your name was the one that came out of the hat. It was nothing personal!”

But to me it was really personal. I packed up my things and a security guard escorted me to the door and as I stepped out of the building, he locked it behind me.

I looked up at the sky and dark clouds were forming and I knew I’d never make it to my car before the rains fail. Running to the covered lot, I had almost made it under then overhang when it let go. My new suit was soaked by the time I made it into the garage.

Angry, I threw the few things I had in the back seat and slipped on my jacket to warm me from the chill the rain had forced through my skin and was now attacking my bones.

I slipped into the driver’s seat, took a deep breath, yelled out “Dam them all!” Then I pulled out of my assigned spot so quickly that my tires squealed on the warm pavement.

I took a quick right turn and down the four flights of the garage where I had to pay to get out because “You are no longer an employee sir, so you must pay the toll for today’s parking,” the attendant informed me.

“That’ll be fifteen dollars, please,” she smiled like an imbecile. I pulled out a five and threw it into her basket and squealed my wheels as I drove off.

When I walked into my home, Elizabeth, my wife greeted me at the door. I could see she had been crying.

“Carla called me from the office honey! I know we will make it though. You have a lot of experience and you’ll be working again in a week or two just think of it as an early vacation.

“We can go to Florida a little earlier than we had planed and when we get back you’ll be ready to get back to work for a company that will appreciate your talents,” she assured me.

When we returned from our vacation things were not as light as they had been before we had left. Carla was angry because I was home every afternoon after my morning of interviews that had no fruitful results.

We were digging into our savings rather heavily and it was depleting even more quickly. That’s when Carla and the boys moved in with her mother. She was already talking about divorce.

That was six months ago. I found a place that I could rent a one-bedroom apartment for sixty dollars a month. I had to have someplace to sleep. Then I started prowling.

I didn’t feel good about it; but my money was slipping away quickly and Carla insisted I still help her with the kids.

At first it was petty things, stealing food from the corner grocery then sneaking into people’s home that were away. I tried not to take more than I needed to survive and to keep Carla Şişli travesti off my back.

But she swore that she wasn’t going to go to work and leave the kids alone. I tried to get a job in the corner grocery, but they didn’t need anyone. My finances were dwindling quickly.

And that’s when the idea came to me. Id’ just be sneak into the homes of those more fortunate than me and take a little here and there until I could get back on my feet.

It was easier than I ever dreamed it would be. I was amazed at how many people didn’t have alarms or even lock their doors at night. I could slip in with a screwdriver and a pick at most places.

Fortunately, most homes with alarms had them posted so I stayed away from those. I went to high-class neighborhoods and was surprised at how easy it was to get into those big homes and find their spare change laying out there in the open.

A few of them had alarm systems. But most left the security to dogs and high fences. Dogs love me and I’m tall enough to make it over most fences.

And by change I mean hundreds and sometimes more money just lying out there in the open almost like they wanted to give it away.

By the third week of my robbing, I was bringing home at least half of my prior salary. And I didn’t have to work as hard.

Then one night I snuck into this home that was completely dark. I was sure no one was home. But I slipped through the rooms with stealth and as I quietly opened doors looking for places where cash may be kept, I opened one door that had candles flickering.

Lying in the bed was a woman. I nearly didn’t see her until I had the door open far enough for me to slip into the room.

The candlelight showed me that she was lying there, naked. She was massaging her full breast with one hand and the other was stroking her clit slowly. Soft moans came for her throat.

She hadn’t noticed that I had entered the room, she was much to involved with her masturbation to realize anything else.

I sat on the floor at the bottom of the bed and watched her fingers playing in her own juices and listening to her cries of pleasure.

I could smell her musk and my prick got hard. I had been months since I had been with Carla and this woman appeared to be even more beautiful than my wife. And definitely better endowed.

When her passion exploded, her back arched and her fingers moved faster in and out of her pussy and I could hear the juices as her fingers dove deep in her cunt. I watched as her back arched bring her hips up and her body undulated with pleasures she was giving herself.

Hungry for sex almost as much as I had been for food, I couldn’t resist the pull of her musky pussy.

I slowly slid along the floor until I felt that I was around her pubic area. I slid my finger between her pussy lips and stroked her hard clit and she seemed to have been expecting someone to do that because she removed her own fingers and spread her legs open wider allowing Taksim travesti me entrance to her lust.

I ran my tongue over her clit and her hips came up to meet my lingua. Her soft moans filled the warm candled air making me stiff.

It had been too long since I had coupled with my wife. I loved the smell of this woman who really enjoyed her body.

I spread he legs wide and released my prick. Precum glistened on the head in the flickering candlelight.

As I positioned myself between her long slender legs, she wrapped them around my hips and pulled me to her wet cunt. “Fuck me good!” she whispered in my ear and then nibbled my lobe.

And I did as she requested. I slipped off my shorts and released my horny cock and shoved it deep in the juices of her lust.

Up and down I rode her hard and fast until my seed exploded in her clean-shaven pussy. As I began to roll off her she cried, “NO! Take my ass too! I need a good fucking!”

She rolled over and I spread her cheeks. She pointed to the lubricant on the nightstand and handed me a condom. As soon as my trembling fingers could get it on, I rammed my stiff cock deep into her ass. She cried out as I forced it into the tight hole.

Almost as quickly as I got started, I spilled my seed deep in her ass.

“Oh, you do that so good. Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” she cried as I filled her with all I had.

Squeezing her cheeks together, she forced the hot cum out and it trickled down her ass to the sheets.

“Lick it up and you can fuck me,” she whispered.

I spread her cheeks wide and licked my seed out of her ass. Then rolled her over. Her pussy was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Her clit stood at attention wanting to be petted.

I licked its little head; her back arched. Her hips moved quickly up and down then she spread her legs open and I tongue fucked her.

“Stay with me and you won’t have to break into people’s homes anymore. You can have everything I have and fuck me every night. You are the kind of man I’ve been looking for; someone who needs me and has a big dick.”

“All of the men in my income bracket have little bitty dicks. I need a real man to tame my passion; are you up to that?”

A smile crossed my face and I licked my lips. Spreading her legs wider, I unzipped my jeans and pulled the denim off me. Tearing off my jockeys my cock fell free and a smile crossed her face.

“I’m impressed! Come make me happy and see how my favor falls upon you!” she licked her lips as she smiled and took my hand pulling me on top of her.

He cunt was wet and ready to be penetrated. My prick slid in with no problems. My body began to pump in and out. With each down stroke my speed picked up.

Her long sculptured legs wrapped around my back as she guided me to those places needing release as her body ungulated under me. Her long nails dug into my back as she pulled me deeper in her pussy.

My eyes lost sight of her face as I buried mine in her full breast Gümüşsuyu travesti and the slapped me on each down stroke.

Sweat poured down my neck, over my hardening nipples and finely splattered on her lily white skin.

Her hard nipples called to my mouth and I covered them one at a time. I nibbled and suckled even bit hard and tried to pull the whole tit into my mouth.

“More, faster, do it baby show me what I need and want!” she yelled as her body rose to match my strokes.

I fucked her for what seemed like the rest of the night and when I could go no more, she climbed on top of my heaving chest and stoked my limp prick alive again and rode me like a bronco rider.

My heart pounded in my chest and I thought it would explode. I had never fucked like this before in my life.

Her skin was slick with sweat and cum and she rolled it all over mine. Then licked it off again.

Hours past, the morning came through the slit in the thick satin curtains.

As she rolled off of my prick and the hot seed dripped down her lushes ass I wanted to lick her, but she pushed me away.

“Shower!” she cried and headed for the bathroom.

I sat there, numb and sticky.

She called back to me, “Well are you coming or not?”

My heart beat like a drum as I ran to the shower and joined her.

She knelt before me and slurped my limp dick into her mouth and sucked me hard as she washed my legs. Within minutes, my seed spilled into her mouth and down her chin and she enjoyed playing in it.

She rubbed it on her belly and between her swollen pussy lips. And she cooed like a baby enjoying a bottle.

She stood before me and washed my sticky skin and then ran the cloth between her sexy legs.

“I want you to fuck me like that for the rest of our lives; will you do that? Can you?”

I smiled, “I’d like to give it a try!”

“Oh, but you just did. I need a man that is as horny as me. I know you’re him because you know what you want and what you need to give your woman to keep her happy. Make me happy and I’ll keep you happy!”

I hesitated and thought seriously before I spoke.

“But you don’t know anything about me. I could be a murderer or a madman.” I informed her.

“Oh, you are a madman. Any man who would walk into my bedroom in the middle of the night and ask for money has to be mad. You didn’t know if I had a gun in my hand or not. But you knew you need money and were determined to get some. I admire that.”

I bowed my head in shame, but she lifted my face to look at hers and said, “I want you to marry me and take care of me. I want to learn how to love you and be your slut-slave!”

My cock became hard hearing her talk nasty. I knelt before her and licked her clit; hot water splashed on my back and in her face as I tongue fucked her cunt.

Three weeks later, she gave me seven thousand to pay off my wife and to support my kids.

We were married the following spring in front of all of her friends. I no longer work except just to get out of the house. And I don’t do that much either because I’d rather fuck Lydia than make a living I don’t need to make.

We’ve been married six years now and we are as happy as that first night. Dreams do “cum” true if you only believe.

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