The Swingers Group Pt. 01

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The Swingers’ Group, part one: Introductions

Mary and I had lived in our neighbourhood for about a year when we first became aware of the swingers’ group. It was our neighbour Miles who first mentioned it, when he and I were just talking in the street. He wasn’t actively trying to recruit us or anything; he just mentioned that he knew of it. He later told me he’d done it to judge my reaction. When I wasn’t outraged or disgusted, he decided to take it a little further if the opportunity arose.

Now, compared with many, Mary and I had had an adventurous sex life. We had certainly indulged in a few threesomes and foursomes, although we didn’t do it very often. Most of our sex life was quite conventional, really. But every so often we enjoyed raising two fingers to convention and doing something that some people would think pretty outrageous. We always did these things together, and enjoyed watching each other “in action”, as Mary put it. So when Miles mentioned the swingers’ group we talked about it and wondered if we might enjoy it. Fantasies about it certainly fed our sex life for the next couple of weeks!

But fantasy is never quite enough. There came a point where we decided to find out more, and Mary deputed me to ask Miles about it. I had to be careful, because I didn’t yet know if he and his wife were members of this group, or had merely heard about it. In fact, it was Miles who brought up the subject, when we met in the high street.

“We can’t go on meeting like this, Miles.” He just laughed.

“Still settling in okay?” He asked. “Finding plenty to do?”

“Well, it’s a nice neighbourhood, but we haven’t met a lot of local people yet, considering how long we’ve been here. But I gather there are a few groups who meet regularly for various activities.”

“That’s true. What sort of thing you have in mind? I don’t think I see you as the stamp collecting type, somehow.”

“No indeed. Mary and I tend to like doing things together, and with other couples. We were imagining something a little more adventurous.”

“How adventurous you want to get? I did mention the swingers’ group, but maybe that’s not your thing.”

“Seriously? I often wonder how these things recruit members. I mean, how would one find out more about something like that?”

He gave a mock bow. “You are talking to the fount of all knowledge about this neighbourhood. Anything you want to know, I can tell you.”

The conversation finished up with an invitation to meet Miles and his wife Julie for lunch at their place the following Sunday. Their house was within walking distance, so we’d be able to have a drink. He told me they had a hot tub in the back garden, and if we wanted he could set it up for a warm bath before lunch.

“Just one thing,” he said. “If you want to wear a swimming costume, by all means bring one, but Julie and I normally don’t bother.”

“Doesn’t that shock the neighbours?”

“If we wanted to shock the neighbours there’s far more we could do. But nobody can see what goes on in our backyard. You’ll see what I mean when you visit.”

* * *

Miles and Julie lived in a large house set a fair way back from the road on the outskirts of our village. They clearly had some money: there was a long drive up to the house, with parking space for several cars, and it looked as if there was a walled garden at the back. Julie met us at the door. Like the rest of us, she was in her mid-thirties. She also had a spectacular figure, and a face that was, if not classically beautiful, very attractive. She had short reddish blonde hair and big blue eyes, and was wearing a simple summer dress with a floral print, which buttoned down the front. She accepted our proffered bottle of wine politely, but I couldn’t help wondering if our supermarket choice was up to their standards.

“Come in, come in. Miles is at the back, and ready to serve drinks.”

We walked through the house, which was floored with expensive tiles — cool in the summer heat. The hallway ran the complete width of the house front to back, and there were glass doors at the end of it. Julie led us through these, out onto a paved area where Miles was standing at a table with drinks, stripped to the waist and wearing swimming shorts.

“Hi. Gin and tonic okay? I’m making some for us, but there are lots of other things.”

Julie excused herself to go to the kitchen. We told Miles that gin and tonic sounded fine. He waved us towards a couple of benches which were placed facing each other. We sat at one, and took in the magnificence of their back garden. Close to the house was a wide paved area, but beyond that was a network of paths, with flowerbeds between. There were also small trees dotted around, as well as more benches. The surroundings were really pretty luxurious, especially as the entire garden was surrounded by a brick wall about 6 feet high. Beyond that, even the nearest neighbours could not be seen, and I reckoned that to see ümraniye escort in over the wall you would need to climb a tree in the woods behind and get out binoculars. Clearly, the place was as private as Miles had suggested. At the other end of the paved area from us I could see the hot tub. I had expected a portable plastic tub, but this was more like a small swimming pool. It was rectangular, built in brick and concrete, with steps up to the edge. I could hear the water bubbling. There was a canopy over it to shade the occupants from the sun.

Julie came back out again, having removed her dress to reveal a very small white bikini. Mary glanced at me and winked. She could tell what I was thinking, but she didn’t mind. If it came to that, Miles was pretty good looking himself. Like his wife, he didn’t have filmstar good looks, but he certainly looked pleasant, and his blue eyes sparkled mischievously. I could tell at once that he was attracted to Mary, and judging by the way she looked at him she didn’t mind in the least. Still, we were supposed to be finding information today, not indulging in a foursome.

Miles and Julie sat on the bench opposite us, and we chatted while we downed our drinks. Miles immediately refilled them, which made me wonder if we would even be capable of a foursome before long. There was the wine still to come!

“Would you like to try the hot tub?” said Miles. “It’s just the right sort of day for it.”

Mary and I looked at each other, and she nodded. Miles and Julie led the way, and at the foot of the steps unselfconsciously stripped off their costumes. Julie naked looked even more spectacular than Julie clothed, I have to say. She had large nipples, I noticed, and a proper amount of pubic hair — I much prefer this natural look to a Brazilian or total shave. Mary and I looked at each other again, shrugged, and followed suit. Birthday suit, in this case. We stepped up to the edge of the pool, and found there were steps down again under the water inside. I saw Miles observing Mary keenly as she stepped down. Well, who could blame him? I certainly didn’t. She was the sexiest — and sexiest-looking — woman. Her voluptuous figure was complemented by a pretty, heart-shaped face, and a permanently happy demeanour. She looked exactly what she was: a beautiful, sexy woman who was ready for adventures if they presented themselves. Mary and I sat along one side of the pool, and Miles and Julie took the two ends.

“You were asking about our local swingers’ group,” said Miles. “I think I’ll let Julie tell you about that. The fact is, the group is really run by the women.”

“That’s right,” said Julie. “It’s very easy for women to feel threatened when there are a lot of sexed-up men around. To counteract that we have a few ground rules. Rule one is that the group is there for recreational sex only. We don’t have sex with our usual partners. The entire point of this is to do something quite different. It is expected that everyone will have fun, and do something sexual, but not something they could just as well do at home. Generally, we expect that people will do something more than just watch. Watching can be fun, of course, but you can do that at home, too, with the modern Internet. Rule two is that everything — absolutely everything — must be consensual. If you want to do something, you ask, or you are invited. The point is, groups like this are not illegal, but they would be if they allowed any kind of force or coercion.”

“Doesn’t that make it very formal?” I asked. “I mean, if you have to keep second-guessing what people want it might take a lot of the fun out of it.”

“It might in theory. In practice, there is no problem, even if it seems a bit artificial at first. People soon get used to asking if they’re in any doubt. After all, how hard is it to ask ‘Is it OK if I join in?’ or maybe ‘Is it OK if I touch your breasts?’, or even ‘Would you like to have sex with me?’ Rule three is simple and inviolable: safe sex at all times. We use condoms. The only exception is when a man is going to ejaculate outside his partner’s body — if it’s a hand job, basically. Coming unprotected on someone is OK, if they agree, but not in someone!”

This was all sensible stuff. We had heard of the American swingers’ group who didn’t use safe sex and all got AIDS.

“And is that it?” asked Mary.

“That’s it. It’s pretty common sense, really. We meet here once a month, about 20 of us, and we announce meetings by email. It’s always on a Saturday, at about 6pm, and usually around the beginning of the month. You can bring alcohol if you want, and even food; a lot of people do. We don’t provide refreshments, except water. Just don’t get drunk and disorderly, and if you want a good time don’t get drunk and incapable! By the way, we generally wear dressing gowns, with nothing underneath. That makes for convenience. But if you enjoy stripping, or being stripped by someone, wear escort ümraniye whatever you feel like.”

“So is next Saturday the next meeting?” said Mary.

“That’s right. Have a think about it. By all means take your time if you want to discuss it. There’s no pressure. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but you’d be welcome if you want to come. Pun intended. If it’s warm, we will leave the side gate open, and you can just come round to the back.”

To cut a long story short, we did indeed arrange to come the following Saturday — pun or not. We didn’t have the foursome with Miles and Julie, though I thought there were signs it might be a possibility for the future.

* * *

So, the following Saturday we arrived at the house again, armed with a bottle of wine. It was summer, so the sky stayed light until late on, and it was warm enough for Miles and Julie to have left the garden doors open. We found them sitting in the hot tub again, with some other naked people this time, and they waved and introduced us. There were some sun loungers lying around, but they were being used simply to dump clothes on. We had brought our dressing gowns in a sports bag, and quickly changed into them. We weren’t generally worried about nakedness, and obviously nobody else was, so changing in public wasn’t a problem.

“Well,” said Mary. “The hot tub is a bit full, so shall we just walk around a minute?”

We wandered about the extensive garden, and noticed a young woman sitting on a bench. She had a white dressing gown on, but was very careless about how it hung open at the front. Her cleavage and much else was on open view. Mary and I just looked at each other, but before we could do anything two young men came up, also wearing dressing gowns. They obviously knew her, and she smiled at them.

“You’re eager this evening,” she said. “Are you both offering your services?”

They quickly said they were. Mary and I sat on a bench opposite them, where a man of about their age was already sitting. He had a dressing gown too, but it was hanging open at the front and he appeared to be stroking his cock gently. Meanwhile, the young woman opposite slipped off her dressing gown and stood naked, awaiting some attention. It didn’t take long: the two men threw their dressing gowns to the ground, revealing healthy erections already. There was a muttered discussion between the three of them, and the woman sat down on the bench. It was made of some artificial material, and looked pretty hard, but there was a pile of cushions. She arranged herself on these, and slid her hips towards the edge of the bench. One of the men retrieved a condom from the pocket of his dressing gown and slipped it on. He kneeled down in front of her, and bent towards her breasts, which he sucked to her evident pleasure.

Meanwhile, the other young man had also covered his cock appropriately, but kneeled on the bench next to her. She turned her head, and he slid his cock into her mouth. The other man slid forward, raised himself from her breasts, and slid his cock slowly into her vagina. There were groans of pleasure all round. We were beginning to see that this consent issue might not be much of a problem after all. There was also a groan next to us, from the man who had been fondling his cock. Mary was sitting next to him, and had a grandstand view. The threesome opposite were now lost in what they were doing, and oblivious of any audience.

“Isn’t she magnificent?” breathed the man next to us, now stroking his cock more firmly.

“I agree it’s beautiful to watch,” I said. “Do you know her?”

“She’s my wife.”

I whispered in Mary’s ear: “Do you think he needs a bit of help? He could concentrate on watching then.”

She turned to him. “Can I help you with that?”

He nodded silently, and Mary took out a little tube of lube from her dressing gown pocket, smeared some on her finger, and proceeded with one of her excellent hand jobs. She doesn’t take a cock in her hand, so much as stroke it with a lubed finger. The net result is teasing, exquisitely pleasurable, and leads to the same result. A general rule is that the longer it takes to reach orgasm, the better it is, and this technique allows for varying the speed according to one’s mood. He threw his head back and gasped with pleasure. “That’s amazing.”

I was looking at the threesome opposite. Our friend’s wife was clearly in a state of high excitement. She was licking and sucking on the one man, while her hips were rocking in time to the other one’s thrusts. I figured that somebody was coming soon! Indeed, the thought had hardly crossed my mind when both the woman and the kneeling man began to pant loudly and with increasing energy. She let the other man’s cock fall from her mouth and gripped the other’s shoulders as he increased the speed of his thrusting. Within moments they both began to cry out loudly, as their orgasms hit. He took hold of her ümraniye escort bayan hips and pushed himself as far into her as he could possibly get. Her head rocked backwards and forwards in rhythm with her cries. She slid her arms down around his waist and tried to pull him tightly towards her, until the rocking stopped and they slid gently apart, flushed and excited. I took a glance at the man next to us, and saw he was staring fixedly at the scene. Mary was still stroking his cock, and as I watched a spurt of pre-come oozed out of it. She rounded it up with her finger and used it as extra lube. He was groaning regularly now, not far from coming himself.

Opposite us, the young woman turned apologetically to the man she had been fellating. She quickly took him back into her mouth, and he stretched a hand down her stomach and through her pubic hair. Finding her clitoris, he began circular movements. She gasped and just cried: “Yes, yes!”

He was pretty excited himself by this time, and suddenly arched his back and thrust into her mouth. However, he continued stroking her clitoris. They both began to pant and cry out rhythmically as their orgasms approached. Peeking over Mary’s shoulder, I saw that our neighbour was doing the same. Mary’s technique can keep a guy hovering on the edge for some time, resulting in a spectacular orgasm when it finally arrives. He appeared to be reaching that point, still gazing at the scene opposite. With a final triumphant cry the young man and her companion launched into their orgasms, cries of ecstasy echoing around the garden. Next to us, I saw that the husband had finally reached the point. He raised his hips, and a powerful spurt of come jetted upwards, followed by another and another. Most of it seemed to land on his own chest, which probably suited Mary well enough! The couple opposite had subsided now.

“Thank you for that,” she said. “That was very considerate.”

He just chuckled. “Give two, get two. It’s only fair. Actually, I was afraid you were going to stop.”

“Oh, I’d hate to leave anyone hanging. That would be prick teasing in the extreme. I like to finish what I start.”

At this point Miles approached us. He had a towelling dressing gown on, which was soaking up the water on his body.

“I see you’ve lost no time getting into the swing of things,” he said. “I’m so glad you’ve joined us. But carry on, the night is yet young.”

We exchanged a couple of pleasantries, and Mary suggested we split up and see if anything — or anyone — took our fancy. That seemed to be what the whole evening was about, so I wandered out of the garden and into the very large conservatory at the back of the house. I noticed in passing that the side gate was now firmly bolted. Just as well.

The conservatory must have been about 20 feet by 12. Its floor was fully carpeted, and most of the floor area was covered in mattresses. Each mattress had a fitted sheet, over some sort of mattress topper. I saw now why each of us had been asked to pay a small contribution: there was going to be quite a laundry bill if the evening went well! It was certainly going very well for two naked couples, one at each end of the conservatory. One couple was having sex gently and quietly in the missionary position, whilst in the other case the woman was on top and riding the man enthusiastically, cowgirl style. His hands were on her breasts, gently stroking the nipples. She was panting loudly, eyes closed, her hips moving forwards and backwards as she ground herself against him. As I watched, she leaned forward and cried out several times, her rhythm completely broken. She lowered her head, and opened her eyes, smiling happily. Then she took hold of his forearms and lowered them to her hips, starting to move again. She may have had a great orgasm, but she wasn’t finished yet! I left them to it and wandered through another door into the kitchen.

There were several couples standing around in their dressing gowns, and helping themselves to drinks. They seemed quite oblivious of the scenes in the conservatory. I supposed they were used to it, if they were regular attenders. We had brought a bottle of wine with us, and I poured myself a glass.

“What do you think of it so far?” said a voice to my left. I turned to see a blonde woman who looked a few years older than me. She was quite short, with a plump figure and deep blue eyes. She was wearing a blue towelling dressing gown. In fact, most people’s dressing gowns appeared to be towelling, as if they needed to dry off sometimes.

“Interesting,” I said. “We’re new to this, so I’m just trying to get the full picture of what’s going on.”

She laughed. “I should have thought that was obvious. You’re the new couple, aren’t you?”

I’d have thought that was obvious too, but it seemed rude to say so. I was taking in a full impression of her, and thinking that she looked like a very attractive prospect. I’ve always had a fancy for the fuller figure, and she was very shapely, as far as I could tell with that dressing gown on. For the first time that evening, I began to speculate on what someone might be like with their dressing gown off. We introduced ourselves and she told me her name was Sheila. We chatted for a few minutes, and then she nodded towards a couple who had just come in by another door.

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