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The SUV Test Drive

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It was a hot summer. I had an erotic itch by Saturday evening. I was feeling decidedly frustrated because my weekend plans had been thwarted. So, I made a decision. I was going to make some guy’s lucky day. I dressed in a short skirt showing quite a bit of leg, button blouse not buttoned all the way up — and that is all. I drove around for an hour or so looking for some poor soul to catch my interest and was almost in despair until I spotted a car dealership. Chuck was the first guy to welcome me as I stepped out of my car to look at the new SUV’s. I told him I was looking at the large SUV and would like to test-drive the gold and brown one with black trim. He must have liked what he saw as my breasts giggled beneath the silk of my shirt because his eyes never left my breasts and he nearly ran to get the keys. I noticed his tight butt as he jogged back inside and wondered at his enthusiasm. He seemed very young (probably only 19 or 20) but he seemed to like me and I could tell he would have a nice hard prick. He just didn’t know this would be his lucky day!

Opening the vehicle, I walked around with him behind me, and he never took his eyes off me. I took this as a sign that he was attracted to me and smiled more openly and friendly to him. He opened the rear doors and I looked in, bending over to “test the back area” and I thought I heard a slight intake of breath as my skirt rose higher nearly to my ass. I turned my head and caught his look, smiling as he blushed slightly. I could imagine thoughts of squeezing my butt were dancing around in his mind.

I ask him if I could take it for a test drive. He said, “sure.” Then jumped in and started it up. He held the door for me to get in and then is when I allowed him to see I had no panties on! First I stepped onto the running board, showing him a glimpse of leg and wetness between my thighs. Then I turned and sat on the seat causing my skirt to ride up. I swung my right leg towards the front of the car allowing my legs to separate enough that he caught a glimpse of my heated twat. I knew that from where he stood, he could see clearly that I had NO panties on! I felt my clit start to throb as I enjoy toying with him immensely. I sneak a peak at the center region of his pants just before he closes the door assuring myself of his awareness. I chuckled to myself as he abruptly closed the door to avoid embarrassing himself.

As I drive off the lot with him next to me, I mention that it is very hot in the vehicle and tugged at the collar of my gapping blouse… and some howa button comes open. Reaching over to turn the A/C on I look over and notice he is watching the unencumbered movements of my breasts and tug again at my blouse to increase the bounce and jiggle. I settled back in my seat as he attempted to tell me about the features of the vehicle; but I could tell his thoughts were not really in the sell but more on the underlying conversation between our bodies. I could imagine feeling his firm hands on my free breasts and glancing at his crotch I assured myself he had the same vision.

He directed me down a road with very little traffic. I mentioned that the seat back seemed a bit high and asked about adjusting it. He told me there was a lever but I couldn’t reach it with my hand. I pulled over into an abandoned parking lot to search for the lever asking for his help. Eager to please, he leaned over my body to adjust the lever almost burying his face into the cleavage between my breasts. I felt a rush of breath against my skin and new he was very aroused. Admonishing myself for teasing him unmercifully, I chuckled to myself a little. Then with sure fingers I traced my hand along the back of his leg to squeeze gently on his firm ass.

His eyes locked with mine and I could see a lusty expression in the depths of his. Arousal clearly held in check by the tender emotions of youth and maybe even a little confusion at his attraction to me. I ask him if the middle seats on the vehicle folded down. Reality returned and he immediately jumped out of the vehicle, opened the side doors and lay the middle seats down. I got out and stood next to him with one hand on his shoulder as he adjusted the seats. My head was close to his as I looked inside the vehicle and he could Alanya Escort smell the fragrance of my perfume. Looking inside with satisfaction, I asked if the rear seats have also fold down and he replied “no, they are stationary” … and I start to step in. He stepped back to watch me, the dress riding up and showing enough that he could have just stooped down and been able to see the curve of my butt if he wanted. It seemed to be more than he could stand and finally, taking courage he reached out and gently put his hand on my ass over my dress with only the slightest of squeeze. I didn’t flinch. Instead I smiled at him encouraging him. I dip my back slightly, expelling a bit of warm juice from my cunt to slide down my thigh in plain view of his hungry eyes.

I climbed in and sat on the rear seat as he hovered near the side door looking back at me. There was a bit of confusion in his expression and a definite look of lust in his eyes as he watched the way my dress rode high on my thigh. I parted my legs just a bit to allow him a glimpse of pussy. My body and clit are throbbing and wanting to be touched by him but I took it slow and gentle.. savoring his discomfort. I can clearly see his cock pushing against the fabric of his pants and it looks hard and long. I can imagine the strain of his piece against the confining material casing a sweet friction against the head of his throbbing cock. My mouth watered and I gently licked my lips before, I asked if he would like to sit next to me to see how roomy the seat is. He stepped up into the vehicle wrestling to conceal his aroused condition. Sitting next to me, I could almost feel him tremble with heat. I lean forward giving him a complete view of both breasts through the opening in my shirt. I smiled at him openly and mention there seems to be a lot of room in the vehicle… maybe even enough for an orgy.

Taking that as an open invitation, he could no longer resist and putting his arm on the back of the seat behind me then around my shoulders to pull me to him. I didn’t resist and his confidence bolstered, he moved slowly towards my lips for a kiss. My tongue dipped out to moisten my mouth and I parted my lips as his touched down on mine. He was tender and gentle at first but I surrendered. I pushed my tongue against his soft lips encouraging him to deepen the kiss which he did tightening his hold with ardor and fervor. I opened my mouth wider and felt for his tongue, sliding in and out like he was intent on fucking my lips. He sighed as his hands found my breast and started to knead and caress them through the fabric. Gently, he squeezed at first until I pressed back against his hand and brought my hand to his encouraging him to squeeze harder and explore the firmness of my mounds. I opened my shirt and slid his hand inside to my erected nipple. More boldly now, he stroked my skin and tugged at my nipple. His mouth soon followed his hand and fingers. His tongue darted out to stroke at my nipple then groaning aloud he sucked it into his mouth. I pushed at his head with my hands encouraging him to suck and feed at my breast. The heat between my thighs was unbearable and I forced my head back against the leather moaning and longing for a release. I wanted to finger my pussy but was fearful to move to quickly. Quicker and harder now he sucked increasing the discomfort in my abdomen. If I didn’t finger my pussy soon, I felt I would explode. I wanted to scream at him to fuck me but I held back wanting it to be a memorable fuck for him and not a quick shot. I dared not finger his cock even though I could feel it straining against his pants begging for release.

Into his search for my pleasure, his hands roamed freely as he sucked at my tits. Anticipation screaming in my veins, I felt his hands slowly gravitating to the center of my pelvic region and spread my legs a bit to allow him freedom to explore my waiting cavern. His hands touched and smoothed the skin of my thigh feeling the smooth softness as his fingers roamed over the knee and back up my thigh. My insides were screaming, begging him to explore my heated wet flesh. My fingers in his hair must have transmitted a bit of my urgency although I tried to restrain the pressure. Finally, I felt Alanya Escort Bayan his fingers slide up the inside of my thighs that were now drenched with moisture then under my short skirt to finally reach my wetness producing a heartfelt moan from my lips. Encouraged to explore he pushed a finger slowly between my swollen lips. A soft gasp escaped me as very, very slowly he insert the tip of his finger in me. Trembling with the fever of unresolved anticipation my hands began to explore his chest and lower to brush against his cock held tightly in the captivity of his dress pants. I could not stop my exploration and had to know the size of his weapon. My fingers trailed down the length and squeezed at the width of his penis pleased that he felt so hard. It had been so long since I felt a cock of any kind and longer since I felt one so stiff and erect. My probing seemed to inflame his senses and his hands became bolder on my body with lips tugging and biting at my nipples while his fingers explored the wetness of my hot pussy.

Suddenly, I knew that a prick like that could not remain fettered. I needed to feel it, to taste it. I whispered to him to wait and sit back. Reluctantly and questioningly, he sat up and I could hear his breathing, heavy and hot. I slid down to kneel on the floorboard in front of him and rested my hands on his knees. I unbuckled his belt and unfasten his pants, while smiling up into his face. Coy and sexy, I teased him taking extra pains with lowering the zipper and removing his garments. As I unzipped his pants I whispered to him to raise his hips, while I pulled his pants from his butt and down his thighs. Then I lowered my head to kiss the bulge beneath his briefs. I opened my mouth gently but firmly biting the length of his cock through the stretched cloth. His taut erection had pulled the material away from his body exposing his balls along the side of his briefs and I could not resist licking and sucking at the salty texture. He groaned out loud, his arms stiff at his side and his hands pressed into the leather as he gripped the edge of the seat. He gave an uncontrollable buck upwards into my mouth and pre-cum droplets stained his briefs. Sensing his urgency, I pulled the briefs down to free his engorged cock. I feasted at the sight of his hard-on. Hard, straight, and erect it stood throbbing and pulsing with his racing blood. I took it in my hand to squeeze and pull on it… milking the clear pre-cum until it stood in beads at the tip of his beautiful cock. I looked at it now, the look of pure lust on my face. I bent down and sucked gently at the opening pulling the pre-cum onto my tongue. He gasped and clutched at my shoulders, I smiled up at him aware that his arousal was almost unbearable.

Bending again I opened my mouth and allowed my lips to slowly ease onto the head of his cock surrounding the head and moving slowly up the length. He watched as my head slid down slowly and his cock disappeared into the depths of my mouth. Up and down I moved moistening him with my tongue from tip to balls. My tongue darted out and in massaging the underside of his piece. Then I would receded and roll my tongue around the tip causing him to gasp. He watched my mouth on his cock and I felt his load filling his balls ready to burst. My hand squeezed tightly the base of his cock to slow his eruption and allow me to suck slowly. His hands wandered down and he tried to hold my breasts in his hand but I move them away, concentrating on sucking him slowly. When he was moistened to my satisfaction I engulfed his entire cock in my mouth until my lips pressed tightly against his groin. Gagging slightly at the length I attempted a swallow allowing the head of his cock to slide into my throat. He gasped and bucked against my mouth… then all of a sudden he begged me to stop! I pulled him from my mouth and looked at him a bit startled. His breathing was ragged and it took a moment for him to answer. He told me to stop and let him regain his breath because he didn’t want to cum yet. I smiled at his control, but allowed him to relax a moment. I moved forward to gently kiss his lips and his hands unbuttoned my shirt to play with my breasts. Then he asked me to lean against the back Escort Alanya seat in a kneeling position. He slid off the seat and assumed a position behind me.

He slid his hands over my back and gently squeezed the flesh of my ass through the fabric of my skirt. He gently tugged the material up to reveal the slit of my ass. My skirt had ridden fully up my thighs by our actions and I arched my back to allow him to see the dew dripping from my cunt. I heard his breath intake and glanced back to smile at him as he held his tight hard cock in one hand and his hand rested against my backside. Teasing him I asked, “So, are you going to fuck me or eat me?” First he gave a sheepish grin then boldly and surprising me he state… “I’m gonna fuck you lady, but first I’m gonna lick that hot pussy!” I was a bit taken aback by his boldness and smiled. My muscles contracted slightly and I increased my arch a bit to push my pussy closer to his cock.

Holding tightly to his cock as though it were his lifeline, he dipped his head. His tongue found the top of my butt crack and traced slowly downward passing over my asshole to dance slightly between my asshole and pussy before he pushed it into the crevices of my hot wet cavern. I could not resist spreading my legs a bit and my swollen clit throbbed. He stroked over my clit and then buried his tongue in my pussy for a moment. It felt good and I moaned. I moved my hips from side to side pushing back against his face. I could tell he had never licked a woman before and wasn’t sure of his ability to pleasure her. This was more for his enjoyment but hot as I was by the enigma it wasn’t hard for me to reach the brink of orgasm. My moans more insistent seemed to embolden him and his tongue hardened thrusting in and out of my pussy like a cock. He never touched my clit again and I was screaming to relieve my tension. His tongue was not far enough in my pussy to reach my g-spot and I groaned… wanting to cum on his face. My tension was building near explosion and he pushed my head and shoulders down on the seat to spread my pussy wider fucking me with his tongue and pulling on the lips of my pussy with his teeth. I wanted to scream at him to “fuck me!” But, I held back. My hips were grinding into his mouth and lips moving from side to side. I could tell his excitement was growing also, spurned on by my frustrated moans and the scent of my cunt.

His voice more guttural now, I could tell he was near climax. He pulled his head back and positioned himself behind me running his cock up and down the length of my ass and pussy moistening the tip. I readied myself for his entry and could not resist a slight push to spur him on. He found the opening of my tunnel and pushed the head into my pink wetness. I covered my mouth to stifle a scream as I bucked against him… I pushed backwards and his hands on my hips pulled me back with equal force. I exploded inside cumming over and over in waves of release. I don’t think he was aware of my release but reveled in the feel of my repeated contractions against his cock. He rocked and bucked with his penis buried deep in my shaft. I reached between my legs to grasp his balls and pull them against my clit while he fucked.

I felt his cock swell until it filled me and I was unable to contract against his length. His voice was louder now and each thrust was emphasized with a loud guttural sound “Uh… ah… uh…”. I felt the heat surge through his veins filling then exploding streams of lava. His moan became a loud convulsive symphony as he came shooting a full load into me. Then before he was spent he pulled his cock from my pussy and I watched as spurts of pearly white cum coated my ass running down my crease to drip from my pussy lips. When he was spent, I used his cock to capture the drops of semen from my ass then turning around I sucked the residue from him careful not to tug on the sensitized head. Finally, he collapsed on the floor of the SUV and lay for a moment. I joined him sucking gently at his balls and cock until we were both able to breath again.

After the initial excitement wore off we both were a bit embarrassed but hid our uneasiness with laughter and a kiss. Together we straightened our clothes and I asked him if he had ever had sex with anyone who was at least 15 years older? He replied “no, but it was quiet an enjoyable experience.” I told him it was for me also and we laughed. We drove back to the car lot in silence and he helped me to my car. Before, I drove away; he leaned in to tell me I was welcome to another test drive any day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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