The Study Fucker: Tina

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Big Dicks

Hey, David here. I’m back. Time for another “Study Fucker” story. This time it’s Tina O’Riely’s turn on my dick.

But first, here’s a background recap. I’m a student at Wayne State University on a Basketball scholarship. I have four female friends (Uhuva Blumenfield, Tina O’Reily, Alyssa Monroe, and Jeanette Ulahmed) who I’ve known since High School or longer and are four of the hottest women on campus. I’d decided to bang them each at private “study” sessions, but I wanted them to come to me. Around midterms our first year, Uhuva had come to me begging for help. I had agreed, and had gotten her to lose her virginity to me when I banged her brains out in my apartment bedroom.

Tina had been on our High School’s girl’s basketball team. A fiery, Irish-American lass: she stood equal to my 6′ 1″ height, with long, straight red hair; pale, perfect skin; bright green eyes; a button of a nose; and a trim, sexy body with size C breasts, a cute ass, and long, shapely legs. She had also received a basketball scholarship, but wasn’t as good academically as I was.

She called me around finals time in our second semester. We had been taking the same history class, and she said she had been having trouble. She said she needed a really good bahis firmalar─▒ grade on our final or she might lose her scholarship. I was surprised; I hadn’t thought her grades were that bad, but I’d agreed to help her. She asked me to meet her at the basketball gym, saying that the only time she could study with me was during what was supposed to be her training time. She informed me that no one else would be there so we could study in peace. That sounded a little iffy, but a perfect opportunity to take her, so I agreed.

When I entered the court, she waved me over from the scorer’s table. I walked over, set down my bag, and sat down beside her. I looked over and noticed her bag and books were nowhere in sight. “Tina, where’s your stuff?” I asked.

“I didn’t bring it.” She replied with a grin.

It began to dawn on me what was going on and I asked, “Did you talk to Uhuva?”

She nodded. “And she told me everything.”

“Let me guess, you want–“

“–you to pound me into oblivion!” she interrupted, pulling up her green T-shirt to reveal braless tits.

I did not hesitate for a second, but immediately dove for her breasts. As my mouth connected with her right breast, she gave a moan and breathed, “Thank you.”

I ka├žak iddaa came up for air long enough to reply, “You’re welcome.”

When I moved to her other tit, her left hand threaded through my hair, while her right unzipped my fly. Her hand slipped inside my pants and past my underwear, and grabbed my cock. I heard her swallow as she felt me. I pulled back and asked, “What is it?”

“You’re so BIG!” she exclaimed.

“All the more to make you cum with, my dear.” I replied.

“I like the sound of that.” She slipped to her knees on the floor and pulled down my pants. My ten-inch-long, one-inch-thick cock sprang up, fully erect. She plunged it into her mouth, first deep-throating it for a second, then pulling back to a more comfortable length and giving me a thorough blowjob. At one point she even took my sack into her mouth. After a couple minutes of being in her talented mouth, I came down her throat. She swallowed every drop.

Then she stood up and leaned over the scorer’s table and wiggled her ass, silently inviting me to take off her snug jeans. I immediately did so. She had no panties on either and was dripping wet.

“Let me have it,” She whispered urgently. “I want that huge cock.”

I quickly ka├žak bahis obliged, shoving myself into her tight pussy. As I fucked her, she moaned and talked dirty to me.

“So good. Feels so good. That’s it. Give it to me. Oh God that feels so good. I love that huge cock in my pussy. Yes. Yes. Omigod. Omigod. OMIGOD, IM COMING! YESSSSSS!!!!!”

She came twice before my knees started to buckle. I grabbed her ponytail and pulled her to a standing position. “What’s wrong, David?” she asked.

“I can’t stand any longer.” I replied, as I collapsed into a chair, still inside her.

She began riding me, bouncing up and down on my cock. She moaned and groaned and pleaded with me to make her come again. I reached out and played with her tits and clit, bringing her to orgasm again.

As her screams of “David, Yes!” subsided I felt myself nearing the edge.

“Tina, I’m gonna cum.”

“I want you to come all over me!” she breathlessly replied.


She climbed off of me and knelt on the floor, cupping her tits. I stood and began rubbing myself. After a few seconds, I came on her face and tits.

When I had finished, she stood and grabbed a towel she had conveniently placed nearby and wiped herself off. While she did that, I pulled my pants back up. She came over to me and kissed me, then began putting her clothes back on.

“Thank you.” She said as she pulled down her shirt.

“You’re welcome.” I replied.


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