The Story of My Life Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Things would never be the same again with her.

That’s what I thought that night sitting on our sofa, my sister next to me, exhausted, satisfied, naked.

They weren’t.

A couple of days later I caught her online, in a chat client. She was at work, typing away at something, and I was at home, enjoying my free time. I asked her what she was doing, and how she felt, now that she had a day to review what had happened between us. It turned out that, like me, she did not regret one bit of what we had done. I loved her for that.

We chatted on for about two hours, speaking about this and that. Mostly we talked about that night, when she, my wife and I had made out and each cum once. We had not actually fucked. Not because we did not plan on doing that, but because we wanted something to look forward to for the future.

We exchanged fantasies then and there. She told me how she would love to be taken publicly, but in secret. I told her how I wanted to press her against a wall and firmly and quickly take her from behind. She told me she loved my body and my cock, and I told her how I had enjoyed tasting her for the first time. As you can probably imagine, we were both pretty hot after some time. She complained to me, playfully, about how she was sitting at work, and getting horny. I replied by asking her what she was wearing under her clothes. I didn’t really expect her to answer me. She was a teaser, had been for some time. She always would tease you, get you all hot, and then leave you with a big hard cock and only your own fantasies.

She still manages to surprise me from time to time. Added by a smiley with a shy and innocent expression she said she was wearing a black thong and a matching bra!

Black. Her color of choice these days.

I didn’t complain. I loved black underwear. Especially when it was clinging itself to a young and beautiful body like my sisters. I wanted her so much that very moment, but you probably can imagine that…

We talked some more, me telling her how I would love to be under her desk now, touching her pussy through the thin fabric of her thong. She complained, wanting my tongue to dance between her legs instead. I said I’d love to comply. We shared more fantasies, getting hotter still. After some time, she was her old self again. Having bahis firmalar─▒ just told me how I should imagine her lying in front of me in just her panties, her hands starting to go between her legs, she finished work and was gone in less than two minutes.

My baby sister, the big tease…

Later that day she send me a SMS telling me how she had just taken a shower and fingered herself thinking of my beautiful, big cock, and how she had cum with her knees shaking and giving away.

Yes, my sister, the tease…

We agreed to go to the movies together two days later, just her and me. My wife Franzi we left at home. She said goodbye to me with a big, knowing smile on her face. How in hell did I get so lucky?

I met Jasmin, my sister, at the cinema about an hour before the film started. It was a screening at about 10 pm, and the film had been around a couple of weeks, so there were only about 20 people in there watching the film with us. I had bought the tickets in advance, selecting the last row of seats on purpose. I made a big show of searching for our row and seat number, and when finding it gave her a big smile. I can be a tease too, if only fairly so.

The room was one of the smaller ones in that cinema. We still had a decent view from where we were sitting. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched her intensely, wanting to get a feel for her mood, and then judging my course of action. She was unreadable at that time. Did I mention she always won our games of poker?

What I did get to know by watching her was that she was wearing a tight, dark pair of jeans. Quite tight actually, you could see her ample hips expanding a little over her pants. Yes, that was what I called a hip-hugger… Other than her jeans she was wearing a red top with spaghetti straps, and a small jacket over that, in black. The straps of her bra were red , just like the top. The red was quite bright and her ample curves clearly visible even in the darkness of the room. Her c-cups were pushed upwards by her bra, giving her a clearly visible cleavage. My pants were getting too tight that moment, just sitting there and admiring the gorgeous, young body of Jasmin.

I reached over, laying my right hand on her stomach and, pressing my palm gently on her skin, slipped down into her jeans.

She ka├žak iddaa managed not to flinch, the little bitch. She just pulled her stomach in a little to give me better access to her far too tight pants. My hand touched bare skin. She was shaven, as always. Not a trace of hair touchable. It only added to her youthful appearance, and to my hornyness. I started caressing her mound, sliding my hand gently over it, feeling her skin, so soft. I then reached further down, right between her lips. My middle finger parted her, getting wet the moment it went past her clit. I didn’t bother with getting her hot by touching and tickling her clit. She already was as hot as she could get.

I got rougher. My fingers kneaded her whole pussy, spreading her lips one seconds and firmly pressing them together the next. Still, she managed to remain sitting there next to me, her face betraying nothing of the state of her body. I figured I’d have to change that.

My finger found her opening and slided straight in.

She gasped this time. A small victory.

My left hand parted her legs as I pulled her left leg over to me. Slowly, she let her body react to the feelings I was giving her. Her mouth opened slightly, revealing a barely audible moan. I heard it though. It was what I was hoping to hear.

The film was forgotten at that time. I was hard and fingering my little sister like there was no tomorrow. She pushed her hips forward, nearly lying in her seat now. Her pussy was grinding against my palm. She liked the pressure. I opened her jeans then and there, undoing all four buttons.

Looking back now I probably shouldn’t have been surprised by the fact she hadn’t bothered with panties that evening. Still, the sight of her bare pussy with it’s light tone of skin mesmerized me. She sensed this, simply looked over to me, whispering a “why bother? I knew they’d only be in the way” into my ear. She then touched the buldge in my pants, her slow moans appreciate of what she felt. I withdrew her hand from my lap. This was going my way.

With her jeans open like that much of the pressure on her pussy was gone for now. She leant back some more, silently enjoying the sensations her body was giving her. I took my time. Next, she reached back and unclasped her bra. She wiggled out of it and threw it decoratively ka├žak bahis over into my lap. She took the front of her spaghetti top and pulled it not up, but down. Her breast, heavy and sagging, revealed themselves to me, her light nipples barely visible in the half-darkness of the cinema. My mouth found them though, when I leaned over and took first her left, then her right breast and nipple into my mouth. I was satisfied when I had made them hard a couple of seconds later.

Her jeans had slowly dropped to her knees in the process. Basically, all of her was visible and on display. She seemed to enjoy the fact just as much as I did. I was not planning on showing my sister around to anyone, of course. She was after all my sister, and mine only.

The next minutes went by quite quickly. I still held her pussy firmly in my right hand, working my fingers up and down to ensure she was enjoying every second. I whispered in her ear how I wanted her to cum for me, here, in this very seat. She told me she would, soon, if she was allowed to help a little herself. I said that was fine with me. I waited, guessing what she was going to do then.

She lifted her hips slightly off the seat, her left hand stroking down her backside, over her round ass, between the cheeks. I felt the light change of pressure with my finger buried inside of her. She had just pushed her finger into her ass. She basically sat down on her hand. Very soon the effect this was having started to show. Her movements became quicker, her breathing shallower. She looked me straight in the eyes and mouthed “I’m cumming”, just seconds before I felt it myself. She was not contracting overtly, but I simply felt her orgasm come and go. All the time, she never broke eye contact. The sweet agony on her face. Unimaginably beautiful.

Exhausted, she sank back on her seat. I withdrew my hand from in between her legs, her juices coating my fingers. We french kissed, then continued watching the movie, a good part of which we had missed. She didn’t bother getting dressed again until 20 minutes later. All the time, she was sitting next to me, half-naked.

When the movie was finished and I drove her home we were quiet most of the time, enjoying the thoughts and memories each of us was having. Of the few sentences we spoke, I only remember this one. When asked why she was all hot and wet even before I touched her, she simply said:

“Kai, the day I’m not horny has yet to come.”

I guess we really are brother and sister, no doubt about that…

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