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The Story of Debra Ch. 03

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The sound of the rain woke her up, and for a minute she was disorientated. There was someone else in the bed with her. She lay there and ran back over the night before. She would have to apologize to this guy, who ever he was, and make clear that this was not a regular thing, despite the sex having been really, really good. Trying not to rouse him she slipped out of the bed and tiptoed to the shower. At least if he woke up she wouldn’t smell like work and sex, she could retain some of her dignity.

The water streamed out of the shower and she checked herself in the mirror for last nights errors. She washed off her make-up and brushed her teeth. The toothpaste tasted sterile and metallic in her mouth. She slid into the shower, letting the hot rivulets of water run over body. She felt the cold air of the shower door opening before she registered it. Strong hands slipped around her shoulders and began to massage them. The feeling was too good to pass up and she let him continue to rub her wet skin, sliding his hands up and down her back. The steam from the hot water made her want to just fall back to sleep as her aching muscles Kadıköy travesti were given over to her company.

She felt his cock pressing into her back from behind, and she was about to make objections when she felt his lips upon her neck. It was just too much to resist, and she turned to face him as they fell again into a passionate kiss. Their bodies were slippery against each other from the water, as they pressed each other against the shower wall. His hands squeezed at her breasts and buttocks, reminding her or the night before. He slipped his hands under her butt, kneading it and moving to pick her up. But she stopped him, she pushed him back against the shower wall. Letting the water run down his toned body she moved down herself, ‘til she was kneeling in the shower at his feet.

The water was running down her shoulders as she knelt forwards and took him into her mouth. He moaned as her lips closed on his engorged cock. She sucked at his head, licked at it and moved her lips over it, making him buck at her and grasp her head ever firmly as she took him into herself. Her lips glided over its length, swallowing Kurtköy travesti all of him in, sucking at him and gently kneading his balls with her hand. He was moaning loudly as she continued, and was obviously enjoying it almost as much as she was. The feeling of her power over him gave Debra a wicked smile. He pushed his hands under her arms and brought her up to thrust his tongue inside her, kissing her deeply and pressing into her with his body.

He wrapped her legs around him and drove into her, pinning her against the shower wall. Spearing her body on his large erect cock. Tightly she gripped him as her muscles contracted and she came. His plunging into her became more urgent and harder as he pinned her to the wall. Over and over he made her moan with ecstasy, until finally letting go in a burst of hard strong final thrust.

He lowered her feet to the floor and as she stood against the shower wall letting the water run over her smooth and wet skin he washed the wetness between her legs, cleaning her with care as she soaped his body in return. “Good morning.” She said softly, and with a cheeky little eyebrow Pendik travesti motion he answered her with the same greeting. She wanted to explain about last night but didn’t feel right doing it at that point. She stepped out of the shower and threw on her robe, letting the wetness soak through.

She was sitting at the breakfast table in the kitchen when he came out. Dressed in last nights clothes he still looked attractive even in the tousled morning after look. “I really enjoyed last night and I know mornings after are weird so I’m just going to go, but here’s my number in case you ever feel like that again.” he put down a piece of ripped notepaper with the wordsand his number.

Debra was almost stunned by this gesture, sure she was a stripper but she wasn’t sure if he was trying to treat her as a whore as well now. She said nothing but once the door closed, ripped the paper in two and threw it into the accumulating pile of other paperwork on the kitchen worktop. She wouldn’t call, and he probably wouldn’t come back, she didn’t expect anything else anymore. But she was expected to go back to work that evening, and to be on time. She gazed out of the window with a certain bitterness at how empty her life suddenly seemed. She wasn’t looking forwards to dancing for a bunch of strangers again, but somewhere inside she hoped he would be there waiting for her, and she would not disappoint him either.

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