Eyl 30

The Slab

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Oh…fuck…oh fuck… oh fuck…” she panted, her torn skirt hiked up over her ass. The trash can was shaking beneath her cold fore arms as she tossed a glance over her shoulder at the man pounding into her pussy. She inhaled sharply and looked away. Ashamed that she’d done it again. Sorry that she’d picked up the phone. Worried that this was becoming a habit.

The big prick was sawing back and forth inside of her, reaching way back inside of her as if tightening a cord inside her that was about to let loose. Her words had crawled into a guttural moan, stretching outward with the length of his strokes.

“Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me, you bastard!” She gasped, arching her back as her juices released all over his cock. He stopped fucking all at once. She hated that. “No!” She shouted, insisting he continue. Wanting nothing more than for him to fuck her through the orgasm.

He slipped it out of her. Inch by wretched inch. She felt her pussy closing up as the fat head finally dropped from inside of her. She turned, half-worn out, half-pissed and whipped her bangs out of her eyes.

“Fuck are you doing?” She hissed at him.

He was zipping his pants up.

“I can’t.” He said. “Not like this.”

“Not like this what?” She demanded, sitting back on the trash can. She stared at his beady eyes. He was flushed with embarrassment. She then burst out laughing. “You don’t think you’re still a virgin, do you?”

He was quiet while she laughed. And then he said meekly, “I didn’t come.”

“You’re missing the best part.” She said coyly.

With abrupt anger, the man pushed her shoulders and her head slammed against the brick wall. She smiled at the sensation, the rough play.

“Shut up, slut!” He shouted.

She only laughed again and he turned away and ran.

Away from her sneering. Away from her used pussy.

“Hello?” Ann said into the phone.

There was a pause. She knew what was coming. “Is this…” The male voice said. “Is this… Jasmine?”

“Yes,” Ann said, sitting on her couch.

“Oh,” came the voice, shaking a little. The nervousness of a kid. “I…uhm…I wanna…uhm…”

“Fuck?” Ann smiled into the phone.


There was no reason to ask where he’d heard of her. Her advertisement existed in one place and one place only. It was scribed into the men’s stall at The Slab. The freak-show dance club downtown. Inspired by loneliness and a number of drugs, she’d stumbled in and drawn it on a dare: Wanna Fuck? Call Jasmine 555-7189.

And her phone had been ringing ever since.

“Are you…pretty?” Erenköy travesti The voice asked.

“Picture this…” Ann said. “College girl. You been to college?”


“Know that girl who seemed to know everything? Thought she was funny?” She lit a cigarette. “The girl who would not shut up?”


“Ever want to put it in her ass?”

A pause. And then: “Yes.”

“Then meet me.” She said quietly, above a breath. “I’ll let you teach me a lesson…”

“God,” he said, clearly aroused. “Where?”

The skirt was tight against her rounded ass as she slid into the pool hall. She squeezed between a long-haired man and a shorter one. Her full breasts squeezed against long hair’s back as she said quietly, “excuse me.” Once she smelled the smoke and gazed around the dive, her heart began beating quickly.

And she felt the dripping between her legs that made her panties all sticky. She lit her cigarette and took a seat at the bar. The bartender brought her a napkin and looked her over. She wondered if he could tell her nipples were as hard as they could be.

Before they could speak, a voice squeaked from behind her.

“Are you… Jasmine?” The voice from the phone.

The voice of inexperience.

She turned and looked at him. Not so bad, all things considered. Broad shoulders. She liked that. The poor guy had dressed in a suit… Sunday best for a Friday Fuck.

“Yeah…” She said, pursing her lips to the cigarette.

“Okay. Good,” The guy said. He then went to introduce himself. “I’m…”

“Alan,” she said quickly. “Get the idea?”

He realized that there was to be no names and that she was not really Jasmine.

“Okay, where do we go? I can get us a hotel room…” He said. She blew smoke over his head and got off of her bar stool. She put her arms around him and forced her breasts into his chest. She then touched her full lips to his thin smile.

Her tongue pushed into his mouth. She could tell he’d never kissed a girl before, his technique was clumsy. She pulled away and stared at him. “Follow me. I have to go to the bathroom.”

She thrust her purse into his arms and led him toward the back. They entered a hallway. She then looked over her shoulder at the population behind them.

“I’ll just wait out…”

She jerked his arm and led him into the ladies room. Before he could protest, she had him pressed up against the door. Her teeth were up next to his ear. “Who needs a room?” She hissed. “That costs money.”

“Doesn’t this cost money?” He asked, hesitating.

She Beşiktaş travesti took her hand and rubbed his groin, “What’s that?” She felt him filling up in her hand… getting harder -the sort of hardness that only a long neglected cock can respond with. “No… you’re only cost is…” She closed her teeth on his earlobe and heard him inhale sharply. “Your virginity.”

“Here?” He asked.

“Touch me…” She panted, her breathing picking up along with his.

“I don’t think…”

His fly was unzipped and she dropped to her knees. He had an impressive bit of weight for a cock. She estimated eight inches or so, and wide. She closed her eyes and moved forward. His eyes closed instinctively as everything he’d been anticipating was about to happen.

And there was no stopping it.

Her lips wrapped around the head and she slid her tongue beneath it. It tasted of soap and she almost smiled imagining this man cleaning himself for the big date. As his big head filled her mouth, she began making slurping sounds. His first blow job had to be the sexiest, this was important. He had to be impressed. He had to be grateful. And all other sex for him was to be ruined.

That was the goal after all.

“Oh god…” He moaned, leaning up against the door.

She groaned a response, her wet mouth enticing the head even deeper. The back of her throat. And now she leaned upward, bringing it even deeper. This proved too much for the poor boy and he exploded inside of her.

She swallowed like a pro.

Coming up, she kept her hand on his dick and slipped her coated tongue into his mouth. He tried to pull away, but it was too late. His flavor. His drip. His seed was now in his own mouth. She smiled wickedly into the kiss, her eyes opened as she watched.

His eyes were closed.

She felt him tense up and she gripped his spent dick. “Okay, baby… just a little further to go…” Her other hand took his hand and led it to a tit. “Squeeze.” He did. “Squeeze it, come on.” More pressure. And then she began hiking up her skirt. His erection was already beginning to fill her grip. Sticky. Hard. And wanting more.

“We should go somewhere…” He managed to say.

“You’re going somewhere alright,” she responded with a light chuckle. And then he felt it. She watched his face, her lips filling with the most determined, most satisfied smile as she brought the head up to penetrate her. It felt good. Nothing pleased her more than taking a virgin’s cock into her cunt. Especially if he wasn’t comfortable. He liked associating sex with Avcılar travesti shock for the new kids.

“Ohhhhhhh…” She moaned gratefully, his moan crowding hers. She then kissed him lazily, eyes opened. He sighed and she felt his hands go to her ass.

“That’s right…” She cooed. “You know how to fuck, don’t you?”

He groaned a little and she leaned her lips up to his ear as he fucked her clumsily. “Isn’t it what you’ve always wanted?” She panted, with amazing control.

“Uh…huh…” He gasped, losing control.

“Harder…” She whispered. “Come on…” He increased his pace, his huge hard on seeming to grow more within her pussy. He was trying to control his vocal cries of ecstasy.

There was a knock at the door and her chap abruptly froze.

“Anyone in there?”

She smiled at him amused, his hard length still parting her drenched cunt. He was completely red. His embarrassment was a sight to behold.

“Yeah…” Ann said, resuming the humping action with deliberate need.

“You been in there a long time.” It was a female voice.

She reached back with her hands, still fucking the poor man. She messed up her hair and said with incredible control, “I’m fixing my hair…”

The kid wasn’t moving at all. He was just holding the door shut as she continued her motions. She clenched him with her cunt like an inside joke. She then lifted her shirt and exposed him a breast to suck on.

And he responded.

“Hurry up, will ya?” The lady insisted.

Now the voice was just pissing Ann off. She put her hands on either side of the kid and began fucking harder and faster. Dragging that big rod out of her only to slip it all the way up again, the heft starting to pull an orgasm from her. “I’ll be… out… when…” She grunted between her perfectly said words. “I…fucking…please!”

And then the kid, Alan, blew a prodigious amount of semen into her womb. She felt him stick inside of her and the abrupt shrinking of a former virgin. He had slobbered all over her erect tits. And now both were panting in unison.

“Did you?” He finally managed to ask.

“Did I…come?” She asked, slipping off of him and lowering her shirt and skirt.


She took her purse from him and looked inside for her car keys. “No.” She kissed his cheek. “But I will.” She then opened the door as he fixed his pants.

“Jasmine,” he asked. “When will I see you again?”

“Never. You cannot approach me if you see me in public. And you most certainly will never call me again.”

She then waved at him and left.

The woman with the voice ran in, relieved.

She heard the woman shout and Alan… apologize.

And then she was in the street and in her car. She had to hurry up and get home. The thought of what she’d just done was going to give her one of the biggest orgasms of her life.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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