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The Taking of My Mother In Law

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My Mother in Law is a beautiful lady. She grew up a larger than average child, but after all of the teasing, she has made it a life mission to be fit. She is 48 years old and her name is Kate.

I have always thought that she would make a great exotic dancer. She wears a 34D bra and medium panties. Kate has red hair and fair skin. She loves to wear tight clothes, because she knows that she looks great.

I went to her house one afternoon to have a chat. We have always been close, and she loves to touch me. Hugs, touching my leg when we sit close to each other. I had decided that it was time to mature our relationship.

I walked through the front door without knocking, which is standard at her house. I did not see her, so I called out her name.


“I am in the bathroom” she said.

I went over to the bathroom door, which she never locks, and I pushed it open.

Kate said “What are you doing!!”

I said “Admiring your beautiful body.”

She did not say anything, but looked pretty red in her face.

She was still sitting on the toilet, trying to finish her liquid release quickly.

I walked in and stood right in front of her. I got on my knees and started running my hands up and down her freshly shaven legs. I pushed them apart and admired her almost bare pussy. She had a cute little landing strip that ended before it reached her womanhood.

I said “I have been wishing for this moment for a long time, you tease.”

She said nothing but kept looking at my hands on her legs.

When istanbul escort she was finished using the toilet, I grabbed some toilet tissue and wiped her glistening lips. While wiping, I used my thumb to massage her clit. I was looking at her face to see how she would respond. Once I heard a little moan, I knew to continue.

I grabbed her by the hands and pulled her off the toilet. She reached down to pull up her shorts, but I said “Leave them, you won’t need them today.”

She stepped out of her shorts and I picked her up and carried her over my shoulder. I was in heaven having her beautiful ass right next to my face.

I said, playfully “Have you showered today?”

“No” she said.

“Well, you are about to, with my help.”

I carried her up the stairs to her shower. She has a large shower, so I was looking forward to this.

I started to lean down so she could stand up. While she was getting on her feet, I grabbed her shirt and pulled it up. All she had left was her sheer bra. I stood there and admired her stiff nipples. I grabbed her left nipple between my finger and thumb and rolled her nipple around. More moaning. She has such wonderful fat nipples.

I reached around her back ro remove her bra. When I did, I gently kissed her neck. She leaned her head back and with lust in her voice, wispered “More”.

I said “That is a teaser for later. Right now I want you clean. Do you shave your anus region?”


“Well, it looks like you are in for quite a few firsts today.”

I istanbul escort bayan got the water nice and warm and let her go in. I grabbed a new blade for her razor and some shave gel. I quickly got undressed and walked in behind her. My cock was the largest it had ever been. I wrapped my arms around her and rubbed her breasts. I moved my cock so that it was between her ass cheeks. I started moving up and down. Then I stopped. I did not want to start too early.

I said “Bend over.”

She did and stuck her ass out like a good girl. I lathered up her ass and started shaving. When I was done, I took advantage of her slippery ass and slowly inserted a finger in her anus. She moaned and moved her ass toward my hand, taking more of my finger inside her. I pulled out my finger and finished washing her.

We got out of the shower and dried off. I picked her up again and went o her bed. I layed her down and said “You have teased my cock for years, and now you get to see what you have done.”

I climbed on top of her and stradled her chest. I put my cock between her large breasts and she squeezed them around me. I started moving back and forth on top of her. She tilted her head forward and started licking my cock when it got to her mouth. Then she grabbed my ass and pulled me toward her and started sucking me. I leaned forward so that she could have all of it. I never would have guessed that she is a deep throater, but damn she is good. I was so close to cuming down her thrat, but I wanted to wait.

I pulled escort istanbul away from her and turned her over. I grabbed her ass and pulled it up, pushing her knees under her. I said “Don’t move.”

I grabbed some vaseline and lubed her ass. I climbed up behind her and slowly pushed my way in. She gasped as I entered her, but quickly started moving her ass to me, asking for more. I gave her all of it. I loved the feeling of my shaved pubic area against her ass.

I fucked her ass until I was about to cum again. I yanked my dick out and had to let it calm down a bit.

I rolled her over so I could finish in her pussy. Before I got too far, she said “I want your big dick in my pussy right now!”

Not wanting to let her down, I stuck it deep inside her.

Kate looked wild eyed and yelled “NOW!”

I pumped harded and faster and she grabbed my shoulders and pulled me down on top of her. She yelled and came, drenching me and her bed.

Kate said “God, it has been years since I have orgasmed. Thank You.”

I said “Well, I am still waiting for mine.”

She got a devilish grin on her face and got on top of me. She slid down on my raging cock and stuck her tits in my face. I started licking and sucking while she was bouncing her pussy up and down on my cock. I started breathing hard and was now ready to unload inside her. She pulled down on top of me and pulled my dick in deep. I spasmed for what seemed like hours.

We both laid there and stared at each other.

I finally stood up and got dressed.

“Coming back tomorrow about the same time?”

“You bet I am.”

“Good. I will be showered and shaved so we can spend more time fucking.”

“I will bring some toys with me for next time.”

“I can’t wait.”

I left and had to go home and take a nap. That was a great day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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