The Telephone Call

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Madness is the best way I could describe the feelings I was feeling. My pulse raced, my breathing shallow, my body completely on fire with a heat I had never known. I was beyond my senses. I lay on the bed with my husband at my side, using only his magical hands as I was on the verge of my fourth major orgasm. He used only one finger, lightly stroking my clitoris hood and base, after a wonderful massage which completely relaxed me. I was in absolute awe. My eyes were wide open, with a glazed look, as he was working small soft circles around, around, and around my love button. He did this in a metronome type fashion. Like a robotic insistence, that was beyond his natural patience. I was on the verge of losing myself once more, tensing every muscle, biting the back of my hand to suppress the screams of delight, feeling like I was floating in a sea of warmth and sweat.

I must say, that this was the same man I had been married to for nine years. Never in the nine years, was he so meticulous or calculating, in all the sex we had ever had. Stranger still, was the gentleness he used in every detail to make me achieve over and over again, orgasm after glorious orgasm. I was on the verge of madness, I had never before experienced. My husband, Donald, laughed as he continued applying soft tight circles around my nub, without even trying to seek his own pleasure.

Earlier in the morning, I being a teacher and mother of two had gotten the children ready for their Pre-K and second grade class for my oldest son. The thing is I remember telling my husband goodbye because he would be gone for about two weeks. My husband was supposed to be at work for the company he worked for, as an underwater driller and welder, for an exclusive oil company. The funny thing is that he makes a really good salary and we have had many nights together, as a result. Some of his out of town trips get cancelled from time to time. I wasn’t surprised to find him home when I returned from work because cancellations occur, in his business, on a regular basis. It wasn’t odd either, that his vehicle wasn’t in the driveway because he normally returned by taxi, from the airport. He would sometimes get the company to either return his vehicle a couple days later or he himself would get a company taxi to retrieve it, when he wanted it. Sometimes, he would allow the company to service it with an oil change or some other minor repairs, before returning it to our home.

I was shocked that the company cancelled his trip but they had top of the line meteorologists for the weather. The meteorologists had a knack of locating trouble prior to any foreseen problems. This ensured the safety of the company employees and saved the company money of any unnecessary losses.

The one thing I noticed was my husband’s new found interest in me. He, when I came home, was dressed in a casual look with denim shorts, a terrycloth beige shirt, some calf high socks, and white tennis shoes. He looked very nice but the fact that he walked up behind me, kissing me on the nape of my neck sending chills up my spine and down to my nether region, was unusual for him. He couldn’t quit kissing me, with soft chilling kisses around my ears, neck, and shoulders region. The kisses were more than arousing and expertly placed with a newfound pleasure of discovery, I had never known. This sent even more chills, to all the right places. I had to concentrate on the cooking because I wanted to mount him right then aggressively and achieve my desired fulfillment. I wanted to have a wonderful glorious orgasm but dinner was on the agenda.

The reason this entire turn of events, were so strange, was because I knew of my husband’s little problem of erectile dysfunction. He had recently been to a doctor for treatment and a cure. My husband, Donald had little or no interest in me for quite some time. The fact that all of a sudden, he would begin to show a renewed interest in me, was in fact surprisingly pleasant. After all, it had been a very long time since; I had felt the heat between my legs begin to spread over my entire body. It was very nice to feel wanted and needed by my husband, once more. I couldn’t wait to get the children their bath, so they could retire for the night. I ate very little during dinner, thinking about those kisses which sent me into immediate thought of how things used to be. Little did I know that what was going to take place was at least ten times better than I had ever felt in my life?

Well, dinner was easily consumed and then I had tucked my children into bed, after their bath which Donald helped me with. Donald never helped me with their baths or it had been a very long time since he had. He would normally be at his computer or watching the evening news. Then he would take his shower and brush his teeth, while I watched the television or finished the evening dishes. I mean we never had together time. I noticed that my new Donald kissed me deeply even while washing the children and getting them ready for bed. It was magical the way he treated me. Perhaps the erectile pendik escort dysfunction classes must have been working because not only did I notice his definite arousal but his attention to the little things, were impeccable. I loved whatever happened to him, between the times I left this morning, until my return to the home. I was in awe. The best was yet to come, much pun intended.

I finished the dishes walking into the living room to locate my new husband but he was not there. I walked to the computer room and still no Donald. I then went upstairs to the Master bedroom. I found him stepping out of the shower freshly washed and beautifully naked. I wanted to walk up to him stroking his exposed cock. It was beautiful and I always thought I was the luckiest woman alive, to have such a wonderful man for me. Donald just knowingly smiled then said, “I have a surprise for you tonight my dear.”

It was an announcement that was addressed to me like a man that was in control and sure of himself. I loved it. I then said, “Oh yeah, what’s that?”

He knowingly smiled then said, “I’m going to give you the best time of your life tonight and for the next two weeks until the next call out.” I was surprised by his outward announcement and confidence.

I then began getting undressed. I was about to step into the shower when he reached out grabbing my breast cupping it’s fullness with a gentle, yet firm squeeze. He even slightly pinched the nipple sending chills and heat once more to my inner core. I smiled saying, “Calm down big boy, I like to be clean for you first.”

He was wicked with his smile. I noticed he had a renewed playfulness also as he rebutted, “The better to eat you with my dear, if you’re clean that is.” He chuckled mildly which made his hint a little more ominous. Little did I know how patient he could be with his ways?

I stepped out of the shower freshly clean. I was drying off noticing the bedroom dark. I believed he had gotten tired like most nights, merely going to bed but little did I know the evil that lurks in the heart of that man? I walked into the room, to find an array of things laid out, on his side of the bed. I noticed some baby oil, K-Y jelly, my vibrator which he must have found in my underwear drawer, and a bath towel stretched out on the bed. He was standing naked smiling, with an already semi-hard cock. I was taken aback by his attention to detail. He then said, “Lay down, Madame. I told you, I have a wonderful surprise for you.”

I was both anxious and apprehensive, not knowing what to expect but listening none-the-less. I lay waiting for what was first. I expected my husband to do a very quick massage then jump onto me without patience mounting me and fucking me quickly, until he achieved orgasm then leaving me in want. I was happily mistaken by my assumptions.

Everything my husband did had, a definite purpose. The very first thing he did, was oil up both of his hands rubbing them together firmly to warm the oil, to the warmth of his hands. The lighting was dim in the room because he placed a terrycloth towel over the lamp, to cause a soft lighting look, to the entire bedroom. Easy listening music softly played in the background, continuing with the ambiance of the mood. I watched as my newly renewed husband, placed his hands onto my shoulders. He began a soft gentle massage that could rival the best masseuse. He would kiss me gently during the massage with very little tongue and not invading my mouth almost choking me, like I was used to. I felt wonderful as he continued down, down, and slowly down, my body touching every muscle. This was sending every nerve ending towards my core to warm and soak me, immensely. The massage was done to my entire body, from the neck down to my ankles but he never touched my pussy, except for the outer labia region. He never excited my love button which was protruding nicely already, from its hood. I was ready right then, for him to hurry up and mount me, because I was ready, right then.

However, my wonderful husband took the vibrator turning it on the low setting he placed it onto my clitoral hood without touching my sensitive button, itself. I moaned loudly, as the feelings took hold of my every nerve. I felt the building of the first of many orgasms I would have on this night. I was expecting his gentleness to fade, the way it had in the past. I looked for him to pull my head towards his cock which was rigid and angry looking, but once more, he continued to please me. I was delighted because normally, I was the one who left the bedroom not being satisfied, most of the time. I understood that he would get so turned on, that he needed me, so I never complained. I loved this new man in my husband, who took meticulous pleasure in satisfying my every desire.

He even reassured me, by telling me to just relax and enjoy. I then began to listen to the softness of his voice, relaxing. I gave into every little feeling, as he moved the vibrator from my clitoral hood to each breast and nipple, touching them lightly. maltepe escort He then would return back to my clitoral hood softly vibrating each body part, causing my pussy to soak the bed. I had made a soft ball sized wet spot, beneath my ass from all the juices, I had excreted. I still had yet to have an orgasm but I felt a truly huge monster of an orgasm building. The orgasm happened on the third pass to each body part. I felt it building and building until suddenly, violently, it took me by complete surprise. My own scream surprised me and excited me, as my body tensed. I convulsed for about two minutes totally, as my husband chuckled, at my loss of control.

Now we’re where we left off, at the beginning of my story. I now had the vibrator inside my already soaked pussy. My husband had placed a glob of the K-Y jelly onto my clitoris. He was like a robot using his middle finger to make tight, soft, gentle circles, around and around the clitoral hood, as I yelled out with my fourth orgasm of violent nature. I had thrown all caution to the wind, as I yelled letting go to the feelings, of what seemed an eternity to be released. My legs flailed about, as I grabbed my own hair pulling it, as the insanity of each orgasm took control of my body. The bed was soaked, as my pussy was shooting juices over and over again, with each orgasm. I heard that this was possible but never in my life, had I experienced such delight. My body was hot all over, as I pinched my own nipples. I wanted my husband’s cock deeply ensconced into my being. I was begging him to shove his cock somewhere inside me. I wanted to suck him, let him fuck me, or even have him anally violate me. Tonight, he could have me anyway he wanted because he was just that damn good, for me and to me. I had never in my life had him this patient with me and my body. Another orgasm racked my body as I squeezed my thighs together hard trying to let loose every tense feeling in my body as he simply chuckled once more.

Just when I believed he would continue with merely his finger he leaned over with his face. He began sucking my clitoris into his hot, moist, wet mouth sending a whole new feeling into my every body part and nerve endings. I was writhing, gyrating my hips, body, and pussy attempting to let Donald, have as much of me as possible. I felt his tongue slipping, sliding, and dancing around my little clitoris as he giggled. My hips involuntarily thrust up into the invading little devil of tongue. I was pushing my heels into the bed while thrusting upwards as hard as I could, in an attempt for him to take more of my pussy into his mouth. Without warning he licked deep inside of my pussy because with all the thrusting of my hips, the vibrator fell out of my pussy onto the soaked bed. He now tongue fucked me deeply. He licked in an upwards motion hitting the sensitive G-spot with his tongue. I forcefully shot female ejaculate onto his face letting out a squeal and rasping breath, I couldn’t control. Where had this man been for nine long years? I was lost in confusion. I had no idea how wonderful a lover my man could be.

It was at this time that I begged again for him to please, please, fuck the shit out of me through gritting teeth. My husband smiled as he got in between my legs then patiently rubbed the massive head up and down my pussy lips with his bulbous head before entering into my soaking wet pussy to the hilt with one full deep stroke. I was like a rag doll limp wrapped around his cock as he slowly got into the uppermost position so as to hit my clitoris with each wonderful stroke. I scratched, clawed, and screamed, for him to please don’t ever stop fucking me. Orgasm after orgasm racked my body. One would start with another closely behind that one I was on. Never in my life had I felt so completely drained and wonderfully satisfied. I wondered what had taken place at the erectile dysfunction clinic but I was more than satisfied with the transformation in my husband. It was delicious the feelings he gave me in every sense of the word. He fucked me wonderfully splitting me with each delicious stroke until I had five more squirting orgasms. I bit his shoulder before he finally came deep inside my well satisfied pussy.

I felt like an uninhibited whore because once he slid his cock out of me, I felt compelled to suck my woman juices off of his cock. I couldn’t get enough as I was fit to be tied. I licked, sucked, and swallowed as much as I could because I was on fire throughout my entire being. I loved every feeling I ever had on this night. I gave him the most pleasure I could with my mouth dancing my tongue over every crevice and vein. I wanted him, needed him, and desired him more than ever before letting go completely. I felt too wonderful for words. Nothing mattered at that very moment but the satisfaction of making his every wish come true. I had a renewed love for my husband at that very moment.

The very next morning, I called in sick for work, to spend an extra hour making my husband feel wonderful. I let him have me in every manner kartal escort possible to include anal. Whatever his desire, I was his for the day. He took the children to school and returned to a naked wanton slut. He was still extra patient making sure that I reached orgasm at least six or seven times before taking his pleasure. I was once more shameless with him becoming every slut, whore, cunt, or sex slave I could be for him completely. Donald was the perfect lover through it all, making sure to hit every spot like an expert in every detail with my little body. He smiled at me then after our last session he said, “Adrianna Dubois, there is something I been meaning to tell you but haven’t truly got around to it.”

At that very moment the phone rang, and I said, “Hold that thought love. Be right back that might be work or something.” I ran over to the phone and answered standing naked in the upstairs hallway.

I heard the voice distant but knew exactly who it was when I answered. I was confused, ashamed beyond imagination, and instantly angry. I heard the voice on the other end say, “Adrianna are you there, Honey? It’s me Donald. I forgot to tell you that my identical twin whom you have never met should be there to visit either today or tomorrow. Tell him I’m sorry but try and be a good hostess honey, okay?” I should say that I never met any of my husband’s family because his mother and father had already been deceased when we married and his only sibling he rarely talked about. Needless to say, I never knew the sibling was an identical twin brother.

It dawned on me later, to ask my husband, why I had never met his Identical twin brother. He told me that his twin was a shameful individual and left home to go to Hollywood to follow his ambitions. He was a gigolo for the rich and famous women of Hollywood. At least now, I knew why he was such a great and I do mean great lover? He was the black sheep of the family. He was always too busy for the family with all his wealth and fame behind the scenes you could say, that he never really visited or stayed in touch. So my husband never brought him up either. He was never talked about at all as if he didn’t exist.

I couldn’t help but giggle at Donald’s last statement because I guess in a way I had been the best hostess a brother-In-law could ask for. I merely said, “Oh yeah, sure. He arrived yesterday, thanks for the heads-up. I had to introduce myself and he is astonishingly a great look alike. I will try to keep him entertained until you get a chance to return. I love you honey. Sorry, you couldn’t be here.” I continued staring at the bedroom door. I heard the bed squeak as whoever he was got up off of the bed to be standing at the door naked looking at me. I was also shamelessly naked without the anger showing yet. I said my goodbye hanging up the receiver.

The twin smiled sheepishly then said, “I’m sorry. I was going to tell you but I couldn’t help wanting you because of how stunningly beautiful and responsive you are. Hello, my name is Ronald.”

The anger flew off my lips as I said, “You Ronald, are a pig! I have never cheated on my husband nor did I ever want to. Now you made me a cheating whore wife! I should have known though, so I blame myself.” I was walking up to him wanting to slug him in the face but I couldn’t help myself because of how wonderfully he made love to me throughout the night and into the early morning hours until I received the telephone call.

I walked up to him then stroking his exposed penis, I got down on my knees in front of him sucking his semi-erect cock deep down to his balls with one swallow. I felt him shudder as he watched me. I looked up into his eyes of surprise then said, “You Ronald are also the best fuck I have ever experienced in my entire life.” I couldn’t help myself even if I was tricked. I loved this man with his magical, love making cock. He turned my housewife bored ass into a complete slut in less than eight hours. Nobody had ever gotten to me so easily or fully than this man.

I began sucking his cock with a renewed vigor until he was stiff as a crowbar. I now began forcing my chin downward to engulf his entire length choking myself on his cock. The wonderful pre-cum hung down my chin mixed with my own saliva as I continued my nasty slippery blowjob. I didn’t care if he fucked up into my mouth, held the back of my head, or began jack hammering his magical cock deep into my throat. I felt alive, wonderfully alive. I continued until I heard his moaning renew, feeling him stiffen his muscles in his thighs. I knew what was about to happen but I wanted him to enjoy everything I had to offer him like he had me in the past fourteen hours, since last night. I felt the first squirt hit the back of my throat. I continued sucking not caring if he was releasing his seed. I continued sucking down his man juices until I finished him off. My pussy was soaking wet because I now, knew this wasn’t my husband but he looked just like him. I was living the best of both worlds. I made sure he watched as I cleaned his entire cock sucking it with a gusto that would have made my husband proud. I mean my husband, was the one who said after all, to entertain his twin. Well, I intended to do just that. I had every intention to do just that until his return.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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