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The Student – Friday Evening

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The next morning proved to be a challenge for Roger since he was functioning on only about three and a half hours sleep. Jessica had worn him out the night before, and Roger was still amazed at her stamina – and her abilities in bed. She was without a doubt the most energetic, flexible, and skilled lover Roger had ever had, and he’d been around the block a time or two. He wondered for a moment how a girl of only 19 years would come to be such a skilled lover, but only for a moment as the answer came to him immediately – an answer that he already knew in the back of his mind but was ignoring because of the unfairness of it.

When a man slept around a lot he was considered to be a ‘stud,’ but when a woman did it she was called a ‘slut.’ Roger remembered when he was 19 years old and in the service; he was stationed at a base outside of a very small town in the South, and the local girls loved men in uniform. At one time he could accurately claim to be able to have a date for 9 nights in a row with a different girl every night, and get laid 7 out of 9 times with the other 2 giving him a blowjob. So considering his past, Roger was not inclined to be critical of Jessica for hers.

But those notes and her uncanny ability to put them in places that were inaccessible to the normal person were still a source of wonder and amazement to him, and he was still more than a little curious as to just how she was able to pull it off.

He half expected to find another note in his car as he unlocked the door to go to work, but to his disappointment there was none. On the drive to the school he wondered if Jessica was going to be in class today and found himself sincerely hoping that she was, even though he knew her presence was going to be a real distraction, and that working around the erection she was sure to give him was going to be a challenge.

The school bell rang a few minutes after Roger got to his classroom, and his students trooped in and took their seats. All of the boys glanced over at the desk in the front of the classroom that Jessica had staked out as her own since Roger became their teacher, all of them wondering – and hoping – that Jessica would be in class today. Roger smiled as he thought to himself, ‘If they only knew!’

The final bell rang and Jessica’s desk was still empty. Roger was wondering if she was going to show up as he closed the door to the classroom and took his place behind his desk in front of the blackboard. Just as he turned to pick up a piece of chalk to begin the day’s lessons the door opened and Jessica came in, wearing her school uniform in the usual manner – at least, what the usual manner was for her, that is. Roger was somewhat relieved to see that she was wearing a bra today; if she had showed up braless Roger was sure he wasn’t going to be able to get through the day without having to hide an erection. So while he was relieved in one aspect, he was disappointed in another.

Jessica smiled at Roger as she turned to close the door, her long auburn hair hanging over the right side of her face as usual, then turned to face him and paused at the door for a moment while she spoke. He couldn’t help but let his eyes drop to the more than ample amount of cleavage she was showing, and he was sure that every other male in the class was looking at it as well.

“I’m sorry I’m late, Mr. Marks,” she said in her usual sultry voice, and Roger could almost hear the dicks getting hard in his classroom, his among them. “I didn’t get much sleep last night, so I’m afraid I overslept. Can you ever forgive me?” she asked, giving him a coy smile that only the two of them knew the meaning of.

“That’s fine, Jessica, just take your seat,” Roger replied, surprised at how nonplussed and professional his reply was. It was as if nothing at all had happened between them, and for a brief moment Roger was concerned that Jessica would be mad at him for appearing so nonchalant about it all. But he was pleasantly surprised to see that her smile got even bigger at his reply, telling him that she was happy with his “performance” in the classroom. She walked over to her desk and sat down, crossing her legs at the ankles as she clasped her hands together on the desk, pushing her arms inward to make her mammoth breasts bulge out at the open top of her shirt. She looked up at him and smiled the most innocent smile she could manage, just as if she was unaware of what she was doing.

‘So that’s it, huh?’ Roger thought to himself, ‘She’s going to make it hard on me today by teasing me!’ Roger turned towards the blackboard and began writing, hoping that Jessica – and the rest of the class – hadn’t seen the beginnings of the erection she was giving him and that it would fade out before he had to turn around. Unfortunately, it didn’t, but on the positive side it didn’t get any more prominent either. When he turned around again to face the class and begin the day’s teachings he saw Jessica looking at the slightly visible bulge in his pants, a smile crossing her face as she did so. Then she looked up at him from beneath her brow, and her delicate pink Alanya Escort tongue slipped out from between her parted lips. She licked her lips slowly and sensually, never breaking eye contact with him, and he could feel his cock expanding.

Roger knew he had to do something quickly, so he took a few step over to his desk, pulled the chair out and sat down. He glanced at Jessica briefly before speaking, and noticed that she was now sitting back in her desk, her blazer opened wide, her big nipples hard and prominent through both the bra and the white shirt she was wearing. It was all Roger could do to take his eyes off of her and address to the class.

“Time for a reading assignment, ladies and gentlemen,” he said, pulling out his own textbook that he taught from and holding it up briefly to the class. “Open your books to Chapter 3 and begin reading pages 45 through 55, and be prepared to discuss what you’ve read. You have half an hour, and your time starts now!”

There was a shuffling of books and papers as the students retrieved their books and opened them as instructed, Jessica among them. She gave him one last sultry look before beginning to read, deftly popping open a button on her shirt to show more cleavage to him and pulling her shoulders back to make the shirt open up so he got a good view. She was smiling as she lowered her head to begin reading.

There were some passages in the book that Roger wanted to make sure he discussed with the class, so he opened the center drawer of his desk to retrieve a highlighter. That’s when he saw the note addressed to him in Jessica’s spidery, flowing handwriting. He paused in surprise for just a moment, glancing up at Jessica, then opened the note. He was careful to keep it low inside the desk drawer to keep the other students from seeing it and opened it slowly to avoid making any noise.

‘I just love teasing you and making your cock hard, my pet! And it is hard right now, isn’t it? Just think of how much harder it’s going to be with my soft lips wrapped around it as I suck the pre-cum out of it!”

Roger felt his cock grow even more, and he wasn’t surprised when he looked up at Jessica to see her looking up at him from beneath her brow, her head lowered as she was reading, and smiling. He folded the note up and slipped it into his jacket pocket, then turned his attention towards highlighting the passages in his textbook.

The rest of the lesson turned out to be just as much of a challenge as Roger thought it would be with Jessica taking every opportunity to tease him in the subtlest of ways. She sat back in her chair and pulled her shoulders back to make her shirt stretch tight across her massive breasts; she surreptitiously ran her fingers over and around the nubs of her nipples to make them stand out more prominently against her shirt, and Roger thought he’d lose it completely when she slipped a slender finger slowly into her mouth, wrapped her soft lips around it, and sucked on it hard enough to make her cheeks hollow in just enough to be seen as she slowly pulled it out of her mouth.

When the bell rang signaling the end of the class Roger was relieved in one way but disappointed in another. The majority of the students were quick to leave the classroom; after all, it was Friday and they were anxious to get their weekend started. But Jessica was in no hurry to leave, slowly gathering her books up and bending over to pick one up from the floor which gave Roger a spectacular view of her huge, full breasts. The last student was just walking out of the door when Jessica stood up to leave, holding her books in front of her against her chest and pulling them close to make the mountains of her breasts bulge out of the top of her shirt. She slowly walked over to the desk where Roger was still sitting and where he’d been sitting for most of the class. It was the only way to hide the erection that Jessica had given him. He sat back in his chair and looked up at her, a grin on his face as he spoke.

“You rather enjoyed teasing me all day, didn’t you, Jessica?” he asked.

“Yes, Roger, I certainly did,” she replied, smiling back at him, her long auburn hair hiding the right side of her face as usual. She glanced down at the large lump of his erect cock pressing against his pants as she continued. “And from the looks of it, you enjoyed it as much as I did!”

“Yeah, well, sometimes the damned thing has a mind of its own,” he replied, looking down at his crotch as he spoke.

“Thank goodness for that!” Jessica said, then turned to walk towards the door. Roger was mesmerized by the swinging of her firm, shapely ass as she walked. The fact that he had seen that ass – and much more – naked made it even more enjoyable. When she reached the door she paused as she put her hand on the knob, turning to look at him before speaking.

“Do you have any plans for the weekend, my pet?” she asked.

“As a matter of fact no, I don’t, Jessica,” he replied. Jessica smiled bigger at him as she spoke again.

“You do now,” she said as she opened the door. Then she stepped Alanya Escort Bayan through it and was gone, the scent of her jasmine perfume hanging in the air. Roger just sat there and looked at the closed door for a moment, trying to figure out what this young nymph had up her sleeve next, then gave up. He decided to just go with the flow, gathering up his books and papers, putting them in his briefcase before heading out of the door himself.

Roger walked out of the building, across the campus and down to the parking lot to his car, and he wasn’t at all surprised to see a note sitting on the driver’s seat. He smiled as he unlocked the door and then opened it, reaching in to pick up the note before he got in. Once he got the car started and the air conditioning going he opened up the note to read it.

‘I’m glad you don’t have any plans for the weekend, my pet, because I have something planned for the both of us! The limo will pick you up at six, and you need bring nothing except the clothes you’re wearing. See you soon! Jessica’

“Nothing except the clothes I’m wearing,” Roger repeated out loud to himself. “And I have a feeling I won’t be wearing those for long!” he continued as he started the car. He put the car in gear, backed out of his parking space, then left the lot and headed for his apartment. He was smiling the whole way.

Roger had plenty of time to shower and change out of his work clothes once he got to his apartment. He half-expected to find a series of notes along the way, but was disappointed when no more notes were waiting for him. When he came down the stairs from his apartment at six PM he was wearing clean jeans, deck shoes, and a dark green polo shirt. He had nothing else with him except his wallet and watch, just as the note from Jessica dictated. He got to the bottom of the stairs and saw the long, white limo waiting for him, the driver clad in a black suit wearing a chauffer’s hat standing next to the rear door. The driver touched the brim of his cap as he spoke.

“Mr. Marks?” he asked, giving Roger a professional smile.

“That’s me,” Roger replied

“Very good, sir,” the driver said, opening the door for Roger. “Please make yourself comfortable and enjoy the ride,” he said as Roger got into the limo. The driver closed the door behind him and then went around the limo to get in behind the wheel. The limo pulled smoothly away from the curb and blended into traffic as Roger settled in, getting comfortable in the plush rear seat. The interior of the limo was a deep burgundy, the seats were soft and full, and there was a crystal decanter containing what Roger assumed must be whiskey in a holder on the other side of the limo from the door. There were two crystal glasses on either side of the bottle, all of which were sparkling in the soft interior lighting of the limo. Roger reached for a glass and then the decanter, pouring two fingers of the brown liquid into the glass. He took a sip and instantly recognized the liquid as a premier brand of bourbon, the kind that came in a purple drawstring bag. He took another sip as he settled back into the soft seat, smiling as he got comfortable.

‘Man, I could get used to this!’ he thought to himself as he folded down the center armrest to use the drink holder he knew was there. As he moved to put the crystal glass in the holder he stopped short, then began to smile.

There was a note addressed to him inside the drink holder, and he recognized Jessica’s handwriting. He picked up the note and put the glass in its place, then opened the note and read what it said.

‘Hello, my pet! I do hope you like the limo as you’re going to be in it for a little while, and I wanted to make your trip as comfortable as possible. You’re on your way to The Windjammer Hotel where I’ll be waiting for you. The trip will take a little more than an hour, and once you get there go to the front desk and introduce yourself. Now all you need to do is relax, enjoy the ride and the bourbon, and I’ll see you soon!”

He was impressed. The Windjammer Hotel was one of the more expensive hotels located on the beach, with every room in the hotel facing the beach. He’d seen it several times and had often wondered what it would be like to stay there, but he always thought that he’d never be able to afford it on his salary. That was all in the past now, as his obviously well-to-do 19-year-old lover had taken care of all that for him. But then again, coming from the Alexander family the way she did, he wasn’t surprised that she had money. The limo alone was proof of that.

He took one more look at the note as he picked up his drink and took a sip, then folded the note and slipped it into his pocket. All there was to do now was just what Jessica had told him to do – relax, enjoy the ride and the bourbon. He decided to do just that, stretching out his legs and crossing his feet at the ankles.

“Yes, I could definitely get used to this!” he said aloud, smiling to himself.

A little more than an hour later the limo pulled up to the circular drive in front of The Escort Alanya Windjammer Hotel, and as soon as it stopped the driver got out and opened Roger’s door for him. Roger went to reach for his wallet to tip the driver, but the driver put his hand on Roger’s arm and stopped him.

“Thank you, sir, but that’s already been taken care of,” he said, smiling and tipping his hat at Roger. “Have a good weekend, sir!” he said before going around to the driver’s door, getting in, and then driving away. Roger walked into the lobby of the hotel, the cool air inside giving him a little bit of a chill. He walked over to the desk where an attractive brunette was working. She looked up and smiled as he approached.

“Good evening, sir, may I help you?” she said cheerily.

“Yes, my name is Roger Marks,” Roger replied.

“Oh, yes, Mr. Marks, I have your room key card right here!” she said, picking up a small envelope the size of a credit card from out of an accordion holder and handing it to him. He noticed his name was written on the envelope as he took it.

“You’re in Room 1022; take the elevator up to the tenth floor, turn right, and it’s third door on the right,” she explained, pointing to the elevator to his left.

“Thank you very much,” Roger replied, turning to head for the elevator.

“And I have this note for you, too, Mr. Marks,” the brunette said, handing him another folded note. Once again he recognized Jessica’s handwriting as he took the note. “If there’s anything you need, please don’t hesitate to call. I hope you have an enjoyable stay!” the brunette said, smiling broadly at him.

“Thank you, I’m sure I will!” he replied, opening the note.

“Come to me, my pet, I’m waiting for you!”

Roger felt his cock twitch as he read the simple message. He folded the note and put it in his pocket with the other one as he headed to the elevator. Less than two minutes later he stepped out of the elevator onto the tenth floor of the hotel and turned right, striding down the hallway to the third door on the right which bore the numbers ‘1022.’ He slipped the card key into the slot and was rewarded with a green light and a soft ‘beep’ as the lock clicked open. He turned the handle and opened the door, stepping into the foyer of one of the most spacious hotel rooms he’d ever seen.

The door opened into a living room with a couch on one side of the room, a long table with a rather large HD TV sitting on it on the other side of the room, and a big lounge chair sitting in the corner next to the sliding glass door which led to the balcony. There was a coffee table sitting in front of the couch, and on the table was a champagne bucket that contained a bottle of champagne. There were two long stemmed champagne glasses – crystal, he was sure – sitting on the table next to them, and Roger had a pretty good idea he knew what brand champagne was sitting in the bucket getting chilled. The door to the bedroom was on the side of the room where the table and HD TV were, and as he turned his head to look Jessica appeared in the doorway.

She was sexy and stunning as usual, wearing a long, flowing white see-through robe with faux white fur at the collar and cuffs. Beneath the robe she was wearing a white lace teddy, the top of which was cut very low and barely holding in her heavy, mammoth breasts. He could see the dark patch of her closely trimmed pubic hair beneath the crotch of the teddy, and he could feel the first stirrings in his balls and his cock. She completed the outfit by wearing white nylons that didn’t need a garter belt to stay up, the tops stopping at mid-thigh. Jessica put her hands on either side of the doorway and cocked one leg at the knee as she looked at him and smiled her usual, sexy smile. The right side of her face was again covered by her long, flowing auburn hair, something that Roger thought he would always find incredibly sexy and alluring. She smiled at him as she spoke.

“Hello, my pet,” she said, her voice low and sultry as usual. “I’m so glad you’re here!”

“Hello, Jessica,” Roger replied, smiling back at her as he let his eyes roam up and down her lithe figure. “I’m glad I’m here, too!”

Jessica walked over to him, her hips swaying as she walked, her huge breasts bobbling inside the teddy with every movement. Roger could see her nipples were hard and erect, pressing against the thin material of the lingerie and nearly ripping through it. She never broke eye contact with him as she covered the short space between them, her green eyes – the one he could see, anyway – sparkling. She walked up to him and reached up, wrapping her arms around his neck as she pulled her body close to his. Roger could feel the massive globes of her breasts pressing against his chest as she molded her body to his, and he could feel the heat emanating from her groin as her hips pressed hard against his. She placed a hand on the back of his head and pulled his face down to hers as she lifted her face up, her soft, full lips parted in anticipation. Their lips touched as they kissed, Jessica pressing her full body up against Roger’s even harder as her lithe tongue slipped out of her mouth and into his. Their tongues danced as Roger slipped his arms around Jessica’s body and pulled her close to him, letting one hand slide down her back to grip and squeeze one of the firm, rounded gloves of Jessica’s ass.

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