The Teacher’s Hot Wrestler Pt. 01

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Big Dicks

It is Friday night inside the university gymnasium. Mrs. Keller (28 yrs.) is a hot divorcee (36-24-32) who teaches high school English. Her brown hair reaches her buttocks who wears Levi jeans and a red blouse. She sits among other wrestling fans in the bleachers. Her eyes follow Shawn (19 yrs.) who stands at 5’8″ and weighs 149 lbs. He used to be a student in her class who had graduated the year before. He’s a freshman at this university.

She whispers, “Goddamn Shawn. You are as cute as ever and what a firm ass.”

Shawn walks into the locker room. His sweaty black hair sticks to his forehead. He pulls down his wrestling suit over the shoulders and to his slim waist. His hand opens the locker and pulls out his sport bag. He drops it to the floor and sits on the bench. All of his fingers reach over to untie both wrestling shoes.

Coach Taylor walks up and drops a small envelope on the bench next to Shawn. He looks at it while pulling off his shoes. His hand grabs the envelope and he read’s the signature name. It says, “Mrs. Keller.”

His fingers tear open the envelope and they pull out a “hotel” key-card. Shawn asks, “Who the Hell is Mrs. Keller?”

He stares at the key-card for a few seconds. He finally remembers her, “Holy shit. Mrs. Keller was my high school English g├╝venilir bahis teacher.”

Inside the hotel. Shawn walks up the hallway carrying his sport bag. He is all showered up with his black hair groomed back neatly. He’s wearing a leather jacket over his college t-shirt. His hand reaches inside the tight jeans pocket and his fingers pull out the key-card.

Shawn steps up to the hotel door. He looks at the room number and then at the card. His left hand reaches down and rubs his stiff cock under his jeans.

He says, “Fuck.. Mrs. Keller always made me hard.”

Five minutes later. The hotel curtains are wide open. The night-lights of the city shine inside the room.

Shawn’s back pushes against the wall. He still has on his t-shirt and jacket. His jeans and blue jockey shorts are pulled down to his ankles. Mrs. Keller is naked who kneels on the carpet floor. Her long brown hair brushes over her firm butt-cheeks. Her right hand strokes his 6 and ┬Ż-inch cock. She is sucking on his balls. Her tongue gently moves them back and forth in her mouth.

He looks down, “Ohh… Ohhh.. Mrs. Keller… I-I.. Fantasized about this.”

Her lips gently pull on one testicle and then let’s it go. Her hand keeps stroking his cock and she looks up at him.

She whispers, t├╝rk├že bahis “You were my favorite student.”

He replies, “Ohhh.. Gawd… I-I was?”

“You were always so cute” she says.

Her hand pushes down to his thick, black crotch. The other hand grips his shaft and pulls it over toward her open mouth. Her wet lips slide over his cock-tip and her tongue begins licking furiously. He puts both of his hands on her head.

Shawn groans, “Uh-Uhhhhh..!! Uhhhhhh..!! Mrs. Keller.”

Both of her hands grip his shaft and they squeeze tightly. Her tongue then licks him in circles.

He pushes his head back against the wall, “M-My Gawd..! Uhhhhh..! Mrs-Mrs. Keller..!!”

Her hands hold their grip as his cock-tip becomes more sensitive.

He screams, “Gawd..!! I’m cumming.. Mrs. Keller..!!”

She holds her lips around his cock-tip and he explodes inside of her mouth, “Mrs.. Oaaahhhhh.!! Ahhhhhh..! Uh-Ahhhhhh.!!”

She swallows his load as both of her hands still grip his shaft. Her lips still clamp around his cock-tip as she feels him squirm.

His knees buckle and he slides down against the wall.

Shawn breathes hard, “Mrs. K-Keller… That was… Incredible.”

15 minutes later. The city lights still faintly shine into the room. Shawn and Mrs. Keller g├╝venilir bahis siteleri are both naked on the bed. She is bent over the edge with her legs spread apart. Her butt-cheeks shine from the outside lights. He leans over her with his hands placed on the bed. He looks down at his cock which is buried inside of her thick, brown pussy.

He’s been thrusting in as deep as he can, while her butt-cheeks jiggle.

He groans, “Mrs. Keller… I always… Wanted to… Bend you over.!!”

She replies, “Uhh-Unnh.. My desk.. S-Shawn.. Over my desk.!!”

He watches his hard shaft push-in and pull-out of her hot pussy. He says, “Fuck-Yeah.. Mrs. Keller.. Over your.. Fucking desk..!!”

She squeals, “Uh-Uhhh.. Uhhhhh.. M-My.. Favorite.. S-Student.!!”

He says, “Mrs. Keller.. You’re pussy.. S-So.. Fucking-hot.!!”

Shawn lifts his head up and closes his eyes. His mouth drops open who enjoys feeling her hotness. He keeps on thrusting steady and strong.

She responds, “G-Gawd.. Gawd.. Uhhhh.. Uhh.. Uh-Uhhh.!”

He pushes inside one last time and holds it. Shawn explodes, “Oaaaahhhh…! Oaaahhh…! Ahhhhhhh..! My Gawd..!! Mrs. Keller.!!”

Everything stops as they both breathe hard. He looks down at his shaft which is still buried inside of her hairy pussy.

He says, “Mrs. Keller.. I came… So fucking hard.”

His cock pulls out while still leaning over her body. He slaps her beautiful butt-cheeks with his hand.

Shawn whispers, “Goddamn Mrs. Keller. My dream has cum true.”

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