The Storm

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The clouds rumbled overhead. The Virgin walked unsteadily towards his destination with his sneakers sinking into the soft mud with every step. He was going to see Her. It was time he was made a man. He shivered as the cold wind blew over him and he clutched at the sweaty money in his pocket to make sure it was still there. Soft misty drops brushed against his face. He shivered again.

He could see the shack now. It was a place many boys had come to be made men before, and many more would yet. The house was old, older than some could remember and showed it’s age badly. It had never been painted. It was a was a simple wooden affair, almost like a cabin with covered front porch. He could see the Whore on the porch. She was standing there, waiting for him like she had all the time in the world to wait, and she seemed oblivious to the cold or weather. She was wearing a simple black dress, and she leaned against the house with her arms folded and smiling coyly.

As the Virgin stepped up onto the porch, she took his hand and helped him up. She ran a finger down his chest and looked into his eyes. He swallowed hard as he looked back into hers, and pulled the money from his pocket with his shaking hands. Her smile widened as she gracefully took the money from him. She walked her fingers down to the fly of his jeans and slid the zipper down slowly while looking into his eyes. The virgin shivered, but not from the cold. She reached into his pants and pulled out his already hard cock. She grasped it firmly and ran her thumb over the thick purple head. Then she suddenly started to pump it rapidly. The Virgin moaned and then yelled as a thick line of semen shot from bahis firmalar─▒ his cock. The whore smiled and licked her fingers, sucking the stickiness off each one, before grasping him again and leading him into the house. The rain began to pour.

It was warm and dry and softly lit inside. There was a large bed and a table beside it, and not much else. The Whore pushed him down onto the bed. She stood up and slid out of her dress, leaving nothing but her stockings, garter belt, and a pair of sheer black panties. She cupped her large bare breasts and ran her tongue over her lips. She knelt at the bed and took his cock in one hand. She flicked her tongue with feather light touches along the head of his cock, then ran her tongue down the side. She took the head into her mouth, and began to suck it softly, slowly taking more and more of his cock into her mouth each time, until her lips would slide down to his balls and back up to the very tip each time. The boy moaned as the soft thunder outside grew louder to match him.. The whore released his now rock-hard cock from her mouth, giving it one final lick along the underside before, standing up to remove her panties.

She lay back on the bed beside him with her legs spread wide. The whore spread open her cunt with her hands and looked at him expectantly. The Virgin swallowed hard, and moved his head to her crotch, smelling her sweet musky fragrance. He tentatively kissed her on her cunt, than looked up into her eyes. The Whore smiled and nodded her approval. He began to kiss along her slit, up and down, then gave it a nervous lick. The Whore shuddered. The Virgin smiled and began to lick harder and with more ka├žak iddaa fervor up and down her wet cunt. The rain began to pour heavily outside as the Whore moaned and pressed his head against her. She screamed when he ran his tongue over her throbbing clit, and when she did, he began to lick there hard, running his tongue back and forth over it. The wind howled with the Whore as her legs trembled and squeezed his head, and her hips pushed against his face. She screamed as she came.

She sat up panting and smiling with her hair slightly mussed, and patted the boy admiringly on the cheek. She reached over to the table beside her and opened a small drawer. She pulled out something that looked like a toothpaste tube. She poured a clear gel into her hand, and then began to rub it over the Virgin’s cock. The Whore wrapped around his cock and spread the cool gel over his warm cock. She squeezed with each stroke. The boy panted with excitement. The thunder roared outside.

She then bent over and handed him the tube. She spread her ass with her hands and looked at him. The Virgin crawled up to her, and placing a hand on each ass cheek began to lick along her ass crack. The Whore sighed appreciatively as his tongue slid up and over her asshole. He kissed her there, then poured the thick gel into his own hand. He began to rub it over her asshole, then pushed a finger into her. He pumped it in slowly. He took the tube and placed it into her asshole, a squeezed a good amount into her. The Whore shivered slightly. He began to pump two fingers into her slowly. The Whore moaned. Lightning flashed at the window as he knelt behind her.

He placed his throbbing cock ka├žak bahis at the entrance to her now well-lubed ass. He ran his cock slowly and teasingly up and down her ass crack as the whore wriggled beneath him anxiously. Then he slowly pushed the head of his cock into her asshole. The Whore gasped and swallowed. He pushed his cock deeper inside, going slowly. The Whore rubbed at her clit and moaned as she was filled up completely by his huge cock. He pushed and pushed until at last he was a the way inside her. He stood still a minute feeling their hearts beat together, then he began to slide out. He pushed back in again with a little more force, then slide back out again.

The Whore whimpered underneath him as he slid into her faster and faster. The rain pounded outside against the house as he pounded against her with his moans getting louder. The Whore started to scream and cry, and thrashed underneath his body as she was wracked in powerful orgasm. She screamed to God and Heaven and swore as she felt his huge throbbing cock invade her hot tight ass over and over again. He was yelling now as the thunder continually boomed outside, and his cock was burning with the need to explode inside her. As the Whore came again her ass clamped down hard onto his cock. He screamed as he shot thick globs of come deep into her.

The rain softened. They lay on the bed exhausted. Her asshole throbbed around his cock. He slide out of her and stood up. He walked over to his jeans and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. He took one and offered one to her. They both lit up a inhaled deeply as the rain pitted softly against the house. He pulled on his clothes and walked out the door with his cigarette still lit. She followed him to the doorway.

The Whore blew a kiss to him and waved goodbye until next time. The Man waved back and began to walk down the soft muddy earth and gravel back home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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