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The Surrogate

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The story I am about to tell you is how I remember it truthfully. I was at my house when my older brother, John had come over very upset about the divorce papers he had just received from his spouse Brenda. I was not home but my brother had a spare key to my apartment just in case. He had a key, as long as, I care to remember so, if I had to go out of town he could tend to my cat and plants. Well growing up John and I were always close as siblings. He being my older brother I always looked up to him because he was so strong and masculine.

My brother, John McClendon, was born with his Norse looks because our ancestors were from Sweden and travelled to the United States after a brief stop in Canada because Grand Father was very good in the watch making business. Soon he had amassed a small fortune selling watches which could tell time to the second. John my brother had blonde hair, blue eyes, standing six three in height, and a narrow one hundred ninety pounds. He had broad shoulders and no facial hair which gave him almost boyish good looks.

I explained that bit about our Grand Father to explain why my brother now third generation, McClendon was as wealthy as he was. I am, Danielle Mary McClendon, I too have long blonde hair, green eyes with a tiny frame of 5’01 and a mere one hundred and eleven pounds. I have a nice 30 B-cup size in the brassiere with a Brazilian little cut beaver. I am a submissive tea cup toy. I enjoy when a man takes me it is in my nature.

Most men, when I tell them I am a toy get me mistaken for a sex slave or a pet. I am neither, for I am, I believe way higher on the food chain then they are. I am a toy which stays fit by doing physical activities such as run, swim, cycle, or aerobic exercises. I also use soft body oils which are light to the touch such as sesame oils or aroma therapy oils. I stay pampered with lotions and powders smelling good for my Master at all times waiting to be played with.

I explained that because a toy likes to be played with roughly but does not like being tied up, beaten, whipped, or eating out of bowls like slaves or pets. A toy has a choice as to whom she gives herself to and when. A slave is owned just like a pet is owned they have no say so what so ever. A slave can be tied up for hours humiliated by being used by multiple partners and then hosed off like an animal. Just the same as a pet that is forced to eat from bowls, shit in corners, urinate on them, tied for hours and let’s face it, have multiple partners as well in the worst unwashed conditions.

I will say a toy is exclusive to their Master and they are considered plastic or beautiful without a hair out of sorts. A toy can have multiple partners but only if she desires it. A toy is not owned and has no binding contract but in fact is loyal to her exclusive partner. A toy if mistreated or hurt can leave and be someone else’s toy if it’s Master no longer desires it or fails to take care of it. A toy can be tied up if it desires it to be so, but it normally has free will from its Master. A toy is polite, neat, and calls its Master either “sir” or “Master” at all times.

Now that I have explained the particulars I will say this, that on the day I brought my brother his ill-fated divorce papers, I was a toy uncommitted to any Master. I always loved my older brother, respected him because of his skill and dominance in growing his empire even further into the twentieth century. My brother is an Alpha-Male, dominant and it shows in his life. He is aggressive, territorial, and can be vicious handling business matters and employees. Yet he ran to me like always when troubled to see me and had forgotten the dreaded papers.

It appeared that John had been in my house for quite some time because he drank a cranberry juice and ate a chicken salad sandwich leaving the bread undone on my kitchen counter. It appeared he had lain down on my bed as well because I found his divorce papers on my bed almost under the pillow. I knew I always make up my bed every morning. I do not know what he was looking for but I found my underwear drawer and several others opened. I guess he was looking for a pen or something. I then remembered about my trusty vibrator in the drawer in the nightstand table. I hoped he hadn’t found it I began blushing because I didn’t want my brother thinking of his sister in the throes of passion like that by herself having an orgasm.

I remember it was the longest walk in the hallway to see John my nerves were on edge as I brought the papers to my brother’s home. I kept thinking of him seeing me with the vibrator sticking out of my little pink soft slit and my hand wrapped around it moving in and out with a humming noise. My lithe muscular little legs spread, my almost hairless blonde thatch, my eyes half closed, and mouth agape breathing passionately as I fuck myself thinking of him watching me. I felt my pussy getting wet as the idle thoughts raced then of my older brother, John kissing me full on the mouth and passionately pulling my hair istanbul escort at the very same instance. This was a secret desire and fantasy that if any man knew of me, they could have me sexually doing anything.

I walked in the library because that is where the butler explained where John was. I entered and it was as if my legs became heavy like lead weights. I was looking forward head high, shoulders back, in my multi-colored sundress with sheer white panty hose and my hair was braided back with lacquered pink nails and matching soft pink lipstick. My brother was turned towards the window standing looking out into the garden area and fountain but never turned to receive me. This made me worry for an instance as I kept walking forward slowly and my legs became heavier still.

Without turning to look at me which was a sign of utter dismissal behavior John said, “You know what they say about the main root of the grapevine Mary?”

He always called me Mary and never Danielle. I came up to him kissing him on the cheek and said, “No sir, but I bet you have knowledge to explain it to me. Here I believe you forgot these papers on my bed.”

Now he turned with his intense blue eyes which pierced straight through my soul and made my body quiver. Oh, how I lusted for my brother secretly. I consider his soon to be Ex-wife a fool because my brother is so handsome and dominant in his every move. He prances like the lion truthfully unafraid of anything or anyone. John then said, “It is said that the best and the strongest comes from the main root of the vine. Do you know why Mary?”

I smile then and said, “Enlighten me dear brother for I cannot afford to be high minded at this time.” I said this in gest and sarcasm as he well knew. He cut his deep blue eyes at me and chuckled.

My brother walked around me then and whispered in my ear gruffly, “It is because the wine from the main root isn’t diminished because it hasn’t been cut down and spliced as often. It is the strongest and sweetest because it is from the vines main vein.”

I smiled and clapped for him as he sauntered around me again taking a bow. My brother is thirty and I am twenty eight but look much younger because of how small I am. Most people believe I am only like seventeen or so. Not bragging because it is hell when a high school aged male asks you out to the prom and you have to explain to him that you are almost thirty.

I was sitting there being facetious with my brother when he sharply looked at me then said, “Hey, I am being serious here.”

I looked up at him and then said, “Yeah, Serious about what? You haven’t said anything really except something about a grape vine big deal.” I was getting agitated now and my brother sensed it and I shuffled the divorce papers on his desk in front of him.

John’s eyes narrowed and I could tell he was about to explode because the vein in his forehead began to twitch. He then said through gritted teeth, “I was explaining that the wine is stronger when it isn’t separated into other little vines from the main vine.”

I looked at him with a plain look on my face and then said, “Yep I got it the very first time you said it and still nothing has changed. Unless you are referring to this,” I picked up the divorce papers and tossed them down on the desk again. I then finished, “Which in your case, the bitch is doing you a favor. Brenda isn’t asking for much except for the chateau in Paris, the two vehicles that aren’t truly worth a shit, and two hundred fifty thousand for her troubles with her attorney’s fees. Please you could do that standing on your head and if you start looking deeper into little Mrs. Sunshine I bet you could find out who it is that she’s seeing.”

It was then that I saw my brother turn getting angry at me because of my lack of respect towards him and candor I guess at his shitty relationship. He flew over to me grabbing me by my hair which is an instant turn on for me because I could cream my panties when he did that. He then gritting his teeth said, “Who do you think you are speaking about my relationship like it is nothing but a lie? Remember I was in it for almost six years and I do not remember ever asking you for any advice at all.” His right hand was tangled in my tresses and my panties were slowly soaking as his lips and face were inches from my own. I kept thinking in my mind if he kisses me I am done for, I cannot contain myself if he just deeply kisses me right now.

I was still and tears began falling as if on cue and his grip softened a bit as he was still intensely leaning over me. I was breathing faster and faster as my heart began quickening as well. My brother, John then did what I had feared he would do and he kissed my soft sweet lips deeply and passionately while wrapping his hands in my golden tresses. I couldn’t help but moan and accept it as I returned his kiss with more passion of my own. We were lost in that very moment in time locked into one another as we devoured each other istanbul escort bayan right there.

I was on fire my heart beat faster and louder it seemed every nerve ending in my entire body came to life I had never felt this way with anyone else ever kissing me but my brother was the very best sexiest kisser I had ever felt in my life. The burning crept up from deep within my core as the moans and passion consumed me then at once he stopped. John then said, “Oh um my goodness Mary forgive me. I do not know what came over me. I am so sorry.”

I looked at him then said, “Seriously, so you mean to tell me that you didn’t mean that which was the realist thing in my entire life and you apologize for doing it? I want to know that you didn’t mean what just happened?” I had my hands on both hips and for the very first time in my entire life I was angry with my brother because he was acting stupid with me. It was the first time I ever seen him acting like a silly pussy about kissing me.

John looked down and walked back towards his desk and I noticed that he purposefully was creating distance between us so I followed him around his desk to be standing directly in front of him awaiting his answer. John mumbled, “I am emotional right now and I shouldn’t have.”

It was at this point when I became infuriated and slapped my brother John hard across his face then I said, “You are a lair. You have always wanted to kiss me and you know it John. You are using the papers, emotions, and the situation right now as an excuse. I know that I have panties missing from my bureau drawers and only one man has a key to my house John. I kept this quiet as well because you are my blood.” I was bluffing about the last statement because I never noticed anything missing but I was going to see if he would admit to anything at all.

John’s eyes met my own as I in defiance wanted answers and demanded them John turned towards his inside breast pocket and removed from it one pair of baby blue cotton bikini panties which belonged to me. John handed them over to me and then said, “Okay Mary you caught me. I don’t think it was a mistake kissing you but I was afraid that if I ever did that you would freak out. I did steal your panties because I thought, I could fantasize about you later being in them for me or spreading your legs for me. I will say that no other woman can hold a candle to your beauty or likeness for me and that yes, I would love to make love to you. There I said it and it’s out in the open okay?”

I was at the front of his library desk leaning my ass on it but not fully sitting on it as my brother revealed to me these things and I asked, “So what you are saying is that you meant to kiss me and you do want to make love to me even though I am your sister?”

John looked at me and the lion came out in him as he answered, “Yes that is what I said and meant.”

I looked at him smiling gently then said, “I see.” I then stood up walking toward the door when I felt his hand grab me.

John spun me around quickly then said, “I wasn’t through talking to you. Now you need to listen to me for a minute. I have been in love with you ever since I can ever remember when you hit me in the mouth with a stick trying to knock down a peach from a peach tree and busting my lip instead making me go get stitches in my mouth.”

I smiled looking down then I asked, “Why are you telling me all this now? It is because you are just emotional about the divorce you don’t truly desire me? I am leaving you have your divorce papers John but do me a favor do not ever play with my emotions like that again because I love you too much for that and probably not in a Christian way.”

John looked astounded because I had just confessed to wanting him as well and he needed to say or do the right thing as I was walking towards the library door. John just ran towards me and grabbed me again. He spun me around with one motion grabbing me up under my shoulders lifting me slightly as he turned me. John began kissing me deeply and pulled my hair again at the very same time with a passion that only a true lover can deliver. He kissed me deeply and with a love that I could feel. I returned his kiss and the animal wild came out in me.

I kissed and snaked my hot wet tongue into John’s sexy mouth and began nibbling his bottom lip passionately desiring him. My Emerald colored eyes wide open as John devoured my neck and I was sliding my arm through the arm in the sundress needing him to take me. I then whispered in a rasping voice, “Oh God John please takes me to the bedroom now I am all yours.”

John smiled his eyes deep blue and wild as he lifted me easily sweeping me up then said, “Perfect idea Mary.” He took me into his Master Bedroom where I had only dreamed of spending with him and many nights I spent hating on his stupid beloved Brenda because of my inner jealousy. I always knew she was never a good wife for my brother.

The strangeness that I was expecting from escort istanbul this first time being with my brother and apprehensive feelings never came with me it was only fascination, passion, lust, and greed of wanting more. I remember John throwing me down on the bed and him removing his shirt and trousers so fast with a skill of a fireman putting on his gear. Only my brother began a renewed attack on my lips and neck as I slid off my sundress allowing it to hit the floor. It was so heated that my insides were turning as if it were to mush inside. The inner core to my entire being was burning as I damned the panties which I tried to slip out of and this is when my Alpha Male lifted me backwards once more using his mouth to remove my panties between his teeth sliding them down to my ankles.

It was then that the very first powerful feelings entered into my ever fogging brain and every nerve ending, synapses and electrode which penetrated my being came to life in the singular moment when my brother’s sweet hot tongue penetrated the softness of my pink folds where my love button hid. Madness rushed through as I moaned without caring spreading for his boyish good looks and his devil of a tongue as he devoured my pussy with moans of his own. I remember crying out not clear words but just sounds of mumblings and requests which were unintelligible as his licking, slurping, and moaning continued. I thrashed my hips into his face my pelvis was bouncing up and down as my lover, my brother, held my ass cheeks in both of his hands as he circled and sucked my love button into and out of his hot supple mouth. I then felt him add first one finger inside my hot sopping wet pussy then a second as his fingers fucked my pinkness sweetly with two inside of me while he nibbled and sucked on my clitoris.

John was so skilled that the heat began as the moistness grew with every devilish stroke, circle, and suck of his tongue. He moaned into my softness as I screamed, whimpered, and delighted in his tongue. I knew in my mind that no other woman would have him, as long as, I was living. I knew right then that this would be the beginning of a wonderful agreed relationship and my brother had no idea but he was mine forever. My goodness new heights he reached with my pussy and the heat when I froze in the stillest of forms. I then felt the rush, the sudden push of heat and fulfillment. I thrashed about and began shaking, squirting, and thrusting into my sweet brother’s face. I was orgasming with force again and again. I squirted his face as he wickedly laughed. I was so satisfied when he finally let my hips and ass touch the bed. My eyes were like glass as I blinked in unbelief from not only how great it was but how quickly he took me there.

My brother sat back on the bed and was about to get in between my legs when I said, “Oh no you don’t, it’s my turn.”

I then laid him on the bed and making sweet eye contact with him I slowly licked the tip of his huge, massive, eight and a half inch cock ‘s bulbous head like it was a snow cone around real slow. I heard John moan as he watched me do this then I popped in the head sucking the tip swirling my tongue around and around with my soft velvet tongue. I danced my tongue around and around, down the shaft to his balls, licking sucking and moaning so my sweet dear brother knew and understood that I loved doing what I know his wife wouldn’t do for him. I looked up making eye contact with my brother as he watched me taking the tip again into my hot wet velvet mouth. I heard him again moan his approval.

I began to then bob faster and faster, up and down, over and over again sliding my hot mouth leaving saliva slick sheened on his veined shaft. I felt his hands grip my hair as he grabs it pulling my face up and down, and up and down fucking my tiny little mouth forcing his cock deeper into my throat and I moan loudly. I then cup his balls and massage them as I suck, slurp, and moan louder and louder. I take his fat cock now, as deep as, I am choking and gagging on it tears begin falling down my cheeks with the black eyeliner from my eyes. John is now fucking my face without mercy for about ten furious seconds before he lets loose his cum into my hot sexy little mouth. He is panting, breathing, and gasping for breath as he lies back onto the bed.

I then continue to suck it and cleaning up the waste semen and ejaculate with my mouth as I moan loudly. John just looks at me and begins laughing as he looks at me in disbelief. He then says, “All this time I was married to that dumb ass and this little mystery girl was here all along. I am ashamed truly. I wish I would have made a move on you sooner than now. My goodness I do believe I am in love with my Mary.”

I sucked the tip of his cock making one last loud pop as I released it from my sucking mouth and smiled at him. Then I said, “You know what this means right?”

John looked at me then asked, “What?”

I smiled demurely then responded, “You can never go back to her ever again. If I hear of it or think it is a whisper on your lips. I will never speak to you again and this,” I pointed with the wave of my entire back hand over my sexy little tight body, “Will never ever be touched by you again. Are we clear?” I finished raising my eyebrow so he knew I meant business.

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