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The Tester

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I work for an accounting firm in the Ogilvie building downtown, so I usually take my lunch at the big CityCenter mall food court. The food court is on the opposite side of the mall from my building and I walk through the mall end-to-end almost every day on my way to lunch.

About six months ago, I was stopped by a young man wearing a lab coat who was hanging around the fountain in the center of the mall. He asked me if I liked beer.

It was a little startling, but I told him that I did, of course, like beer. After asking if I had a few minutes to spare, he invited me to take a taste test of a few different beers and give my feedback. He led down the hallway leading to the public restrooms, then to a small office that I never knew existed. With his assistant present, I sampled five or six different beers and answered a series of questions about each for him.

The whole thing took less than twenty minutes, and he gave me a coupon for some money off a case of beer at the supermarket. And that was that.

I secretly hoped I’d be approached for another interview since I was so amused by the beer tasting. And yesterday, I finally was. Far from amusing, this second interview was incredibly sexy and a real treat.

As I approached the fountain area when I was returning from lunch, I saw a beautiful young woman in a white lab coat. She had a clipboard with her, but I assumed she would be selling cosmetics for the anchor store that was at the center of the mall facing the fountains. When I was closer to her, I realized she didn’t have any products. She made eye contact with me and stopped me when I approached her.

“Hi there,” she said. She was a real looker, with short blonde hair done in a modern, spunky style. Under her white coat, she wore a black shirt and black pants, plus low black heels.

“Hello,” I said as I stopped and faced her.

“My name is Tammy. I work for the Smith Research office here in the mall. Have you heard of us?”

“Yes, I have,” I smiled, barely containing my excitement. “I did a taste-test earlier this year.”

“Oh, the beer? Great, you’re familiar with our company. Can spare some time to do another test for us?”

“I guess I can, sure.”

“Well, I want to make sure you’re able to participate. This test is pretty active, and it’s a little more involved than the beer study. It can take up to two hours to complete.”

“Gosh, that’s a long time. Do you need me now?”

“We do. I’d really like to get this time-slot filled. We’re not making much progress because we’ve had so many cancellations.”

“Well, what the heck. I’ll give it a shot.”

“Oh, great! Let’s walk to the survey area and I’ll see if I can get some personal information from you as we go.”

“Of course,” I said.

While walking with Tammy, she asked for my name and address and noted them on a form on her clipboard. Her gait was fluid and controlled. She wasn’t walking very quickly, but I could tell that she was very athletic and graceful even under her lumpy lab coat.

When we reached the survey office, she said she would be making sure everything was ready and would return in a few minutes. She asked me to wait, and handed me a business card. After Tammy disappeared into a door deeper in the office, I had a seat and glanced at the card. It identified her as Dr. Tammy Klein, PhD. Her job title was “Clinical Sexologist”.

I was quite surprised, and had only just checked my astonishment when she reappeared in the waiting room.

“Okay! Come on back here with me and we’ll finish our chat.”

We entered the door she previously used, and I found myself in a hallway not unlike that at a doctor’s office. There was a scale and a cart with some packages on it, but the space was otherwise empty. There were five doors, including the one we had just used. One of the doors, towards our left, was open.

Tammy led me to the open door as I tried to remember how the office had been set up for my beer tasting test. I didn’t think it was this spacious or dramatic, but I didn’t feel certain of my recollection.

I found myself in something of an examining room as Tammy closed the door behind me. There was a padded table with some tissue paper on it, just like at my doctor’s office. I saw a couple of chairs, plus a plain but comfortable sofa with a large, square ottoman; a sink, and a counter with some equipment on it, too. Past the sink on the far side was another door.

“Did you have a look at my card, Joe?”

“Yes, I did.”

“And you’re wondering why you’re being interviewed by a sexologist, right?”

“Yeah, I guess I am. I’m a little surprised. I guess we’re not going to eat ice cream or have some beer, huh?”

She smiled. “No, we’re not. This is the point where most people drop out of the interview, and I’m hoping you won’t because you seem like a great candidate for us.”

“I hope I can help you,” I told her.

“Me, too. But don’t be afraid to decline if you’re not comfortable. I have to ask you a ton of personal questions Alanya Escort before we proceed. But I can tell you now that we’re testing a new product from Socrates. Are you familiar with Socrates?”

“The philosopher or the condom company?”

Tammy looked relieved. “The condom company,” she said, as she flipped over her form and clipped it to her board. “They have an incredible new product. I can demo it for you and we’ll talk about it a little bit. Then, I’d like to ask you to test it. Do you think you can help me with that?”

“Sure,” I told her.

“Okay. Let’s get the rest of the survey questions out of the way, first. Again, please think of me as a doctor—I am, you know. I normally do marriage counseling and try to help couples with their intimate lives. I’d like you to answer my questions as honestly as you can, but I also have to let you know that if I think you’re being dishonest, we’ll end the interview and I’ll have to discount your participation.”

“I’ll do my best, Doctor Tammy,” I said. I was trying to lighten the mood a bit. I was game for anything, and actually getting a bit aroused. Tammy was a little vixen, even if she was acting rather clinical at the moment.

The doctor threw cold water all over me with her first question: “Do you have now, or have you ever had, a sexually transmitted disease?”

“Uh, no.”

And we went on from there. How many partners, last sexual intercourse, preferred method of birth control, frequency of intercourse, masturbation habits. It was a bit awkward at times, but I answered as best I could. They went on and on; children, discomfort urinating, ejaculate volume. Staying power, even—and I couldn’t figure out how to answer that, so I just blathered on about feeling like I was always in control of myself, except sometimes. Trouble making an erection? And so on.

Tammy just kept taking notes.

“Are you single?”


“Seeing anyone?”

“Not now, no.”

“Great. I think you’ll be able to help us. Let me show you the product, first,” she said. Tammy walked to one of the counters and opened a cabinet. She produced what looked like an ordinary condom packet, but it was much thicker.

“Here it is,” she said, as she returned to me. I was sitting on the examining table, which just then was striking me as rather awkward. I wondered why I would be on the table while she just asked me a bunch of questions.

“I’ve got a habit of going through this pretty quickly, so don’t hesitate to stop me with your questions.”

“I see.”

“The main feedback Socrates has received on their other products from men involved sensitivity. Feedback about texture ranked second with men and first with women. They released a SuperPleasure line which was really thin, but this condom goes beyond that. It also addresses some other issues that women have raised, about taste and appearance.”

She tore open the packet, and revealed what looked like a wad of shiny window screen. “The condom goes on just like you’d expect, she said.” Dropping the empty packet next to me, she positioned it over the index and middle finger of one hand while unrolling it with the other. “The appearance gets a little better; it’s not quite so metallic anymore,” she said.

“Yeah, it isn’t. What is it made of?”

“A new polymer that Socrates has developed. It’s silicone-based, but uses a special aluminum alloy,” she said. “It’s very flexible.” She easily spread her fingers and the mesh widened a little to accommodate her movement. The roll was down to her knuckles, now.

“But here’s the interesting part,” she said. “There’s a gel cell here,” Tammy told me, as she exposed a little lump in the roll of the rubber at the base of the condom. “If I pop it, it releases a chemical that changes the makeup of the polymer and the appearance and texture of the condom.”

She invited me to touch her fingers. The material was actually quite smooth, despite its shiny metallic appearance. It also didn’t seem porous; rather, it was like a textured condom. One of those “with thirty million lumps for her pleasure” jobs you find in the gas station bathroom.

“Wow. That’s kind of odd,” I told her. She nodded. “I’ll activate the polymer shift now,” she said. She took the lump at the base of the condom between her fingers and squeezed it as if she was snapping a bubble in a roll of plastic packaging wrap.

What happened then simply amazed me. The condom seemed to dissolve around Tammy’s fingers. I couldn’t see it at all. Or, rather, I couldn’t be sure that I saw it. There was an odd sheen around her fingers, and I could see her skin distort where the invisible material was compressing her flesh.

“Holy cow!” I exclaimed. I instinctively moved to touch her fingers, and I felt like I was actually touching her skin. She spread her two fingers into a vee again, and I noted that I couldn’t put my own finger into the space between them; the condom was really there!

“It is quite impressive, isn’t it? I’m going to remove Alanya Escort Bayan this and hand it to you; try to put your own fingers inside it.”

She did so, and I played with the new prophylactic a bit. “Is it strong?”

She told me that it was, but that they weren’t quite through testing it yet. I marveled at it for a bit longer.

“Do you have any other questions, Joe?” She asked.

“No. Wow. I mean, when will these be available?”

“I really can’t say.”

“Gosh. This is incredible! I can’t really see it, though,” I said. I was fumbling around with it; I could feel it, and I was trying to put my fingers into it as Tammy had done. Since I could barely see the material, it wasn’t easy.

“I’m glad you think so. You’re noticing that it’s not too easy to handle once the polymer has been activated,” she said.

“Yeah. It’s a little odd.”

“In use, you’ll put it on before initiating the polymer metamorphosis.”

“Uhuh,” I said as I found the opening and played with the material. It spread easily, perhaps with less tension than the condoms I had used in the past. And it didn’t seem very slippery, though I had assumed it must have had a lubricant.

“I’d like you to help us test them,” she said.

“Okay, I’m all for it,” I told her. I expected that she’d give me a dozen, or maybe just three because they were so new and must be secret and expensive, and send me out into the world to convince some girls that I really was wearing something before I fucked them.

But she surprised me again. “I’d like you to disrobe so I can examine you for STDs, and then I’ll have one of our assistants test the condom with you.”

“Test?” I stammered. “Test it with me?”

“Yes. We’ll have a young lady join you for some foreplay, then oral and vaginal intercourse, over there. It’ll be rather clinical, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself. The thing is, I need to watch and talk with you while it’s all happening.”

“Uh, are you serious?” I said. I scanned the room for half-mirrors and concealed cameras. I felt flush; like I should just walk away before I made a heel of myself by believing her.

“I’m quite serious. I’ll need you to sign a waiver, and a statement confirming your interview answers, too. You seem like a great candidate; fit, smart, and very articulate.”

“Yeah,” I said, thinking for a moment. I wasn’t feeling that articulate, for sure. “Well, okay. I’ll do it.”

“Wonderful,” she said. “I’ll let you disrobe while I go help my assistant get ready. We’ll begin your exam when I return.”

I hopped off the exam table as Tammy let herself out and closed the door behind her. While I removed my necktie and shirt, I thought about how lucky I was to be here testing this product. What a huge improvement over the condoms I’d used in the past!

On the other hand, if they were going to give me a girl to fuck just to prove that it worked, that seemed just incredible! How could any company associate themselves with what could only be described as prostitution? Maybe they somehow justified it as clinical research, like some variant of sexual surrogates you used to hear about on talk shows.

Puzzling over the legalities, I removed my shoes and pants. When I dropped my briefs, I realized that I was almost fully erect, though not quite perfectly hard. After removing my shoes and pants and folding everything neatly next to me on the exam table, I only barely had time to climb back onto my perch before the door opened.

Tammy wasn’t alone.

“This is Amy, who will be my assistant today,” Tammy told me. Amy followed her into the room, and I was pleased to see that she was incredibly attractive. She was taller than Tammy, partially because she was wearing white stiletto heels. Matching Tammy, Amy wore a white lab coat that was buttoned up the front completely, though Tammy’s coat was open.

Amy’s long dark hair reached past her shoulders, at least to her mid-back. It was more wavy than curly, a dark brown river of hair that was highlighted deep blonde around her head.

“Hello, Joe,” Amy said slowly.

“Hello,” I smiled.

“Looks like you’ve found a great candidate,” Amy told Tammy.

“I’m very pleased with him. Before we start, we’ll need to take some measurements, Joe. Are you erect?”

“Uh, well, I’m working on it.” I sat up straight to reveal myself, my member jutting from my thighs.

“Well, Amy can start helping you with that. I need to take a measurement of your penis for our notes,” Tammy said.

Amy stepped forward, smiling at me. “Ready to have some fun while you’re helping us, Joe?”

“I sure am!” I didn’t have to feign any enthusiasm. It was no hindrance that Amy was so attractive. I didn’t mind the clinical nature of my expected tryst, and I looked forward to using the product.

“Good. Let me see if I can help you reach your potential so that Tammy can measure you,” she said. Amy unbuttoned her lab coat and tossed it on the examining table next to me. A rush of Escort Alanya her perfume filled my head as the coat stirred the air.

My loins responded as I looked at her. Amy’s legs were clad in white stay-up stockings with lace tops, and they covered her shapely legs beautifully. Her smooth calves and pretty knees slightly swelled to thin thighs where the scalloped edge ended. A sparse patch of hair covered her mound, as she apparently didn’t shave herself but kept her bush trimmed with scissors. I could almost see her clit protruding from her pouting lips, and I stirred with desire as I thought of penetrating her soft folds.

Momentarily oblivious to both women, I let my gaze linger. Amy’s smooth belly was interrupted by a piercing in her belly-button, where a ring dangled and glinted in the lab’s fluorescent lights. Thin but not bony, the very bottom edge of her rib cage was visible above her belly, but the skin over her chest was smooth and looked to be soft and supple. Her breasts were a bit large for her frame, but they looked very pliant and I guessed they were not implants. It was hard to tell for sure, as she wore an open-cup push-up bra that held the mounds high on her chest, cupped by the same lace pattern that topped her stockings. Her nipples were provocatively pointed upward. They were rather large and puffy, tied into tiny rubbery knots at their very tips.

Amy’s broad shoulders let her carry her large tits gracefully. The posture of her breasts perched under her strong shoulders and graceful neckline gave the impression of a wonderful rack, and her fluffy locks alluringly framed her visible collar bone. Her arms were thin, and that further enhanced the swell of her breasts.

“Do you think we’ll get along, Joe?” Amy asked me.

“Yeah, I do,” I told her.

“Why don’t you stand up and we’ll see if we can help Doctor Tammy,” she said, and extended her hand.

Hopping back off the platform, I took Amy’s hand and stood. My dick pointed forward and began climbing upward as my erection drew the sexuality Amy exuded. She drew herself near to my side, pressing her breasts against my shoulder and chest. She flipped her hair and nuzzled gently next to me, filling me again with her intoxicating perfume.

“Look at that nice cock,” she said, and gently held my shaft. Weakly gripping me in her soft hand, she pumped me slowly two or three times before releasing me to caress my balls.

I sighed and closed my eyes. When I opened them, I found that Tammy had moved to stand in front of us and was examining my cock. Amy continued cupping my nuts.

“Oooh, and these big heavy balls must be full of cum. Are you going to fill up some condoms for us today?” she mewed.

“Yeah. I’m going to fill you up, too,” I told her playfully.

“You sure will, big boy,” Amy said. She released my balls and again loosely gripped my member in her soft, petite hand. Gently stroking me, she whispered in my ear that she was getting wet just thinking about it.

“Ok, let me have a measurement.” Tammy had produced a soft plastic tape. Amy adjusted my dick for her, still tenderly holding me at her side. “Seven and one-eighth,” she said as she flipped the tape over in her hand. “By two and one-half,” she finished. She stepped away and began writing on her clipboard.

“Wow,” said Amy. “You’re really thick, too. You’re going to scratch my deepest itch.” She led me towards the sofa, her heels clicking on the floor. Following behind her, I sensed Tammy shadow us. I examined Amy’s ass, marveling at the way it wiggled with her legs as she strode in her heels.

“Have a seat,” Amy directed when we reached the sofa.

I sat down, my boner protruding ahead of me. My weight burdened the sofa and Amy put her hands on my shoulders and I leaned back into the cushion. Her breasts were right before my eyes, straining against the half cups. She kept moving towards me, lifting a leg onto the sofa at either side. Balancing herself against my shoulders, she lowered her ass onto my knees then scooted forward just a bit.

“Do you like me?” she asked.

Tearing my gaze away from her chest, I looked at her face. “Yeah, you’re really hot,” I said, smiling at her. “Rilly, rilly hot,” I drawled.

She giggled. “I think you’re really handsome. You must get lots of girlfriends.”

“I do. I think you’re my next one,” I said.

“Well, at least for the next little while,” she said. “Do you want to touch me?”

“Yeah, I do. I think I want to do a lot more than that, too.”

“Then let’s get started,” Amy said. She grabbed my hands and put them on her soft stocking-clad thighs. I felt her shift her weight so she safely balanced herself between the sofa and my knees.

I gently caressed her legs, up and down the outside of her thighs. She rose slightly, letting her arms dangle around my neck loosely and making her breasts rise to just above my eye level. Wrapping my hands around the backs of her legs, I caressed her slowly some more.

“That’s nice,” she said softly.

With her encouragement, I reached higher with my strokes and let my fingers caress the bare backs of her thighs. My desire for her was increasing steadily, but I was determined to make the most of this experience. Feeling her up gently, I finally reached around her thighs to gently cup her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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